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The Shopkeeper’s Wife – Part 1


Brandon Flint

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This Erotic Short Story is loaded with, hot, graphic sex! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18
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Chapter 1

I am miffed by the alarm that just interrupted my sleep. But alas what can I do? I have to get ready to go
to college.

After I moved out of the university housing four months ago, I have been living a little uptown in this
remote area. The college is a little far from here, but still I like the ambience of my new surroundings

I am Paul Rico and I live in the village of Haverford. The place is quite serene. There are meadows, and
farms, cows and a lot of greenery around here. Also the people are quite nice.

After I jog up to the church which is around two miles from where I live, I go to the shop to buy some
milk, bread and eggs.

The shop which is located just a few blocks from my home where I live as a tenant, is managed by a man
in his early thirties, Antonio. He has a wife, Marion who sits by him. They live in the house attached to
the back of the shop. I have talked to them sometimes and they have been somewhat reserved people.
They are not very fond of mingling I see.
The wife of the shopkeeper is same as that of his age. Both of them remain somewhat quiet. I think their
only acquaintance is the old man, whom they have hired to manage their store. But I talk to them
occasionally and I can almost state that the reason for their sadness is the fact that they are not able to
have children. Yeah Antonio had pointed out to me his inability to impregnate his wife some weeks ago
but I didn’t think it was that serious.

Marion is quite good an ass. She is a medium sized, of a rather little brown complexion, and somewhat
shy woman. Frankly, I lust for her! I have spent weeks in my bed thinking of her. Maybe if I was lucky, I’d
get such a chance.

I enter the store but there is nobody.

“Antonio, Antonio, hello, is anyone here?”

But all that I can hear is a little argument in a loud sound that is not very clear. Antonio is berating his
wife over her barrenness. While Marion counters him by saying that the reason is him.

They come over to hand me the things I want. I take it and go back to my room. Then I head to the
university which is around ten miles from here, where I spend the rest of my day, before returning at six
in the evening.

Chapter 2

Marion has captured my mind for months. Ever since I saw her, I have been longing to be with her. But
would not it be a little rude to say to her directly that u want to fuck her. Leave it, I must find another
plan. It must be some what of a gracious act. Yeah I’ll talk directly with her husband.

I go to their shop. At this part of the day, there are negligible visitors. These things must be done in
private. Besides, there might be some turbulent behaviour from Antonio on the proposal, and I have a
reputation to maintain.

I enter their store.

“Hey Antonio!”

“Oh, Paul, come in, come in. What do you want?”he asks.

I am a little afraid to speak to him. God this bodily lust will get me killed someday. Shrugging my
hesitance, I approach him.

“I am not here to buy anything, my friend. I have come to visit you. Would you not invite inside your

He takes me in.
His home consists of three rooms. I sit on the sofa in his drawing room. His wife Marion, greets me with
drinks and snacks.

“Well Antonio, I must speak it at once. I have heard your conversations with your wife since months and I
know the trouble you have been in, so it’s just that I have a solution”.

“What are you talking about?” Antonio seems a little puzzled.

“Your inability to have children” I respond.

“And what can you do about it?”

“Well I want to help you”.

“And how?”

Now here comes the ultimate part. I am very much terrified at this moment to speak this to a man. But
still let’s face it, my desire for Marion’s ass is getting vehement with each passing day.

“Well, you know, Antonio, adoptions are a costly affair and you should just go the natural way”.

“Yeah, that is the thing, I have problems in being successful the natural way” Antonio is quick to retort.

“And that is where I would help. I’d do that for you”.

Antonio’s face changes. He seems a little furious. But I haven’t yet spoken in direct terms. So I owe an

“See Antonio, you want a child. You have very few of relatives. No one to call your own except who, your
wife. And you have been a little poor, so you cannot afford to adopt. Listen, I can give you a child. It will
just be some acts. And you’ll forget it with time. I can sleep with your wife and give you a child”.

“How dare you?” Antonio gets up from his couch and catches me by collar. I resist it. Well this wasn’t

Marion is not here. I don’t how would have she responded to the offer. I try to pacify Antonio.

“Look, Antonio, I am going. But think over my proposal. You’ll have your child. And you won’t have any
problem too. So think about it”.

After saying this to him, I am quick to run back to my home. I just hope he doesn’t creates a scene and
ponders over it.

