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中華民國108年7月 第44卷 第7期

Vol. 44 No. 7 July 2019

Taiwan Panorama


中華民國一〇 八年七月 第四四卷第七期



Shifen Waterfall
圖/文‧林格立 版面設計‧王敬勛

O n a free afternoon, why not take a trip to Shi fen
Waterfall in Pingxi, New Taipei City? This is Tai-
wan’s largest curtain waterfall, and you can get there with-
的簾幕式瀑布,不用爬山 out having to hike up a mountain or wade across a river.
涉水就可以來到它面前。 When the weather is stiflingly hot, just stand by the
悶熱天氣下,站在水勢 magnificent falls and admire the view. You will soon feel
磅礡的瀑布旁賞景,頓時 much cooler!
涼快不少。 (photo and text by Jimmy Lin/tr. by Phil Newell)


飛越三千多公里、四個半小時的航程, 認識台灣海域的多樣性,也喚醒人們的海
出版者 光華畫報雜誌社
發 行 人/ 吳釗燮
《光華》編採團隊終於抵達新加坡樟宜國 洋意識。
Publisher: Jaushieh Joseph WU
社 長 / 陳銘政 際機場。在這總人口數約400萬人的國度 除了高山與大海,我們還前進具有百年
Director: Henry M.J. CHEN
總 編 輯/ 陳亮君
Editor-in-Chief: Ivan CHEN 中,華人就佔了75%,其他尚有馬來人 歷史的金瓜石媽祖遶境活動,當媽祖陣頭
文 稿 主 編/ 曾蘭淑
Editor: Esther TSENG
文 稿 副 主 編/ 郭玉平 13%、印度人9%,還有164萬來自世界各 穿過陡坡小巷,踩過高低階梯,鑽過水圳
Deputy Editor: Camille KUO
文 字 編 輯/ 鄧慧純 陳群芳 蘇俐穎
Writers: Cathy TENG, CHEN Chun-fang,
地的非居民人口。 橋,這是金瓜石人不同世代的集體記憶,
Lynn SU
版 面 主 編/ 胡如瑜 在這高度國際化的城市,我們試圖探索 也是國內對金瓜石祭典首次如此詳實的追
Director of Layout: HU Ju-yu
美 術 編 輯/ 蕭郢岑 王敬勛
Art Editors: HSIAO Ying-tsen, Henry WANG 新加坡的雙語政策,以及台星每年大約 蹤報導;而在海天一色的澎湖七美島探訪
攝影組召集人/ 莊坤儒
Photographic Coordinator: CHUANG Kung-ju
攝 影 組 長/ 林格立 260億美元的貿易額中,頻繁密切的交流 中,我們也見證了台灣第一個以柴油結
Photographic Director: Jimmy LIN
攝 影 編 輯/ 林旻萱
Photojournalist: LIN Min-hsuan
現況。這其中還包括了曾留學台灣的新加 合太陽能再生能源所建立的離島型智慧電
英 文 編 輯/ 陳瑩潔 唐樂榕 倪凱駿
English Editors: Audrey CHEN, Robert TAYLOR, 坡學者、在新加坡工作的台灣人士、兩國 網,讓台灣的減碳科技更上一層樓。
日 文 編 輯/ 山口雪菜 施家騏
Japanese Editors: Yukina YAMAGUCHI, 共製戲劇的第一手專訪,以及新創團隊的 * * *
Shila SHIH
印 尼 文 編 輯/ 陳德銘
Indonesian Editor: Temmy WIRYAWAN 創業經驗⋯⋯等,相信本期《光華》封面 藝術家程仁珮以食物的影像,記錄了不
越 南 文 編 輯/ 武秋香
Vietnamese Editor: VU Thu Huong
資深行政編輯/ 段蜀華
故事將帶給您不同以往的新加坡體驗。 同族群、不同形態的飲食文化,這一幕幕
Senior Administrative Editor: DUAN Shu-hwa
* * * 動人的故事,就發生在你我生活的這塊土
總 監 / 鍾宜蓉
Marketing Director: Carianne CHUNG
業 務 協 理/ 陳俊偉 「上山、下海」還不足以道盡本期「島 地上,如有用客家食材搭配越南春捲皮和
Deputy Manager: CHEN Jyun-wei
綜合服務組長/ 陳淑英
Chief of General Affairs: CHEN Shu-ing 嶼行旅」專欄的精彩內容。此次《光華》 香茅、蝦鹽等異國食材的影像故事;也有
綜 合 服 務 組/ 李淑慧
General Affairs: S.H. LEE
發 行 組/ 何世隆
編採團隊前往玉山國家公園的鹿林前山、 一個工序繁複、精心製作的肉凍,代表的
Circulation: HO Shih-lung
海拔2,862公尺的鹿林天文台,透過現地 是烏克蘭冰天雪地的生活情景。

採訪帶回天文觀測的第一手資訊,還有拍 透過《光華》的報導,讓世界了解台

攝許多令人目眩神迷的難得美景,讓人與 灣、喜愛台灣,如同國寶級本土漫畫大師

星星的距離不再遙遠;我們也深入花蓮海 許貿淞,年逾8旬的他,用其一甲子的創

域,與海豚同行,並透過水下攝影師的專 作,為堅守本土漫畫而努力,也激勵了我

訪,在一張張充滿詩意與張力的畫面中, 們,不斷成長、不斷向前。 l
Cradles of Innovation EDITOR’S NOTE

—Taiwan–Singapore Interactions

A fter a four-and-a-half hour flight of more We also witnessed Jin gua shi’s century- GPN: 2008000038 ISSN1991-525X
原刊名光華 Sinorama Magazine
than 3000 kilometers, Taiwan Panorama’s old Mazu procession, and we bring you 中華民國95年1月改為台灣光華雜誌
Taiwan Panorama
reportorial team landed at Singa pore’s Taiwan’s first detailed report on this rit-
Changi Airport. In this country of some 4 ual. The procession’s progress through  Republic of China: NT$150 per copy,
  NT$1500/year, NT$2600/2 years
million citizens, 75% of the population is of narrow streets, up and down steep stairs,  Asia & Pacific Regions: US$40/year,
  US$72/2 years by airmail
Chinese ancestry, while 13% are of Malay and and across Shui zhen Bridge is part of the  North America: US$32/year,
  US$55/2 years by regular mail
9% of Indian descent; there are also 1.64 mil- collective memories of many generations  Elsewhere: US$45/year,
  US$80/2 years by airmail
lion non-citizens from all over the world. of local people. On Penghu’s Qimei Island Taiwan Panorama (USPS 000624) is published
In this highly international city we ex- we got a close-up view of Taiwan’s first monthly, US$32.00 per year, by Kwang Hwa
Publishing (USA), Inc., 3731 Wilshire Blvd 104,

plored Singapore’s bilingual education offshore smart power grid, which combines Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part without written

policy, the US$26 billion in annual Taiwan– diesel-generated electricity with renewable permission is prohibited. Periodicals postage
paid at Los Angeles, California.

Singapore trade, and the close and frequent solar energy, marking the next step forward POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
Kwang Hwa Publishing (USA), Inc., 3731

interactions between the two countries. These in Taiwan’s carbon reduction technology. Wilshire Blvd 104, Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA.

exchanges include Singaporean scholars who Also in this issue, we appreciate the 美國光華出版公司
Kwang Hwa Publishing (USA), Inc.

studied in Taiwan, Taiwanese working in photographic images created by artist Cheng 3731 Wilshire Blvd 104,
Los Angeles, CA 90010, USA

Singapore, the coproduction of a TV drama Jen-pei, who records the culinary cultures of Tel: 1-888-829-3866 Fax: 1-213-389-0021

series, and the entrepreneurial experiences of different peoples through different forms of 董事長:莊璧璘

startup teams. We trust that this cover feature ethnic foods. These touching stories are tak- President: P. L. CHUANG
Assistants: WU Chia-ying, Thomas KOH

will offer you a new experience of Singapore. ing place right here where we live, for exam- 著作權所有,本雜誌圖文非經同意不得轉載。

For this month’s “Around Taiwan” series, ple in the images of Hakka foods paired up

we visited the Lulin Observatory, 2862 me- with Vietnamese spring rolls, lemongrass,
All rights reserved. Photos and articles may not

ters above sea level on the borders of Yushan and shrimp salt, or of meticulously prepared
be reprinted without our permission.
If you wish to reprint any of our articles or

meat jelly that Cheng uses to represent life

photographs, please contact our senior
National Park. Our reporters brought back administrative editor.
Damaged or misbound copies returned to us will
firsthand information about astronomical ob- in the Ukrainian winter. be gladly replaced.

servation, and photographed rare and daz- The reports in Taiwan Panorama help the
zling scenes, giving one the feeling that the people of the world to understand and love
distance between ourselves and the stars is Taiwan. What better example than comics
not so huge. We also visited the seas off Hua- artist Hsu Mao-sung, a national treasure at
lien, where we traveled alongside dolphins. over 80 years old, who has held fast to na-
We met with underwater photo graphers tive comics art through 60 years of creative
whose work is promoting better understand- work. Stories like these inspire us to con-
ing of Taiwan’s marine biodiversity, and rais- tinually grow and advance. l 本刊物印刷油墨使用環保認證大豆油墨

ing people’s consciousness of the oceans. (Ivan Chen/tr. by Phil Newell)

CONTENTS 中華民國108年7月 第44卷 第7期 Vol. 44 No. 7 July 2019

6 封面故事 Cover Story

6 新加坡再發現
Rediscovering Singapore

8 新加坡多元魅力
City of Contrasts:
Singapore’s Diverse Charms
文‧陳群芳 圖‧林格立

18 找到屬於自己的舞台

Baptism by Fire:
Taiwan Entrepreneurs
Launch Singapore Startups
拙八郎創意執行提供 photos courtesy of Eight Ge Man Productions
文‧陳群芳 圖‧林格立

26 台星共創華劇新局
A Milestone in Chinese-Language
TV Drama—Taiwan and Singapore
Collaborate on All Is Well
文‧陳群芳 圖‧拙八郎創意執行提供

36 藝饗新加坡

36 編者的話
濱海藝術中心提供,Tuckys 攝 photo by Tuckys, courtesy of Esplanade

Editor’s Note
Postcards from Home
Taiwan Arts and Singapore:
Conveying the Beauty of Taiwan
文‧陳群芳 圖‧林格立

2 台星交流‧創新搖籃 1 十分瀑布 48 月月好讀

Cradles of Innovation Shifen Waterfall Variety Pages
—Taiwan–Singapore Interactions 圖/文‧林格立 蔡慶樺
影像對話 Photo Essay

54 記憶的生成與綿延:
The Generation and Extension of Memories:
封面說明: Chen Chin-pao’s “Topology of Time”
新加坡著名景點天空樹,各種熱帶植物攀附其上, 圖‧陳敬寶提供 文‧沈柏逸
Cover: Supertree Grove, one of Singapore’s leading
島嶼行旅 Around Taiwan
attractions. The tropical plants that adorn the towers give
the appearance of vertical gardens. (photo by Jimmy Lin)
62 逐海浮光
Where the Currents Take Them:
Underwater Photographers Tell the
Ocean’s Stories
文‧蘇俐穎 圖‧林旻萱

72 我們與星星的距離
Between Us and the Stars

—The Taiwan Dark-Sky
Preservation Alliance
文‧鄧慧純 圖‧莊坤儒

84 天后起駕
The Queen of Heaven Mounts Her Chariot
—Jinguashi’s Mazu Procession
文‧曾蘭淑 圖‧林格立

藝文脈絡 Cultural Trends

96 十年工筆佛祖傳

Dedicating Decades to Drawing
—Hsu Mao-sung’s Life in Comics
文‧李珊瑋 圖‧林旻萱

產業新創 Entrepreneurship

106 綠色低碳島
A Low-Carbon Green Island
—Qimei’s Smart Power Grid
文‧曾蘭淑 圖‧林格立

多元族群 Communities

114 食在有味
Tracing Migrants’ Memories
Through Recipes—Cheng Jen-pei
文‧李珊瑋 圖‧程仁珮提供

6 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

(林格立攝 photo by Jimmy Lin)

Rediscovering Singapore


City of Contrasts:
Diverse Charms

經濟繁榮與國際化都市,是許多人對新加坡 採訪時農曆元宵剛過,新加坡的中國城──牛
的印象。在這裡,華人、馬來人、印度人以及各 車水到處掛滿燈籠,過節氣氛濃厚。街上林立的
國人和諧並存,文化的包容形塑新加坡另一種魅 中藥行、粥品店、潮州肉骨茶、台灣品牌肉乾
力。跟著《光華》的腳步,一起探訪充滿南洋風 店,還有宗祠、廟宇錯落在城區,招牌也以中文
情的新加坡,以及兩國間頻繁密切的交流吧! 為主,充滿親切感。
飛越三千多公里、四個半小時的航程,終於抵 小印度區。色彩繽紛的建築是一大特色,信奉印
達新加坡樟宜國際機場。氣派整齊的挑高大廳、 度教的維拉瑪卡里雅曼興都廟,吸引遊客來此一
隨處可見的英文標示,眼底耳裡各種語言紛呈, 睹印度廟的風采。位於捷運站旁的竹腳中心,一
象徵我們來到了一個華人佔多數,卻與台灣截然 樓販售生鮮蔬果,還有瀰漫濃郁香料味道的印度
不同的國家。 美食,二樓則匯聚了印度沙麗的服飾店。
新加坡居民總數約400萬,華人佔75%、馬來人 並稱新加坡三大歷史區的阿拉伯區,附近許多賣
13%、印度人9%;另外還有164萬來自各國的非居 香水的紀念品店,空氣裡飄著濃濃中東氣息。在
民人口。在台灣,偶而看到外國面孔,我們會感 新加坡,轉個身就像進入另一個國度,來自各地
到驚訝,不自覺地將他們當作異鄉人;但在新加 的種族、移民在此生根,異國面孔是日常,任何
坡街上,與不同族群擦身而過,卻是如此自然。 人都能融入風景裡。

8 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

T he image that many people have of Singapore 新加坡四季如夏,食物、建築充滿南洋韻味,吸引人們
is of an economically prosperous international Singapore has summer-like weather year round. Its food
city. More charms can be found in its ethnically di- and architecture have a tropical flavor that invites people to
open their senses and experience the city to the fullest.
verse population of Chinese, Malays and Indians, as
well as its non-citizens of many nations, who work
together in an atmosphere of cultural tolerance.
Come with Taiwan Panorama as we explore Singa-
pore and its close bonds and exchanges with Taiwan! Indians 9%. There are also 1.64 million non-citizens who
hail from many nations. In Taiwan, one only occasion-
After a four-and-a-half-hour flight of more than 3000 ally sees foreign features and thus one may be somewhat
kilometers, we finally reach Singapore’s Changi Airport. surprised upon encountering them. But in Singapore it’s
Its high-ceilinged, orderly and expansive arrival halls an utterly unremarkable occurrence.
feature English signage everywhere, and people are The city’s Chinatown is lined with Chinese apothec-
speaking a great variety of different tongues. The scene is aries, restaurants selling bak kut the (pork ribs simmered
a fitting demonstration that although we’ve come to an- in a spicy broth), shrines, and temples. With the Chinese
other nation in which Han Chinese are in the majority, it signs, the streets here seem altogether familiar to some-
is nonetheless a place that is quite different from Taiwan. one from Taiwan.
Cultural diversity But Little India, with its colorful buildings, lies just
Singapore’s population includes 4 million citizens, three MRT stops away. There the Hindu Sri Veeramaka-
with ethnic Chinese comprising 75%, Malays 13%, and liamman Temple attracts many visitors.

華人、馬來人、印度人,以及各地的外國人和諧共存, 方的4種語言,所謂的雙語教育是以英語為主,
Living together peacefully, Singapore’s ethnic Chinese, 另依每位學生的族裔修讀母語,華人學華語、馬
Malays, and Indians, as well as non-citizens from many
different nations, have collectively woven its charmingly 來人學馬來語、印度人學淡米爾語。
diverse cultural tapestry.
走在新加坡街頭,即使兩個華人碰面,彼此 活在英語為主的環境裡,英語的使用是基本,更
仍以英語交談。此現象源自新加坡的雙語教育政 得以和不同族群的人溝通。
策。英語、華語、馬來語、淡米爾語為新加坡官 南洋理工大學國立教育學院亞洲語言文化學部

10 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

副教授陳志銳,即是怡然優遊雙語的一例。大學時 Walking south from Little India, one comes to the Sul-
來台就讀師大國文系,研究所回到新加坡國立大 tan Mosque with its golden dome. Nearby are many sou-
學修習英國文學。陳志銳表示,「語文能打開一扇 venir stores selling perfumes, where the air-conditioned
窗,讓你對其他文化感到好奇。」從小就閱讀中英 air has a heavy Middle-Eastern scent to it. In Singapore,

文書籍,讓他得以在兩個文學的世界遊走。就像他 turning a corner can seem like entering an entirely new

Bilingual education puts English first
English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil: Those are Singa-
有人肯定新加坡政府的雙語政策,但也有母語 pore’s four official languages. So-called bilingual educa-
式微的隱憂。為此星國政府透過各式的委員會、 tion is English-focused, with students adding the language
藝術理事會來推動各母語的文化,每年辦理各族 of their ethnic group as their other language. Ethnic Chi-
裔的藝術節,年度作家節也都有英文、華文、馬 nese study Chinese, Malays Malay, and Indians Tamil.
來文、淡米爾文4線的活動,努力緩和英語主流 Singapore declared its independence in 1965, and
its bilingual language policy was launched in 1966. Al-
though studying English was mandatory back then, you
在新加坡輻射東南亞市場 could pick the language of instruction for your other
courses: Chinese schools instructed in Chinese and
新加坡做為一個國際化都市,英語的普及是很 Malay schools in Malay. In 1979, the system was com-
大的優勢。生活中的各種需求,如交通、飲食、 pletely changed so that English became the language of
教育、醫療等,都能以英語溝通。再加上法規清 instruction for everyone. With all Singaporeans using En-
楚透明、治安好、衛生環境佳,不僅連續14年被 glish from a young age, communication between ethnic
全球人力資源諮詢公司ECA International評比為最 groups has grown easier.
Tan Chee Lay, an associate professor of Asian languages
and cultures at Nanyang Technological University’s Na-
tional Institute of Education, is an example of someone
who is completely at ease in two languages. For univer-
不例外。台灣自2013年與新加坡簽訂貿易協定, sity, he came to Taiwan and majored in Chinese, and for
兩國間的經貿往來更加頻繁。駐新加坡台北代表 graduate school he returned to Singapore and studied
處代表梁國新表示,新加坡是台灣第6大貿易夥 English literature. “Language is a window through which
伴、台灣則是新加坡第5大貿易夥伴。雙邊每年 you can develop your curiosity toward other cultures,” he
貿易額大約260億美元,甚至超過了新加坡與其 explains. Reading Chinese and English from a young age
has allowed him to float between both literatures.
There are many who support the government’s bi-
lingual education policy, but there are also concerns about
從1970年代的傳統產業、製造業,1990年代電子 its effects on mother tongues. Singapore’s government
業,如今新創、金融、服務業也都將觸角拓展至 has organized all manner of committees and arts councils
新加坡。一般認為,商場上只有零和的競爭,好 to promote mother-language cultures, and it holds arts
像到國外發展就是要去瓜分當地市場;但事實 festivals for each of the ethnic groups. During the annual
上,是合作拓展第三世界的市場。 Singapore Writers Festival, there are always four separate
programs of activities for English, Chinese, Malay and
Tamil. All these efforts are attempts to reduce the negative
impacts of a mainstream education system with English
as the language of instruction.
灣的銀行到新加坡開設分行,參與當地銀行對印 A base for the Southeast-Asian market
尼的大型放貸,相對地減少台灣自行前往印尼放 In Singapore, basic needs of life, such as transporta-
貸的風險與挑戰,透過與新加坡銀行合作反倒能 tion and medicine, can all be met using English. What’s

Singapore’s buildings demonstrate a variety of
architectural styles that provide striking backdrops
for street photography. Visitors can’t help but pull
out their cameras and start clicking.




12 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

曾來台留學的陳志銳,寫書、教學、創作,將台灣 whole ASEAN market. For instance, Taiwan’s banks have
Tan Chee Lay, who studied in Taiwan, says that
established branch offices in Singapore, which engage
Taiwan’s literature, educational system, and creativity in large-scale lending to Indonesia. That has reduced
have deeply informed his own writing back in Singapore.
the challenges and risks that Taiwan banks encountered
when lending directly to Indonesia. The ability to radiate
out from Singapore into the ASEAN market is one of the
main reasons that Singapore has attracted so many com-
more, there are clear laws, a low crime rate, cleanliness panies to set up their Asian headquarters there.
and good sanitation—all features that have attracted Study and friendship
many multinational companies to set up operations. Taiwan’s books, television and art have always found
In 2013 Taiwan signed a trade agreement with Singa- a market in Singapore and Malaysia, and Singaporeans
pore, and economic and trade ties have grown tighter ever are highly receptive to Taiwan’s culture. To cultivate
since. The trade between the two nations now stands at Chinese language teachers, the Singaporean government
about US$26 billion per year, surpassing even the trade back in the 1980s sent top students to study in Taiwan.
between Singapore and its immediate neighbor Indonesia. Those students brought back literary training informed
Industries from Taiwan that came to Singa pore in by Taiwan’s creative atmosphere. “In class, my teacher
previous decades included traditional industries, manu- would recite Xu Zhimo’s poems, or quote Xi Murong
facturing and electronics. More recently, financial and to say that my meeting the classmate sitting next to me
service industry firms from Taiwan have set up branches was fated by something that happened 500 years ago....”
in Singapore. Tan Chee Lay thus describes his impression of his
Francis Liang, who is the representative at the Taipei junior-high-school Chinese teacher Li Baiyang, who had
Representative Office in Singapore, takes this a step far- studied at National Taiwan University. Li ignited Tan’s
ther to say that Singapore’s ethnic diversity gives the city interest in Chinese literature, and implanted in Tan a
natural advantages in building bridges to other ASEAN sense of longing for Taiwan.
nations. That has made it attractive to Taiwanese firms, Tan Chee Lay explains that Singaporean writers such
which use the city as a base from which to serve the as Quah Sy Ren, Yin Song Wei (pen name of Lim Song

除了經濟繁榮與國際化,新加坡還有豐富 Hwee) and Chua Chim Kang all studied in Taiwan.
Beyond its flourishing economy and
They drew creative inspiration from their experiences of
cosmopolitanism, Singapore has rich cultural studying there, and their affection for Taipei is apparent
charms just waiting for visitors to uncover them.
in their writing.
In recent years Tan has rekindled his interest in calli-
graphy, getting Nanyang Technological University to re-
open classes in the subject, which had not been offered
for several years. After those semester-long courses,
there are exhibitions of the students’ works. It is hard to
believe their outstanding calligraphies are the works of
beginners. There is no better proof of how Chinese cul-
了師生展,作品精彩,讓人不敢相信出自初學者 ture is flourishing in Singapore.
之手,亦是中華文化在此開枝散葉的最佳證明。 Building bridges of friendship
Evita, who hails from Taiwan and works at the
台人為兩國友好搭橋 information desk at Singapore’s Changi International
來自台灣、在新加坡樟宜機場遊客服務中心工 Airport, has discovered that Singaporeans have a
remarkable understanding of Taiwan. For instance, news
作的E v i t a,發現新加坡人對台灣的理解超乎想
about Taiwan is frequently reported in Singa porean
newspapers, and young people are very knowledgeable
about Taiwan’s presidents. It really seems as if the entire
家都在關注台灣,但台灣民眾對新加坡的認識卻 country cares about Taiwan. Yet people in Taiwan have
很少。於是她以「星馬和牛Evita」為名,製作了 very little understanding of Singapore. In response, she
一系列的YouTube影片。 has launched a YouTube channel.

14 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Singapore is an extremely green city
with tree-lined streets made for strolling.

