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Gary Soto Cold Write

Within Gary Soto’s excerpt from his narrative A Summer’s Life regarding a childhood

memory, he swiftly shifts from the act of stealing the pie to the guilt that follows in order to convey

that his sin was overwhelming as “tears blurred [his] eyes” and that confession leads to


Soto begins his narrative with stealing the pie, and before divulging in the pie, young Soto

remembers the story of Adam and Eve and the apple, yet disregards his knowledge to eat his

interpretation of the immoral apple. He then describes using powerful imagery the euphoric

feeling that accompanies his theft, by including that he “wiped [his] sticky fingers on the grass

and rolled [his] tongue over the corners of [his] mouth” he is showing the “pleasure” aspect of

guilty pleasure. Directly after this he begins to feel immediately guilty as “tears blurred [his]

eyes” when he began to recall all the miniscule details leading up to his sin. His sin starts to

consume his as he grow more and more paranoid with everything around him.

After stealing the apple pie and feeling guilty and paranoid Soto seeks redemption and

shows that through imagery. Soto tries to redeem himself by helping his sister but later has to

leave because the image of “the kitchen swirling with heat and flies” was too much for him to

handle as it represented Hell to him. Soto’s attitude towards the kitchen reveals that the guilt was

too much for him and that he crawls underneath the house asking for forgiveness. During his time

under the house he “lay[s] until [he] was cold and then crawled back to the light, rising from one
knew, then another” which represents Soto being forgiven of his sin as he is accepted back into the


Sin has been around since the creation of Earth, and it is still present in modern day society

as people are willing to sin to achieve their own greedy purpose. In the business world people are

willing to place profit over morality any day, like with insurance companies. Insurance companies

don’t care about the welfare of their clients, they care about how much money they’re going to be

raking in from their clients injury or accident. If people were able to to place morality above all

else, the world would be a much better place.