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Topic: Oscar’s experience 
Purpose (what you want the audience to learn from your speech):  
Don’t judge something or someone before you know them. 

1. Hook -​ a key detail or statement that gets the audience interested:  
There is a famous saying Don’t judge a book by its cover. And today I am standing here talking 
about why this is true. 
2. Introduce y ​ ourself and what you are going to talk about: 
Hi, guys, my name is Oscar a 13 years old student and today I want to share my story based on my 
real experience and how does it affect me in the future.  
3. Connect W ​ ith Audience and Establish ​Credibility (​ why should people listen, why can the 
audience learn from your experiences, possibly a hint of what the main point or lesson is):  
Have you guys ever being in a situation that you judge something but you don’t even know what’s 
going on. For example, You are fighting with your sister and your mom suddenly comes in and 
blame you without knowing what’s going on and when you asked why she will say because you are 
4. Preview ​what you are going to talk about (your speech should have 2-3 distinct parts that 
reinforce your overall purpose: And right now I want to share some real life experience that 
happened and made me learn something. 

Part One 
Main Idea: My first experience is in a military camp without my parent, that year I was 9 and I am 
very childish and naughty and this misfortune that I and my friend have actually changed the way I 
treated and reacted to my family  

Supporting details: 
On a peaceful evening, my mom comes into my bedroom, smiling fakely and showed a poster to 
me. It was about West point academy camp and on that poster, it’s all fancy stuff like 5-star hotel, 
beach, and boat and I just say yes without thinking is that fake? Also, my mom told me that she 
suggested this to my friend mom and my friend said he wants to go. I feel very good looking at the 
hotel and other staff and fall into sleep. I wake up by my alarm and pack up everything and get on 
the car. The sound of the car engine wakes me up and we arrived. I rubbed my eye, it was all 
wildness, I couldn't believe it so I rubbed again and this time I am trying to open my eyes to the 
maximum and it was only a few simple and crude houses and it’s around by wildness. It’s too late to 
regret. I met my friend there and he looks unconscious. We had a small talk, he told me that the rule 
here is very strict you need to act like a well-trained soldier. I have to wash my clothes at night. I 
have to turn off the lights at 9:00 in the evening. I have to wash my clothes before I turn off the 
lights. Otherwise, I don't have anything to weird the day after. In the morning I need to fold the quilt 
in army style. You need to wake up 6:00 by a whistle then the soldiers will come into the dorm and 
check if our quilt is formal and if is not I need to run one more kilometers than others, which is 6 km 
and after the exercise it’s practice and training how to be a soldier also some other activities and 
experiment and at night you need to write something about what you learned to today and your 
thought. Day by day me and my friend think this so tired and boring and we missed our home, a 
place that is free and comfortable. We decide to have a talk after the light off but at the same time, 
we don’t want anyone to see us so we decide to use the bathroom. Even though is smiles bad but is 
free we can talk about whatever we want. That was the unforgettable talk in my life. First, we talked 
about our own thoughts about this camp and we just burst out and start crying together and we 
hugged each other while we cry. For the first time, I felt that I was helpless and small when I left my 
parents. I also made up my mind to listen to my parents and not waste time. Finally, it was the last 
day of the camp. On the last day, when I recognized my parents, the instructor asked us to bring the 
blindfold and judge whether it was your parents by touching the parents' hands and face. When I 
got out of the blindfold, I was in tears and there were many words that come in my mind. I learned a 
lot from it, let me learn to be independent, and when I solve different problems I will think in more 
ways. Also, I took care of myself for the first time. I feel that this experience not only change my own 
behavior but also let me change from a little boy who is not sensible to a big boy with a mature 
Transition to the next part: 
This is my first experience and as you can see from regretting to learning, sometimes bad things 
happened to you maybe is not bad, it depends on your point of view. 
Part Two 
Main Idea: When I first went to Us for a summer camp. That year I was 10, don’t know anything 
about the outside world, thinking that China is the best and only know Us from some book and most 
of it looks like villages but there is still some developed city like NewYork so I am full of excitement 
and expectation on the airplane and then fall asleep imagining how is Us going to look like? I never 
know this trip will change my point of view of education and my life goals and where I want to be in 
the future. 