E v i t a以生活經驗帶著粉絲用台語逛新加坡菜 求員工積極、一個月就對工作上手,與澳洲的慢
市場、分享便利商店的小吃、兩國過年習俗的不 節奏截然不同;許多人看上新加坡的高收入,抱
同;或是設計有趣的題目街訪路人,例如讓新加 著打工度假、姑且一試的心態前來,很容易就會
坡大學生挑戰中文的多義字、票選星國人最愛的 想放棄。到新加坡工作都必須和雇主簽約,1∼3
台灣綜藝節目;抑或分享自己在新加坡的工作、 年不等。Evita建議一定要想清楚工作目標,並上
租房經驗等。生動活潑的介紹方式,吸引了兩地 新加坡求職網站查詢薪資行情,以免遇到鑽漏洞
粉絲的注意。 的公司。
新加坡薪水高、國際化,讓許多台灣人嚮往, Evita表示,遊客服務中心的工作有點像機場的
常有網友向Evita諮詢新加坡工作的建議。曾在澳 公關,接待貴賓、為旅客作機場導覽,每個國家
洲留學的她分析,新加坡都市步調快,一般都要 有各自的文化,公司聘請各國籍的員工,提供最
Evita’s lively YouTube videos have helped to 新加坡是家以外最像家的地方(The home away
reduce the distance between Singapore and
Taiwan, promoting mutual understanding. from home.)。

16 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Speaking in Taiwanese, Evita leads her fans on tours 以新加坡為利基能輻射東南亞市場,是台灣前進東協
through Singaporean produce markets or delves into Singapore is an excellent base from which to enter
differences between the two nations’ customs. In other Southeast-Asian markets. It can serve as an important
partner for Taiwan in its economic relations with ASEAN.
videos she conducts street interviews, quizzing Singa-
porean college students on the multiple meanings of
Chinese words, or asking them to vote for their favorite
Taiwanese variety show. In still other videos she shares
her experiences of working or renting a place in Singa- Evita explains that her work at the airport’s traveler
pore. Her lively manner has attracted many fans. information center is a bit like doing public relations for
With its high salaries and cosmopolitanism, Singa- the airport: She greets visitors and guides them around
pore interests many Taiwanese, and many of Evita’s the airport. Every day in Singapore she meets people
Internet fans ask her advice about coming to Singapore with different cultures, languages and backgrounds.
to work. Evita, who studied in Australia, notes that in Apart from strengthening her English, it has given her a
this respect Singapore is different from easygoing Aus- broader, more international perspective.
tralia. Those thinking they can come and find a job for The culture of Singapore’s ethnic Chinese, as well as
a working holiday often end up discouraged. Anyone the nation’s culinary diversity, cleanliness and safety, all
coming to work in Singapore needs to have signed a make people from Taiwan feel at home. Taiwan and Singa-
contract with their employer. Evita advises these inquir- pore are similar in many ways, but each also has its own
ers to clearly think about their employment goals and outstanding features. It’s no wonder that Francis Liang
peruse Singaporean employment websites to gain an describes Singapore as a “home away from home.” l
understanding of prevailing salaries. Otherwise com- (Chen Chun-fang/photos by Jimmy Lin/
panies can use loopholes to exploit foreign workers. tr. by Jonathan Barnard)


Baptism by Fire:
Taiwan Entrepreneurs
Launch Singapore Startups

近年來,Google、Facebook等紛紛選擇到新加 商機,學商的曾淨澤負責業務,朋友負責產品設
坡成立據點,甚至作為亞洲的營運總部,儼然成 計,兩人合夥創立Vault Dragon。公司主打迷你
為新創公司在亞洲的世界舞台。 倉儲,提供箱子讓客戶將物品打包,然後到府收
位於新加坡大巴窯地鐵站附近,一棟不起眼的 來說,最大的魅力就是只要有好點子就有機會。
廠辦裡,有間市值台幣3億的新加坡醫療資料庫 即使還處於剛萌芽、沒有具體產品的新創起始階
公司「Vault Dragon」。創辦人是台灣出生、11歲 段,Vault Dragon第一輪就融資約新台幣3千萬。
就到新加坡求學的曾淨澤。 高額資金就有相應的成長壓力。為了拓展業
皮膚黝黑、笑容靦腆,穿著印有公司Logo的紅 對方還以價格戰削價競爭。
T恤和牛仔褲,很難想像今年才32歲的曾淨澤, 歷經半年廝殺,鎩羽而歸的曾淨澤,又面臨合
Vault Dragon卻已是他第3次創業。前兩次創業分 夥人掏空公司的困境。兩人歷經一陣子的攻防,
別在曾淨澤大一和大三,一找到好點子就與友人 最後曾淨澤順利留下公司。但合夥人鎖住倉儲系
籌資創業,雖然最後都宣告失敗,但前兩次的經 統的程式碼,公司有半年沒有產品可賣,客戶流
驗,讓曾淨澤相信要做「人無我有、人有我轉」 失,員工相繼辭職,12人的團隊最後只剩下曾淨
的項目。 澤與一名實習生。「那陣子每天都想著要怎麼繼
2013年他與一位印度裔的朋友嗅到物流倉儲的 續走,腦子持續運轉停不下來,甚至要靠喝酒讓

18 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

I n recent years, tech giants like Google and Face-
book have established a presence in Singapore, in
some cases designating it as their Asian operational
In 2013, he and a fellow classmate of Indian descent
sensed the business opportunities available in the emerg-
ing “valet storage” market. With Tseng handling opera-
headquarters, effectively transforming the city state tions and marketing while his friend took responsiblity for
into a global stage for startups in Asia. the technology, the pair partnered to form Vault Dragon. It
specialized in mini-storage, providing clients with sturdy,
Located near Singapore’s Toa Payoh MRT station waterproof boxes to pack their belongings. Vault Dragon
is Vault Dragon, a Singapore-based electronic medical would then pick up the boxes and place them in a secure
records (EMR) firm with a market value of NT$300 mil- warehouse. During the startup phase, when the firm’s ser-
lion. Founder Tseng Ching Tse was born in Taiwan and vice offering was not yet well defined, it still managed to
left to study in Singapore when he was 11 years old. attract NT$30 million in its first round of financing.
Clawing his way up from the valley floor Of course, high levels of financing bring with them
It’s hard to imagine that Vault Dragon is the third strong pressure to achieve growth. During the first year
startup of Tseng, who is still only 32 years old. He of operations, Tseng personally relocated to Hong Kong
launched the previous two when a freshman and then a to open up the market. Little did he expect that within
junior at university. Although they both failed eventu- two weeks, a newly formed competitor there would clone
ally, these experiences convinced him that his firm must Vault Dragon’s service and engage in a price war with the
be the “sole supplier of a new product or service, or a Singaporean firm.
unique adaptation of an existing one.” After half a year of heated combat, Tseng returned to

新加坡醫療資料庫Vault Dragon隱身於黃藍交錯的大樓裡。
Singapore lair: EMR vendor Vault Dragon’s headquarters.

自己趕快放鬆睡著,好迎接隔天的戰鬥。」曾淨 有信心;但程式語言的代碼全球通用,科技是無
澤娓娓道出當時的心路歷程。 國界的,且台灣在資訊工程方面的技術能力,全
曾淨澤表示,新創公司會失敗不外乎三個原 屬一個創投生態系,新加坡因為英語普及、租稅
因:資金用盡、產品找不到市場、與合夥人鬧 優惠、法律健全等條件,許多國際創投公司都選
翻。雖然當時他已遇上其中兩項,許多人也都勸 擇以此作為亞洲的據點,使得新加坡的新創公司
曾淨澤放棄,他坦言跟投資人報告公司營運時, 能見度比其他國家高。台灣新創若能在新加坡設
都感受到不被期望。「可是當時已有一些客戶, 置營運據點,或多參加新加坡創投活動,勇敢跨
有矽谷和新加坡的創投及新加坡總理辦公室的資 出舒適圈,才有更多機會被看見。
金。」他不能辜負這些人的信任。 而另一家新創公司「CloudMile萬里雲」就是積
香港失利讓曾淨澤學到不能以資金作為產品門 極從台灣走出去的例子。
檻,比誰資金雄厚、撐得久,結果不是兩敗俱傷 2017年成立的萬里雲,主要提供雲端管理應用
就是資本小被資本大的併購。所以要用特殊技術 服務,並透過AI人工智慧技術及大數據分析,協
司現有資源與know how,力求轉型,希望為營運
找到突破口。他以迷你倉儲的概念發想,搭上數 歷經3次創業終於成功,曾淨澤身上有著台灣人敢
位化的時代需求,提供客戶倉儲、掃描、建檔、 冒險、不怕難的創業家精神。
Third time lucky: Tseng Ching Tse epitomizes the
應用的服務,並以需要長期保留資料的會計師、 derring-do attitude of a Taiwan entrepreneur.

樣一步步,經過了近兩年的轉型與摸索,Va u l t
業資源規劃系統(Enterprise Resource Planning,
如今許多新加坡的醫療集團都是Vault Dragon



20 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Singapore with his tail between his legs, only to be faced some of our shareholders still believed in me.” Tseng
with a new dilemma: during his absence, his partner was unwilling to disappoint them.
had emptied their venture’s bank account. A legal tussle Tseng’s Hong Kong experience taught him that he
ensued, and eventually Tseng managed to regain con- should not rely on capital strength alone as a source of
trol of the company’s funds. However, since his former competitive advantage. To ensure sustainable opera-
partner had locked the warehousing system source code, tions, specialized technology or industrial knowhow
the firm effectively had no product to sell for six months. should be employed to raise the bar for competitors,
Customers were lost, employees resigned, and ultimately and the target industry must be one that is resilient to
only Tseng and an intern were left to hold the fort. market cycles. Tseng took stock of his firm’s existing re-
Immortalized as business school case study sources and knowhow, and contemplated how to apply
A startup fails for three basic reasons, says Tseng: if the “mini-warehouse” concept to address unmet needs
its funds run out, if its product doesn’t fit the market, or in the digital era by providing customers with integrated
if the partners fall out. Given that he simultaneously en- record management and digitization services.
countered two of these three negative factors, many peo- With limited resources and background knowledge
ple, including some of the firm’s investors, advised him in the healthcare sector, and no track record in that field,
to throw in the towel. “But we still had some clients, and Tseng cold-called one clinic after another, only to meet

Vault Dragon延攬來自各國的優秀人才,一起打拚,期望提供更符
合民眾需求的數位醫療服務。(Vault Dragon提供)
Vault Dragon recruits talent worldwide to provide digital medical services
that better meet consumers’ needs. (courtesy of Vault Dragon)

助企業進行商業預測與產業升級。例如萬里雲與 新創公司萬里雲持續在台灣、香港、新加坡舉辦科技
「和明紡織」合作,將生產過的布料樣式進行數 Startup CloudMile frequently hosts technology forums and
seminars in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore to actively
位建檔,並利用機器學習技術,建置布料樣式的 expand the international market. (courtesy of CloudMile)
萬里雲執行長暨創辦人劉永信曾任外商公司技 創公司到國外拓點,只要營運總部設置在新加坡
術團隊管理職,當時外商盛傳的工程師薪資結構 的公司,每增設一個海外據點就提供10萬新幣
1、3、7、10,分別指的是印度、台灣、歐美二 (約新台幣230萬)的資助。劉永信分析,這就
線和一線,令他印象深刻。在外商眼中聘請1位 是建置一個團隊初期需要的金額,也讓他感受到
台灣工程師,能聘請3名印度工程師。但劉永信 新加坡政府鼓勵新創的氛圍。他坦言,未來將一
認為台灣人才是不會輸人的,他希望創造一個市 步步將營運總部移至新加坡,而把台灣當成研發
場,讓台灣人才走出去,而不是成為待價而沽的 中心,將人才送往國際舞台。劉永信說新加坡是
商品,被廉價的人力取代。 高競爭的市場,一定要在最困難的地方練兵,這
去年萬里雲在香港的營運團隊已建置完成,且 樣進到其他國家才有本事存活。
在一季的時間就增加十幾個客戶,並開始進行新 雖然萬里雲在新加坡的營運才剛起步,但已
加坡據點的準備。 與一間新加坡跨境物流公司合作。貨品進口時原
本只能以人工進行國際商品統一分類代碼(H S
進入新加坡國立大學就讀EMBA,是劉永信蹲 單裡的商品描述,以演算法建置應用程式介面
點新加坡的第一步,他說要了解這個國家最厲害 (API),運用科技技術辨識貨物的國際分類代
的人才,並累積人脈與資源。新加坡政府鼓勵新 碼,大幅提升企業效率。

22 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

tax incentives and robust rule of law, many venture
capital firms have chosen Singapore as their base, so
startup visibility is more evident there than elsewhere.
If Taiwanese startups can establish a presence in Singa-
pore, or participate more in the local startup scene and
thereby go beyond their “comfort zone,” they will be
more likely to attract attention.
Another startup, CloudMile, is an example of a firm
that has actively chosen to extend its reach beyond
Founded in 2017, CloudMile mainly provides cloud
management application services, and utilizes AI tech-
nology and big data analytics to help clients with busi-
ness forecasting and industrial upgrading.
Spencer Liu, CloudMile founder and CEO and for-
merly a manager of an international business firm’s
technical team, was deeply impressed by the abbreviated
“formula” once used by foreign management—1, 3, 7,
10—to rank the pay packages of engineers by nationality.

with repeated rejections. After six months, however, he 萬里雲創辦人劉永信認為,在大數據時代最重要

located two doctors willing to give him a try, and over a 的是信任;客戶能放心提供數據,才有後續人工
period of almost two years he established Vault Dragon CloudMile founder Spencer Liu believes that in the
as a leading digital health solution provider. From stor- “big data” era, building trust is crucial—only when
clients have the confidence to make their data
ing and scanning paper-based patient records, to creating available to CloudMile can the firm optimize its AI
and analytics services.
digital medical records and even functioning as an enter-
prise resource planning (ERP) system, Vault Dragon of-
fers a suite of cost-effective record management and data
analytics solutions to healthcare institutions.
Today, many of Singapore’s healthcare groups are
Vault Dragon customers, and the firm has since ex-
panded to Shanghai. Between 2013 and 2018, turnover
skyrocketed from NT$800,000 to NT$30 million. Tseng’s
entrepreneurial journey has even become a case study in
the curriculum of the National University of Singapore
Business School.
Creating a platform for Taiwanese talent
On numerous occasions, Tseng has been invited to
return to Taiwan and work with startups here. Based on
these contacts, he observes: “They are not resourceful
enough!” If they limit themselves to targeting the Tai-
wan market, they will have little chance of attracting
international venture capital. ASEAN, Taiwan and Hong
Kong are all part of the same investment ecosystem,
notes Tseng, but thanks to widespread use of English,


Vault Dragon今年計劃將腳步拓展到泰國、汶
慢,因為新創是玩大的“go big or go home”。」
CloudMile collaborates with Hermin Textile to 到自己的競爭優勢,放膽去做,不論在台灣或新
use AI to identify fabrics and boost production
efficiency. (art by Henry Wang) 加坡,都能找到屬於自己的舞台。

24 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Exiting the comfort zone: CloudMile launches Taiwanese talent onto the world stage.

If an Indian engineer was paid $1, a Taiwanese one would turnover of NT$60 million, twice its current NT$30 mil-
get $3, while second-tier European and Americans would lion. “But for an investor, even doubling revenue every
be rewarded with $7 and top-tier Westerners with $10. year is still too slow,” says Tseng with a smile. He notes
But Liu believes that Taiwanese engineers are second to that for venture capital firms, out of every ten invest-
none, and he hopes to create a marketplace that will help ments, seven will fail, two will break even, and only
them find their rightful place in the world at large. one may exhibit growth worth 100 times the original
CloudMile set up its Hong Kong operations team, investment. Thus, everyone is keen to hunt down that
which won more than a dozen new customers in one rare “unicorn” with such explosive potential.
three-month period, and began preparations for setting up To those who are keen to be an entrepreneur, Tseng
an outpost in Singapore—all within 2018. Ching Tse’s advice is to start now. Typically, seven of
Singapore foothold ten new firms will fail in their first year, and 99% will
Winning a place in the EMBA program at the National not last beyond five years. In entrepreneurship, failure
University of Singapore is the first step Liu has taken to is the norm, so why not set your sights on the future,
gain a foothold in the city, his goal being to amass critical and experiment as much as possible by launching big
connections and resources. The Singapore government projects that aim at large markets?
encourages startups to expand overseas, and provided the Spencer Liu says that if he set his sights firmly on the
firm maintains its operational headquarters in Singapore, Taiwan market, and reduced spending outside Taiwan,
the government will subsidize each new overseas outpost CloudMile could quickly be floated on Taiwan’s over-
to the tune of S$100,000 (NT$2.3 million). Liu estimates that the-counter securities market. But he prefers the global
this is the amount needed during the initial period, when battlefield. “After all, isn’t entrepreneurship all about
a new team is being established. His firm’s headquarters doing something you’ve never done before?”
will gradually relocate to Singapore in the future, he says Startups succeed when they discover real-world
frankly, while Taiwan will serve as the R&D center. Singa- problems and solve them with innovative solutions.
pore is a highly competitive market. One’s warriors must Founders should focus on creating sustainable competi-
be trained in the most challenging environment, he says, in tive advantages, and be fearless when entering the fray.
order to ensure survival in other national marketplaces. Do so, and whether in Taiwan or Singapore, the world
Startups: Rules of the game can be your oyster! l
Vault Dragon plans to expand its footprint to include (Chen Chun-fang/photos by Jimmy Lin/
Thailand and Brunei in 2019, and is aiming for an annual tr. by Bruce Humes)


A Milestone in Chinese-Language
TV Drama—Taiwan and Singapore
Collaborate on All Is Well

台灣與新加坡首度跨國共製戲劇《你那邊怎 劇、八點檔連續劇在電視播映,新加坡觀眾對台
樣,我這邊OK》,將在8月上檔。兩國的演員、 灣的演藝人員並不陌生。新加坡的電視台也經常
導演跨海與當地劇組合作,以一樁跨國銀行盜領 邀請台灣演員參與新加坡戲劇的演出,例如陳美
案串起兩條故事線:看新加坡演員在冒險中體驗 鳳、黃仲崑、王傳一等,不論是主角或客串,都
台灣迷人風情;台灣演員又如何在新加坡的都會 能為戲劇畫龍點睛。
建築裡展現精湛演技。兩地的美食、風景、文化 每年新加坡舉辦的亞洲電視節,台灣都帶著
將如何透過鏡頭在戲裡交織,令人期待。 精彩作品出席,除了交流影視作品,更是洽談版
今年初台北圓山飯店搖身成為星光大道,由 參加台灣舉辦的金馬獎,如2013年的作品《爸媽
導演王小棣領軍的拙八郎創意執行與台灣電視公 不在家》就獲得第50屆金馬獎最佳劇情片、最佳
司,以及新加坡媒體集團新傳媒共同製作的戲劇 新導演等4項大獎,令台灣觀眾驚艷。
《你那邊怎樣,我這邊OK》,舉辦開鏡記者會。 兩國之間的影視交流頻繁,不曾間斷。導演王
來自台灣、新加坡的演員們輪番上台,連我國的 小棣則將彼此從交流,進一步發展為關係緊密的
文化部長、警政署長也都到場祝福,宣布這部陣 合作夥伴。
容堅強的作品,正式開拍。 2017年王小棣受邀前往新加坡新傳媒集團教授
在新加坡經常會看到台灣的綜藝節目、偶像 棣想如果能將一個故事分成兩邊來詮釋,肯定很

26 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

I n August and September All Is Well, the first tele- 新加坡導演Doreen(左3)與台灣劇組從陌生到
vision drama coproduced between Taiwan and Singaporean director Doreen Yap (third from left)
Singapore, will hit the airwaves. In it, two storylines started as a stranger to her Taiwanese crew, but over
time they developed an intuitive working relationship.
are tied together by an international bank robbery,
and viewers will get to watch as Singaporean actors
venture through Taiwan’s charming scenery and Tai-
wanese actors showcase their acting skills in Singa­
pore’s urban jungle. This intersection of cultures and
settings is certainly something to be eagerly awaited. entertainers are far from unfamiliar to Singaporean au­
diences. Singaporean TV stations also often invite Tai­
Early this year, the Grand Hotel in Tai pei became wanese actors to take part in Singaporean dramas.
a veritable Walk of Fame as director Wang Shaudi an­ The annual Asia Television Forum in Singapore fea­
nounced the commencement of filming on All Is Well tures wonderful works from Taiwan, as well as facili­
at a press conference. The show, boasting a formidable tating exchanges, rights negotiations, and investment
cast, would be a coproduction between Taiwan’s Eight agreements. Similarly, Singaporean films have been part
Ge Man Productions and Taiwan Television, and Media of the Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, with Ilo Ilo, for
Corporation of Singapore. example, taking four awards including Best Feature
Taiwan and Singapore together Film and Best New Director in 2013.
Taiwanese variety shows and dramas are a frequent Exchanges between the two sides in film and tele­
feature on Singaporean television, and so Taiwanese vision are frequent and show no signs of slowing down.

有趣。雙方經過一年多來來回回無數次的討論, 為躲避警察追緝而在台灣展開一場冒險之旅。兩
終於誕生了一部擁有兩條故事線、既可單看又可 線各有獨立的敘事結構,既可單看發生在新加坡
交叉看的戲劇──《你那邊怎樣,我這邊OK》。 或台灣的劇情,亦可交叉觀看讓整部戲的故事脈
《你那邊怎樣,我這邊OK》以2016年發生在台 電話到台灣交代任務,然後掛上電話後劇情繼續
灣的跨國駭客集團ATM盜領案為發想,駭客集團 往下走;但台灣版就會看到話筒另一端接電話的
透過駭入第一銀行英國倫敦分行的一台數據機, 人的臉部表情和反應,看他接下來會採取什麼行
一步步駭進位於台灣的總行系統,進而取得ATM 動。新傳媒監製梁來玲自信地表示:「這個故事
的控制權,從遠端就可開啟吐鈔機。車手得以在 很複雜,看一遍是不夠的!有些你看第一次沒留
不操作機台的情況下領走大筆現金,一個晚上在 意到的細節,當你在看另一個版本時才會發現原
全台四十幾部ATM以同樣手法犯案。這起盜領案 來是有梗的,激起觀眾回頭重看的念頭。」讓觀
當時促成了台灣與國際打擊犯罪組織的合作,最 眾從中發掘解謎的樂趣,是這部戲迷人的地方。
直的駭客,新加坡演員陳羅密歐則飾演來台學習 The Grand Hotel assisted in shooting All Is Well,
which will present this Taiwanese example of
廚藝的海南雞飯接班人,兩人因故捲入盜領案, Chinese palatial architecture to viewers.

28 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

With this latest venture, director Wang Shaudi has taken 導演王小棣(右)、新傳媒監製梁來玲(左)及
things from simple exchanges to partnership.
In 2017, Wang was invited to Singapore to teach per- Director Wang Shaudi (right), Mediacorp executive
producer Leong Lye Lin (left) and the screenwriting
formance classes by Media Corporation of Singapore team finally completed their complex, intertwining
(Mediacorp). It was while she was there that the idea of a pair of storylines after a year of hard work.
(photo by Chuang Kung-ju)
coproduction began to brew in her mind as the two sides
hit it off. It was almost like fate. After more than a year of
discussions, the two finally formulated a drama with two
storylines that could be seen as both independent and
intertwined, which would become All Is Well.
Whodunit Wang chose to break the story down into two tracks.
The show is inspired by an incident from 2016 when The first follows Blue Lan’s character, the Singapore
a transnational hacker group stole some NT$83 million area manager of a fictional Taiwanese bank, and Des-
from Taiwanese ATMs. The group began by infiltrating an mond Tan’s, the son of the boss of a Singaporean
ATM at a London, England, branch of First Bank, work- shipping group, as the two go through the world of
ing their way into the Taiwanese head office’s systems corporate conflict in Singapore. The second track fol-
step by step so they could remotely activate ATMs in Tai- lows Elvin Ng’s honest hacker and Romeo Tan’s as-
wan. This meant the getaway driver could make off with piring chef, in Taiwan to learn his trade, as the two are
a substantial sum without touching the machine, and in drawn into a theft and find themselves on the lam.
the course of one night, the group was able to raid over Each track has its own independent narrative struc-
40 ATMs across Taiwan. The case spurred cooperation ture and could be viewed as its own Singapore- or
between Taiwanese law enforcement and their opposite Taiwan-based drama, but the two can also be viewed
numbers abroad, ultimately nabbing the culprits. together, giving a clearer overall picture.

