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Recodo NHS @ 10AM

June 27, 2018

A blessed and wonderful day to everyone, to our Schools Division

Superintendent, Sir FELIX ROMY A. TRIAMBULO, our Asst. Schools
Division Superintendent, Dr. JULIETO H. FERNANDEZ, Ayala Public
Schools District Supervisor, Dr. Ma. Laarni Torres Villanueva, Labuan
Public Schools District Supervisor, