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yesterday batted for the

#;;il;""ff"iii"'it!rt-""r cancer specialty hospjtal deroted-to attendihg the
;;;e; ;d=;fierns of cancer patients, especiallv the poor' ia"ll
Children's Medical Cen- ine cause of deatfi in the Romualdez.
ter (PCMC) which were cointry," Romualdez Romualdez added his
all built during the Mar- stressed who sought aD proposal woulil p.ovide
cos administration. initial P1 bilion tunding care for more difficult
"The cieation of the under the national bud- and problematic cases pf
While the oewly specialty iancer hospital get to start building the
signed National totegrat- v;ill be- included jn- my "My proposal intends
cancer specialty hospital.
ed Cancer Control Act or legislative agenda as Romualdez recalled to Drovide financial suD-
Republic Act (RA) 11225 'malasakit (compassion) that he originally initi- port towards the estab-
allows the creation of to all cancer patients. at€d the proposal in the lishment and mainte-
cancer specialty hospitals Ka ilangang govemoent 16th Congress during nance of a Cancer Cen-
and dinics by *re private fulded para hindi made- the Aquiro administra- ter for the welfare and
sector. Romualdez. a hado ani msa mahihirao tion where he sewed as benefit of the Filipino
lawyer and president of na cancei dlienrs," said the House lndependent people," Romualdez said,
the Philippine Constitu- Ronualdei, one of tbe Bloc Leader. adding t,]:at the govern-
tion Association (Philcon- leadins contenders il t-be It was re-filed drir- ment is mandated to
sar. underscored tbe soeakdrshio race. ing the lTth Cotrgress provide necessary land,
need to build a govern- ' Rooualdez eiplained by his wife, Leyte Rep. building, equipment aDd
aetrt-run hospital for that his proposal would Yedda Merie Kittilstvedt facilities for the estab'
cancer patients to comDlemenl, the Cancer Romualdez, chairperson lishment of the PNCC.
a comprehensive higb- Control Act that Presi- of the Houee committee The congressman
quality cancer care ser- de l Rodrigo Duterte on accounta. explained that the pur-
vices at more affordable signed lasl February The Department of Dose of the center is to
prices. aimed at institu tj on aliz- Health's (DoH) Philip- irperate a specialized
Romualdez. president ing a Dational inte$atad pine Cancer Facts aid hospital for state-of-
of the Lakas-Cbristian pr6gram to fight cancer Estimates recorded the-art, diagnosis, treat-
Muslim Democrats iases and implove can- eight deaths p;r day due ment, care, rehabilita-
(CMD), sought the cre- cer survivorship in the to chiklhood caircer and tion and/or relief of
etion of trhe Philippine country. r 11 new caseg and sevencancer patients, pro-
Cancer Center "We have
Nrtional Cancer
National h' to comple- deaths every hour for mote medical research
after ment the trewly signed adult. relative to the breven-
r Heart law on battliog cancer by "Canier rates are ex- tion and treatment of
National building the cancer spe- pected to increase with the deadly disease,
Insti- cialW govemment bospi- ageing of populationg make information dis-
Cen- tal to t€ke care of cancer frnd changes in lifestyles semination about can-
ter of the Datients. Remember that associated with econom- cer, among other
iancer is ure third lead- ic development," said thing8.
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