(林格立攝 photo by Jimmy Lin)
因靠近而熟悉 4組人馬在兩地上山下海,只為呈現最好的戲劇效果。
The four crews traversed the length and breadth of Taiwan
and Singapore in search of optimal dramatic effect.
製,統籌劇本及兩個故事線的規劃;新加坡新傳 調兩地拍戲的工作模式、調整拍攝規格,更要將
媒監製梁來玲負責新加坡線的拍攝、後製等事 兩國的文化特色不著痕跡地融入劇情。雖然台灣
宜。台灣線的部分由台灣導演柯貞年、新加坡 與新加坡同樣講華語,但因為文化風土的不同,
導演葉佩娟(Doreen)各搭配一組台灣的劇組人 就有不同的呈現:新加坡人在講話時會夾雜英語
員;新加坡線則是台灣導演曾培善、新加坡導演 及其他方言,有些詞彙甚至沒有華語的表達方
陳金祥,分別與當地劇組合作拍攝,跳脫以往導 式,例如台灣人常講的筆電,新加坡人都稱作
演帶著自己的劇組前往國外拍攝的模式。 「laptop」;又或者他們習慣隨興的使用英文單
4組人分散在兩國4處同時拍攝,要讓多頭馬 字的開頭作為形容詞。演員黃俊雄舉例,當新加
車協調進行,勢必需要縝密的劇本規劃;再加上 坡人說:「不要那麼emo啦」,台灣人乍聽會摸
以兩條故事線分別呈現的設計,所以台星雙方 不著頭緒,但其實指的是emotional,請對方不要
在前期劇本的討論就費了很大的功夫。必須協 情緒化的意思。

30 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

For example, in the Singapore version viewers may the usual practice, which sees directors bring their own
see Blue Lan’s character calling Taiwan to assign some­ crews when shooting abroad.
one a task and then carrying on with the Singapore The four teams shot in four different locations across
strand of the plot, while in the Taiwan version they will the two countries, and between that and the separate
see the other end of that call and what that person then storylines, preparations for the production required
goes on to do. substantial discussion between the Taiwanese and
Familiarity through proximity Singaporean sides. The way of working and the shoot­
On the Taiwan side, Taiwanese director Ko Chen­ ing specifications had to be negotiated between the
nien and Singaporean director Doreen Yap were at the two, and they also had to work to seamlessly combine
helm, while in Singapore Taiwan’s Tzeng Pei­shan and the cultural characteristics of both sides into the show.
Singapore’s Martin Chan led the way. These partner­ While both sides may speak Mandarin, cultural dif­
ships each worked with local crews, a big shift from ferences nonetheless make themselves apparent even

(林格立攝 photo by Jimmy Lin)

The handsome Singaporean actor Desmond Tan (center) plays the conniving villain, showcasing
his acting chops. (photo by Jimmy Lin)

以往新加坡電影裡常會聽到新加坡人講話會以 時不用言語,彼此也能心領神會。偶爾向劇組說
中英文夾雜,或是語句的尾音會加上la、lo等, 自己沒法休假看遍台灣風景時,劇組還會開玩笑
獨特的「新加坡式英語」表達是許多台灣人對新 地說:「導演,台灣最美的風景是人!」幽默地
加坡人的印象。王小棣也希望新加坡演員的對白 表示劇組就是Doreen最美的風景。
多以新加坡式英語來表現。但合作後才知道,新 新加坡的新傳媒集團旗下有電視台、廣播電
加坡的電視節目,華語戲劇必須使用標準華語, 台、雜誌⋯⋯,還有經紀公司,所以戲劇節目大
不能參雜方言,所以像是台灣常講的「續攤」、 多是由自家藝人來演出,演員間彼此熟識。不同
「撩妹」等詞彙就不適合出現在新加坡線的劇情 於台灣的演員是分屬多家經紀公司,有拍戲需求
裡。當有類似情況時導演們就會因應拍攝兩種不 時,來自各方的演員匯聚拍攝。此次開拍前,王
同對白的版本。 小棣為演員們準備的表演課,對陳羅密歐而言是
導演Doreen分享自己這5個月在台灣拍戲的經 漸漸熟悉彼此。
驗:「在新加坡許多專業術語都直接講英語,但 《你那邊怎樣,我這邊O K》全劇共40集,新
台灣劇組居然可以全部用華語表達,起初常會因 加坡線與台灣線各20集。一部20集的戲,新加坡
為不知道如何用中文表達而詞窮。」經過一陣子 以往的製作期大約兩個半月,拍攝時程緊湊,都
磨合後,和台灣劇組逐漸培養出默契與情感,有 是按著排定的通告進行;但在台灣,搭景、架燈

32 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

in how each side talks. Singaporeans, for example, are to use “standard” Mandarin, with no mixing of lan­
much more used to throwing in words in English or in guages. Given that, the directors would often shoot two
other varieties of Chinese, and sometimes the English versions of scenes, each using different dialogue.
words are cut down to just a syllable or two when used A Singaporean in Taiwan
as adjectives. Elvin Ng gives an example, noting that Mediacorp has fingers in many pies, from television
when a Singaporean says “Don’t be so ‘emo,’” a Tai­ and radio to artist representation, and as a result its
wanese person might have trouble cottoning on to the dramas usually feature actors from its own stable who
fact that “emo” is short for “emotional.” are well known to one another. Taiwanese actors, on
Singaporean movies have also often featured the lo­ the other hand, are spread out across several agencies,
cals mixing Chinese and English in their speech, as well and as such tend to come together from various groups
as parts of speech not used as often in Taiwanese Man­ to shoot. This difference between the two industries
darin, creating a distinctive “Singlish” that has come came to the fore in Wang’s decision to hold prepara­
to be one of the lasting impressions of Singa poreans tory classes for the actors ahead of shooting, something
among Taiwanese. Wang had hoped to make a lot of use that was a new experience for Romeo Tan. Under the
of Singlish in the dialog of the Singaporean actors, but leadership of their teacher, the actors gradually came to
as the cooperation developed, she came to understand know each other better as they shared private thoughts,
that Singaporean film and television are now required laughter, and tears.

Singaporean actors Elvin Ng (left) and Romeo Tan
(right) shot in Taiwan for their first time and were
impressed by the food, scenery, and hospitality.

An enthusiastic
photographer, Romeo
Tan used his camera
to record the beauty of
Taiwan as he saw it.
(photo by Romeo Tan)

等等的細節都十分講究,拍攝期至少4到5個月, 組到新加坡勘景時,對新加坡的公共住宅──組
為了劇情需要而臨時加戲更是家常便飯。黃俊雄 屋、海南雞飯等所發出的驚嘆,讓梁來玲重新思
表示,很佩服台灣演員即興演出的功力,之前在 考用不同角度來詮釋自己習以為常的事物。看導
新加坡都習慣提前準備劇本,但在台灣常會接到 演們如何呈現他們所看到的異國風景,也將是這
臨時的通告,起初他會有點不知所措,擔心自己 部戲的亮點。
表現不好,但也因此得以磨練自己的演技。台灣 新北市淡水、烏來、野柳以及基隆等,則有台
劇組的縝密分工,讓黃俊雄和陳羅密歐都大開眼 灣線劇組的拍攝足跡。新加坡演員陳羅密歐、黃
界,以往在新加坡拍戲時,演員都必須自己記下 俊雄跟著劇組上山下海,因應戲劇內容體驗了戶
連戲服裝,台灣這裡卻有專門的服裝組幫忙打 外溫泉,在山路騎摩托車俯瞰台北的城市景色,
點,導演Doreen笑說:「他們倆在台灣很幸福, 台灣豐富的地形地貌,讓居住在都市裡的他們大
從頭到腳都有劇組照顧。」 為讚嘆。
戲劇呈現人生的縮影,也讓觀眾從中看見一 種想要了解的好奇心。劇組希望兩國的觀眾因為
個國家的文化。新加坡以現代化的城市聞名世 這部戲引發對彼此更多的好奇與了解,也藉由網
界,摩登建築是不容錯過的場景,金沙酒店、摩 路平台的播放,讓更多人認識台灣與新加坡,透
天輪、馬場等,都被導演們以鏡頭收錄。台灣劇 過彼此合作,將華語戲劇的影響力推得更遠。 l

In Singapore, modern and traditional architecture coexist side by side,
giving the city a distinctive charm. (photo by Jimmy Lin)

34 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

All Is Well comprises a total of 40 episodes, 20 each 台灣與新加坡台前幕後的緊密合作,將帶給華劇
for the Taiwanese and Singaporean storylines. In This close cooperation between Taiwan and Singapore
Singa pore, shooting 20 episodes would take around is set to bring a different vision to Chinese-language
television drama. (photo by Chuang Kung-ju)
ten weeks, moving at a quick pace according to a tight
schedule; in Taiwan, though, where crews are more par-
ticular about lighting and sets, that same number could
take four or five months, and reshoots to accommodate
script changes are a common occurrence. Elvin Ng says things she had taken so much for granted from a whole
he admired the ability of the Taiwanese actors to im- new perspective.
provise, as in Singapore they tend to stick to the script, Meanwhile, in Taiwan shooting took place in well-
but in Taiwan there are often last-minute changes. At known locations like Wulai and Yeliu in New Taipei City,
first, he says, he found this a bit overwhelming and he as well as in Keelung. As part of the show, Romeo Tan and
worried about his performance, but it also turned out Elvin Ng had the chance to experience outdoor hot springs
to be a valuable chance to hone his acting skills. and looking down over Taipei by night as they rode motor-
Sharing scenery cycles along mountain roads. As city dwellers, they found
Television shows can present microcosms of life themselves bowled over by Taiwan’s scenic richness.
and give audiences windows into other cultures. The people behind All Is Well hope that audiences in
Singa pore is famous for its modern urban look, and each country will have their curiosity about the other
the directors made sure to capture icons like the piqued by the show, and that with the show available by
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, and Kranji Race- streaming, even more people will get to know Taiwan
course. When scouting for locations in Singapore, the and Singapore as the cooperation helps spread Chinese-
Taiwanese crew were amazed by the public housing language drama even further. l
and the Hainanese chicken rice, and their reactions in- (Chen Chun-fang/photos courtesy of
spired executive producer Leong Lye Lin to look at the Eight Ge Man Productions/tr. by Geof Aberhart)


Taiwan Arts and Singapore:
Conveying the Beauty of Taiwan

因著相通的語言與文字,拉近了台灣與新加坡 駐新加坡代表處自2017年10月開始參與外交部
的距離,兩地間文化交流頻頻。台灣的繪畫、舞 與文化部合辦的「指標性外館藝術展示計劃」。
蹈、戲劇、音樂、文學等在新加坡各場域展演, 以一年為一期,由藝術銀行規劃執行,展出台灣
將藝術的生命力化作繁星點點,吸引大眾目光。 當代藝術作品。本期以「盛放台灣」為主題,展
穿過熱鬧的商場,坐上電梯,來到台灣駐新加 看似以綠色的彩墨作畫,實則是在綠色的紙張以
坡代表處。迎賓的是水藍色沙發與藝術家王亮尹 水墨勾勒出一片風中搖曳的草原,站在畫作前彷
以甜點為靈感創作的版畫,夢幻又飽和的配色, 彿就能感受微風吹來陣陣青草香。
彷彿置身咖啡廳,跳脫公務機關嚴肅單調的刻板 常有各國賓客往來的大使官邸,同樣以台灣當
印象。 代藝術作品佈置,並由梁國新權當導覽,生動地
油畫、水墨;意象、具象,代表處的公共空 表示。
間,像是小型藝廊,展示了台灣當代藝術家的作 畫作在進入駐處展示前,會先在新加坡的其他
品。「藝術就是在增添生活的氣氛,」駐處代表 展覽空間舉辦會前展,免費開放大眾參觀。許多
梁國新表示,原本昏暗的長廊,現在成為辦公室 前來參觀的民眾都驚艷於台灣藝術創作的水準,
同仁與來訪外賓駐足的角落,他笑說「這牆等了 甚至有意購買展品。雖然展覽旨在推廣不做銷
30年終於有自己光榮的一刻。」 售,藝術家卻也因此被認識。

36 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

B ecause they share a common language, Taiwan
and Singapore have enjoyed frequent cultural
exchanges. Exhibitions of Taiwanese painting, dance,
Under a program between the Ministry of Foreign Af-
fairs and the Ministry of Culture, for periods of one year
each the Taiwan Art Bank arranges the display of works
or literature are held in various locations in Singa­ by contemporary Taiwanese artists in overseas represen-
pore, and always attract a great deal of attention tative offices. The theme of the current exhibit in Singa-
from the general public. pore is “Taiwan in Full Bloom,” and it highlights the rich-
ness and beauty of Taiwan. For example, the work Gentle
When you arrive at the Taipei Representative Office in Breeze by Tsai Shih-mei looks like an ink-wash painting
Singapore, you are greeted by a sea-blue sofa and a print done in green ink, but in fact she uses black ink on green
by the artist Wang Liang-yin inspired by sweet pastry. paper to outline grass in a meadow waving in the wind.
The rich, dreamlike combination of colors transcends the Standing in front of the painting, one can almost smell
stereotype of government offices as bland, serious places. the fragrance of green grass blowing on the breeze.
Taiwan contemporary art in Singapore
The public spaces at the representative office are like
mini art galleries, displaying works by the new generation 來自台東的布拉瑞揚舞團,將原住民特色融入現代舞,
of artists in Taiwan. “Art enhances the atmosphere of daily 令新加坡觀眾為之瘋狂。(濱海藝術中心提供,Bernie Ng攝)
The Bulareyaung Dance Company, from Taiwan’s Taitung County,
life,” says Representative Francis Kuo-hsin Liang. Cor- incorporates features of indigenous peoples’ dance into modern
ridors that were once gloomy have now become corners dance. Their performances in Singapore drew tremendous
responses from the audiences. (photo by Bernie Ng, courtesy of
where office staff and visitors stop and enjoy artworks. Esplanade)

不僅以作品展現台灣藝術能量,藝術銀行還將 坡的多元族群,濱海藝術中心每年舉辦華藝節、
畫作開發成茶包、萬用卡等周邊應用,作為代表 馬來藝術節、印度藝術節,不同族群間互相欣賞
處致贈外賓的禮品。台灣藝術家豐沛的創作力、 彼此的文化,帶來更豐富的藝術體驗。
展場整體布置、各項部件的規劃,乃至周邊產品 每年農曆春節後舉辦的華藝節,今年已是第17
的設計等,在在都展現台灣文化創意的實力。 屆。沒有設定主題,而是定調為集合優秀華人藝
梁國新表示:「台灣的藝術表現創新、具有實 術家的藝術節,「期盼成為華人藝術家嚮往的舞
驗性,豐富的藝術能量在新加坡很受歡迎。」每 台。」節目監製李國銘說。華藝節的節目多樣,
年都有許多藝術家受邀到新加坡辦展。新加坡最 舞蹈、戲劇、音樂、講座,有容易理解、娛樂性
大的表演殿堂濱海藝術中心,就常常見到台灣團 高的節目,也有前衛、實驗性強的表演。
體的身影,像是雲門舞集、果陀劇場、表演工作 跳脫現代舞給人高門檻,不易理解的印象,來自
坊等都曾受邀演出。 台東的布拉瑞揚舞團就在今年華藝節的《無法被整
新加坡濱海藝術中心以「讓藝術走進每個人的 眾歡呼聲不斷,嗨到屋頂都快掀掉。許多觀眾都
生命」為宗旨,全年都有精彩的節目。除了表演 回饋說不曾看過這樣的現代舞。團長布拉瑞揚表
廳,還有文創商場和美食餐廳,戶外廣場也不時 示,「希望讓觀眾放鬆,把心胸打開,觀眾看到
舉辦藝文活動,不論是觀看表演或欣賞戶外的美 什麼就是什麼;現代舞最迷人的地方就是你不一
麗海景,讓藝術薰陶成為民眾的日常。因應新加 定理解,但你會有感覺,然後開始有了想像。」

Artworks bring a sense of liveliness and vitality to the official residence
of the Taipei Representative in Singapore.

38 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

The official residence of the Taiwan representative in
Singapore, which similarly hosts frequent visits by foreign
dignitaries, also has contemporary Taiwanese artworks on
display. Francis Liang doubles as guide, introducing the
meaning and character of the works shown there.
Before going on display in the representative office,
paintings are first put on preliminary show at other exhibi­
tion spaces in Singapore, open to the public free of charge.
Many visitors who attend these shows are amazed by the
level of artistic creativity in Taiwan, and some even express
a desire to buy works on display. Although the purpose
of these shows is to promote awareness rather than make
sales, the artists at least gain recognition from them.
Francis Liang says: “The innovation, experimentalism
and dynamism revealed by Taiwan art are very well re­
ceived in Singapore.” You can also often see Taiwanese
groups appearing at Singapore’s largest performance
venue, Esplanade—Theatres on the Bay. For example,
Cloud Gate Dance Theater and the Godot Theatre Com­
pany have been invited to perform there. 梁國新認為,在駐外館展示台灣當代藝術,
Bringing together outstanding Chinese artists
Francis Liang, Taiwan’s representative in Singapore,
Aiming to “make art accessible to everyone,” Esplan­ says that showing contemporary Taiwanese art
in overseas offices of the Taiwan government is a
ade stages brilliant programs all year round. Reflecting concrete expression of national cultural policies.
Singapore’s ethnically diverse population, each year it
holds “Huayi—Chinese Festival of Arts,” the “Malay
Festival of Arts,” and the “Indian Festival of Arts.” These
allow different ethnic groups to appreciate each other’s with their enthusiasm. Many audience members said they
cultures, and provide even richer art experiences. had never seen modern dance of this kind before.
This year’s was the 17th edition of Huayi—Chinese Expanding the performance stage
Festival of Arts, which is held annually just after the Lunar Delvin Lee states that Esplanade is a non-profit organ-
New Year. There are no themes for Huayi, but the general ization, and does not base its choice of participants on
idea is to gather together outstanding artists of Chinese an­ commercial considerations. So long as performers have
cestry. “We hope to become a sought­after platform for Chi­ good and unique works to display, they don’t have to be
nese artists all over the world,” says Delvin Lee, the event’s extremely famous to come and perform. For example, the
producer. The program for Huayi is very diverse: There are showing of The Way of Zhuang Zi by Taiwan’s Story Works
easily understood, entertainment­oriented events, as well at Huayi 2019 was the first overseas performance of any
as avant-garde and experimental performances. kind by the company since its founding in 2013.
For example, the Bulareyaung Dance Company from The storyline of The Way of Zhuang Zi revolves around six
Taiwan’s Taitung County, breaking free of modern dance’s people who take part in a locked­room escape game. They
image of being inaccessible and difficult to understand, have to solve puzzles or riddles based on the thought of the
incorporated the song and dance of Taiwan’s indigenous ancient Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, and in order to win
peoples into modern dance for the segment of this year’s the prize money they undergo a series of intrigues and de­
Huayi entitled “That Which Cannot Be Divided.” In re­ ceptions that test their humanity. Story Works director and
sponse to the dancers’ rich bodily expression and resound­ playwright Huang Chih­kai believes that “within the fabric
ing singing, the audience constantly shouted their approval of different cultures there are similar human values.” Even
throughout the performance, nearly tearing the roof off though the script includes many jokes in Taiwanese, Huang

李國銘表示,濱海藝術中心為非營利單位,不 中,不僅節目能在兩地演出,擴大了市場,鍾達
以商業利益為考量,華藝節鼓勵實驗性的創作, 成後來還獲邀帶著自己的作品在雲門劇場演出。
劇團,華藝節就是他們2013年創團來第一次的海 除了機關團體間的藝文交流,以個人為單位,
外演出。 台星藝術家之間的交流也持續發生。
《莊子兵法》以密室遊戲包裹莊子哲學,故事圍 來自新加坡的藝術家李嘉昇,多年前因工作來
繞在6名參加密室遊戲的參賽者,必須解開以莊子 台,愛上台灣自由奔放的創作風氣,申請前來念
思想為出發的謎題,為了贏得獎金而在密室裡展開 書。目前在台北藝術大學修讀藝術跨域研究所的
一連串爾虞我詐的人性考驗。故事工廠編導黃致 他,將自己當作台灣與新加坡間的橋梁,希望兩
凱相信,「在不同的文化脈絡裡,有相同人性的 地藝術家有更多的交流,於是進行了「新加坡小
價值。」即使劇中有許多台語的笑點,黃致凱也 品2.0:台星對話」的展覽計畫。
一字未改,想給新加坡觀眾最原汁原味的演出。 李嘉昇找來十幾位台灣、新加坡的藝術家,領
原本黃致凱盤算劇中的笑點,新加坡觀眾大概 域包括攝影、電影、繪畫、音樂、裝置藝術等,
只能理解七成,沒想到在新加坡的3場演出,觀 並將他們配對。先讓彼此透過網路討論關注的議
眾都能完整抓到笑點,反應甚至比在台北演出時 題和創作提案。經過幾個月的意見交換,藝術家
還要熱烈。所以透過角色傳遞的情感是可以跨越 們再以作品回應。例如台灣的賈茜茹和新加坡的李
國界和語言的。黃致凱認為:「華藝節是個有品 志,他們互寄了自己城市的物品給對方,賈茜茹挑
牌的演出活動,新加坡的觀眾文化組成多元,能 選了有印花的塑膠袋,而李志則寄出撈魚網。擅長
被這裡的觀眾接受,代表故事工廠有機會往國際 版畫的李志將來自台灣的塑膠袋結合撈魚網,製
舞台邁進。」 作成一系列具有台灣元素、形似絹印板的展品。
李國銘表示,資金、行銷、創作題材等藝文環 擅長聲音肖像的郭佩奇透過音樂文化研究,選
境的挑戰,在華語國家大致相同,所以濱海藝術 擇與肖像人物有關的樂曲,在樂譜上以音符拼湊
中心持續與台灣的藝文中心合作,力推本地藝術 出肖像畫,並以錄像裝置呈現,只要戴上耳機,

Singaporean artist Jason J.S. Lee (left)
has organized an exhibition project named
“Small Singapore Show 2.0: TaiSing
Conversation,” aiming to inspire greater
creativity through interactions between
artists from Singapore and Taiwan. The
photo shows two works from the “Sound
Portrait” series of the Taiwanese artist
Peggy Kuo (right), symbolizing friendship
between the two countries.

40 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

The first overseas performance by Taiwan’s Story Works company was the tension-filled work The Way
of Zhuang Zi, which won the hearts of Singapore audiences. (photo by Tuckys, courtesy of Esplanade)

didn’t change a single word, as he wanted to give the Singa­ Dialogue between artists
pore audiences the work with its original flavor intact. Singaporean artist Jason J.S. Lee is currently study­
Originally Huang calculated that Singapore audiences ing in the Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Arts
would only be able to understand about 70% of the comic at Taipei National University of the Arts. He considers
material in the play. Little did he expect that the audiences himself a bridge between Taiwan and Singapore, and
at all three performances in Singapore could get all the has undertaken the exhibition project “Small Singapore
jokes, and would respond even more raucously than did Show 2.0: TaiSing Conversation” in hopes of promoting
audiences in Taipei. Huang opines: “Huayi is an event with more exchanges between artists in the two places.
an established brand name, and Singapore audiences are Lee has matched up over ten artists from Taiwan and
composed of people from diverse cultures. If we can be Singapore, in fields that include photography, painting,
accepted by audiences there, it means that Story Works has and music. The matchup partners first use the Internet to
the opportunity to advance onto the international stage.” discuss the issues that concern them, and their creative
Delvin Lee says that Esplanade is continuing to work proposals. After exchanging opinions for several months,
with arts centers in Taiwan to promote the overseas the artists then create works in response. For example,
development of Singaporean artists. For example, for The Taiwan’s Chia Chien­ju and Singapore’s Justin Lee sent
Blood and Rose Ensemble, produced by Esplanade in col­ each other objects from their respective cities. Justin Lee,
laboration with the National Theater and Concert Hall in a skilled printmaker, combined plastic bags from Taiwan
Taipei, they brought in Singaporean artiste Oliver Chong with fishing nets to create a series of works with Taiwan­
to perform, and arranged for the piece to be staged in both ese elements, in a form similar to silkscreen prints.
Taiwan and Singapore. Afterwards Chong was invited to After researching musical culture, Taiwanese artist
have his own works performed at the Cloud Gate Theater. Peggy Kuo (Kuo Pei­chi) decided to create melodies from

42 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama
Singapore’s Grassroots
Book Room sells Chinese-
language books from all
over, and periodically holds
lectures and exhibitions;
it is a meeting place for
all kinds of products of
the imagination. The
photo at right shows an
exhibition, entitled “Second
Life Greater Life,” of old
objects that have been
given new life through
revamping and creativity.

就會傳來樂譜裡的音樂。例如她在此次展覽中展 portraits of personalities. This involves constructing

示的〈聲音肖像:蔡英文〉就是以中華民國國歌 portraits out of notes on sheet music and then presenting
the result as a video installation. Just put on headphones
and you will hear the music on the page. For example,
the work Sound Portrait: Vegetable English uses the ROC
以新加坡人朗朗上口的馬來民謠《D i-Ta n j o n g
national anthem as the background for a portrait of Tai-
Katong》重新編寫成新加坡總理李顯龍的畫像。 wan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, while Sound Portrait: Lee
在展場中將兩幅畫並置,營造兩國最高領導人彼 Hsien Long uses a portrait of Singaporean prime min-
此對話的氛圍。李嘉昇希望藉此讓台灣藝術家能 ister Lee Hsien-loong drawn over the sheet music for
夠透過新加坡的藝術家,更深入地了解新加坡的 the Malaysian folksong “Di-Tanjong Katong,” which is
社會和文化;同時,也讓新加坡人從台灣藝術家 familiar to everyone in Singapore (the selection was in-
spired by Kuo’s matchup partner, artist Urich Lau). Jason
Lee hopes that interactions like these will allow Taiwan-
華文閱讀的窗口 ese artists to more deeply understand Singaporean soci-
ety and culture, and enable Singaporeans to reexamine
具有新加坡最美書店之稱的草根書室,則以文 Singapore from the point of view of Taiwanese artists.
學建構了台灣與新加坡間的另一種風景。 A window for the Chinese language
走進位於新加坡武吉巴梳路上的草根書室,文 Inside the Grassroots Book Room on Singapore’s Bu-
學歷史、心靈勵志、生活美學等,滿滿的華語書 kit Pasoh Road, the wooden bookshelves are filled with
籍安坐在木頭書架上,給人一種厚實的安心感, books in Chinese.
Looking around, you see books from Taiwan pub-
lishers everywhere. These include lyrical works by
Taiwanese authors, such as Chang Man-chuan’s Midlife,
or works like Story Grocery Store (a collection of short
活美學讀本》⋯⋯台灣作家的抒情作品,或是像 stories based on legends from Taiwan’s rural areas), as
《故事柑仔店》這類以台灣鄉野傳奇為本寫成的 well as translated books published in Taiwan.

Because of its unique shape, Esplanade—Theatres on the
Bay has been nicknamed “the Big Durians” by Singaporeans.
There are outstanding performances there every day, using art
to illuminate daily life.

