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Persaudaraan Dosen Republik Indonesia

Jl. SD Inpres No. 38 RT. 008/ RW 006 Pulo

Gebang, Cakung, Jakarta Timur
Bescikking Telp. +6281703408296
Volume 1, Number 1 (2019)

Editorial Team Focus and Scope:

Editor in Chief Bescikking is a scientific journal intended to publish research
results or conceptual scientific articles on the correlation
Journal Manager:
between law and culture. Therefore, manuscripts may
Associate Editor:
discuss legal aspects related to some disciplines and issues,
among others, and not limited to, general social sciences,
Editor: sociology, anthropology, ideology, tourism, human rights.
Manuscripts must be original and has never been published
Senior Advisors: Bescikking offers space to academics, bureaucracies,
analysts, professionals, practitioners and students all around
the world who interested in providing insights any of the
aforementioned focus including the whole of its context:
local, national, regional and global. All of these creative
thinking of the academic world are dedicated to the respect
of human dignity and the promotion of social progress and
better standards of living as stipulated in the Charter of the
United Nations’ preamble. Hence, the only manuscript with
the explained subject will be considered to be accepted.

Editorial Policies
Bescikking published two times a year (January-April, and July-Oktober)
The Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if accepted for publication, copyright of
the article shall be assigned to journal Bescikking, Persaudaraan Dosen Republik Indonesia as publisher of the
Copyright encompasses exclusive rights to reproduce and deliver the article in all form and media, including
reprints, photographs, microfilms and any other similar reproductions, as well as translations. The reproduction
of any part of this journal, its storage in databases and its transmission by any form or media, such as electronic,
electrostatic and mechanical copies, photocopies, recordings, magnetic media, etc, will be allowed only with a
written permission from journal Bescikking.
journal Bescikking, the Editors and the Advisory Editorial Board make every effort to ensure that no wrong or
misleading data, opinions or statements be published in the journal. In any way, the contents of the articles and
advertisements published in the journal Bescikking, Komunitas Dosen Indonesia are sole and exclusive
responsibility of their respective authors and advertisers.