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ple- shipnCnt rheok urged

A RANKING lawmaker at the House of Rep.esentatives on and dump the trash in Canadian terdtorial waters,-and after
Friday called on the Bureau of Customs (BOt) to enJorce the Manila began downgrading diplomatic ties with Ottawd.
compulsory pre-shipment inspection (pSI) of containerized
imports to._prevenl (ontraband from entering the country, , The Philippine-s also recentli shipped back 2.6 tons of chred-
ded elec tronic an d plastic wasti frori Hong Konq. tiat arrived at
including illegal trash and nalcotics. the Mindanao Container ferminal inTago'ioan, Misamis Orien-
Bulay party-list Rep. Lito Atienza made the call after the tal.
Duterle adninistration shipped back to the country of origin Atienza said the BOC should enlorce comDulsorv psl to
severaL tons ot garbage that were unJawfuJJy dumped in lhe prevent the further entry of foreim sarbaee shiomenk in the
Philippines. Phiiippines, as he wamed of a likilyirrcrei"e in tonuinerizei
"We are counting on PSI to effectivelv preven t not onlv illesal foreign garba€e shjpments headed to the philppines in the
waste and drug shipments but also the widespread smiresfi;'s months ahead.
of high-value farm products, cars, electronics, ipparel anjithai
-The.lormer Environment and NdtuJal Resources secretarv
have you, stashed in containers," Atieva said'.' said the country has been ,targeted as a dumping groundi,
PSlis the practiceused by gov ernmen ts, mostly indeveloping owmg to rnadequate controls at various Dorts ofentrv.
counrtes, ot requrrrng ifiporters to engage accredited tLird: He pointed out that North America arid Eurooe ar6lookins
party surveyors to verjfy shipment det;il;, such as the price. Ior new destinations for their unwanted materiils after Chtnl
quantity, and quality of goods,beforgcargoesdepart theeiport- banned Lhe importation of used plastics and olher recvclables.
mg country.
"Thepracticecompensates forinadequacies in theim gorLins _Atpresent, the BOC only requires rhepSlolallbulkaid break_
-bulk cargo, or commodjties - mosLlv in ljquid, eranular or
country s customs and other administr;tive controls. and disl form shipped in iarge quintities, such is crude oil,
courages llle un d ervd lua tion of ta xa ble shi pmen ts from abroad ,,, peholeum, grain, coal and the like.
Atienza said. Ati€nza said the compulsory pSI ofconta ineried shipment5
Just recentlv, Canada pulled out bc shjpping containers of would also put an errd lo chronic corrupLion at the BOC that
garbdge, mostly plastics ard household kiichen r,r asie.
I fus, ajterPresjdent Rodrigo Duterte thredtened toshh back Je?orledly costs the \ational lreasury t6nsof billionsotpesos
m Iost mport taxes evety yeat.
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