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Smith, Tyler Smith 1

English 12th
Mrs. Perry

Self Evaluation Essay

As a young man finishing high school I have almost completely developed into the man by

whom I will be known in the workplace. This attitude will be what all my coworkers and peers will

know and see as I work along side of them. I have strengths certain strengths like my determination and

my love for others. I also have weaknesses which include my procrastination and low self esteem.

One of my strengths is that I am approachable and can take instruction well. For instance, if I

fail at a job, I do not crumble under the criticism that face. For example after I would mess a play on of

the soccer field and would get talked to by my coach I did not crumble but took his advice and used it

in the field. Also when given instruction on how to do a job, it will be done so that each instruction is

looked over so that it is done correctly. Another strength that I have is that I am caring. I hate to see

people in distress so when I do I try to comfort them and make them feel loved. An example of this is

when I had a friend that went through some family trouble and came to me for comfort. Another

strength that I have is that I am loyal. Once I make a friend I will be by their side in times of need and

times of plenty. Just like my friend that came to me for comfort I was also there by his side the whole

time. My last strength that I am sharing is that I do not back down. If there is a problem or a threat I

stand firm in what I believe and make my case and do not back down. An example is when I was being

pure pressured into trying things I did not want to so I stood my ground and told the people my beliefs.

There are also weaknesses about my personality and some things that I should fix. One

weaknesses is that I am a procrastinator. This is one of my biggest flaws. When I am not motivated to

do something, I continually put it off and ignore it until the last minute. This has hurt my grades and is

really hard to get around. Another weakness that I have is a low self esteem. I struggle with self worth

and telling myself of what I am capable. For example I tend to think of myself as not good enough to
Smith 2

get where I want. The last weakness that I am sharing is my temper. When I get angered I get really

passionate and sometimes get physical especially in sports. For example I get flustered and the slightest

bump into somebody or someone challenging me I will get in there way and attempt to pick a fight.

This evaluation allows me to take a step back and reflect on what I need to continue doing and

what I need to change. From my compassion for others to my procrastination, these make up the man

who I am today. All of these things that I look back on can be changed if I work a

them and try to fix the flaws that I have.