Chapter 3
Since that day, I avoid going to Marion’s shop. Still I am hopeful that he will come to me. God, how I wish
Marion in my pants.

And quite unexpectedly, I hear someone knock my door on a Sunday afternoon. It’s Marion and Antonio.
I call them in.

“Well what brings you here?” I ask.

“Well we are helpless, and so we’ve been in this situation. I thought over it, and conveyed it to Marion.
She was hesitant at first. But now we both agree to your proposal. Help us give a child” Antonio responds

“There’s nothing to feel bad about, my friend. I’ll help you. Don’t feel bad about it. All of us have some
shortcomings” I comfort him while I look on Marion with greedy eyes.

“But let’s be fair with the terms, it’s not a guarantee that Marion will get pregnant. And it might not be a
one time affair” I suggest my doubts.

“But you will not have any authority over the child and you will keep it a secret” Antonio is quick to put
his conditions.


And so we come to terms that this would happen till the time Marion gets impregnated. And I would
have no authority whatsoever over the child. And I agree to keep it covert.

“So you may start anytime” Antonio says.

“I’ll be at your home tonight”.

And then both Antonio and Marion, not quite happy over the compromise, leave my home.

Chapter 4

I wait for a few hours before the sun sets. And it’s about ten in night. I have had my dinner. I can’t resist
the thoughts of Marion. I must go their home soon, for they would be waiting for me.

I go their home discreetly. They are quick to take me in.

Once inside, Marion comes and there is an awkward silence on both of their faces. Still Antonio points
me towards one of their rooms and I go in that. Marion follows later. And I shut the door.

Now I and Marion are alone in a room. Maybe Antonio would see the TV to forget this, or maybe he’d
sleep or contemplate. I don’t care.

I try to speak to Marion.

“Well there’s nothing to be compelled about. You’re free to go if you don’t want this” I try to assuage her

She nods her head in approval. And so I proceed towards her.

I lean over her head to kiss her lips. She turns her face. Instead, I plant the kiss on her cheeks. I hold her
face by hands. And push my tongue right inside her mouth. I kiss her for some minutes, licking her face,
kissing her eyes, ears while also moving my hands all over her body.

Then I undo my dress. Marion too removes her clothes, she opens up her shirt and sleeves, before
revealing herself in just her undergarments.

I resume kissing her. I kiss her shoulders, and her hands before moving to undo her bra. Her supple
breasts are revealed, somewhat engorged due to her excitement I guess. I start sucking her breasts while
Marion begins to moan. Maybe I should bite it. I bite a little on her nipples before licking her stomach.
Then I push her on the bed behind us, and in one go remove her panties. I don’t need to stroke my penis,
for they are already hard. I push Marion’s legs aside and look her in her eyes. Then I slide my penis right
inside her vagina.

I begin to thrust in and out of her vagina, while I also kiss all over her mouth.

She smells of her perfume which is very nice. Makes me even more hornier. I continue to move in and
out of her vagina. She is moaning.



I feel intense sensations in my penis. I continue to fuck her vigorously in her cunt. The sound of our love
making fills the room.


I guess Marion is not giving her full, perhaps she is not able to enjoy with me. Well how can she, with the
thought of her husband being in another room.

But I don’t care. We’ll deal with it afterwards. I continue to fuck her in an out in missionary position. I
also fuck in circular motions around her cunt, while simultaneously sucking her tits. I feel a little
resistance in Marion’s body still. She lies like a robot, devoid of enjoyment of this conjoining bliss. But I
shudder these thoughts out of my mind, while I accelerate the speed and depth of my fucking.


Suddenly I feel the impending sensation. I am about to cum. I continue to fuck her vigorously. A thought
comes in my mind. What if she becomes pregnant after this. All of this would end. I don’t want it to end.
So I play deftly.
I continue to fuck her even deeper. Her moans are getting deeper.



I feel as if I cannot hold it any longer. But instead of spilling my semen inside her cunt, as she would have
wanted, I taking care that she does not notice it, spill it just outside her cunt. And the semen is visible on
her vulva. I then push my penis back in to maintain the pretension of me having irrigated her cunt with
my seminal fluid.

I then lick her cheeks and breasts before pulling out of her. I am sitting on bed. This exercise has taken
only half an hour but feels like a long time. Her husband is waiting outside perhaps and this is not the

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