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Solon notei glreener labor pasture for maids in China

AN oppqsition Hou8e not have," said Bertiz. creating the conditions with the$400 minimum ly nannies, in China's induding child care ser- Guangdong province
leade/ said on Sunday Kafala refers to the r f or the exDloitation of mi- monthly pay set by the fi rFf-tier cities. Bertiz said. vices, in the world's sec- has the highest concen-
that China off€r8 a more sponsorship system grant wbrkers, Bertiz Philippine Overseas Em- "Demand is being ondlargest economy, ac- bation of Filipino nan-
promising labor market used by countries in the said. plo]'mentAdministration ddven by China's rapid cording to Bertiz. nies, partly because it also
for Filipino houeehold Middle East to monitor "Because of kafala, for Filipino domestic staff ' economic growth, which "kr the case ofnannies, has the greatest number l
eervice workers than the foreign workers, partic- marrv emDlovers tend to abroad. has lured some 600,000 manv of them are be- of resident foreigners I

Middle Ea6L ularlv those in .onstru.- abuie tdeii viorkers, / "In Saudi Arabi& for expatriates to live and tweeh 30 to 35 years old. working for intemation-
"Working and living tion 'and domestic ser- whose passports are instance, thele are em- work there, as well as They also serve as private al corporations, said Bert-
conditions in China over- vices. seiz€d," said Bertiz. ployers who still pay the growing number of tutors to their wards," tz,
all are better compared to ' Thesystemrequiresall Kafala still operates in fheir Filipino household upper middle class Chi- said Bertiz. A total oI 102,421 mi-
the Middle East " said unEkilled migrant labor- Saudi Arabia, the United service workers onlv nese families who want Bertiz said several grant Filipino workels in
House Deputy Minority ers to have an in-country Arab Emirates, Qatar, $200 monthly," said Ber(- theh children to grow first-tier cities in China China registered to vote
Leader and ACT$OFW sponsor - usually their Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, 12, around Eng-lish-speak- have allowed expatriates in the May 13 mid-term
partylist Rep. Aniceto employer- who is respon- Jordan, Lebanon and ing nannies," said Bert- - mostly from Sotrth Ko- elections, though only
Bettiz lll. sible for their visa and le- Omall. Big demand tz, rea, the United States, Ja- 40,816 of them, or 39.85 L

"The problemwith the gal status. Owing to kafata, Bert- for nannies Unofficial estimates pan, Canada, Germany percent actually voted,
Middle East is ihat thev Kafala has been at- iz said many individual There is an explosion peg at up to 200,000 the and France - to bring in according to the Com-
stilt have the kalala svs'- tacked bv international employers in the Middle of demand for Filipino number of Fitpinos p!o- thei! own household staff, miscion on Elp.rions
tem, which China does human rilhts groups for East still do not comply houaehold 6taft especial- viding domestic work, including nannies. nyrn Ponca Pacpaco