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House cites Arroyo's

leadership, accomplishment
f['i.;fi":iff i;",'Sf f *::::fl tTff
congress,250 of which
were aoorov ed in the final session led
pagat Arroyo. by speaker Gloria Maca-
Probably the most historic of rhF:1Lay1]/a,:.
th.e O.rg9!ic Law for the Bangsamoro
Aulonomous Region in Mustim Mindanao,
nepubtic na'rid!+i iiiie'wilis of presiaent
Duterte, it-was needed to correcr a \,historic
inj*ti."; io tiu rr,io. pli"JL ot r"rinoanao
year of his term, tne nouse ii:iloi-dJf iJ;pfi;,l'r of the Bans_
speaker Arroyo cited several orher laws
approved by the House in its third
session. Among these were the secondary and final
First-time Jobseekers Act. the tlnive-rsat
sc.ho"l Gi.i"i crili"." ioinseling nct, tne
riearttr Care piogr;;l ir," rui"#na ID
the Department of Human setttemlnF_ana system,
urban oeve-doir"l.,t,'i"il?l'rruni.uting
an Alternative Work Arranqement for
Emptoye^es, strengthlni"sih;'p;ii.y
me lntegrated cancer Law, providing.for HIV_AIDs,
the sp".i"r pr""i"iiio,i diitriioiln ""in situations
ot Armed conflict, Amendinq the centrat
ano conservation, and the Security
auti na, inilt"iionu.itilg'i;"rqv
- --'- e'i.",e L'i em.i"n.y
of Work tenure'biit.
rn ner Erewe speech on the final day
Congre; iist l,4onOay, Arroyo stressed that
her concern as speaker was to suDrr;; ^of p;;.:ii:,H:,:"1i_2 ^l-I
aam n strauoni i-f,e-:;n,
;#;"#Hfj::i:+:;f lHiJ:1":X"::*.:Uliil:
proposats, foreign ensaqements.
an.t_ bgra-r"r*n.s. siutuiLJin
seeds.will.come to fruition in the remainder
of pr".ia"nJ, t"ir,-." "-' ,o ti,ut tt "r"
on the rast day of its third ana nnar session,the
ii;'il::ffi;;J:; a resorution citing
,*'",t';j#:f{': lTi',fuiii:rr*irtq;&q'*.1;n::'l'#i*a::'-:,:*l:
succeeded in forging a harmoniou. *llt-l,iE
t:T.b"'lttip of so many varied
/orkrng relationship with the senate
tive Department. and ttt" e*"irj
preparine for the openins session
,"l1"r.Tiil',i?"T:lb""j:::_:*j.1:".^are-now;;'iift on
i'i,L't#lg il':H:ff:ffi ii:fi :J",'il''1;e:fi
:i:Ji.T;" fl""'::lffi']:Hl
in the House' the Pampangi congressswoman
not u" p".t biit'u niil'a;;#;:*
speaker Arroyo set a record
*?g:r:_li? and that we hope wi be
"f reaie,s or-accomptishment
ir'e i'oul" oi'nJpii*ntutivu. in *,"
r:y q

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