小說;抑或台灣出版的翻譯書籍,如韓國作家趙 常片面。去年他與台灣友人在台北開了季風帶書
南柱《82年生的金智英》、日本作家吉本芭娜娜 店,引進星馬出版的華文書,也在台灣出版了
的《群鳥》等。草根書室董事林韋地表示,「不 《印尼模式:國家民主化二十年史》、《變天之
論是原創或翻譯,台灣出版的書一直都有賣到星 後:馬來西亞民主進程的懸念》等華語書,希望
馬。」新加坡的連鎖書店裡也都能看到台灣的暢 帶給台灣民眾第一手的星馬出版品,創造台灣與
銷書及工具書,草根書室則是以文史哲、生活美 東南亞國家雙向的互動。「書店可貴的是建立一
學書籍為主。 個平台,讓不同意識形態的人在此交流。」林韋
在以英語閱讀為主流的新加坡,林韋地將草 地如是說。
根書室比喻為沙漠裡的綠洲,星馬台港澳中的華 著名思想家愛默生:「文化開啟了對美的感
語書籍都是草根選書的範圍,開拓讀者的視野。 知。」台灣的多元價值造就藝文豐沛的生命力與
林韋地有感於長期以來台灣書籍單向賣往星馬, 創造力,透過兩地文化交流,賦予藝術更多的想
台灣人對於星馬,甚至於整個東南亞的了解都非 像,讓台灣與新加坡的情誼遍地開花。 l

44 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

In Singapore, where English is the main language for wan, and also published Chinese- language books
reading, Grassroots Book Room owner Lim Wooi Tee such as Indonesia: Twenty Years of Democracy in Taiwan,
compares his bookstore to an oasis in a desert. Chinese- thereby creating two-way interactions between Taiwan
language books from Singa pore, Malay sia, Taiwan, and Southeast-Asian countries. “What’s great about a
Hong Kong, Macao and China are all within Grassroots’ bookstore is that it provides a platform where people
purview, as they broaden the perspective of readers. with different ideologies can interact,” says Lim.
In view of the one-way traffic in books from Taiwan to Taiwan’s pluralistic values have made for rich vital-
Singapore and Malaysia, Lim says that the understand- ity and creativity in the arts and culture. Cultural ex-
ing that Taiwanese have of Singa pore and Malay sia, change between Taiwan and Singapore will endow the
and indeed of Southeast Asia as a whole, is very one- arts with even greater scope for imagination, and allow
sided. Last year Lim and a Taiwanese friend opened the the friendship between our two countries to flourish. l
Monsoon bookstore in Taipei to bring Chinese-language (Chen Chun-fang/photos by Jimmy Lin/
books published in Singapore and Malaysia into Tai- tr. by Phil Newell)

重啟客家先民故事 Revisiting the History of the Hakka Pioneers:

Footpaths that Connected to the World



I f romantic Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 3, which winds through the hills of Taoyuan,
Hsinchu, Miaoli and Taichung, is “the boulevard of Hakka culture,” as it is sometimes
described, then the old footpaths that traverse the mountain forests, river valleys and old
settlements along that highway are trails into Hakka history. Those historical thoroughfares were
used to bring the camphor and black tea grown in those areas to ports, before they were shipped
on to destinations around the world. Currently, sections of those old footpaths and roads are being
connected to create a nature trail that has been named the Raknus Selu Trail.

Today those paths still feature old stone shrines and bridges built with sticky-rice mortar.
Meanwhile, elders in Hakka communities still tell stories about the Hakka pioneers. Whether
tangible or intangible, these artifacts and stories are cherished cultural assets.
當我在美茵河畔想起德國 ◎ 蔡慶樺

二 一八年夏天告別。因為工作的關係,我認識了形形色色



自從二次大戰結束後,為了清理 路撒冷》後,法學界 與政 治學界更

第三帝國留下的歷史,德國曾有過 必須 質問:面 對不當 命 令時,甚至

多次審 判,以 釐 清罪責問題,例如 不正義的政權時,公務員行動的準

紐 倫 堡 大 審 及 法 蘭 克 福 大 審。而 則究 竟在哪 裡?在什麼界限 上,公

在 這 些 審 判 中,不 斷 被 爭 論 的 難 務 員 可 以 斷 定 某 個 命 令 違 背 了人

題是:任職於第三帝國裡的公務員 性、道德、甚 至 上帝 的旨 意?究 竟

們有什麼責任,甚至罪過?尤其在 什麼時候必須 違背「服從」義 務,

鄂蘭於六○年代寫了《艾希曼在耶 而遵從另一個更高的準則?
這 些 問 題 如 此 困 難,也 沒 有 標 這 些 外交 官 在 納 粹 暴 政 期 間,

準 答 案。每 個 必 須 做 出 這 種 艱 難 對 與 自 己 非 親 非 故、受 到 迫 害 的

判 斷 的 處 境 皆 不 相 同。有 些 人 始 猶 太 人 伸 出 援 手。如 展 覽 名 稱 所

終 忠 誠 履 行 公 務 員 義 務;有 些 人 示,他們都在 職 務要求外,多做了

看 到 體制的問題,但袖手旁 觀;某 未 被 要 求、但 自 己 認 為 是 正 確 的

些 人 想 改 變 什 麼,卻 認 為 個 人 始 事 情,拯 救 了 許 多 原 將 犧 牲 於 法

終 無 能 為 力 而 放 棄;有 些 人 知 道 西 斯主義下的性命。

自 己 應 該 做 什 麼,但 付 出 的 代 價 其 中 有 些 人 冒 著 性 命 危 險,有

太高,因而卻步;有些人 只 是蒙上 些 甚 至 不 惜 違 背 上 級 命 令,不 惜

眼睛,假裝一切都 不曾發生。 失 去 外 交 官 的 工 作,只 為了 幫 助

但 是,還 是有少數 人,在每 一次 素 昧 平 生 的 受 苦 者。德 國 外 交 部

困 難 的 生 命 情 境 中 面 對 自己 的良 長加布列爾在展覽開幕致詞中問

知 做 出 判 斷,即 使 面 對 的 是 承 受 道,究 竟 外 交 官 的 職 務 是 什 麼? 書名: 美茵河畔思索德國

不起的代價。 「 我 相 信,這 個 展 覽 已 經 為 我 們 ──從法蘭克福看見德意

展示了答 案。我們也 必須 慶幸,今 作者: 蔡慶樺
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在職責之外 日 要 完 成 職 務,我 們 所 需 要 的 勇
出版: 春山出版
二○ 一八 年 一月 三 十 日 到 二 月 氣,不 像 這 個 展 覽 裡 被 介 紹 的 案

二十 六 日,在 柏 林 的 德 國 外 交 部 例一樣 那麼 多。我很高興,今日外

總 部 中 庭,舉 辦 了一 個 特 別 的 展 交 官們 只 需 在 極 為 罕見 的 情 況 下

覽:「在 職 責 之 外:被 授 予 國 際 義 違 抗 政 府 命 令,以 按 照 其 良 知 行 位 猶 太 人。但 在 戰 後 俄 國 紅 軍 攻

人稱號 的外交官們」。這些 外交官 事。因為人性 是我們今日的憲法、 占 布 達 佩 斯 之 後,華 棱 貝 格 行 蹤
的 故 事,正 可 以 與 鄂 蘭 筆 下 那 個 也 是 政 府成員良 知的準則。」 不明,消失在歷史中。
忠 誠 於 服 從 命 令 的 艾 希 曼 對 照, 展 覽 的 內 容 展 示了 這 些 外交 戰 其 中 一 位令人 欽佩 的 外交官
顯現出不一樣的公 務員職 責。 場 上 的 平 凡 之 人,做 了 不 平 凡 的 讓 我 印 象 深 刻,他 展 現 了 不 可 思
「 國 際 義 人 」是 以 色 列 的 猶 太 事。例 如 中 華 民 國 的 外 交 官 何 鳳 議 的 巨 大 勇 氣,完 成 了 別 的 外 交
大 屠 殺紀念 館(Yad Vashem)受 山、日本外交官杉原千畝等。他 們 官 無 法 完 成 的 職 務。他 是 葡 萄
以 色 列 國 家 委 託,頒 給 那 些 基 於 之中的一些人下場悲慘,例如瑞典 牙駐法國波爾多的總領事索沙
公義與良知在納粹暴政時期幫助 派 駐布達佩斯的華棱貝格(Raoul 門 德 斯(A r i s t i d e s d e S o u s a
過 猶 太 人 的 非 猶 太 義 人。這 次 的 W a l l e n b e r g),他不只核發簽證 M endes)。

展 覽,就 是 德 國 外交 部 與 猶 太 大 給 猶 太 人,還 為 被 困 在 布 達 佩 斯

屠殺紀念 館合作策劃,展出了英、 猶 太 隔 離 區 的人 設 立 臨 時 住 處 與 無法坐視眾人痛苦的抗命者

日、德、祕 魯、土 耳 其 等 二十 一 個 張 羅 糧 食,並 在 匈 牙 利 到 奧 地 利 根 據 德 語 維 基 百 科,索 沙 門 德
國家 三十六個外交官的義行。 邊境的「死亡行進」中救出了數百 斯出身富 裕 家 庭,法學 系畢業,原

考 取 律 師 執 照,但 選 擇 加 入 外 交 他的幫助下,無數難民取得簽證, 的行動 倫理準則。他 的準則,首先

工作,於一九三八年開始擔 任駐法 得以穿過西班牙抵達葡萄牙避難, 來 自 法 律 人 的 良 知 判 斷。他 認 為

國 波 爾 多 總 領 事,當 時 已 經 出 現 其中也包括知名畫家達利與他的 政 府 的 命 令 違 憲。他 曾 對 求 助 的

猶 太 人 逃 亡 潮,而 尚 未 陷 入 納 粹 家人。 人 們 說:「 我 無 法 坐 視 你 們 這 樣

控制的法國與葡萄牙,就成為逃亡 一九四○年六月二十日,葡萄牙 死去。你們中的許多人 是猶 太 人,

者的希望 之地。可是,當時的葡 萄 政 府 要 求 這位 抗 命 的 總 領 事 立 刻 而 我 們 的 憲 法 清 楚 地 主 張,外 國

牙在威權獨裁者薩拉查(A n t ó n i o 離 開 駐 館,並 派 了 兩 個 人 去 解 送 人的宗教與政 治 信念都不能做為

de Oliveira Salazar)統治下,薩 他回國。在離開前的最後 一天,他 拒 絕 他 們 留 在 葡 萄 牙 的 前 提。我

拉 查 曾 發 布 公 文,要 求 葡 萄 牙 的 對 著 前 來 申 辦 簽 證 的 難 民 說,他 決 定 忠 於 此 原 則。我 不 會 棄 守,

外 館 不 可 以核 發 簽 證 給 流 亡 猶 太 將 離 開 這 個 崗 位,但 他 願 意 免 費 唯一忠於 我做為基督徒的信 念的

人 及 其 他 國 籍 上 有 問 題 的 人,而 為所有人 辦理 簽 證;二十三日他 離 方 式,就 是 以 合 乎 我 良 知 的 方 式

一九四○年德軍控制法國後,想越 開波 爾多,返回葡 萄牙的路上,他 行 動。」戰 後,他 向 國 會 申 請 平反

過 邊 界 逃 去 西 班 牙 的人 湧 入了 葡 都還一直為難民核發簽 證。二十四 時,也 敘 述當年抗命的理由,是要

萄 牙 使 領 館 ─ 因 為當 時 西 班 牙 的 日,薩 拉查宣布,所有從 波 爾多核 使 那明顯違反憲 法 保障的自由與

政策是,只有擁有葡萄牙簽證的人 發的簽證一律無效,並要求駐法大 信仰不受侵犯。

才准予放行。 使館此後只發簽證給非猶太人,他 他 的 忠 誠 不 只 對 憲 法,也 對 上

為 避 免 太 多 難 民 湧 入,維 護 國 用的詞 彙 是「純 淨之 人」(g e n t e 帝,這 是 超 出 俗 世 政 權 的 更 高 準

家 穩 定,從 里 斯 本 來 的 命 令 於 是 limpa)。 則。在 決 定 抗 命 那 一 天,他 說:

更 嚴 禁 葡 國 外交 官們 發 給 流 亡 簽 一九四○年八月,索沙門德斯在 「從 今 日 起 我 遵 照 我 的 良 知 行

證。四月二十三日,外交部即 發 電 葡 萄 牙 接 受 審 判。在 戒 律 委 員 會 動。做 為 基 督 徒,我 沒 有 權 力 讓

報 給 外 館,要 求 嚴 審 申 請 簽 證 者 上,這位虔誠的基督徒陳詞解 釋抗 那些女 人 與 男人 死亡。」被 解 除 外

的 猶 太 身 分:「 對 於 猶 太 人 的 護 命救人,是因為他無法坐視那些人 交 官 工作後,他 說:「即 使 我 被 解

照,除非獲 得 外交部許 可,不得發 的苦 痛。最後 他被判有罪,被外交 職了,做為 一 位 基督徒,我 還 是 只

給 簽 證。」五 月十 七日再發 電 報, 部停職後強制退休,絕大部分退休 能 這 麼 做。」在 展 覽 的 文 宣 影 片

強調「無論在任 何情 況下」都 不得 俸 被 取 消,並吊銷律師資格,全家 中,也 引 述了他 一 句 話:「我 將 站

在未獲授權下核發簽證。 陷 入 經 濟 困 境。索 沙 門 德 斯 變 賣 在 上 帝 那 邊 對 抗 人,而 不 是 站 在

索沙門德 斯在與 其妻子 徹夜長 所 有 家 產 後,困 頓 難 挨。之後,幸 人 那邊對 抗神。」

談後,做出這個艱 難 決定:不遵守 有 葡 國 猶 太 社 群 伸 出 援 手,將 他

命 令。他 不 停 發 簽 證 給 所 有 流 亡 的小孩送到美國求學,稍解其困。 需要平反的精神價值

者,並 為 那 些 窮 困 者 免 除 申 請 費 為了 忠 於 憲 法 與 上 帝,索 沙 門

用。甚 至 透 過 他 的 影 響 力 將 意 願 忠於憲法與上帝 德 斯 即 使 在 戰 爭 結 束 後,還 是 持

傳 達 給 當 時 葡 國 駐 法 其 他 外 館, 為什麼索沙門德斯這麼勇敢無 續 付 出 代 價。戰 後,索 沙 門 德 斯

要求其他外交官們也比照辦理。在 私?因 為 他 有 高 於 政 治 意 識 形 態 向 葡 國 外 交 部 申 請 平 反,未 獲 回

50 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

應。後來他中風,健 康 大 受 影 響, 年,在葡國國會議員嘉瑪(J a i m e A r istides de Sousa Mendes)

一九 四 八 年 喪 妻,一九 五 二 年 再 G a m a )努 力 下(他 是 葡 國 前 外 問 世。這 部 紀 錄 片 在 葡 萄 牙 的 小

度中風,半 身癱 瘓,一九 五 四 年過 長,也 因 為 反 抗 薩 拉 查 政 權,在 鄉鎮帕薩爾(P a s s a l)拍攝,那裡

世 時 還 不 到 六 十 歲。這 位 外 交 官 十八歲那年即成為政治犯入獄), 正 是 索 沙 門 德 斯 的 故 鄉。多 年 後

死 時,身 邊 只 有 一 位 姪 子,無 任 國 會 正 式 為 他 平 反,將 他 的 名 字 他 的 故 居 逐 漸 傾 壞,在 曾 受 他 幫

何 官 方致 哀。入 殮後,他的墓 碑上 重 新 列 入 外 交 使 領 團 名 單 中,並 助 的人 之後 代 發 起 募 款 及葡 萄 牙

刻著猶 太 經典《塔木德》的句子: 追 封 他 為 大 使。一九 九 三 年 猶 太 政 府 出 資 下,這 棟 房 子才 得 以 整

「拯 救 一 條 生 命 的 人,就 拯 救 了 大 屠 殺 紀 念 館 頒 發 他「 國 際 義 修。落成時,許多這些感 念他的人

世 界。」而 他 所 拯 救 的,是 三 萬條 人」,今日葡國並成立索沙門德 斯 來 到 這 裡,有 些 人 當 年 從 這 位 外

生命。 基金會,以致力人權及民主事務。 交官手上領 過 簽 證 時,不過 五、六

即 使 被 自 己 的 國 家 忽 視,國 際 二 ○ ○ ○ 年,葡 萄 牙 外 交 部 為 歲,他 們知道,倘 無 這位陌生 人相

上還是注意到這位犧牲自己拯 他 以 及 另 外 兩 位 有 類 似 義 行( 只 助,他們家 族斷 無 生 路。許 多人帶

救 他 人 的 無 私 外 交 官。他 過 世 那 是 沒 有 那 麼 大 規 模 )的 外交 官 策 著 當 年 他 們 先 人 的 護 照,上 面 正

年,法 國 報 紙 及 其 他 國 際 媒 體 劃 特 展,巡 迴 全 美 國 葡 萄 牙 使 領 是索沙門德斯簽署的救命簽證。

刊 登 了 致 意 文 章;一九 六 六 年, 館展出,除了讓美國社會理 解,無 影片中,索沙門德斯的孫子說,

以色列猶太大屠殺紀念館為他 數 美 國 移民 都 是 因 為 當 年 憑 藉 著 他祖父代表的意義是歐洲的價

設了 紀 念 碑;以 國 的 內 蓋 夫 沙 漠 葡 萄牙 簽證才得以 跨 越北大西洋 值,歐 洲 值 得 保 存 的 不 是 什 麼 建

(N e g e v)中,有 一 座 森 林 以 他 離 開 歐 洲;也 讓 所 有 葡 國 外交 官 築 或 經 濟 價 值,而 是 這 樣 的 精 神

命 名;一九 六 七 年,猶 太 大 屠 殺 知 道,他 們 曾 有 過 什 麼 樣 值 得 欽 價值。他說 得對,但 其實不只歐 洲

紀 念 館 追 贈 他 獎 章,上 面 刻 著 他 佩的前輩。 需 要 這樣 的價值,這樣 的人;每 一

墓 碑上 那句 話;一九 八 六 年,《 紐 幾 年 前,一 部 群 眾 集 資 拍 攝 個 時 代 的 每 一 個 地 方,都 需 要 這

約 時 報 》上 刊 登 了 聯 署 請 願,寄 的 紀 錄 片《多 虧 索 沙 門 德 斯 我 才 樣 的人 為 我 們 見 證 人性 的 尊 嚴 與

到 葡 國,要 求 為 他 平反;那一年, 活著》(I A M A L I V E t h a n k s t o 價值。

美 國 的 西 蒙 維 森 塔 中 心(S i m o n

Wiesenthal Center)也將他的名 探詢遺忘之地:阿茲海默

字 刻 在 牆 上。而 美 國 國 會 也 在 那

一 年,趁 著 葡 國 外 長 訪 美 時 機 通 我失去了我自己 德國婦 女,再 平凡不過了。

過決議案,要求葡國為他平反。 她 向 來 是 一 個 規 矩 順 從、 勤 直 到 五十 一 歲 那 年,在 她 身 上

一九七 四 年,索 沙 門 德 斯 的 女 奮 的 家 庭 婦 女,每 日 的 生 活 以 家 發 生 的 怪 事,使 她 再 也 無 法 維 持

兒 向 葡 國 申 請 平 反 其 父 親 聲 名。 庭、丈 夫 及小孩為重心,把家 裡 打 多年來的生活,她再也不能平凡,

一九 八七 年,葡 國 總 統 索 阿 雷 斯 理 得 乾 乾 淨 淨,總 是 燒 上 一 桌 好 也 注 定 了她 的 名 字 會 永 遠 留 在 歷

(M á r i o S o a r e s)終於 承認這位 菜,從 未 讓 家 人 餓 肚 子。她 的 生 史裡。多年以後,許 多世 人都 承受

義 人,並 追 贈自由 獎章。一九 八 八 活,其 實 就 如 那 個 年 代 的 大 多 數 著 與 她 一 樣 的 宿 命,都 不 斷 地 再

翻出這段 悲 劇,與她一同哀嘆、悲 您的姓? D e m e n z),但 奧古 斯 特才五十 一

傷、憤怒、迷惘。 答:奧古斯特。 歲,症 狀 雖 然 類 似,但 其 病 變 比

那 是 一九 ○ 一 年 的 三 月,她 性 您先生的名字? 一 般 老 化 失 智 更 加 劇 烈。究 竟 是

格 大 變,開 始 對 丈 夫 產 生 無 比 強 什 麼 造 成 這 個 疑 惑、失 憶、性 格
烈的猜疑、嫉 妒及占有欲;她煮的 扭 曲、自 我 認 同 破 碎 的 狀 態?奧
菜味道怪 異,無 法下嚥;她時常迷 古 斯 特 恐 懼 地 喊 著:「 我 不 要 開
路,忘 記時間及 其他的小事。最後 刀!」無 法再 理 解 原 來 的 世 界,只
她 的 家 人 無 法 再 與 她 共 處,認 為 答:跟奧古斯特結婚。 能重複做著自己無能控制的動

她 精 神 失 常,只 好 於 那 年 十 一 月 您是迪特女士? 作,耗 盡 力 氣 卻 無 法 回 到 原 來 的

將 她 送 到 法 蘭 克 福 的「 市 立 瘋 狂 答:是的, 正 常 狀 態,嚷 著:「 我 得 重 建 我

與癲癇診療所」。 跟奧古斯特.迪特結婚。 的 秩 序。」最後,奧古 斯 特 癱 坐 在

她 原 來 應 該 如 同 其 他 病 患,在 病 床 上,哀 傷 地 說 出 了 醫 學 史 上
診療所裡過著與社會隔絕的餘 這句非常 著名的自白:「可以 說,
生,並 就 這 麼 無 名 地 死 去。但 是 我 失 去了 我 自 己。」(I c h h a b e
一九○ 一年十 一月二十六日,一 位 mic h sozusagen ver loren.)
未 滿 三十 歲 的 年 輕 主 治 醫 師 坐 在 午餐她吃了白菜及豬肉。 阿茲海默也無法理解這樣的病

她的床邊,問了她幾 個問題,從 此 問她吃了什麼,她說菠菜。 症,他想,這種 狀 態 迄今為止的醫

改 變 了 她 的 命 運,也 改 變 了 這 位 她吃肉時,問她 正 在吃什麼, 學 無 法 解 釋,也 許 這 是 一 種 新 發

醫師的命運。 她說馬鈴薯及辣蘿蔔。 現的疾 病。但他無 法確 定,只能每

這 位 醫 師 的 名 字 叫 阿 洛 伊 斯. 把一些東西秀給她看。 天觀察、記錄 奧古 斯 特的變 化,寫

阿茲海默(Alois Alzheimer)。 下:病患持續地無助、驚慌……
病 患 的 名 字 是 奧 古 斯 特.迪 特 直到一九○六年。
(A u g u s t e D e t e r),真名是否如
此,她 自 己 也 無 法 確 定,但 她 這 發現醫學史上
麼 自 稱,而 醫 學 史 文 獻 多 稱 她 為 奧古斯特.迪特女士, 未曾記載的病症
A u g u s t e D.。阿茲海默寫下的病 她寫了女士後, 阿 茲 海 默 一八 六 四 年 出 生 於 巴

歷 資 料,成 為 醫 學 史 上 最 著 名 的 忘記接著要寫什麼。 伐 利亞,一八 八 三年 中學 畢業,赴

問診內容。 必須一個字一個字再告訴她 柏 林 讀 醫 學。當 時 的 柏 林 是 剛 剛

統 一 不久 的 帝 國 首 都,聚 集 了 頂
一九○一年十一月二十六日 尖醫學、化學研究者,例如菲爾紹
(她)坐在床上,一臉無助。 (R u d o l f V i r c h o w,白血 病發現
阿 茲 海 默 覺 得 困 惑,這 些 反 者)、克 赫(R o b e r t K o c h)、埃
應 似 乎 是 老 年 失 智 症(S e n i l e 爾利希(P a u l E h r l i c h)、維 斯 法

52 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

爾(Car l Westphal,研 究 跨 性 別 黑 檢 驗。在 顯 微 鏡 下,阿 茲 海 默 於 一九 一 ○ 年 在 其 暢 銷 著 作《 精

的 先 鋒 ),這 些 一 流 研 究 者 正 領 發 現 奧古 斯 特 大 腦 的 大 部 分神 經 神醫 學:給學 生及醫師之教科書》

導 著 醫 學 革 命,並 把 柏 林 打 造 成 細 胞 已 經 毀 損,約 有 三 分之一 的 (Psychiatrie: Ein Lehrbuch für

世 界 醫 學 中 心。阿 茲 海 默 在 柏 林 神 經 元 已 經 死 亡。他 確 認 這 並 非 Studierende und Ä r zte)第八版

讀 了一 個 學 期 後,再 去 符 茲 堡 大 老 化 失 智,而 是 醫 學 史 上 未 曾 記 中敘 述了此 新 發現,並稱 為「阿 茲

學、杜賓根 大學就 讀,一八 八七 年 載 過的病症。 海默症」,從此確立了該名稱。

寫 完 博 士 論 文,一八 八 八 年 通 過 一九 ○ 六 年 十 一 月 三 日,阿 茲 阿 茲 海 默 是 位 熱 情 的 研 究 者,

國 家 醫 學 考 試 後,來 到 法 蘭 克 福 海 默 回 到 母 校,在 杜 賓 根 舉 行 的 也是憐憫的醫者。他窮其一生想找

的「 市 立 瘋 狂 與 癲 癇 診 療 所」擔 第 三十 七 屆 西 南 德 精 神 醫 師 大 會 出治療此病的方式,後來更是全心

任助理醫師。 報告此病 症。然而,在他報告完 這 投 入研究,減少 看診時間,但 還 是

市立診療所位在今日法蘭克 個 令 他 振 奮 的 醫 學 進 展 後,在 場 每週在家裡安排固定時數為窮困

福 大 學 現 址,由 法 蘭 克 福 知 名 的 醫 師 反 應 冷 淡,無 人 提 問;甚 者義診,這在當時的醫 療制度中,

的 精 神 醫 師 霍 夫 曼(H e i n r i c h 至 連 大 會 主 辦 方也 不 打 算把 他 的 稱為「給貧困者的無償問診時間」

H o f f m a n n)建 立,霍 夫 曼 是 德 報 告 放 入 大 會 紀 錄 中。這 個 在 今 (Unentgeltliche Sprechstunden

國 青 少 年 精 神 醫 學 的 先 驅,也 創 日 影 響 現 代 社 會 甚 鉅、危 及 無 數 für Unbemittelte)。一九一二年七

作 許 多 知 名 的 童 書。在 他 的 主 人 存 在 狀 態 的 病 症,當 年 首 次 曝 月,他 獲 得 布 雷 斯 勞 大 學 正 教 授

持 下,診 療 所 不 同 於 以 往 的 精 神 光 時,被 醫 學 界 完 全 忽 視。最 後 職 位,並 擔 任 大 學 精 神 醫 學 診 所

醫 院 只 是 收 容,而 是 透 過 現 代 醫 只有 當 地 報 紙 以 簡 短 的 一 句 話 提 所 長。但 是 長 年 投 入 研 究 已 使 他

學 診 療,試 圖 為 精 神 異 常 的 病 人 及:「 來 自 慕 尼 黑 的 阿 茲 海 默 醫 透支健康,該年十月他臥 床不起,

減 輕 痛 楚,甚 至 找 尋 康 復 的 可 能 師 報 告了一 個 四 年 半 內 神 經 細 胞 最 終於一九一五年十二月十九日,

性。奧 古 斯 特 就 在 一九 ○ 一 年 進 大 量萎 縮的發病過程。」 阿茲海默與世長辭。

入 這間診 療 所,直到過世。 一九○七年,他的報告內容終於 那 一 年,是 德 國 醫 學 界 的 巨 星

從 一八 八 八 年 到 一九 ○ 三 年 為 在專業的醫 學期刊刊出,這 篇〈論 殞 落 之 年,諾 貝 爾 醫 學 獎 得 主 埃

止,阿 茲海默在這個診療所工作, 一種腦皮質區的特殊病變〉(Ü b e r 爾 利 希、克 赫 病 毒 及 傳 染 病 研 究

也 努 力 想 治 療 奧 古 斯 特,但 還 是 eine eigenartige Erkrankung der 所(Ro b e r t- Ko c h - Inst itut)所長

找 不 到 對 策。一九 ○ 三 年,在 慕 H i r n r i n d e)是首次談及此種阿茲 勒夫 樂(F r i e d r i c h L o e f f l e r)、

尼黑大學擔 任醫學教授暨慕尼 海默症的公開文獻,然而這 篇論 文 海 德 堡 大學首位 病 理 解 剖 學 學 科

黑 皇 家 精 神 診 所 所長 的 克 雷 普 林 在 當 時 的 醫 學 界 中,依 然 如 同 投 教 授阿諾德(J u l i u s A r n o l d)相

(Emil K raepelin)向他招手,他 入 大 海 的 石 頭,並 未 激 起 什 麼 漣 繼 去 世。而 該 年 年 底 德 國 醫 學 界

遂 轉 到 慕 尼 黑 任 職,但 仍 然 關 切 漪。阿 茲 海 默 雖 然 確 定 此 病 症 在 又 失 去 阿 茲 海 默,世 界 也 失 去了

在 法 蘭 克 福 的 奧 古 斯 特。一九 ○ 歷 史 上 獨 一 無 二,但 他 暫 時 不 知 一 位 真 正 的 人 道 主 義 者。一 百 年

六 年,奧 古 斯 特 過 世,阿 茲 海 默 該 如 何 命 名,僅 稱 之 為 一 種 特 殊 過 去了,那個 以他 為 名 的 病 症,至

要 求 解 剖,把 組 織 切 片 送 到 慕 尼 病 變。後 來,他 的 導 師 克 雷 普 林 今仍未能 找出治療的方法。


陳 敬 寶 《 時 間 拓 撲 》
The Generation and E x tension
of Memories:
Chen Chin - pao’s “ Top ology of T ime”

圖•陳敬寶提供 文•沈柏逸 版面設計•蕭郢岑

54 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama


“T he idea that a photograph is equivalent to a memory is in fact

extremely weak; a photograph can at best be the catalyst for a
memory, but not the memory itself,” says Chen Chin-pao.

