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Minutes of the Meeting

Project: Drs. Ricky & Joyce Ruth Solamo Residence

Address: Lot 4, Block 5. Bernini St., The Enclave, Havila

Cabrera Road, Taytay, Rizal

Date: August 20, 2015

Venue: LizaCrespoEcotecture office, 5flr, PGA Bldg

85 Kamuning Road, Q.C.

Particular Items:
1. RWB-2 along grid 1 to be deleted. Issues resolved per Engr Ronnel Tanael's email dated Aug. 14, 2015 with
sketch of Retrofitted Column (C-12). --- PM Don Fernando wants to verify the retrofit process.
(Status: Ok. resolved!)

2. There should be no opening of slab at grid A' to B and grid 5 to 6. ---To be confirmed.
(Status: Ok. Resolved!)

3. Slab openings of wheelchair lift, pipe chases not shown. --- To verify.
(Status: Ok. Resolved!)

4. Concrete ramp framing plan, column (C-11) at grid 3 to 4. --- To verify. by PM Don Fernando
(Status: Ok. Resolved! - PM Don Fernando will change the orientation of column C-11 as per instruction of
Engrs. Jorge Genota & Blas Espinosa)

5. On sheet S-SK-03, RWB-2 along grid 3 will move up approx. 300mm from its original position to give enough
clearance on canopy roofing. - Verify In Field.
(Status: Ok. Resolved by Arch. Liza, PM Don, Engrs Jorge & Blas)

6. On sheet S-SK-03, RWB-2 along grid 4, 5 and 6 will remain the same as indicated in the plan.

7. Another Concrete/Rebar Testing Report will follow-up by PM Don to Contractor Dave this Saturday, August 22,

8. "Waterproofing" on Retaining Wall will remind PM Don as specified in Arch'l Tech. Specs.

9. Application of Elastomeric Sealant and or Epoxy paint will be consider from the termination and continuation of
concrete pouring for proper bonding and less seepage. - As suggested by Sir Jorge Genota. PM Don suggested the
'Bentonite' system.

10. The installation of Perforated PVC drain pipe will be slightly inclined as per agreement by PM Don and Engr. Blas.

11. "Drop Column" detail as questioned by PM Don was revised by Engr Ronnel Tanael. See sheet S-SK-04A. -
dated Aug. 4, 2015.

Meeting started: 1:15pm

Meeting adjourned: 2:05pm

Attended by:
Engr. Jorge Genota - MDCI
Engr. Blas Espinosa - MDCI
Engr. Don Fernando - Project Manager
Arch. Liza Crespo - LizaCrespoEcotecture
Arch. Dannie Jalotjot - LizaCrespoEcotecture