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To Our guest of honor and speaker, Atty. Rommel P.

Ayson –UB’s Vice President for

Administration, Col. Gregory Docil, Group Commander of 14RCDG, ARESCOM, 2 nd LT
RUEL VERDEJO – Acting Commandant, UB NSTP-ROTC Unit, Dr. Charesma Lud-Ayen –
School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety, SCJPS Program Chair/s, fellow NSTP
facilitators and instructors in the different components, dear students, friends, ladies
and gentlemen, GOOD MORNING!!!

I take great pleasure in welcoming you all in this very important occasion of the
University. Out of all our many ceremonies, I believe that, more than any other, this one
expresses the University’s policy of giving due recognition to whom recognition is due.
In this context, it is particularly gratifying for me to be able to welcome those whose
success we are celebrating today – the NSTP-ROTC SANDIGLAHI Graduating Class of
2018-2019, who consists of the 1st cohort of students to complete this unique,
innovative, and worthwhile program of service to our nation.

Graduation ceremonies are a time both for celebration and for giving thanks. I am very
much in hope that this morning’s graduating class will consider this success as the first
step in achieving greater success in the future. I hope also that you will recognize that
this is also a time for thanking those who have helped you reach this milestone in your
academic career, and on your behalf, I am pleased to be able to thank publicly your
families and friends, your dedicated NSTP-ROTC instructors and your cooperating
teachers, and all those who contributed to making this NSTP-ROTC program a success. In
a very real sense, your success is their success and the success of our country’s drive in
providing platform to develop our sense of patriotism and love of country.

So, to everyone, let us celebrate this day with rejoicing and thanksgiving . AGAIN, A