洗照片 蔡柳信慧/
Developing photographs
—Cai-Liu Xinhui

When I was young, my father opened the first
photo studio in Madou. Business was booming,
and my mother routinely worked until very late
helping out. Once I got up in the middle of the
night, and saw my mother doing the final step of
washing the photos in clean water. She was so
tired she fell asleep and her face nearly plunged
into the water. I decided I would help out, and
asked my father to teach me how to develop
photos in the darkroom. I learned very quickly.

重啟龍喉 王素真/
Unblocking the Longhou spring
—Chen Suzhen

I went to primary school near Shuikutou. At
that time in Madou they were digging out the
Longhou spring [which had been deliberately
blocked some two centuries earlier], bringing
up sugarcane grinding stones, large rocks and
so on. People said that the water of Longhou
had healing properties, and that Longhou soil
could cure skin conditions. I often went with
adults to Shuikutou and saw the amazing
images that appeared in sediment that settled
out of Longhou water poured into bowls. People
flocked from all around to worship at Shuikutou,
and the area was bubbling with activity. The
Five Gods returned to Madou to build a temple!
Today I give guided tours at Madou Old Port
Cultural Park, introducing Madou’s culture and
history and teaching people about the evolution
of Shuikutou and Longhou. This brings back
many memories of when I was small.

我們如何考慮那些沒被拍下來的照片呢?我們 而,有些難忘的時刻卻只停留在記憶裡,沒被攝
又要如何思考攝影跟記憶之間的關係?攝影是過 影或任何媒介記錄下來。關於這些沒被再現的難
去記憶的「證據」嗎? 忘記憶,恰恰是陳敬寶投入的主題。
當我們談到攝影照片,總是關於過去的某個 陳敬寶開始關注那些被沒再現的記憶,是
時刻,照片的特質似乎就是再現過去的時光。然 由於他在紐約求學時看了莒哈絲(M a r g u e r i t e

56 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

How should we think about those photos that were of photography, it seems, is to cause times past to re­
not taken? How should we think about the relationship appear. However, there are unforgettable moments
between photography and memory? Are photographs that are only stored in memory, and have not been
“evidence” of memories of the past? recorded by photography or any other medium. These
When we speak about photographs, we are always unrecorded, unforgettable moments are precisely the
talking about a certain moment in the past. The nature theme to which Chen Chin­pao has dedicated himself.

對於我後來的一輩子,有那麼重大的影響,所 陳敬寶在《迴返計畫》開始明確地關注攝影
以沒有人想到拍照,除了上帝以外。」而這句 與記憶的關係。同時是小學美術老師的他,在
關於「沒來得及拍下照片」的話,也深刻地連 《迴返計畫》中透過學生在校園的表演,重返
結他的生命經驗,進而開啟他進行持續拍攝相 這些小朋友難忘卻沒被拍下來的場景。他透過
關計畫的契機。 學習單收集學生或學生家長書寫的難忘回憶,

58 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

戶外電影放映 梁茂隆/
Outdoor Movie Screenings
—Liang Maolong

五 十 年 代 , 每 逢 國 慶 日 、 光 復 節 ⋯⋯ 等
What I remember most about the Tsung-Yeh
Sugar Factory is that in the 1960s, whenever
there was a holiday like National Day or Taiwan
Retrocession Day, films would be shown there
for everyone to watch, in the Sun Yat-sen Hall
or on the plaza. In those days there weren’t
very many recreational activities, and the
younger me would seize the opportunity to see
a movie for free. I spent many a happy hour
there and saw many films. Of these, Last Train
from Gun Hill and John and Mary still dimly
remain as beautiful memories, even though
40 or 50 years have passed since I saw them.

Chen began to pay attention to these memories that “photographs that were not taken” connected strongly
were never recorded after he was deeply touched by a with Chen’s life experiences, and thus opened up the
sentence in the book L’Amant, by Marguerite Duras, which opportunity to undertake a related photography project.
he read while studying in New York. “Who would have Reconstructing photography and memory
thought of such a thing? The photograph could only have Chen began to devote attention to the relationship be-
been taken if someone could have known in advance tween photographs and memories in his Circumgyration
how important it was to be in my life, … no one even Project. In the project, done when Chen was an art
knew of its existence. Except God.” This sentence about teacher in a primary school, through the performances

小火車 鍾桂珍/
The Little Train
—Zhong Guizhen

行 政區分開,所以現存之轉型為總爺藝文
When I was young I visited sugar refineries in
southern Taiwan. I even specially took a narrow-
gauge train from Chiayi to the Suantou refinery
to stay overnight. This little train was really
interesting; sometimes men would jump off to
urinate and then catch back up. I was lucky
enough to marry into a family living in Zongye,
where I could hear the little train’s whistle.
When the train started moving, the air was filled
with the intoxicating scent of sugarcane. Even
more charmingly, hot water flowed through the
drainage ditch in front of the village. We could
often see the trains being assembled, and I feel
nostalgic for the beautiful, stately wooden train
stations. The Tsung-Yeh Sugar Factory was
one of the better-designed refineries that I have
seen, with the factory area separate from the
administrative area. That’s why the part that has
been transformed into the Tsung-Yeh Arts and
Cultural Center has such a calming atmosphere.

以攝影擺拍的方式,重現出那些深刻的記憶片段。 憶。因此,陳敬寶的這一系列照片,並非是對於攝
雖說這計畫乍看富有童趣,溫馨地帶領觀者回 影者拍攝當下的現實捕捉,而是關於試圖以拍攝呈
到那些回憶裡,但實質上卻是對攝影的核心進行 現記憶本身的影像。換言之,影像所本的不關乎現
叩問——亦即到底什麼是記憶?什麼是現實?因為 實,更多是關乎記憶或想像的詮釋。這當中除了學
陳敬寶並非透過攝影去記錄或再現既有的現實,而 習單文本對於過去記憶的詮釋以外,同時包括攝影
是藉由「關於記憶的文本」(圖文學習單)重構記 家對於照片構成或演員調度上的詮釋。 l

60 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

of students on campus he sought to bring back those ages of the worksheets to reconstruct memories. Therefore,
scenes that were unforgettable for these students yet had this series of photos by Chen is not about the photographer
never been photographed. He collected worksheets with capturing existing reality, but is about trying to use photo-
descriptions of unforgettable memories in writing or graphy to produce images that reflect his subjects’ memor­
drawings made by students or their parents. He then had ies themselves. In other words, the basis for these images is
the students and their families pose for photographs to not reality, but the interpretation of memories or imagina-
create images of these deeply inscribed memories. tion. Beside the interpretation of memories inherent in
Although one can say that at first glance this project the descriptions made in the worksheets, there is also the
is full of childlike fun and warmly takes viewers back to interpretation made by the photographer in composing the
those memories, in fact it raises questions about the core of photographs and in posing the children and their families
photography: What in the end is memory? What is reality? to reenact the scenes described. l
Chen Chin-pao was by no means using photography to re- (Shen Bo-yi/photos courtesy of Chen Chin-pao/
cord existing reality, but rather was using the text and im- tr. by Phil Newell)


逐海浮光 為海敘事的水下攝影師
Where the Currents Take Them:
Underwater Photographers Tell the Ocean’s Stories

文•蘇俐穎 圖•林旻萱 版面設計•蕭郢岑

62 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama



P eople say that cat lovers have different per-

sonalities from dog lovers. Does the same
principle apply to people who love cetaceans ver-
sus those who love sea turtles?
Innumerable creatures inhabit the waters
around islands. The surrounding seas support the
island, interact with it, and enable its survival,
but the beauty that lies hidden beneath the waves
is a mystery to most islanders. Fortunately, there
are a few who explore the depths and bring back
photos to share with the rest of us.

(金磊提供 courtesy of Ray Chin)

Before visitors board the
whale-watching boat, Ray Chin
gives them some information
about cetaceans.

(facing page) An encounter with
a cetacean off Taiwan’s east

彷彿老天賞臉,初抵時雨絲 緜緜 的花蓮,卻 令人想起了盧貝松以知名潛水運動員與海豚為題

在翌日放晴,晴光溫煦的大清早,擔任解說志 的經典電影《碧海藍天》。
工的金磊站在港口的賞鯨船上,等待著遊客魚 如今,一年平均有1/3的時間都在國外的他,足
貫登船。 跡踏遍世界各地,斯里蘭卡、日本、東加王國、
小船離港,出海不消十分鐘,便傳來鯨豚的消 挪威、阿根廷等地⋯⋯只要是賞鯨勝地,都有他
息,只見結隊游行的牠們朝船靠近,乘著船頭帶 的足跡,「但每一年的夏天,我都一定會在台
來的水流借力使力地往前,偶爾還有幾隻從水面 灣。」個頭高大、講話溫厚的他篤定地說。
飛旋跳躍,惹得遊客陣陣驚呼。 來到每年6∼8月,海象平穩的盛夏,每年一度
站在船頂的金磊不疾不徐地解說,同時不忘在 的賞鯨旺季,也是他最審慎以待的季節。
空暇時舉起長鏡單眼,按下快門。 金磊說,在台灣拍攝鯨豚,就像闖關遊戲,
飛旋海豚、花紋海豚、熱帶斑海豚⋯⋯一趟2 關關難過關關過。幸而擁有超過20年海上經驗的
小時的航程,前前後後邂逅了這些擁有流線身形 他,逐步累積下豐富的鯨豚知識與人脈,俱已成
的美麗生物,襯托著背景無盡的碧海青空,彷彿 為攝影工作的強大後盾。
也懂得了,為何會有人如此著迷於這種生物,並 每當從黑潮海洋文教基金會的人際網絡傳來
甘願為追逐牠們到天涯海角。 外海有鯨豚出沒的消息,若天候狀況許可,他
無聲勝有聲,影像敘事不需冗詞贅言,就能擁 跡,也不能即刻下水,得先觀察鯨豚的游速、狀
有直指人心的能量。 況,是否會躲避、下潛,「畢竟,人也不可能游
或許,有不少人雖不曉得金磊,卻早已看過由 過牠,而像抹香鯨,可以下潛超過100分鐘,等
他拍攝的鯨豚影像。作為台灣第一位專門拍攝水 到再出現,也不曉得在哪裡。」金磊說。
下鯨豚的攝影師,那些尺度超凡的海中生物,在 那分秒必爭、「喀擦喀擦」的短短幾秒,得到的
他的鏡頭下一一定格,充滿詩意與張力的畫面, 兩、三張照片,往往就代表了一整年的全部收穫。

64 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

We arrive in Hualien amid the cottony threads of every year with cautious optimism: the midsummer calm
a light rain, but the weather early the next morning is of the seas makes it peak whale-watching season.
bright and clear. Ray Chin, our volunteer guide, stands He says that photographing cetaceans off Taiwan’s
aboard a whale-watching boat docked in the harbor and coast is particularly challenging.
waits for today’s guests to arrive. Whenever the Kuroshio Ocean Education Founda-
When we spot dolphins just a few minutes after setting tion’s network sends word of cetaceans in the area and the
out, Chin calmly explains their behavior, while also snap- weather permits, Chin contacts boatmen he knows and
ping his own photos of them through his telephoto lens. goes “hunting” for whales.
Summer in Hualien But even if they happen to spot their quarry, Chin doesn’t
There’s power in silence. Narrative photography es- leap straight into the water. Instead, he first tries to predict
chews words to go right to the heart of the matter. whether the whales will flee or sound by observing the
Chin’s photos of cetaceans have been widely viewed, speed at which they are swimming and their general de-
but few people who’ve seen them know who the photo- meanor. “You can’t outswim a whale. A sperm whale, for
grapher was. Taiwan’s first professional undersea photo­ example, can stay underwater for more than 100 minutes,
grapher, Chin’s dynamic, poetic photos of undersea life and once it sounds there’s no telling where it will resurface.”
recall Luc Besson’s classic film on free diving, The Big Blue. Once in the water, every second counts. The two or three
Nowadays, Chin spends about one-third of his year snaps you may get over a few brief moments might end up
overseas in locations ranging from Sri Lanka, Japan, and being the total catch from a year’s work.
Tonga to Norway and Argentina. For all that he’s visited His home and starting point
pretty much everywhere in the world known for good Given the difficulty of photographing cetaceans under-
whale-watching, the big man with the gentle voice says, “I water, perhaps the relative paucity of such pictures is less
spend every summer in Taiwan without fail.” an indication that few people want to take them, than that
Chin looks forward to the June–August period of few have succeeded in doing so.

Chin’s experience taking photos abroad made him
realize that one reason why photographing cetaceans
around Taiwan is so difficult is that most of them are
可想而知,拍攝水下鯨豚並不容易,也許不是 just passing by and moving very quickly.
沒有人想做,只是成功者少矣。 Like humans, cetaceans are mammals that nurse
their young for roughly the first year and a half of their
lives. This has implications for photographing them. For
example, humpback whales spend a great deal of time
金磊有所領悟。 near Tonga birthing and nurturing their young. This not
由於和人類一樣是哺乳類,鯨豚寶寶在出生 only means that the whales stay in the area of Tonga for
後,還有長達1年半左右的育幼期,好比特地到 an extended period, but also that they swim relatively
東加王國生產、哺育下一代的大翅鯨,因著居住 slowly while there so their young can keep up.
時間拉長,不僅狀況較穩定,也為了配合小鯨魚 So if taking undersea pictures of cetaceans near Tai-
wan is such a high-risk, low-reward endeavor, why does
Chin persist?
He responds without a moment’s hesitation: “Because
Taiwan is home, and it’s where I began this work.”
鯨豚紀錄片《海豚的圈圈》,然而屢屢受制於 Xiaoliuqiu’s sea turtles
環境,必須從水上拍攝水下生物,難免像隔靴搔 Chin’s attachment to home brings sea turtles to mind.
癢,不夠痛快。 Sea turtles, which live roughly as long as people, are
看著國外精彩的水下作品,心癢難耐的他,憑 said to have a remarkable ability to remember the place
著土法煉鋼地摸索,結果卻不盡人意,這才讓他 of their birth. In fact, they always return there to breed, no
matter how far they roam in the rest of their lives. Chin has
similarly traveled to virtually every corner of the globe, yet
retains a powerful connection to Taiwan.
所開設的工作坊,直接觀摩學習。 “Haven’t you ever heard that different kinds of people
而倘若問金磊,台灣鯨豚水下攝影如此高風 are drawn to certain kinds of animals?” asks diving instruc-
險、低報酬,為什麼還如此地堅持? tor Su Huai, who calls himself a “fool for sea turtles.” We’re

瓶 鼻海豚,經常遠遊的他,
Ray Chin took this photo of
bottlenose dolphins in the waters
off the Japanese island of Mikura-
jima. The widely traveled Chin
says, “I honed my skills abroad,
and put them to the test in
Taiwan.” (courtesy of Ray Chin)

66 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Underwater photography gives a better
sense of how sea creatures look and
move in their natural element. (courtesy
of Ray Chin)

The seafloor is beautiful and cruel. Su Huai uses documentary
photographs to raise awareness of ocean conservation.
(courtesy of Su Huai)



了他返鄉落腳。 隨處可見、格外討喜的海龜,自然而然成為了鏡
看過不少的奇絕風景,蘇淮認為,台灣的海 頭下的主角。
室」,想以一己之力,喚醒國人的海洋意識。 曾與蘇淮一同在澳洲打工度假的陳芃諭回憶
擁有相當稀有、國際潛水PA D I系統「海龜專 著,澳洲的生態保育不僅是全球典範,但令兩
長潛水證」的他,先從潛水教練的工作起步, 人印象最深刻的,是當地人對海洋抱持的開放
近年則逐步轉移重心到影像工作。 態度。
台灣海域的美麗,生態的豐富多樣,海底塑膠 「他們相當歡迎人們下海,但海域哪邊安全、
垃圾的怵目驚心⋯⋯該如何讓更多人知道?「靠 哪邊危險,可以做哪些活動,又有哪些規範,在
著教潛水,太慢了,況且教潛水的人那麼多,也 告示牌上都寫得清清楚楚。」陳芃諭說。
不差我有一個。」因此他選擇拿起相機,小琉球 相較於台灣,雖然四面環海,也許加上過去

68 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

near Xiaoliuqiu Island in the seas off Donggang, where with the best in the world. He says the only problem is
he’s snorkeling and shooting “portraits” of sea turtles. that they aren’t managed or valued. He and his friend
These sea turtles, which surface and submerge with Polly Chen have formed Island Divers to make Taiwan­
the tides, called to Su just as cetaceans called to Chin. ese more aware of our maritime treasures.
Perhaps it’s that Su can relate to these seemingly Su holds a rare sea turtle specialty diver certificate
independent inveterate travelers, which wander the from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors
world but always remember the way home. Su himself (PADI), an international diver accreditation body, and
spent years drifting through Australia and Southeast has gradually transitioned his focus from diving instruc­
Asia. But he never felt at completely “at home” while tion to photography.
traveling and was eventually drawn back to this in­ The transition was driven by a desire to make Taiwan’s
comparable “sea turtle island” for good. public more aware of the beauty and ecological richness
Su has taken in a lot of amazing sights in his travels, of Taiwan’s seas, and the startling amount of plastic trash
and argues that Taiwan’s maritime resources are on par on its seafloor. “Teaching people to dive was too slow.

Su Huai and Polly
Chen jointly operate
the independent Linger
Bookstore to promote
ocean education.

戒嚴時期,由於岸邊不少軍事重地,限禁民眾靠 種的綠蠵龜,另有列為極危物種的玳瑁,高達
近,導致多數人對於大海總是戒慎恐懼,也常見 9成的目擊率,套句金磊的玩笑話,「全世界
只要溺斃事故發生,鄰近海域便全面禁止下水。 沒有一個地方可以像這樣,隨便都可以踩到海
就如同你我一般,在這樣的環境成長下的他 龜。」
們,也不是天生親水。 因此,那一張張水底造像,除了為作為攝影師
北部都會出生長大的金磊,「以前去海邊,聞 的他們帶來成就,更重要的是,可以藉此傳遞出
到海水、藻類被烤乾在岩石上的味道,就忍不住 一般人所不知的海洋。
想吐。」在台南安南區長大的蘇淮,頂多是在海 固然看不到、不知道,對人類來說並沒有額外
邊烤肉的記憶,「那時候,長輩通常都會叫你不 損失,「但常發生鯨豚纏網的問題,還是有少數
要靠近海邊,因為很危險。」 不守法的漁民,直接把鰭割掉,讓牠們直接陳屍
然而,親近了、認識了,才曉得美麗何在。 海底。」金磊說。
金磊說:「如果問我和蘇淮對於台灣海洋的想 這些問題,若非有人關注,那麼鯨豚斷鰭的浩
法,那就是,台灣真的很厲害!」他進一步解 劫,同樣沉寂無聲,不予人知。
說:「世界各地的賞鯨勝地,通常去了都只為 但不知道,並不等於不存在。蘇淮則show出了
了看那特定的1種。」但全世界近90種鯨豚,據 一段水下錄影,一隻畏人的海龜,誤食海洋廢棄
紀錄,台灣海域就曾經直擊1/3的品種,遊客搭 物的牠,居然拉出了塑膠袋的糞便,情況苦不堪
一趟由花蓮港出海的賞鯨船,常見的種類動輒 言,幸而他出手相助,重獲新生。
超過10種,其中又好比生活在深水海域,相當 海洋保育、海洋塑化等問題,誠然迫在眉
罕見的花紋海豚,受惠於東岸的陡降地形,目 睫,但他們並沒有像許多自詡正義的環保人
擊率也相當高。 士,咄咄逼人,影像是最直接也最貼近真實的
至於海龜,目前統計共有7種,台灣有機會目 方式,蘊藏著善意,想要你我都從中上一堂無
擊到其中5種,小琉球除了最常見、列為瀕危物 聲的環境教育課。 l

70 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Not to mention, there are so many diving instructors that Their undersea photos have not only brought them
it made no difference whether or not I taught.” So he de- success, but, more importantly, have also introduced
cided to pick up a camera and make Xiaoliuqiu’s delight- others to an ocean they didn’t know.
ful and ubiquitous sea turtles the subjects of his photos. People don’t feel a sense of loss for things they
Swirling seas, beautiful island don’t see or know about. “But cetaceans often become
Chin says, “If you ask me or Su Huai about Taiwan’s entangled in nets,” says Chin. “And when fishermen
seas, we’ll tell you they are truly amazing!” He explains operating illegally are involved, they just cut off the en-
that roughly a third of the world’s nearly 90 species of snared flippers and leave the cetaceans to die.”
cetaceans have been seen in Taiwan’s waters, a figure that When no one watches for these kinds of tragedies, the
stands in stark contrast to the limited number of species general public remains unaware that they are occurring.
visible in most of the world’s other whale-watching desti- But not knowing about something doesn’t mean it
nations. Travelers boarding a whale-watching vessel out of isn’t happening. Su screens an underwater film of a sea
Hualien’s harbor often see more than ten cetacean species. turtle that is skittish around people. Having mistakenly
These include the deep-water-dwelling Risso’s dolphin, eaten marine debris, it excretes a plastic bag. The turtle
which swims relatively close to shore in Taiwan’s waters was in deplorable condition, but luck brought it to Su,
because of the steep slope of the seafloor off our east coast. who was able to provide it with a new lease on life.
Taiwan also offers opportunities to see five of the Problems like the proliferation of plastic in the ocean
world’s seven extant sea turtle species, including the en- are urgent, but Chin and Su are not as preachy as some
dangered green sea turtle, which is the most common turtle environmentalists. Instead, they use their photographs
around Xiaoliuqiu, and the critically endangered hawksbill to directly educate people about an environment that
sea turtle. Chin says that visitors to the island have a 90% cannot speak for itself. l
chance of seeing one, and quips: “This is the only place in (Lynn Su/photos by Lin Min-hsuan/
the world where you might step on a sea turtle.” tr. by Scott Williams)

Su Huai carries a waterproof camera as he
prepares to enter the water.


