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Sumathi Fauziana Shima Puteri (peer)

Learn a lot 1. Gained working experience. have to learn everything because new 2. Gained working experience. 4. Gained working
thing comes everyday 3. Exposure to clinical area experience.

Fear 1. High expectation from staff o Dr take advantage on purpose to 1. Workload heavy/increased (night o Scolded by doctors
and doctors scold junior nurses duty) till could not complete task; o To do mistakes
2. Ward environment, the ward is o Scared to do mistake. medication. o medication errors
too busy o night duty workload 2. like during code blue” o Ward too busy;
3. Doctor +responsibilities 3. Being scolded for mistakes environment ( heavy
4. Mistakes-serving medication, o ward are too busy; could not finish 4. High responsibilities workload)
injured patient work within the time 5. Medication errors o Staff and doctors attitude
o Patient’s complain 6. scared when patient collapse
o Medication error 7. Inadequate experience during
o Accuse new staff because did not
carry orders asked to put up
incident report.”
o Lack of knowledge
o Get panic during emergency
Feeling o Empower; could not reject o i feel so down, people to call me as o i feel so down and cry, sometime i 1. Sad and cry
orders from senior stupid nurse? feel sad 2. Low self esteem
o Angry; miscommunication, o Angry-high expectation from o appreciate by patient
staff attitude seniors o appreciate the experience because
Senior staffs attitude; o after work and i cried but didn’t what i have learnt i applied now
1. like to show their face tell anybody
2. gossiping, will talk bad o I feel do down
thing about you to other
3. downgrading you,
4. shouted by staff

1. Feeling sad; being scolded

very badly, blur
2. Low self esteem;
Reason for 1. Lack of exposure during o Inadequate clinical experience o did not have adequate clinical 1. Unsure of the work could
fear students and skill experiences during student not coop with the
2. Ward environment, the ward is o workload
too busy 2. Inadequate clinical skill
3. Lack of knowledge 3. Inadequate skills for time
4. Could not perform due to lack management
of clinical skill, 4.
5. Lack of clinical experience in
clinical posting during while
in the college
6. Need assistance to do
procedures due to lack of
clinical skills.

effect o request to work in other o feel not coming to work o i want to study further, doing my 1. Positive thinking
department o well prepared in future post basic 2. Self motivation build up
o coping mechanism: o go further in nursing career
l finds out myself. 3.31 1. Stressful depend on the staff o have to work smart in future
ask themself. o took it positively and do better in
 better work hard to learn while i m future
still junior because it will be o become more alert, more careful
embarrassing if i don’t know many o learn a lot and read
things when i am senior o i was once feel to resign
 learn everything because new
thing comes everyday
o took the transition as a challenges
o The busy environment allow varies
experiences gained which could be
o Busy environment is good for the
junior staff to learn

supports CI o TL, senior staff ; first time serving o seniors and friends always
provided Tagging with senior staff nurse medication help
o tag with senior nurse o CI;
o Google.  follow and guide in procedures
o The ward sisters will ask progress  teach many things in the
o CI help us; example intake output beginning
charting, brief unclear problem  back me up
 help to build confident
 give motivation, ideas, support

Additional o primary nursing do help because it o

support help new staff to be independent to
learn quickly

Hospital BLS course o BLS course I. orientation Support provided

provided o Orientation II. Senior staff always help o Tagging
me o mentor
III. HODS motivate me.

Definition of terms to include;

o TL