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Woman: Yeah, so then 1 is A. ‘Man: And 2s B, is C Woman: And, yeah, right, so on, up to 26, which isZ. ‘Man: All right, well, lees Jets write down all the ‘numbers, and...and then we'll assign a letter to cach one. Then we can, you know, replace all of the. Woman: ... ah, s0..wwow ~ the answer is: “We hope ‘you enjoy using this book.” Part C. Woman: ... , well, let's look at these three sequences. What do you think? ‘Man: [think I know the answer. The next two ‘mumbers in the first sequence are 31 and 30 Woman: Wait a minute, How did you figure that ou? ‘Mau: [ll give you a hint. Think...of the months of the year ‘Woman: What? Months of the year? ‘Man: Look, Jook, look, look January has $1 days. ‘Woman: Right. Man: February usually has 28 days, and then... Woman: Oh, OK, I get it. March has 31 days, and Apsil has 30 days, (Exactly) so the last two ‘numbers stand for May and June ~ 31 and 30. Man: Thats right. Woman: All right, but then how about the next one? One. ‘Maan: So, which do you light first? ‘Woman: Hmm, let's think. Well if its very cold, it's ‘est to light the stove. (Mim-hmm.) So you should first light the newspaper. ‘Mam: But it’s dark, so you nced to light the candle so ‘you can see. Woman: Oh, wait! Hacha! [ know the answer. Man: What? [beep] ‘Man: Well,.the next two letters in the second sequence . .. Woman: Hmm. ‘Man: Hmm, Oh, know ~E and N. ‘Woman: E and N? Why is that? ‘Man: The key to this puzale is numbers ‘Woman: I'm still confused. What do you mean, snurabers? ‘Man: O, T, T, F F - one, two, three, four, five. ‘Woman: Oh! OK, I get it, Each letter is the first letter of a number when it’s spelled out. OK. So stands for one, T stands for two, T stands for three, ‘Man: And so on. Then eight begins withthe letter E and nine begins with N. Woman: That’ it! Man: OK, now let's look at the third sequence. ‘Woman: I know it. I? Man: No, don’t..don’t tell me. I can figure it out. ‘Are the next two and R? ‘Woman: Yes. Why? Man: Well, January ends with the letter ¥, February tends with a Y, March ends with H, April with I, May with ¥. Woman: And June with E, July with ¥. ‘Mans And August enc with T, and September with R. Woman: You know what? Those are kind of fun, actually. They aren't so hard when you work together! ity 2A (CD 1 Track 5, 1 minute 20 seconds) Two. ‘Woman: How about the next onc? The one about Dan and Don, ‘Man: And Donna and Dana. Well, the total is 60 dollars, so half of that is $0 dollars. But the two guys ~ Dan and Don ~ have ten more dollars than the girls, Wornan: So the guys have 35 dollars, and the gicls have 25 dollars. ‘Man: Right. And half of 35 is 17 anda half. Hmm. Woman: I've got it! ‘Man: Go on. [beep]