Between Us and the Stars
—The Taiwan Dark-Sky
Preservation Alliance

文•鄧慧純 圖•莊坤儒 版面設計•蕭郢岑

72 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

“Space, the final frontier.”(宇宙,人類最後的疆界)
1966年美國科幻影集《Star Trek》,艦長Kirk以帶著

“S pace, the final frontier.” These are the words, famil-

iar to science fiction fans the world over, that opened
each episode of the TV show Star Trek, poetically intoned by
Captain James T. Kirk. Through the power of imagination, in
science fiction films we have long traveled among the stars
and even accepted aliens who settle on planet Earth. But the
exploration of space and an understanding of astronomy really
start with individual amateur astronomers, who have spent
countless sleepless nights observing the universe. One star at a
time, they have pieced together the positions of heavenly bod-
ies, and bit by bit they have uncovered the mysteries of space.

鄰近玉山國家公園,座落在鹿林前山、海拔 研究生時,林宏欽跟著指導教授蔡文祥參與天文
2,862公尺的鹿林天文台,隸屬於國立中央大 台選址。走遍各地,候選地點包括大雪山、合歡
學,擁有台灣口徑最大(1公尺)的天文望遠 山、阿里山、墾丁等地,「北台灣易受東北季風
鏡,除了是台灣天文觀測研究重地之外,亦參與 影響,南部有西南氣流,所以選在中台灣比較適
多項國際天文計畫。 合。另外,天文台通常會蓋在高山上,避開一兩
台北出發,從國道3號下名間交流道,經台16線 千公尺低層雲氣的干擾。」林宏欽釋疑。
轉台21線(新中橫公路),進入玉山國家公園區 決定落腳在鹿林前山後,接續還有實地天文觀
域,到達鹿林前山的登山口,車行需6小時。卸下 測調查,林宏欽回想,當初他們定期揹水揹油揹
裝備,還需步行約六百公尺,才到達白色的天文 望遠鏡設備上山,觀測一周再把資料帶回分析,
台基地,是國際間少數車子到不了的天文台。 那是年輕時才有的衝勁。畢業後,他到竹科工
一路與我們同行的是天文台台長林宏欽。這一 再回到中央大學與天文台再續前緣,因此,他笑
帶他熟門熟路,除了是工作場所,1990年,還是 稱自己是替自己製造工作機會的案例。

At night, beneath the dark blue canopy of the heavens,
observatories are the starting point for the exploration of the
mysteries of space tens of thousands of light years away.

74 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

The Lulin Observatory, 2862 meters
above sea level, is situated on the
borders of Yushan National Park, with the
majestic peaks of Yushan right nearby.

口 徑最大的一公尺望遠鏡(L O T),
(below) The Lulin Observatory has
Taiwan’s largest-diameter optical telescope,
the Lulin One-meter Telescope. Workers
must maintain it year-round to ensure
that if the weather is good, observations
can be made on any night of the year.

The Lulin Observatory stands at an altitude of 2862

meters on Front Mt. Lulin, just outside the boundary of
Yu shan National Park. Operated by National Central
University, it has Taiwan’s largest-diameter optical tele-
scope—the Lulin One-meter Telescope (LOT). Besides be-
ing a bastion of astronomical observations in Taiwan, it is
also involved in many international astronomy programs.
It takes a six-hour drive from Taipei to reach the trail-
head for the observatory. After unloading our gear, we
still have to hike about 600 meters to get to the white
observatory buildings; this is one of the few observatories
in the world that cannot be reached by motor vehicle.
Stargazing year round
Observatory director Lin Hung-chin accompanies
us every step of the way. He is deeply familiar with this
locale not only because it is his current workplace, but
also because in 1990, while still a graduate student, Lin
worked with his faculty advisor, Professor Tsay Wean-
shun, on the search for an observatory site. “Northern
Taiwan is strongly impacted by the northeasterly seasonal
monsoons, while in southern Taiwan there are southwest-
erly airflows, so we decided that the most appropriate site
would be in central Taiwan,” explains Lin. “In addition,
observatories are normally built on high mountains, to
avoid interference from clouds at 1000 to 2000 meters.”
Life at the observatory is simple and highly regulated.
Besides Director Lin Hung-chin, there are also two ob-
servers, Lin Chi-sheng and Hsiao Hsiang-yao, as well

天文台的生活規律且單純,除了台長林宏欽 台灣的天文發展最早可追溯至日治時期,但
外,還有兩位觀測員林啟生和蕭翔耀,及4位原住 直到中央大學天文所在鹿林前山建置一公尺望
民助理負責天文台的維運,確保一年365天只要天 遠鏡,台灣的天文觀測有了重大突破,也多了
氣好就能觀測。 機會加入國際合作計畫。如中美掩星合作計畫
夜間觀測時間寶貴,天文台望遠鏡的使用時間 (TAOS)、美國夏威夷大學天文所及美國空軍
是開放給國內外天文研究提交觀測計畫,經評選 合作的泛星計劃(Pan-STARRS)、超新星巡天
後分配使用觀測時段。但天候天註定,也曾碰過 計畫、EAFoN-東亞 Gamma Ray Burst (GRB)觀
排定了日期,卻因為天候不佳無法觀測。溼度會 測網等。
損壞望遠鏡及儀器,當戶外濕度達95%便須中止 多年來,天文研究的熱點之一是小行星的觀測
觀測(國外標準為80%),我們笑稱這一行是標 與發現。小行星大多數分布在木星與火星之間的
準的「看天吃飯」。 小行星帶,林宏欽比喻,小行星是太陽系形成過
林宏欽解釋,台灣的天文觀測地點雖不如美 程中所剩下的一些碎屑,就像做完麵包會有很多
觀星任務啟動 美麗的星體照片多是透過長時間曝光拍攝而成。圖為梅西爾
接連幾日的雨,晴空總算偷了個檔期出現。傍 Celestial objects tens of thousands of light years away are often
invisible to the naked eye. Most of the beautiful pictures of stars
晚,觀測員蕭翔耀正打開天文台的天窗,準備晚 that we see were taken using long exposure times. The photo
shows the Trifid Nebula (Messier Object 20, above) and the
上的觀測工作。 Lagoon Nebula (Messier Object 8, below).

76 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Lin Hung-chin operates his telescope
with practiced skill. This device, which
he has been toting into the mountains
for over 30 years, has kept him
company on countless cold nights.

as four Aboriginal assistants who are responsible for it is possible to see the shadow of the earth, and indeed
maintaining operations at the observatory, ensuring that along the western horizon there appears a thin layer of
so long as the weather is good, observations can be made indescribable blue that is intoxicatingly beautiful.
365 nights a year. The main focus of stargazing
Nighttime observation time is very precious. Use of The development of astronomy in Taiwan can be
the LOT is open to researchers inside and outside Taiwan, traced back to the era of Japanese rule, but the building
who tender observation plans; timeslots are assigned af- of the LOT by National Central University’s Institute of
ter evaluation of these plans. But after all, the weather is Astronomy represented a major breakthrough for astro-
variable, so it may easily happen that someone is given a nomical observation in Taiwan. It also created numerous
timeslot on a specific day, but observations can’t be made opportunities to take part in international collaborative
because of poor weather. This line of work is a classic case programs, such as the Taiwan–America Occultation Sur-
of “making one’s living at the mercy of the elements.” vey (TAOS), the Pan-STARRS program (in colloboration
Lin Hung-chin explains that overall, Taiwan’s con- with the Institute for Astronomy at the University of
ditions for astronomical observation are not bad, with Hawaii and the US Air Force), the Taiwan Supernovae
observations being possible on about half the days of the Survey, and the East Asian Gamma Ray Burst Follow-up
year. Moreover, because the observatory is located at a low Network (EAFoN).
latitude, the visible area of sky includes most of the south- For many years now, the detection and observation of
ern celestial hemisphere, which is an advantage compared asteroids has been a focal point of astronomical research.
to high-latitude countries. In addition, says Lin, Lulin is Asteroids are mainly distributed in a belt between Jupiter
located in the first line of observation stations along the and Mars. Lin Hung-chin explains that asteroids are frag-
western rim of the Pacific Ocean, so if the big astronomical ments left behind from the formation of the solar system,
arrays in Hawaii detect some special target, the Lulin Ob- comparing them to flour left over after baking a loaf of
servatory can confirm and observe it in a timely manner. bread. The crashing of a comet into Jupiter in 1994 alerted
Besides observing the stars, a fringe benefit of being astronomers to the possibility that something in space
stationed here is that you can often see “majestic views.” could crash into the Earth. It was then that astronomers
After a night of observing, the sun is just rising from started to keep an eye out for unknown threats from space.
behind Yushan. Hsiao Hsiang-yao does not stop to ad- The Lulin Observatory joined the ranks of observa-
mire the sunrise, but rather takes us to look westward tories scanning the skies for asteroids, and since 2002 has
into the distance. He says that when the weather is good discovered more than 800 of these celestial objects. In the

(第 278986 號小行星)、「吳大猷」(第256892號)、「鄧雨
賢」( 第255989 號)、「嘉義」( 第147918號)、「鄒族」( 第

vast reaches of space there are already many asteroids with names related
to Taiwan, such as “Chenshuchu” (Asteroid No. 278986), “Wudayou” (No.
256892), “Dengyushian” (No. 255989), “Chiayi” (No. 147918), “Tsou” (No.
175586), and “Hehuanshan” (No. 207661).
Besides naming asteroids, a more important reason for searching them
out is to take preventive measures in the event that Earth looks likely to be
struck by an object from space. In the future, the main focus will be placed
on asteroids with a diameter of 100 meters and above. Although an impact
of this size would not mean the extinction of human life on Earth, it could
cause the destruction of a city. Scientists are already devoting thought and
creativity to devising responses to such an eventuality. Hsiao Hsiang-yao
laughs: “This is why you can also call us ‘guardians of Earth.’”
Links between man and the stars
There is also a community of amateur astronomers who scan the same
skies and are equally fascinated by the boundlessness of interstellar space.
One of these enthusiasts is Liu Chih-an, president of the Taipei Amateur
Astronomers Association and also founder and webmaster of the Facebook
group the Taiwan Dark-Sky Preservation Alliance. He has enjoyed stargaz-
ing since childhood, and taught himself about the night sky by going to the
library to read about astronomy. In order to better view the stars, he took a

78 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Mt. Hehuan boasts fabulous conditions for stargazing, but it is
not completely free of light pollution from cities, as witnessed by
the yellow glow in the bottom left of the photo.

Mt. Hehuan’s Yuanfeng Peak is a mecca for stargazers, including many foreign visitors who
spend the whole night there viewing the heavens.

小行星已經有九成以上被發現,未來的任務將 海中,「只要星星出現,我就找得到它。」
聚焦在數百公尺大小的小行星,這般尺寸雖不 「人類對於星空的著迷是與生俱來的。」劉志
至造成人類物種絕跡,卻可能造成城市的毀滅, 安說。看著他架起望遠鏡,不借助任何輔助工具,
科學家們正集思廣益、創意發想解決的方案,蕭 轉個向就找到美麗的球狀或是疏散星團。透過天
翔耀笑說:「所以你也可以稱我們是『地球防衛 文望遠鏡,看到數萬光年外的星體,還可見月亮上
隊』。」 的坑洞、木星的橫紋、土星的環,真是讓人連連驚
仰望著同一片天空,著迷於星際的無垠,還有 情地遞過鏡筒,邀請他們一窺管中的天文世界。
再細心組裝,等著天黑由眾星主演的星際大戲。 星空成了劉志安生命中不可或缺的一張地圖,但
劉志安是當中的一員,也是台北市天文協會常 從觀星意外轉向光害防制,是地圖上另一條路徑。
務理事、臉書社團「台灣星空守護聯盟」創辦人 2013年,南投縣政府在合歡山鳶峰設置LED紀
暨版主。從小就喜歡看星星,他對星空的認識靠 念碑,卻讓一群追星同好集結搶救岌岌可危的觀
著跑圖書館自學而來,為了看星星,他到光學公司 星環境。
工作,學到許多關於望遠鏡與光學方面的知識與技 劉志安舉紐西蘭的迪卡波小鎮為例,這個僅
術,也存錢買了自己的第一台望遠鏡。三十餘年的 三、四百人的小鎮,透過光害防制,保存下美麗
觀星經歷,他是亞洲第二個完成「梅西爾馬拉松」 的星空,成為世界第一個星空保護區。認證一通
110個星體觀測者,同伴們稱他是「人體GOTO」 過,全球的追星人都追到迪卡波,帶動當地的星
(GOTO是望遠鏡自動導航程式),星圖都在他腦 空旅遊。

80 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

job at an optics company, where he learned a great deal
about optics and telescopes. In over 30 years of space
observation, he has become only the second observer in
Asia to complete the “Messier Marathon” of sighting 110
heavenly bodies in one night. His colleagues call him “a
human GoTo” (a GoTo is a type of telescope mount and
software that can automatically point a telescope at a se-
lected celestial object)—he’s got a map of the stars in his
brain, and says: “So long as the star appears, I can find it.”
“Mankind’s fascination with space is human nature,”
says Liu Chih-an. We watch as he sets up a telescope
without any assistive tools, and turns it to find beautiful 把庭園燈上方塗黑,減少上溢的光線。
globular star clusters or scattered open star clusters. To Painting the upper side of lights black can reduce the flow of light
into the sky.
the naked eye, many heavenly bodies are just points of
light, but through the telescope one can see the craters on
the moon, the various zones and belts of Jupiter’s atmo-
sphere, and the rings of Saturn, while celestial objects tens led to the banding together of a group of astronomy afi­
of thousands of light years away become visible; it’s an cionados to save Mt. Hehuan’s stargazing environment
amazing experience. Liu is also happy to share his know- from the imminent threat of light pollution.
ledge with others. When we went with him to Yuanfeng Liu points to the example of the small town of Lake
Peak on Mt. Hehuan, he met some visitors from Singa- Te kapo in New Zealand as a successful example of
pore, and generously invited them to look into the eye- the benefits of preventing light pollution. This little
piece of his telescope and explore the astronomical realm. town, with only 300–400 residents, has become part of
Protecting the darkness the world’s first “dark­sky reserve.” After gaining this
The starry skies have become an indispensable map certification, it began to receive visits from stargazers
in the life of Liu Chih-an. But it has been another road from all over the world, driving local “astrotourism.”
altogether on this map that has unexpectedly taken him Inspired by the ideas behind Lake Tekapo, in the
from observing the stars to combating light pollution. name of promoting tourism Liu Chih-an and his col-
In 2013, the Nantou County Government placed an leagues began to educate local homestays in the Qing-
LED commemorative marker on Yuanfeng Peak. This jing area of Nantou’s Ren’ai Township about preventing
light pollution. They also called
on volunteers from the stargazer
community to offer training in
guiding visitors through the
night sky, hoping that know-
ledge related to astro tourism
would develop autonomously in
the local area.

Liu Chih-an and the owner of the
Starry House homestay discuss
how to alter lighting to reduce light

照明公約規範制定。2018 年 7 月,由南投縣政
協會( International Dark-Sky Association, IDA )遞出申
其實清境的星空早已吸引鄰近香港、澳門、東 仰望天空,人類對於星空的著迷是與生俱來的。
南亞等國的朋友定期到台灣報到。台灣的地利之 Gazing up at the night sky, our fascination with the
stars is part of human nature.
Liu Chih-an takes us to visit two homestays: Florence
台灣有望繼韓國永陽螢火蟲保護區、日本西表石 Resort Villa and Starry House. The two homestays use
垣國家公園,成為亞洲第3個國際暗空公園。 different lighting equipment, but each has devised clever
今年4月1日,劉志安在臉書上宣告自工作退休, ideas to reduce light pollution, such as painting the out-
這不是愚人節的玩笑,才53歲的他早早退休,要 sides of their garden lamps black or reducing the wattage
全心守護星空,為孩子保留住一片美麗的星空; of their lights, in order to leave the night stage to the stars.
Public opinion often has it that a place is safe only if
it is well lit, but Liu counters that excessive lighting can
cause glare and blind spots. He and his co-campaigners
by no means want to turn out all the lamps: their main
它們的美麗身影,成為人類文明綺麗的神話;人 focus is on “appropriate lighting.”
類對其無盡的好奇,也開啟了我們宇宙的旅程。 When the Nantou County Government saw the de-
走一趟觀星的旅程,我們發現,我們與星空的距 termination of this group of stargazers, it also commit-
離,不如想像的遠。 l ted itself to observing norms set by relevant outdoor

82 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

lighting conventions. In July of 2018 Nantou County, in night sky for future generations. He is worried about
cooperation with the Cingjing Tourism Association and the durability of current successes, for if there is no one
astronomy groups, applied to the International Dark- to feed the fire in the future, “the flame will go out, and
Sky Association (IDA) for certification for a proposed it will be very difficult to light it again,” he says.
Hehuan Mountain Dark-Sky Park. Looking up at the vast sky filled with stars, so many
In late 2018 the IDA came to Taiwan for a fact-finding light years distant from us, their beautiful forms be-
visit. There is hope that Taiwan will be the third coun- came the focus of enchanting myths at the origins of
try in Asia to have a dark-sky park, following on from civilization, and humans’ limitless curiosity about them
the Yeongyang Firefly Eco Park in South Korea and the has initiated our modern journey into the cosmos. But
Iriomote–Ishigaki National Park in Japan. when we took a stargazing tour of our own, we discov-
On April 1, 2019, Liu Chih-an announced on Face- ered that the distance between us and the stars is not as
book that he would retire from his job. This was no April far as you might imagine. l
Fools’ Day prank. He is retiring at the early age of 53 to (Cathy Teng/photos by Chuang Kung-ju/
devote himself entirely to preserving the beauty of the tr. by Phil Newell)


The Queen of Heaven Mounts Her Chariot
—Jinguashi’s Mazu Procession
文•曾蘭淑 圖•林格立 版面設計•蕭郢岑

84 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

One of the Jinguashi Mazu procession’s unique features is its passage through
steep mountainside streets. (photo by Chuang Kung-ju)

J inguashi’s procession for the goddess Mazu is a

人不同世代的集體記憶。媽祖陣頭穿過山城陡 century-old tradition that embodies the collective
坡小巷,踩過高低階梯,鑽過水圳橋,伴隨著 memories of generations of residents. The proces-

春雨瀟瀟,慈雲灑露,以往媽祖到礦山停駕祈 sion passes through the steep alleys of the moun-

tain town, treads its stairs and crosses its bridges,
walking through the pattering spring rain. In former
times, its route would take in the mines, where it
would pause to pray for blessings. Modern Jinguashi
農曆3月22日子時,金瓜石勸濟堂正殿內燭光 continues the tradition, spreading wellbeing wher-
明亮,沈香裊裊。穿著黃色道袍、96歲的長老 ever the palanquins roam.
向媽祖念誦祝壽經文。23日12點一過,木魚鼓 Candlelight and the scent of incense fill the main hall
of Jinguashi’s Cyuanji Temple on the 22nd day of the third
month of the lunar calendar. Zheng Jinmu, the temple’s
96-year-old senior monk, wears a yellow robe and leans on
眾神起駕,慶典高潮 a cane in front of the altar, where he chants sutras to wish
the goddess a happy birthday. At midnight, the sounds
上午7時,焚香祝禱後,恭請眾神登轎。 change from those of the “wooden fish” (a wooden per-
接駕陣頭邀請優人神鼓與其指導的社區鼓班表 cussion instrument) to those of bells and drums, marking
演,隆隆鼓聲,擊出崇敬,震撼性靈。接著開路 the start of Jinguashi’s annual Mazu procession.

Zheng Jinmu, Cyuanjin Temple’s
96-year-old senior monk, chants
sutras to wish Mazu a happy birthday.

鼓鑼鼓齊鳴,鞭炮聲熱鬧助陣,告知諸尊眾神準 轎夫中還有一位85歲的陳石城,脖子上掛著
備起駕。 的毛巾擦掉汗水也擦雨水,參與了數十年扛轎工
打扮滑稽的報馬仔率先出發,兩對左右護衛的 作,他笑著說:「你上網找『淘金達人』就可找
「大神尪仔」,大步搖擺,好不威風。電音三太 到我!今年人手多,比較沒有扛到啦!」
子、龍陣與醒獅團,一一到神轎前致敬行禮。還 經過斜坡索道,來到新北市立黃金博物館,依往例
有陣頭舞姬在搖滾電音放送下,火辣熱舞,信眾 讓信眾伏跪於地,在此「鑽轎腳」祈安解厄。今年排
目光頓時為之一亮,算是很有台味的另類陣頭。 隊鑽轎腳的信眾,是往年的五、六倍,人龍一直排到
金瓜石媽祖遶境共有7尊神轎出巡,陣容堅 博物館售票亭外的入口處,掀起遶境的第一波高潮。
強。起駕打頭陣的是土地公轎,為眾神開路, 沿路金瓜石的居民供設香案,恭迎媽祖與眾
接著是保民堂供奉的神農大帝。 焿 仔寮媽祖、 神鑾駕的到來。遊庄遶境時,可以看到北海岸媽
共乘一轎的關渡媽祖與麥寮媽祖,以及由勸濟 祖遶境特有的換香傳統,遶境的信眾以短香換上
堂供奉分靈的北港媽祖鑾轎緊跟在後。而在位 在地居民的長香,居民再將換的香插在自家香爐
階高的天公轎之後,由勸齊堂主祀的關聖帝君 內,象徵將神明的香火與祝福,傳達給每一戶人
轎壓陣。 家、每一位住民,是分享也是祝福。
用籐做的竹轎,以減輕重量。縱使如此,重達幾 遶境湊熱鬧的民眾不免納悶,金瓜石沒有媽祖
十公斤的轎子,8人一組,遇到高低階梯,仍會 廟,主辦遶境的勸濟堂主要是供奉關聖帝君,居
氣喘吁吁,天雨路滑,考驗腳力,以及團隊合作 民尊稱為「恩主公」,但為何金瓜石卻是有長達
的默契,堪稱是「全台最操的扛轎人」。 百年歷史的媽祖遶境活動?
初次扛轎的年輕轎夫,遇到陡坡下坡,整座轎的 黃金博物館教育研究組組長駱淑蓉指出,金瓜
重量壓在肩上,不時露出痛苦的表情,然而參與抬 石媽祖遶境的歷史,即是金瓜石發展的縮影。從
轎的金瓜石青年王義華,擔任抬轎工作已有5年, 日治時期當地第一大報《日日新報》的報導可以
他精神抖擻地說:「小時候阿公就帶著我迎媽祖, 發現,金瓜石祭拜媽祖與迎媽祖的活動,最早可
現在我長大了,能夠為神明服務,十分光榮。」 以追溯至1919年。

86 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Gods mount up of the Beigang Mazu statue. The palanquin of Guan Yu,
The birthday incense is burned at 7 a.m., and then the Cyuanji Temple’s principal deity, brings up the rear behind
gods are invited to mount their palanquins. an elevated one carrying a Jade Emperor statue.
The comically dressed po-be-a (“messenger”) sets Because the whole route of the procession ranges up and
out first and announces Mazu’s approach. Two pairs of down slopes via stairs and alleys, the gods ride in palan-
awe-inspiring “god puppets” walking in large wobbly quins made of rattan, which weigh less than the more typ-
strides guard the procession’s flanks. Next, electric-techno ical wooden ones. Even so, they weigh tens of kilograms,
neon god dancers, dragon dancers, and lion dancers come require teams of eight to carry them, and leave their bearers
forward one after another to pay their respects before out of breath after trips up or down stairs. Given the rain-
the palanquins. Female amateur dance troupes perform slick roads, treacherous footing, and cooperation among
sexy dances to rock music, to the delight of the watching bearers necessary to make it all work, it’s no wonder the
worshipers. It’s a very Taiwanese performance. procession has a reputation as the most difficult in Taiwan.
The Jinguashi Mazu procession’s seven palanquins Following the former ropeway up the slope, the pro-
make quite a sight. The palanquin carrying Tudigong’s cession arrives at the New Taipei City Gold Museum,
statue leads the way followed by one carrying Baoming where worshippers kneel and let the palanquins pass over
Temple’s Shennong statue, another carrying Gengzai- them to seek blessings from the gods. Five or six times as
liao’s Mazu statue, still another carrying both Guandu’s many adherents wait here this year as in the past: the line
and Mailiao’s Mazu statues, and then the palanquin of stretches all the way to the museum’s ticket booth, and
Cyuanji Temple’s Mazu statue, a “lineal descendant” marks the first high point in the procession.

Jinguashi residents worship at Cyuanjin Temple.

