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Name: KawOat 
Topic: My personal experience. 
Purpose (what you want the audience to learn from your speech):  
How life can change in a matter of time because of one normal event. 

1. Hook -​ a key detail or statement that gets the audience interested:  
Life changing event is rare, but that doesn’t mean it could happen and when it does, it helps people 
realize something or make them feel regret on their action. In my life, I’ve faced my life-changing 
event and if I hadn’t done anything that time, nothing would change. 
2. Introduce y ​ ourself and what you are going to talk about: 
Hi guys, my name is KawOat and today I’m going to talk about my life experience and how it 
changes my life and my personalities to become better.  
3. Connect W ​ ith Audience and Establish C​ redibility ​(why should people listen, why can the 
audience learn from your experiences, possibly a hint of what the main point or lesson is):  
People have a different moment in life where they realize something and that totally changes who 
they are and their life. Sometimes that moment could make you better or worse. Sometimes people 
can be good or worse depending on the environment they live in, but what changes them is how 
they react with those environments whether they rejected it or accept it. 
4. Preview ​what you are going to talk about (your speech should have 2-3 distinct parts that 
reinforce your overall purpose: 
Now, I’m going to tell you some of my experience that change me to be a different person than before.
This event happens when I’m at my old school and those events help me reflect on what I’ve done and
that’s what causes me to change.

Part One 
Main Idea: 
How my “stop-fighting idea” came up in my mind and make me change who I use to be. 

Supporting details: 
When I was at my old school, life was easy but not easy at the same time. Classroom work was not 
as hard and I wasn’t struggling in any subject. The problem is, my behavior was pretty bad, and due 
to that I usually get hurt in a fight. There were also times where I got injured from what I was doing 
and I end up in the hospital for a while. That moment changes me. Why? Because instead of feeling 
the pain, I realize that even if I did those things again, the situation wouldn’t change. Later I stop 
fighting and my life became better. I get a better grade and I have more friend. This moment didn’t 
totally change me though but it makes me realize how my life can totally just because I stop 
Transition to the next part: 
This event was just the beginning of changes I’m making to my life. 
Part Two 
Main Idea: How choosing a good friend can change my class status and how I look in the other’s 

Supporting details: 
One time I had a friend, he was very crazy and he always drags me into the problem. At first, I didn’t 
realize that he was causing me trouble but day after day, I started to learn that he was a very bad 
person and nobody like him. After I hear that, I started to keep a distance away from him and get a 
better friend. Soon, I started to have more friend and I became more friendly towards people. I later 
started to understand why my life became better and how one action could really affect me in a 
pretty good way. 
Transition to the next part: 
From this, it causes me to wonder how important is my life-changing event and how much it had 
affected me.   
Main Idea: How moving school truly affect my learning and who I am. 

Supporting details: 
Moving from public school to international private school is things I hardly imagine. I would never 
dream of moving to a good school like this. Also, when I was at my old school, I thought our school 
was very good but I was wrong, my school was full of problem and bad behavior that even the 
school can’t handle it. The cause of it was also that they had too many students to take care of. 
That time, there were some issue with my old school and things in there just get worse. So, the 
solution my parent came up with is to move me to an international school. When I arrive at APIS, I 
hardly speak to anyone and my attitude was different from when I’m at my old school. The good 
thing is that the first day of school I’ve become friends with 2-3 people and soon I started to know 
more about my classmate. I also started to have a better grade and thing went well by then. This 
makes me understand that by just changing something that makes you, you, could make a big 
difference because if my attitude hasn’t changed, I might not make any friend and life would just be 
the same as my old school. 
Closing -or- Transition to Conclusion:  
These are the experience I face during old time and I feel like I’ve changes a lot between before 
and now. It helps understand how much I improve after those event affected me. 
Summary of Main Points: 
From these experiences, I can truly understand that sometimes life can change just a matter of time 
by just one situation or action you did during that time. Sometimes these experience were painful 
but if you look on the bright side, it might tell you something important that will make you a totally 
different person from then.   

Restate your topic and purpose:  

Overall, the experiences that I face are tough in my life and it might first make me feel bad or sad but after it does
change me a lot. These event changes me to a different person once I put my effort into it. It also makes me
realize how life can change because one normal thing can into our lives and we just has to decide to put the
action into it. Most people do have these life-changing moments in their life and sometimes it even happens
without them noticing but what matter is that if you would choose to take it or not.
Concluding remark/reflective thoughts:  
Last, I would thank myself that I did something during my life-changing moments because if I didn’t 
do anything, I would not be at this point and at this school.