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Republic of the Philippines

Region III
Division of Nueva Ecija
San Andres National High School
San Andres, Guimba, Nueva Ecija
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Final Exam in Religion

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Direction: Write TRUE if the statement is true and FALSE if the statement is false. Strictly NO ERASURES!
__________1. Buddhism is a monotheistic religion.
__________2. Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Ruism.
__________3. The core of Confucianism is humanistic.
__________4. Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism are called the “Three Teachings of China”.
__________5. Belief in the doctrine of karma is common to both Hinduism and Buddhism.
__________6. Water is viewed as a life source, which most likely comes from its importance in the natural world in
sustaining life.
_________7. Chi means “the way of nature”.
_________8. The name Shinto means “the kami way” or “the way of the gods”.
__________9. Haru Matsuri is a festival to summon kami to protect the crops from the heat of summer sun and from
_________10. Hinduism is one of the oldest religion in the world today, but it is relatively unknown in the

Direction: Identify the correct answer described by the statement. Strictly NO ERASURES!
___________1. A sacred scroll written by hand, stored in a protective case.
___________2. One of the world’s biggest religion with about 2.1 billion followers worldwide, and is based on the
teachings of Jesus Christ, that was meant to be universal.
___________3. This is the ancient tradition of a relatively small community of people originally called Hebrews or
____________4. A four cornered garment worn during morning prayers
____________5. There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.
____________6. Muslims donate certain percentage of their wages to the poor.
____________7. Is the symbol of the Jewish holiday of Chanukkah.
____________8. This refer to those who accepted Yahweh as their God, and much of their history is written in the
Tanakh of Judaism, or the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.
____________9. 4. The definition of religion that focuses on the elements that constitute it such as particular beliefs
and practices.
____________10. This is the foundation of the faith of the Muslims.


Directions: Encircle and give the correct answer. Strictly NO ERASURES!
1. The first gem, refers to the inspiration from Siddhartha Gautama.
a. Dhamma b. Buddha
c. Dharma d. Sangha
2. A later development arose in north India that came to be known as the________?
a. Mahayana c. Vajrayana
b. Thevarada d. Sunya
3. Made for the importance of knowledge and self-awareness.
a. Water c. Scholar
b. Holy book d. The four books
4. This festival is celebratory in nature because currently, people thank the kami for the good harvest.
a. Oshogatsu c. Aki Matsuri
b. Setsubun-sai d. Natsu Matsuri
5. A system of knowing the future that plays an integral part in the early Chinese tradition.
a. Divination c. Respect for ancestors
b. Spirits d. Yin and Yang
6. The religious doctrine that is strongly associated with Buddhism, which summarizes Buddha’s teaching?
a. Noble Eightfold Path c. The Five Classics
b. Four Noble Truths d. The Four Books
7. School in Buddhism claims to be the oldest living tradition because it follows more closely the teachings
and monastic conduct during the Buddha’s time.
a. Theravada c. Vajrayana
b. Mahayana d. Vinaya
8. Refers to the essence of the individual, typically understood as the soul.
a. Mapatal c. Namadjang
b. Anito d. Pwulan
9. An early period of social disorder due to political struggles among the nobility.
a. Asuka and Nara Period c. Edo Period
b. Heian Period d. Kamakura Period
10. Also known as Ruism, is described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic
religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life.
a. Confucianism c. Buddhism
b. Hinduism d. Daoism
11. Is the first five books of the Bible, means teaching or law, the word of God and the Jewish Holy Book?
a. Torah c. Qur’an
b. Sunnah d. Bible
12. Those who practice Islam are called_________.
a. Hebrews c. Muslims
b. Christians d. Jews
13. The definition of religion that focuses on the elements that constitute it such as particular beliefs and
a. Functional c. Suppressive
b. Substantive d. Function
14. The branches of Judaism, Commandments come directly from God.
a. Conservative c. Orthodox
b. Reform d. Monotheistic
15. This refers to the chapter of the Qur’an.
a. Iaha c. Code
b. Ayahs d. Surahs
16. The sacred text of Christianity.
a. Hebrew Bible (Torah) c. Christian Bible(New Testament)
b. Qur’an d. Shruti
17. He was a Holy man and believed in one God.
a. Muhammad c. Abraham
b. Moses d. Jesus
18. This is the Latin origin of the word religion, which means to rehearse painstakingly?
a. Religare c. Relegere
b. Relagare d. Relegare
19. The Muslim charity.
a. Shahadah c. Zakat
b. Salat d. Sawm
20. Islam was born in the early____century.
a. 5th c. 7th
b. 6 d. 8th
IV. Enumerate the following:

The five local festival in Shinto






The main division of Shinto




Give at least two punishments from spirits for human failures.


“Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they copy others, not realizing that everyone
has a different question paper”.

 Good Luck and God Bless! 

-Ma’am Dianne