Supporting details: When I was 10 my mom told me we are going to Us and I need to be in a 
summer camp and that summer camp there is only you and your friend is Chinese so you only can 
talk in English and I know is hard for you but that’s why I want you to go, I want you to improve 
English skills and see another type of education. I was complaining. I just finished school in China 
and you want me to start another learning camp in Us and I can’t speak English and when they talk 
about bad things about me I couldn't understand and I imagined a lot of bad things that could 
possibly happen me in my head but that day is coming quick. It was the day for summer camp. On 
the bus to the camp, I and friend are sweating and talking about what will that school going to look 
like and a lot of staff that nows day I remember is kind of stupid. We arrived and first, we go meet 
the principal and he looks very friendly and he is going to bring us to the classroom. It was actually 
a short walk but I felt it’s the longest walk in my life and suddenly principle stops and says this is 
your first class science. I look through the window and there are no Asian faces and for me, there 
are all foreigners in my point of view and again without saying anything, he opens the door. The 
teacher said come on in and everyone turns their head to us and I guess the teacher knows we are 
not good at English so she just asked what’s our name then find a place for s to sit and I was 
surprised by the passion from my classmates. They always like to help you and the teachers her is 
not strict and just act like your friends and she asked us some questions even though I don’t know 
how to answer using my mouth instead I use my body language. When the first class finished, my 
friend and I have said that we should not make conclusions first and think things in some good 
ways. After one day of experience of Us student’s school, I have experienced the childhood of 
American children. Basically, every class is about practical activities. Although I don’t understand it, 
What impressed me most is that the American students are very happy every day. Out of the 
campus, very comfortable, without any extra homework. After school, I can do whatever and this 
made me feel the different educational systems and concepts in different places. Also, I am longing 
for this kind of childhood. 

Transition to the next part: 
After school, I and friend were telling our parents what an experience we had today but we don’t 
know a disaster is coming to us unexpectedly.   
Part Three 
Main Idea: No one told me and my friend that in Us we need to live in a Homestay for two weeks, 
my mom is just crazy that she didn’t even know we can’t speak English well enough to talk with 
them and many problems will come up also who knows if they will treat us good or bad and 
because I never play or communicate with an American also I was young so I like to take guesses 
and predicate staff. But actually, this experience somehow changes my point of view of my own 

Supporting details: After the camp, my mom picked me and my friend up and while she is driving 
she told us tonight we are not going back to the hotel. We are going to live in a homestay for 2 
weeks. We are surprised, trying to imagine what is their home going to look like and who is in the 
homestay so we are quite expecting about our homestay family. Our car stop in front of a 
greenhouse and the garden is quite big and she pressed the doorbell. I and my friend open our eyes 
as big as we can and a black man opens the door. For me at that time thought black people are all 
bad guys. And I and my friend just hide behind my mom saying quietly mom I want to change a 
homestay and my mom laughed at that man and asked us if we want to live here or on the street. 
We have no choice so we follow the black man to the house with my mom and my friend and 
suddenly my eye can’t move, stick on one place, the table with all the food, pizzas, chickens, salad 
juices me and my friend start smiling and my stomach is harvesting so I sit on a chair and start to 
eat and the black man laughed at us with his white teeth and at that moment I felt friendly and he 
brings us to our room and when he leaves he said: Good night and I feel I am just at my home. 
Because of the time problem, I and friend start talking about a special day we had and we both 
think we should not use our narrow eyes to see things and people.  
Closing -or- Transition to Conclusion:  
This trip to Us really let me expands my view and let me know in this world there is a place that you 
could yearning for freedom and I think Us is the place that I want to be in the future. 
Summary of Main Points: 
These experiences that I come through makes me understand why I should not judge something or 
someone before you know them. Sometimes some outside distraction can affect your thinking but 
please be a smart person look at yourself before you judge you probably is worst. 

Restate your topic and purpose:  

Think carefully before you judge something or someone because sometimes you could be wrong 
people don’t like someone judging them secretly and in nows day you better keep your mouth 
closed because if you make some angry or whatever, troubles will always come to you  
Concluding remark/reflective thoughts:  
At last, I want to ask a question, would you rather choose a bad looking cover but the book itself is 
good or you would prefer a good looking cover and the book itself is boring? 

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