當時為日治時代,日本的民間礦業株式會社取得開 再加上不論是日本神社祭典或是台灣
礦權,根據駱淑蓉研究金瓜石山神祭的歷史指出,對照 廟宇的祭祀,大家共同的祈願都是礦山
基隆其他地區,日本人與台灣人有複雜的社會互動,但 的順遂平安。駱淑蓉與勸濟堂管理委員
在金瓜石,台日關係卻顯得單純。日本礦主並沒有禁止 會總幹事林欽隆不約而同地指出,當時
台灣人的媽祖信仰,推測原因之一是在金瓜石舉行山神 有一位重要的「仲人」,作為日本礦業
祭,必須讓礦工放假,因此也在慶祝關聖帝君聖誕的同 株式會社與台灣礦工之間的人力仲介黃
時進行迎媽祖活動,各村落架設十餘處舞台,舉行中國 仁祥,出面遊說日本人,大家都是命運
戲劇表演等餘興節目。 共同體,應該尊重台灣人的信仰。黃仁
辛苦,忠於職務,是進香團的焦點。(莊坤儒攝) 研究助理王慧珍研究礦山寺廟的歷史發
Dressed in black slacks with one leg rolled up, a woolen jacket, and a single 現,由於關公是仁義的化身,礦山工頭
sandal, the po-be-a is a focal point of the procession, and represents toil
and dedication to duty. (photo by Chuang Kung-ju) 希望工人祭拜關公後,在挖礦時不致偷


的國營事業台灣金屬 鑛 業股份有限公司

88 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Because the procession’s route takes it up and down many stairways, the gods ride on relatively
lightweight palanquins made of bamboo and rattan. (photo by Chuang Kung-ju)

We follow the road past the place where Jin guashi wan’s biggest newspaper during the period of Japanese
residents have set up an altar to welcome the palanquins. rule, make clear that Jinguashi has been giving offerings
There we see the “swapping incense” custom peculiar to to Mazu since at least 1919.
Mazu processions along Taiwan’s northern coast, which The fact that the Japanese mine owners didn’t bar
involves adherents replacing the procession’s partially the local worship of Mazu is itself interesting. Lo and
burned incense sticks with fresher ones of their own. Lin Ching Long, CEO of Cyuanji Temple’s management
They then take the partially burned incense from the committee, say that this can be laid at the feet of Huang
procession and place it in the incense burners in their own Renxiang, an important intermediary between Nippon
homes, to represent the passing of the gods’ blessings to Mining and Taiwanese miners in those days. Huang per­
each household and each resident. suaded the Japanese management that everyone associ­
Encouraging moral behavior ated with the mines was part of the same “community of
Taiwan’s general public is often mystified by the Jin­ fate,” and that they should therefore respect the Taiwanese
guashi procession. After all, the town doesn’t have a Mazu workers’ beliefs. Huang also gave back to his hometown
temple of its own. In fact, the procession is organized by by donating money to rebuild Cyuanji Temple, which had
Cyuanji Temple, a temple dedicated to Guan Yu, who local previously been little more than a shack. Praying to Mazu
residents refer to as the Lord of Kindness. Why has Jin­ has remained a tradition at Cyuanji Temple ever since.
guashi had its own Mazu procession for the last century? As for Cyuanji Temple’s dedication to Guan Yu, re­
Lo Shu­jung, head of the Gold Museum’s Education search into the mining region’s temples by Wang Hui­
and Research Section, says that the history of the proces­ chen of the Gold Museum’s Education and Research
sion is a microcosm of Jinguashi’s development. Articles Section has shown that mine foremen encouraged mine­
from Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpo (Taiwan Daily News), Tai­ workers to make offerings to Guan Yu because he was

Many Jinguashi natives who live elsewhere return to their
hometown for the Mazu procession.

挖到金礦一夕致富,有拜有保庇,礦山的祭典與 由於礦區產量漸趨枯竭,採礦人數日漸減少,
宗教信仰對礦區居民格外具有慰藉的意義。 註定了金瓜石的蕭條。台金公司在水湳洞附近興
縱使金瓜石沒有媽祖廟,勸濟堂二樓則有供 建禮樂煉銅廠,煉銅的廢氣,更促使人口大量外
奉一尊自北港朝天宮分靈的媽祖神像。總幹事林 移,台金公司1987年宣告歇業後,結束了產金歲
欽隆解釋,勸濟堂自1934年開始到北港朝天宮進 月。沒有經濟動脈的金瓜石,人口大量流失,在
香,每一年信徒一定帶「媽祖」回娘家。他不忘 1970年代的繁榮時期,人口有八千多戶、二萬多
補充:「其實媽祖也在勸濟堂住了幾十年,也可 人,現在設籍只有一百多戶、六百多人。
以算是當地人了。」 就連過去舉辦迎媽祖活動,靠每戶收丁口錢來
拜台灣農曆3月「瘋媽祖」之賜,具有山城遶 籌措經費,由於人口流失,由金瓜石的瓜山、石
境特色的金瓜石,也吸引了媽祖信徒的目光。 山、新山、銅山4里輪流當爐主舉辦時,單靠收
而今年是歷年來規模最大的一次,同時邀請保 丁口錢,無以為繼,也因此十多年前,由勸濟堂
民堂、金福宮、五府千歲等廟宇共襄盛舉,勸濟 負起統籌整合4個里能量的工作。
堂也成立百年以來第一屆管理委員會,以新的管 基於振興故鄉的責任感,勸濟堂主委,同時
理團隊來主辦媽祖遶境活動,深究其中的原因, 也曾是瓜山國小校友會理事長連城珍指出,百年
卻是為振興沒落的金瓜石。 歷史的瓜山國小,最繁榮時全校有二千多人,現
自警官職務退休的林欽隆忍不住地說:「金瓜 位校友,接待住在香客大樓,參加媽祖遶境的活
石的荒涼與沒落,我們實在看不下去了!」 動,希望能進一步維繫子弟對家鄉的感情。

90 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

viewed as an incarnation of benevolence and justice, and wor- County, and therefore shares in its ling (“efficacious
ship of him reduced pilfering. power”). Lin explains that Cyuanji Temple began
Cyuanji Temple also provided free medication and Chinese- engaging in exchanges with Chaotian Temple in
language education, which was of great help to the impover- 1934. He says that adherents have brought Mazu
ished miners and their families, who otherwise couldn’t afford back home to Beigang every year since, but adds:
medical care. “Mazu has been living at Cyuanji Temple for de-
When gold flowed cades, which makes her practically a local.”
After Japanese rule ended, Taiwan Metal Mining, a state- Jinguashi’s Mazu procession attracts many
owned mining company operated under the Ministry of Eco- Mazu adherents during Taiwan’s “Mazu frenzy”
nomic Affairs, took over operation of Jinguashi’s mines. in the third lunar month.
Life in the mining town was hard, and not everyone who This year ’s procession was the biggest ever,
went into the mines came out again. On the other hand, a with participation from other local temples, in-
gold strike could mean overnight riches. The Mazu procession cluding Baoming Temple, Jinfu Temple, and Wufu
offered residents an opportunity to pray for protection from Qiansui Temple. It also marks the formation of
calami ties, and their more general religious beliefs helped Cyuanji Temple’s first management committee
them cope with the vagaries of their lives. in its hundred years of existence (part of a larger
Even though Jinguashi doesn’t have a Mazu temple, the sec- effort to revitalize Jinguashi itself), which means
ond floor of Cyuanji Temple has a Mazu statue that is a “daugh- that a new team organized this year’s procession.
ter” of the Mazu statue at Chaotian Temple in Beigang, Yunlin My hometown
Lin Ching Long, a retired police official, ex-
plains, “We just had to do something about how
run down Jinguashi has become.”
Jinguashi’s decline was inevitable once its
mining output fell, as less mining meant fewer
jobs. Other people left to escape the air pollution
from Taiwan Metal Mining’s Shuinandong cop-
per smelter. The situation became even more dire
when the company ceased operations in 1987.
This ended the area’s metal production, depriving
it of its economic lifeblood and causing even
more people to move away. The town, which had
a population of more than 20,000 people in 8,000
households in the prosperous 1970s, is now home
to only 600-some people in 100-odd households.
In the old days, each of Jinguashi’s households

(top) Now 85 years old, Chen Shicheng has
been helping carry god palanquins for decades.

“Swapping incense” is a characteristic of the Jinguashi
Mazu procession.

除了瓜山國小校友,參加的信眾中,還有百年 訪全台五百多間媽祖廟,以及造訪日本四國與不
歷史的私立時雨中學校友。例如從民國58∼61年 丹各地的媽祖廟,進行文化交流與結緣。
就讀的校友,由會長領軍參加遶境兼開同學會; 本名黃朱平的朱朱,曾是黃金博物館駐村藝術
還有金瓜石緩慢民宿特地前晚停收一天客人,動 家,她以0.2公分的圓頭代針筆,花費10年時間畫
員全體員工參加遶境,將體驗當地文化作為員工 下二百多尊神態各異的媽祖畫像,收錄在她的新
訓練課程;更多的是外移他鄉的金瓜石人,阿嬤 書《作度人舟》中。
帶著阿孫,或是叔姪返鄉探親,踏在故鄉的土 朱朱認為,在金瓜石可以感受一種掏空的悲
地,再次提醒自己,金瓜石是「我的家鄉」。 涼,繁華後的哀傷與寂寥,住過金瓜石更可以
沿路信眾中有位獨自安靜地拍照紀錄的媽祖畫 就像今年的媽祖遶境,超過百位的攝影同好,
家朱朱。與媽祖有奇妙緣份的她,自身供奉一尊 擠在古蹟水圳橋,準備拍攝經典的金瓜石媽祖遶境
媽祖,並且曾帶著2.3公斤的「祂」徒步環島,走 畫面時,卻下起了傾盆大雨。來到5號寮舊戲台前

Cyuanjin Temple has long produced medicinal grass pellets and provided them to the public for free.
The pellets remain an important cultural tradition even in the wake of Taiwan’s implementation of
National Health Insurance. (courtesy of the New Taipei City Gold Museum)

92 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

The dazzling Golden Falls located beside the winding Jinshan Highway are
an important bit of mining-related scenery.

contributed funds to cover the costs of the Mazu proces­ A painter who was once a resident artist at the Gold
sion. When the population fell, residents coped by having Museum, ChuChu has drawn more than 200 images of
each the town’s four boroughs take turns organizing the Mazu over the last ten years using a technical pen with
event. But when the household contributions could no a 0.2­centimeter tip. In fact, she recently published them
longer keep the procession going, Cyuanji Temple took in a new book entitled Giver of Courage.
on the job of coordinating the four boroughs’ capabilities. She believes that visiting Jinguashi enables people to
Many of the people who participate in the procession experience the sorrow of a hollowed­out town, the des­
are Jinguashi natives who now live elsewhere. Grand­ olation and grief that followed on the heels of its loss of
mothers with their grandchildren, uncles and nephews prosperity. She also says that those who live here get to
back to visit relatives, they march along the streets of Jin­ experience the ever­changing breath of Nature, which
guashi and remind themselves that this is their home. delivers wind one minute and rain the next.
Finding peace This year’s Mazu procession has attracted more than
ChuChu, whose actual name is Huang Zhu ping, 100 photographers who gather near the historic bridge
stands by herself among the adherents lining the road to capture images of the procession as it passes, only
and quietly snaps photographs. She has an unusual per­ to be drenched in a downpour. We come to the plaza
sonal connection to Mazu in the form of a 2.3­kilogram in front of the town’s historic “Cottage Number 5” to
statuette of the goddess that she has brought to all of Tai­ take a break. The rain, now a drizzle, does nothing to
wan’s more than 500 Mazu temples. She has also taken it dampen the appetites of the crowd. Fortunately, Jingua­
to Mazu temples in Bhutan and on the Japanese island of shi’s residents have prepared a dozen or so dishes, in­
Shikoku to engage in cultural exchanges and meet people. cluding fried rice noodles, bamboo shoot soup, fishball

廣場,準備中場休息,則變成細雨霏霏,但飛舞 的金瓜石礦業遺址,如金瓜石陰陽海、黃金瀑布,
的雨絲也沒有打壞眾人大塊朵頤的興緻,金瓜石 反映了昔日礦脈所造成的絕美奇觀;廢煙道與十三
在地居民準備了炒米粉、竹筍湯、福州魚丸湯、 層製煉廠址則可以感受昔日繁華與今日的悲涼。
瓜仔雞等十多道料理,以流水席款待進香隊伍。 遶境過後,全身溼透地坐在煉金術咖啡店外,喝一
鳴炮、吹響號角,又開始遶境祈堂老街的行 杯又冰又熱的黃金咖啡,真是映照畫家朱朱的話:
程。不同於台灣其他老街,祈堂老街的石板道, 「媽祖作為一種精神的存在,在遶境的沿途中,媽
仍保有老街的原貌。 祖帶你走的是一條人生的路。」路程中不論風雨,
就像金瓜石媽祖遶境是無形的文化資產,有形 不論遇見多少過客,心路才是最重要的。 l

94 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

The winding Jinshan Highway
and beautiful mountain scenery
are part of what makes
Jinguashi special.
(photo by Chuang Kung-ju)

soup, and chicken-and-squash soup, and are serving the conclusion, we sit outside the Alchemy Cafe, soaking wet
visiting worshipers as they arrive. and drinking hot coffee with an ice-cream floater. Some-
While Jinguashi’s Mazu procession is an intangible thing ChuChu said runs through our heads: “Mazu is a
cultural asset, the tangible sites associated with the town’s spiritual being. With the procession, she takes you on a
derelict mines, such as the Yin Yang Sea and the Golden symbolic passage through human life.” It doesn’t matter if
Waterfall, are spectacular artifacts of the area’s old veins it rains, or how many sojourners you meet along the way—
of ore. The ruins of the old exhaust pipes and the 13-level it is the mental and spiritual journey that is the point. l
smelting plant give a sense of the prosperity of yore and (Esther Tseng/photos by Jimmy Lin/
the dismal state of the present. Following the procession’s tr. by Scott Williams)



的 漫漫人生
Dedicating Decades to Drawing Masterpieces
—Hsu Mao-sung’s Life in Comics

文•李珊瑋 圖•林旻萱 版面設計•蕭郢岑

96 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Comics have been Hsu Mao-sung’s life, and he
is proud to have invested that life into his own
interpretation of the art. (courtesy of the Hsu

from The Buddha, © Hsu Mao-sung, courtesy of Dyna Books)

力,一甲子間創作無數,也見證本土漫畫的興衰 H su Mao-sung has dedicated his life and his
considerable creative energies to Taiwanese
comics, and in his decades of work, this national
treasure has been witness to the ups and downs of
the industry.
集,風格多樣。 Hsu’s 1998 The Past and Present of Tamsui won
1998年以《淡水的前世今生》,榮獲行政 a Golden Tripod Award from the Government In-
院新聞局年度出版金鼎獎;2004年榮獲行政院 formation Office, and in 2004 he received a Lifetime
新聞局及台北市漫畫工會主辦之第三屆台灣漫 Achievement Award at the Taiwan Golden Comic
畫金像獎的終身成就獎;2006年再度以「佛祖 Awards. Two years later, he took first place in the

畫傳」鉅作,榮獲國立編譯館年度優良漫畫獎 National Institute for Compilation and Transla-

tion’s annual Excellent Comics Awards, and in 2017
he was honored with a Special Contribution Award
at the Ministry of Culture’s 8th Golden Comic
下不朽的里程碑。 Awards. Hsu has been an enduring pillar of strength
for Taiwan’s comics industry.

寂靜的深夜裡,書桌上那盞枱燈,一甲子來, Buried in comic books

總是固執地堅守到天明。蒼白的燈光下,映照出許 “For as long as I can remember, Dad’s been drawing
comics.” To his children, Hsu Mao-sung has seemed
much like a comic-book character himself, mysterious
and aloof as he spends more than 12 hours a day work-
ing on his books. “Mom’s always had to run the house-
正道傳世。(佛祖傳©許貿淞/原動力文化提供) hold and manage the family by herself.” Focused on his
Hsu Mao-sung spent a decade working on his magnum opus, art with tireless drive and unflinching tenacity, Hsu has
hoping to leave a good legacy through the teachings of the Buddha.
(from The Buddha, © Hsu Mao-sung, courtesy of Dyna Books) been a model of self-discipline for his children.

貿淞削瘦的面容,高聳的鼻樑上,架著深度 年時最熱鬧的情景。在漫畫極盛時期,許貿淞意氣風
老花眼鏡,貼近畫紙的臉頰,凝神專注地構 發,培植了很多子弟兵,師徒聯手創作,獨樹一格。
思一幕幕的漫畫情節,一筆一劃,細膩描繪 70年代初,許貿淞成立的「松山畫室」,上官平、
出人生的使命。 秋月、謝天、楊震宇等都是他的得意門生。因為市場
「從有記憶以來,父親就在畫漫畫。」 很大,夜以繼日的趕工,「一個星期就要出一本百來
每天焚膏繼晷,工作超過12小時的許貿淞, 頁的書,有時要連載好幾期。」當時由「藝昇書店」
在子女的印象中,就像是漫畫中的人物,神 出版的漫畫單行本,幾乎全由「松山畫室」包辦,真
秘而疏離。許貿淞的女兒說:「家裡的事, 是紅極一時。往往漫畫店還沒開門,已經有顧客排隊
都是媽媽一手打理。」專注在創作藝術上, 等候,店裡最新的各家漫畫暢銷書,許貿淞的作品,
許貿淞用執著的精進,不畏挫敗的堅毅,給 總是最早銷售一空。
子女們無言的身教。 「在還沒有電視的年代,漫畫家真的很風光。」
本名許松山的國寶級漫畫大師許貿淞,1937 許貿淞用手撫順稀疏的白髮,欣慰的目光,投向窗外
年7月10日在高雄縣岡山街(現為橋頭區)出 的綠葉上。「好多人來向我要簽名照,真的好像明星
生,20歲出頭就開始漫畫創作,是原汁原味的 一樣。」在一片大好聲中,許貿淞也動心投入漫畫出
本土原創漫畫家。在武俠漫畫當紅的60年代, 版。他感嘆道:「成也漫畫,敗也漫畫。」因為漫畫
稱霸南台灣的許松山,與漫畫界尊稱為「少林 審查制度的政策和時代變遷,漫畫市場瞬間由雲端跌



Hsu’s careful attention to detail in his inking and coloring
is a strain on his eyes and demands a steady wrist.
(courtesy of the Hsu family)

Over more than half a century, Hsu Mao-sung has
penned innumerable classics, all at this small desk.
(courtesy of the Hsu family)

98 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Born Hsu Sung-shan in 1937, in what is now Kao- 珍貴的手稿,可看出漫畫繁複的繪製過程,極具保存價值。
hsiung City’s Qiaotou District, Hsu Mao-sung began his Through these precious preparatory sketches, we can see the
complex process involved in drawing comics.
career in comics in his early 20s and is the epitome of a
true Taiwanese comics artist. Together with You Long-
hui, Hsu has become one of the legends of the industry.
Hsu’s work builds on tales from Chinese myth,
mixing in elements of Western mythology to create “Back before television, comics artists were big
an ever-changing cast of characters with immense stars.” While things were booming, Hsu also got into
mystical powers. In the era before the Internet, com- publishing. “Live by the comic, die by the comic, I
ics fans would lose themselves in the vibrant worlds guess,” he sighs, recalling how government censorship
Hsu created. and changing times soon saw the comics market tumble
Songshan Studio hits the big time back down to Earth. Hit hard by the crash, Hsu even
When Taiwanese comics were at their peak, Hsu had to sell the family homestead to pay off his debts.
eagerly set about training students and working with “I remember we had to move around a lot, and I
apprentices, establishing a unique style. ended up changing elementary schools a bunch,” says
In the early 1980s, he set up Songshan Studio, work- Hsu’s daughter Elizabeth. Lacking a stable income and
ing with students like Shang Guanping, Qiu Yue, Xie reduced to renting, Hsu had to move house frequently,
Tian, and Yang Zhenyu. The market was a big one at shifting around Southern Taiwan with his wife and three
the time, and so they worked day and night. Virtually daughters in tow. “I worried so much every time we had
every trade paperback put out by Yisheng Books during to pay the tuition fees,” says Hsu. He buried himself
the period was produced by Songshan Studio. in work day and night, chain-smoking and sustaining

落谷底。唯一傳承的古厝,也在這波大崩盤的浪 是當時卻讓他痛苦萬分,生計大挫。
潮下,變賣抵債。 因為他是畫武俠漫畫,內容不免有無數超越現
「印象中,我們常在搬家,國小換了好幾 實的想像,「飛來飛去的輕功,是沒辦法通過審
所。」不穩定的收入,僅能賃屋而居,妻女隨著 查的;太誇張的畫面,也必須要修改。」無數以
許貿淞在南台灣不斷遷移。「每次孩子要交學費 漫畫為生的職人,在那種低氣壓的氛圍裡,紛紛
時,我就要大傷腦筋。」菸一支接著一支,米酒 轉換跑道。「因為畫畫是我的最愛,對徒弟們也
加上保力達,沒日沒夜的趕稿,由青絲到白頭, 有不可推卸的責任。」許貿淞咬牙苦撐,在夾縫
佝僂的身影,顧不得透支健康。 中求生,並嘗試用不同型態的畫風,繪製台灣神
見證台灣本土漫畫的興衰起落,許貿淞堅持 為了維持生計,許貿淞在友人的建議下,開始硃
到底。如日中天的漫畫全盛時期,他只享受到了 砂畫,雖然畫材昂貴,大幅的觀音像,法相莊嚴,
短暫的歲月。為了杜絕社會上的怪力亂神風氣, 數度舉行畫展,甚受好評,卻叫好不叫座。「我
「漫畫審查」制度,像是從天而降的緊箍咒,對 覺得還沒有畫出我的全部功力,所以才會血本無
出版業者綁手縛腳,霎時間動輒得咎。「反正他 歸。」許貿淞至今仍十分愧疚:「把女兒的嫁妝都
們看不順眼,就叫你改,等到合格了,拿到審查 賠掉了。」


Hsu’s works are diverse, but all
contain valuable lessons.

100 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Hsu Mao-sung carefully crafts the progress of his stories toward their
climaxes, immersing readers in their twists and turns.

himself on the energy drink Paolyta and rice wine, more into those paintings. That’s why I didn’t come out
hunched over his art and ignoring even his own health. on top that time.” Hsu is still embarrassed about it all: “I
Darkest before the dawn basically lost my daughter’s dowry.”
Hsu Mao-sung was only able to enjoy a brief period Dedicating a decade to making a masterpiece
at the top during the time the comics industry thrived. “In fact, it’s hard going making any money drawing
Wanting to curb “degeneracy” in society, the govern- comics in the south,” says Hsu. For Hsu Mao-sung, who
ment began to subject comics to “review,” essentially self-deprecatingly calls himself a “madman,” drawing is
tying the hands of publishers and striking a massive in his blood, so despite the hardships he has never been
blow to the livelihoods of those in the industry. able to put his art aside. In a time when cameras were
With the industry in the doldrums, many people still few and far between, his father had been a well-
chose to leave for pastures new. “Drawing is what I known local portrait artist, and so from a young age Hsu
love, and I also had an unshirkable responsibility to my picked up both art and a habit of being meticulous.
apprentices,” Hsu remarks, explaining what kept him With no tolerance for mistakes, Hsu developed an
gritting his teeth and fighting on. eye for detail and a persistence in getting to the core
To make ends meet, at the recommendation of a of things. These traits can be seen clearly in his comics
friend Hsu Mao-sung began turning his hand to ver- art, particularly The Past and Present of Tamsui and his
milion painting. His huge, majestic paintings of the magnum opus The Buddha. “More than a decade ago,
bodhisattva Guanyin became the subject of several ex- my daughter sadly commented that I hadn’t created
hibitions and received rave reviews, even if the actual anything for them.” Touched to the core, Hsu set about
turnout for the exhibitions wasn’t quite as stellar as spending the next ten years on a full-color work to rec-
those reviews. “Honestly I think I could have put a bit tify that.

