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Name : B. Kalaivani.

Reg. No : 2016MSIT09.

Class : II - MSC (IT & M).

Company : AVN Ayurveda Formulations Private Limited.

AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter and

Supplier of Ayurvedic Medicines since 1930. They are engaged in the manufacturing and
exporting a wide range of Ayurvedic Medicines and Ayurvedic Products. Hygienically
processed, these medicines come in properly sealed packets.Their medicines serve as a safe
solution for the treatment of wide range of health concerns. Their mission is to scientifically
analyse, identify, develop and propagate Ayurvedic Principles, Practices and Products which
contribute significantly to the health care of the human race, in a sustaining and continually
growing manner, so as to benefit all the stake holders.

AVN infrastructure comprises a well-equipped processing lab, a research lab,

clinically testing lab and a packaging unit. AVN has a pleasant atmosphere. Their medicines
are hallmark of quality, as they manufacture these in compliance with the industrial

Purchase department buys the Raw Materials, Packing materials, etc. needed for the
production and are tested by the QC & QA and then stored in their respective stores.
According to the Ayush principles the products are produced with these raw materials. After
production, the medicines are thoroughly tested for its effectiveness. All the tests are carried
out under the supervision of quality inspectors, who are highly experienced and well versed
with the manufacturing process. Further, they maintain a close inspection during the
manufacturing of their entire range of products. The medicines are properly sealed in packets
and then sent to the market for sales. Their services and products aim at providing complete
relief to the sufferers.