出來的。」父親是地方知名「肖像師」(註: 角色的規劃,對話的內容,色彩服裝的考證,
照相器材還不普及的年代,專職畫人像的師 真是煞費苦心。「既然是古印度的真實歷史,總
傅。)許貿淞從小耳濡目染,養成一絲不苟的 不能畫成中式的人物。」光是設計書中七百多
習性,母親更是嚴厲地要求他仔細描繪,務必 頁,上千角色的原型,就是一件耗費心力的巨大
和原物一模一樣。 工程。「對於一再重覆出現的人物,必須前後一
因為不能有差池,養成許貿淞細膩的觀察力, 致。」這項令人驚嘆的功力,許貿淞卻認為是漫
以及考證到底的執著。這些特質,清晰呈現在用 畫家必須要具備的基本技能,不足為奇。
漫畫寫地方誌──《淡水的前世今生》,和世紀 發心要忠於經文,許貿淞走遍台灣各大寺廟,
之作《佛祖傳》中。「十多年前,我女兒哀怨的 更到大陸古寺、石窟等地仔細觀察。「為了畫菩
說,您都沒有為我們留下作品。」一句話,觸擊 提樹,我多處尋訪,並且拍照臨摹。」對於這本
到許貿淞最柔軟的心底,開始了為時10年的全彩 傳世經典,許貿淞投注畢生的經驗和考證。
工筆創作。 「很感謝原動力文化公司願意出版這麼冷門的
「我花了兩年多的時間,翻遍佛經和相關畫 書,印刷和編排,好的出乎我的想像。」手稿完
冊。」篤信佛教近半世紀的許貿淞,用虔誠的 成三年多後,許貿淞的女兒仔細考量,才把《佛
心,全力投入,完成一生宏願。從劇本的編排, 祖傳》的最後一哩,交託給可信賴的廠商。「我

102 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

“I spent over two years just going over all the Bud­ complete this masterful legacy work, Hsu harnessed a
dhist scriptures and related documents,” he says. A lifetime’s experience and research.
devout Buddhist for nearly half a century, he whole­ “I’m very grateful to Dyna Books for publishing,
heartedly devoted himself to completing this noble printing, and laying out a book like this which is so un­
task. Just setting out the thousands of characters that likely to sell that well. They did a better job than I could
would appear was a massive and laborious endeavor have ever imagined.” After Hsu had spent more than
that spanned more than 700 pages. three years completing the manuscript, his daughter
Wanting to be loyal to scripture, Hsu visited ma­ thought carefully about how to handle the last mile,
jor temples across Taiwan, as well as ancient temples, turning it over to trusted hands to finish. “It’s my fa­
grottoes, and other places in China, to take in all the ther’s life’s work, and I hope it won’t just be restricted to
details. “To draw the Bodhi tree, I searched all over. I the religious world, but be of educational use to every­
went to many places and took photos for reference.” To one.” Having inherited her father ’s desire to record

The figures in The Buddha are all clothed in a manner faithful to their times.
(from The Buddha, © Hsu Mao-sung, courtesy of Dyna Books)


Dyna Books took up the mission of publishing The Buddha
out of a desire to help Hsu create his legacy. 劇、導演、演員、旁白;有畫面、有對話、有情
堅持的心,永不停歇。 l

104 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

history in comic-book form, Hsu’s daughter
is surely a safe pair of hands for his legacy.
A life in comics with no regrets
“Drawing comics is demanding work—
you’ve got to be scriptwriter, director, actor
and narrator all at once, and you’ve got to
be able to capture readers’ attention with
pictures, dialogue, plot, and writing.” A
truly masterful piece is a work of art wor-
thy of passing down to future generations.
On Hsu’s old desk, he keeps a small
mirror that he uses to try out characters’
expressions. “My brain never stops. What’s
most worrying is that I often find myself
talking to the characters in my dreams.”
Having spent a lifetime in the comics
world, he long ago stopped drawing a line
between reality and fantasy.
“People used to say comics were just
kids’ stuff, easy to draw, but in reality
there’s a complicated process behind them,
especially the more realistic ones.” Each
stage from the composition of the first
draft to inking, from storyboarding to line
drafting, rewriting and coloring, is time-
consuming and laborious. “Paper quality is
also very important, since you can’t let the
colors get smudged,” explains Hsu of the
need for specially selected paper. “No mat-
ter how hard up you might be, you can’t
skimp on the paper.” 《佛祖傳》分為上中下3大巨冊,
“The linework in The Buddha is very 細述佛祖由誕生悟道到圓寂的一生。
The Buddha was published in three volumes, carefully
dense, which meant it was stressful on the detailing every stage of the life of Siddhartha Gautama
eyes and the hands, so I could only get a from birth through enlightenment to parinirvana.

page or two done a day.” As a result, Hsu

was finally able to finish the book after a
decade of work. Spending so long hunched
over his work led to Hsu injuring his lum- ideas in my head, but these days the body isn’t quite as willing.”
bar spine, paying a physical price to pro- Hsu’s trembling hands are no longer up to the task of his old intri-
duce a masterwork for the generations. cate linework. Nevertheless, he remains committed to the cause of
“I never had a formal teacher, I’ve really helping Taiwan create its own style, the same commitment that has
just been blessed from above.” The plaudits kept him going throughout his lifelong career in comics. Time may
may keep coming for Hsu, but now in his be taking its toll, but at heart, Hsu Mao-sung is as tireless as ever. l
eighties, he views brickbats and bouquets (Lee Shan Wei/photos by Lin Min-hsuan/
with equanimity. “I’ve still got so many tr. by Geof Aberhart)

A Low-Carbon Green Island
—Qimei’s Smart Power Grid

文•曾蘭淑 圖•林格立 版面設計•胡如瑜



Q imei, an island of the Penghu archipelago, a placee where the sea and
sky merge into one, has strong sunshine in summer and powerful mon-
soon winds in winter. These attributes provide opportunities to develop both
solar and wind power, and through storage and distribution via a smart
power grid, Qimei can be transformed into a low-carbon green energy island.
七美,1980年代漁群資源豐沛,全島多達七千多 現有的4部柴油發電機,每部可以發電1,000kW。
位居民;如今漁業資源面臨枯竭危機,今(2019) 用電高峰隨著九孔養殖業者的沒落,預估至少10
年暖冬,甚至採收不到紫菜。由 於 無 法 靠 海 維 年內電力供應不虞匱乏。以去年為例,尖峰用電
生,七美目前戶籍只剩一千多戶、三千多位居民 為1,750 kW,年用電量約780萬度,供電成本約1
設籍,但大多到台灣本島工作。夏季旅遊旺季時, 億3,000萬元。
每天湧入二、三千位的遊客,比當地居民還多。 他進一步解釋,由於七美位於離島,發電用的
生存最終的智慧就是「永續」,面對氣候變遷 柴油,必須從本島運送過來,燃料成本高,導致
所帶來的風險與機會,「七美智慧電網」計劃不 七美每度發電成本要12元,但七美的電價與台灣
僅是以綠色能源減碳永續的解決方案之一,也成 本島一樣都是2元(用電愈多,電價愈貴,也是與
為台灣發展綠色能源技術的試範場域。 本島一樣),因此台電每賣1度電就要虧10元。
由玄武岩砌成低矮圍牆的七美島海豐社區,還 作業寫完,晚上再點著油燈看書。她不忘強調:
看得到已有40年歷史、灰白斑駁的木頭電線桿。 「我的頭可是被先總統蔣公摸過的哦!」
這一天台電人員為還在興建中的房屋裝上電錶, 她說,前總統蔣中正曾到七美拜訪民間友人,
趕在新居落成前通電。 發現七美沒有電力後,便指示當局努力供電。過
在七美,每一戶用的每一度電力,都有太陽能 了多年,前總統蔣經國到澎湖視察,沒有多久七
板的光電綠能併聯發電。 美即有自來水,真的是領袖體察民間疾苦。
造訪台灣電力公司七美發電廠控制室,儀板表 由於七美距離澎湖本島約29海浬(36公里),可
上的顯示便一目了然。全島在上午10點10分用電 以說是「離島中的離島」,發電成本甚至比澎湖更
的負載為919.9 kW(瓩),其中供電來自光電綠 高。台灣光復後,由鄉公所成立發電合作社供電,
能為225.7kW,柴油發電為756.1kW。 但因設備簡陋、成本高昂,品質相當不穩定。
廠長陳永宗是七美人,他不疾不徐地說,七美 1974年擔任行政院長的蔣經國,指示台電公司
為離島獨立的電力系統,主要由柴油發電供電, 接管七美鄉水電合作社,成立台電七美服務所,

Qimei was one of the
last of Taiwan’s offshore
islands to have a 24-
hour electricity supply.

108 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

When you visit the unique landscape of Qimei Island, 2001年有14家九孔養殖場,導致用電急速成長,隨著九孔
located at the southernmost tip of the Penghu archipelago, In 2001 there were 14 abalone aquaculture sites on Qimei,
you will find “Little Taiwan,” a platform shaped by sea leading to rapid growth in electricity consumption. But with the
decline of abalone farming, there should be no concerns about
erosion, which at low tide looks like the island of Taiwan. any shortfall in power supply for at least ten years.
There is also the “Basalt Lion,” which stands by the sea-
shore looking out into the white spray. You can see nature’s
magical handiwork in many places around the island.
A particular attraction is the “Twin-Heart Stone Weir,” The ultimate wisdom for survival is sustainability.
which was built by fishermen of yesteryear out of basalt Facing the risks and opportunities brought by climate
and coral rocks to trap fish by the action of the rising and change, the “Qimei Smart Grid” project not only offers
falling tides. They lived off the sea and were dependent a solution to the problem of sustainability with green
on it. Today, as a result of climate change, there are fewer energy and reduced carbon emissions, it has become a
fish, and the Twin-Heart Stone Weir has instead become a trial and demonstration project for the development of
romantic location where lovers check in on social media. green energy technology throughout Taiwan.
In the 1980s, when fish were abundant, the island had High costs for offshore power
more than 7000 residents. Today, with fisheries resources fac- On Qi mei, every kilowatt-hour (kWh) used by
ing exhaustion, locals can no longer make a living from the households includes green energy generated by photo-
sea, and the number of households on Qimei has dropped voltaic solar panels.
to 1000-plus. Well over 3000 people have their official domi- In the control room of the Qimei Power Plant of the
cile there, but the majority have moved to Taiwan proper to Taiwan Power Company (Taipower), the displays on the
work. In the peak summer tourist season, 2000–3000 tourists control panel can be understood at a glance. At 10:10
pour in each day, outnumbering local residents. a.m., the electric load across Qimei is 919.9 kilowatts

按一日三餐煮飯的時間分3階段供電,並且遲至 台電今年計劃增設風力發電340 k W,與加設
1984年才全日供電。 300kWh(每小時瓩)儲能系統,俟2020年完工
考慮離島燃料發電成本高,台電再生能源處副 從供電成本與穩定性的角度來看,綠能投資成
處長李文彬指出,配合科技部能源國家型計畫, 本高,而且「靠老天臉色」發電,仍有供電頻率
在七美建置「低碳島智慧電網示範系統」,由義 不穩定的問題,必須靠柴油機組發電。但從「綠
守大學教授陳朝順主持,進一步將七美打造成綠 能減碳」的角度,不管是燃煤或是燃油都會產生
能減碳之島。 溫室氣體,以台灣來說,每發一度電,即會排放
太陽能板就放置在七美海拔第二高的山丘上, 出0.528公斤的二氧化碳。
統與智慧能源管理系統,調整運轉排程。 負責太陽光電系統第二期施工的大同公司,
七美智慧電網是低碳島的示範場域。 發電效能可達3.8度/每日每kW,不怕強勁東北
Qimei’s smart power grid is a demonstration project for a low-
carbon island. 季風。

110 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Above, a Taipower employee installs an electricity meter at a new
house in Qimei’s Haifeng Community. At right, a worker checks
on the operation of a diesel generator.

(kW). To meet this demand, 225.7 kW of green energy is University, the project marks a step forward in transform-
being generated by photovoltaic panels, and 756.1 kW ing Qimei into a low-carbon green energy island.
is being supplied by diesel generators. An array of solar panels has been installed on Qimei’s
Plant director Chen Yung-tsung, who was born on second highest hill, with a peak generating capacity of 355
Qi mei, says with unhurried assurance that the elec- kW. Because solar power can only be generated during
tricity supplied by Qimei’s independent power system daylight hours and the amount generated is greatest when
comes mainly from diesel generators. At present there skies are clear, the mismatch between peak generating
are four such generators, each one capable of produc- times and peak demand will be adjusted via an energy
ing 1000 kW of power. No shortfall should be expected storage system and a smart energy management system.
in the power supply for at least the next ten years. For In 2019, Taipower plans to add 340 kW of wind power
example, last year peak demand was 1750 kW, and total capacity and an energy storage system of 300 kWh. When
consumption was 7.8 million kWh. The cost of supply- construction is completed in 2020, electricity generated
ing this power was NT$130 million. from renewable sources will account for over 40% of total
He further explains that because Qimei is an offshore power consumption on the island, maximizing the pro-
island, the diesel fuel for power generation must be portion of green power generation on Qimei.
transported over from Taiwan, and fuel costs are high, Seen from the perspective of cost of supply and reli-
resulting in a cost of NT$12 for each kWh generated on ability, green energy requires a high level of investment,
Qimei. But the charge to consumers is the same as on and is dependent on the weather. The supply is not fully
Taiwan proper, at NT$2 per kWh (the more power one reliable, so it will still be necessary to use diesel genera-
uses, the higher the price, also just as on Taiwan proper). tors to produce electricity. But in terms of green energy
This means that Taipower loses NT$10 per kWh sold. and carbon reduction, whenever power is generated by
A low-carbon green energy island coal or oil, greenhouse gases are produced. In Taiwan,
Lee Wen-bing, deputy director of the Department of each kWh of energy produced using coal or oil results in
Renewable Energy at Taipower, states that in view of the the emission of 0.528 kilograms of carbon dioxide.
high cost of diesel-generated power on offshore islands, The green energy industry
Taipower, in coordination with the National Energy Pro- Chen Wei-lin, division manager of the Smart Meter
gram of the Ministry of Science and Technology, is con- Business Unit at the Tatung Company, which is handling
structing a low-carbon smart grid demonstration system the second phase of construction of the solar energy sys-
on Qimei. Run by Professor Chen Chao-shun of I-Shou tem on Qimei, notes that the green energy produced on

On Qimei, every kilowatt-
hour of electricity used
by households includes
green energy generated by
photovoltaic solar panels.

 智慧電錶事業部處長陳威霖指出,七美產生 沙群島,以及距離約1,600公里遠的太平島,長期
的綠能電力,每年可以取代柴油發電48萬度的電 以來必須運送柴油來發電,但是透過微電網整合
力,換算可以減少253公噸的碳排放,相當於種 發電,亦可利用太陽能發電啟動製水機,同時減
樹2萬棵的減碳量。除了減碳,少用柴油發電, 輕了運送柴油發電與飲用水的負擔。
大同公司除了生產電鍋,1960年代開始配合 像七美小島這樣,過去無電可用,供電費力又
政府政策,生產智慧電錶、配電盤、發電機等設 昂貴的窘境,目前仍存在東南亞小島遍布的菲律
備,並建置水力、火力電廠的機電設施,以及目 賓、印尼,以及非洲等新興國家的偏鄉。
前發電系統的整合,有豐富電力產業的經驗。陳 大同公司2015年以捐贈援助的方式,在緬甸的
威霖認為,台灣的太陽能產業已十分成熟,現在 偏鄉興建太陽能發電站,利用儲能電力系統,讓
競爭優勢是透過大數據的資料分析,進行發電預 居民晚上可以用電來照明,小孩可以看書,同時
測、資產管理與用電經濟調度。簡單講就是透過對 結合抽水機與濾水系統,以太陽能提供清潔飲用
能源管理系統的整合,達到最省錢、省碳的目標。 水,減少當地人感染生病的機會。原本想在緬甸
台電與大同公司合作,將七美島這樣結合柴 複製推廣,但遭到中國以指定廠商的方式介入,
油、光電與儲能的混合式發電系統,原本是計劃 無法靠公開競標爭取訂單。
用於台灣偏遠地區「防災」之用。目前已在曾因 但大同公司仍爭取到國際基金的資助,2018年
莫拉克颱風受創的屏東縣林邊鄉,以及新北市烏 在菲律賓距離首都馬尼拉100公里的小島,興建
來福山地區施設微電網,一旦又有大風災,造成 類似七美的微電網系統,預計今年完工,一樣可
大斷電時,這兩個地區的電力可以自立自足,各 以達成減少柴油用量、降低排碳量的目標。
自撐住72小時與10小時,形成「孤島」運轉,提 七美是台灣第一個結合柴油發電、太陽能等再
供救災與維生系統所需。 生能源所建立的離島型智慧電網,提供台灣發展
然而「孤島」模式也可擴展應用於「離島」。 減碳科技的利基,以七美低碳島為灘頭堡,台灣
台灣領土的國境之南,距離高雄港445公里的東 也可逐步邁向低碳國家之列。 l

112 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Qimei will replace 480,000 kWh of power from diesel gen- reduce the cost of delivering diesel fuel for power gener-
erators, which amounts to a reduction of 253 metric tons ation and of shipping in drinking water.
of carbon emissions, a carbon reduction equivalent to Shining a light on other lands
planting 20,000 trees. Beside this carbon reduction, each Until some seven decades ago Qimei had no electric
year diesel fuel costs can be reduced by NT$4.62 million, power at all, and it has had a 24-hour supply only since
along with further savings in the cost of transportation 1984. Providing electricity has proven to be an arduous
and storage of diesel fuel and associated labor costs. and expensive exercise. But today many locations around
The design of the mixed diesel and solar power gen- the world are still without a power supply, including
eration and storage system being built on Qimei as a col- numerous small islands in Southeast-Asian countries
laborative project between Taipower and Tatung in fact such as the Philippines and Indonesia, or remote commu-
has its origins in disaster preparedness in remote areas of nities in developing countries in Africa and elsewhere.
Taiwan proper. The microgrids already installed in Ping- In 2015 Tatung built a solar power generating station
tung County’s Linbian Township, which was ravaged by in a remote location in Myanmar, which it donated to the
Typhoon Morakot, and in the Fushan area of New Taipei local community. In 2018 the company began building a
City’s Wulai District, can operate autonomously in the microgrid system like that used on Qimei on a small island
event that another major disaster cuts off their power in the Philippines, 100 kilometers from Manila. It is ex-
supply. They would have 72 and 10 hours of power re- pected to be completed this year, and will likewise achieve
spectively, operating as “isolated islands” and providing the goals of reducing the amount of diesel fuel burned for
power needed for disaster relief and human survival. power generation, and reducing carbon emissions.
However, the “isolated island” model can also be Qimei is Taiwan’s first offshore island where a smart
applied to offshore islands. At the southernmost end grid is being set up combining diesel-fuel power genera-
of Taiwan’s territory are the Dongsha (Pratas) Islands, tion with solar power and other renewable energies. It
445 kilometers from the port of Kaohsiung, and Taiping will provide a firm foundation for the development of
Island, 1600 kilometers away. For many years both have carbon-reduction technology in Taiwan. With the island
required shipments of diesel fuel to generate electricity, of Qimei in the vanguard, Taiwan can advance toward
but through microgrid power generation, solar power being a low-carbon nation. l
can be used to provide a water supply. Such measures (Esther Tseng/photos by Jimmy Lin/tr. by Phil Newell)


── 程 仁

Tracing M
s Throug
Recipes h

文•李珊瑋 圖•程仁珮提供 版面設計•胡如瑜

A meal can be a conduit for memory. From images to ideas, through her
lens Cheng Jen-pei is able to crystallize that sensation. Her “Recipe
Evolution Movement” collection uses physical objects to express artistic
illusions, capturing the tastes that linger on the tongues of migrants and
sketching out their feelings toward their homes and families.
As diverse cultures blend together in Taiwan, almost invisible changes in
cuisine come alongside the shifts in culture. Slowly but surely the familiar
dishes of homelands past take on elements of their new locale. As these old
wines are put into new casks, new, richer flavors emerge.

林旻萱攝 photo by Lin Min-hsuan



Fresh Sprout showcases the rich
intermingling of East and West,
of Taiwanese tastes with Eastern
European styling.

在巴黎瑪黑區Vingt Vins d’Art餐廳舉行的行動藝術,

At the restaurant Vingt Vins d’Art, in the Marais district of Paris, the works in Cheng
Jen-pei’s “The Next Meal” series call attention to the issue of marine pollution.

116 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

Working with the Hong-Gah Museum, Cheng Jen-pei leads older ladies from Taipei Municipal
Shipai Elementary School’s Senior Academy in the Beitou Local Flavors Collecting Project, to
help spark the women’s creative potential. (photo by Lin Min-hsuan)

Connecting recipes with thoughts barked on the experimental works “Food Sculpture Proj-
Sense memories can be almost timeless. “Recipe Evo- ect” and “Make a Wish and Let Me Feed You.” For these,
lution Movement” connects deeper thoughts with the she invited strangers she met on the street to become
senses of taste, smell, and sight. The full gamut of emo- participants, describing to her the cuisines of their homes,
tions is in play as they are injected into images of food. which Cheng would then make. These participatory art
The artist, Cheng Jen-pei, uses food as a design element pieces inspired Cheng to contemplate more deeply the
to take the viewer on a journey through feelings and connection between food and memory. After returning
memories. to Taiwan in 2017, she set to work on “Recipe Evolution
Since childhood, Cheng has had a keen interest in Movement.” Interviewing immigrant spouses, Cheng de-
food, and over the years she has traveled the world, picted the oral histories and inner worlds described to her
experiencing the culinary cultures of different peoples by making use of her artistic and observational senses to
during her time as a resident artist. These experiences are create representative meldings of ingredients and objects.
what inspired her to create visual art that connects cui- Recipes for life
sine with its people. Earlier this year, Cheng Jen-pei put the results of this
In 2014, Cheng was selected for the Ministry of Cul- project on show at Taipei’s Jut Art Museum. Each piece
ture’s Residency Exchange to France program. Following tells a life’s story.
on from her work “Your Cuisine, My Recipe,” she em- One piece, Mirage Mountain, pairs Hakka salted

傳遞一個幸福的故事。 浸潤生命的食譜
Mirage Mountain pairs Hakka
salted pork, red vinasse, 「我的《食譜演化運動》系列創作,第一件作品是在策
and fermented tofu with a phone
receiver to represent telling a 展人黃義雄先生的邀請下,在苗栗客家庄完成的,他是我的
tale of joy to the interviewee’s
family in Vietnam. 貴人。」程仁珮今年初在台北市忠泰美術館展出該系列的代

118 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

程仁珮與巴黎Vingt Vins d’Art餐廳合作創作。
Cheng Jen-pei has worked with Parisian restaurant
Vingt Vins d’Art.

pork, red vinasse, and fermented tofu with Vietnamese poor but full of love. The artist also uses spiked flower
spring rolls, lemongrass, and shrimp salt to tell a tale holders to symbolize an oppressive external environ-
of joy. Through the care and comfort provided by her ment that leaves one feeling constantly on edge and un-
husband, a Vietnamese spouse has found belonging, settled. A bowl of corn jasmine tea creates a light aroma
a home, and someone she can depend on in Taiwan, that infuses the air with fragrant memories, while corn
as well as a mother-in-law who loves her like her own kernels strung together on wires stand proud, repre-
daughter and has considerately begun learning Viet- senting perseverance in love, holding on through the
namese cooking. Such is her new life that when she and hardest times until the light shines through again.
her husband visit her family in Vietnam, she often finds Fresh Sprout uses woven garlic chives as a backdrop,
herself missing her mother-in-law’s cooking. resting against colored cloth that represents the tradi-
Another piece, Aromatic Courtyard, tells the tearful tional motanka dolls sent over by the interviewee’s sister
story of a woman who came to Taiwan from Shandong, in Poland, which symbolize blessings. Mixing pork in
China. with rice, Cheng highlights the care and consideration
Fragments of cement, tile and brick are used in the of the Polish interviewee’s Taiwanese husband; after she
work to symbolize the interviewee’s childhood home, initially didn’t dare eat meat after arriving in Taiwan,

〈甘露霜〉 鄉情緒,凝結在一個點。」
用日籍父母饋贈的珍貴紀念品, 想家,不在於距離的遠近,即使是隔鄰的國度,依舊讓人
象徵對掌上明珠的祝福, 滿懷思念。〈甘露霜〉唯美的圖像中,用日籍父母饋贈的珍
In the beautiful image that is Sweet 貴紀念品,象徵對掌上明珠的祝福,也承載著新嫁娘對雙親
Frost, Cheng used precious souvenirs
gifted to the Japanese interviewee by 無盡的思念。
her parents to symbolize their love for
her and her thoughts of them. 幼時建立的味覺感知,常是難以變異的固執,要接受新

藝遊味境 採集在地風味


120 台灣光華 Taiwan Panorama

with loving encouragement he helped her to integrate
into Taiwanese life. The only element close to food from
home is the dumpling skin, colored with beetroot and
spinach juices and stacked with white cheese, pickled
cucumber, and a honey “crystal ball,” a showcase of the
rich intermingling of East with West, of Taiwanese tastes
with Eastern European styling.
The element of these “recipe evolutions” that takes
the most time and effort is coming up with the designs,
figuring out how to use visible foods to depict invisible
states of mind. Fragrant Poetry, for example, involved
a complex process of carefully preparing meat jelly in
such a way as to represent the snowy scenes of Ukran-
ian life. “I wanted to condense homesickness into a sin-
gle point,” says Cheng.
Homesickness is not a matter of physical distance—
even living in a neighboring country, one can still miss
home. In the beautiful image that is Sweet Frost, Cheng During her artist’s residency in France, Cheng Jen-pei
worked with artists from other countries on “Make a Wish
used precious souvenirs gifted to the Japanese inter- and Let Me Feed You.”
viewee by her parents to symbolize her being “the pearl
in their palm” (a Chinese expression roughly equivalent
to “the apple of their eye”), and her always carrying
with her thoughts of her parents.
In moments of emotional fragility, edamame can help
her chew over thoughts of home, while a leaf of shiso
can turn sorrow into tears.
Collecting local flavors
The Hong-Gah Museum, which has cultivated deep
local roots in Taipei City, embarked on a one-month ef-
fort starting February 23, 2019 entitled the “Beitou Local
Flavors Collecting Project.” Cheng and Taipei Munici-
pal Shipai Elementary School’s Senior Academy were
among the participants in the project. The aim was to
use local foods as a medium to awaken the memories
that lie deep in the recesses of interviewees’ minds, the
bitternesses that have transformed into sweet memo-
ries through the fermenting process of time. The older
women of the Senior Academy, under Cheng’s guidance,
were like sprightly schoolgirls, their creative energies
ignited and their simple works brimming with vitality.
Exotic foreign dishes are always entrancing, creating
an assault on the tastebuds that differs from familiar lo-
cal flavors, a representation of the differences in culture
that lie within different foods.
Historians record history in words, painters capture
scenes with paint, musicians convey emotions through

Cheng Jen-pei uses artistic forms to expand people’s ideas and imaginations
about food. (photo by Lin Min-hsuan)

〈卷多情〉 在食材與攝影間,盡情揮灑藝術天分。
程仁珮用工序繁複, 史學家用文字記述歷史,畫家用繪筆描繪風情,音樂家用
精心製作的肉凍, 音符彈奏情緒,程仁珮以食材雕塑人文,透過鏡頭,用圖像
In Fragrant Poetry, 承載生命的記憶。千百年後,循著食譜圖像,了解前人的生
Cheng Jen-pei used meat jelly,
carefully prepared by a complex 活文化,在時空挪移中,演進的軌跡。
process, to represent life amid the
snows of the Ukrainian winter, paired
with books, great companions in times
of homesickness.

instruments, and Cheng Jen-pei sculpts cultures through food, bring-

ing out the memories of lives by capturing those sculptures in photo-
graphic form. Looking back through centuries via images of dishes,
we can get an insight into the lifestyles and cultures of those who have
gone before us, a glimpse of how things have evolved over time. l
(Lee Shan Wei/photos courtesy of Cheng Jen-pei/tr. by Geof Aberhart)

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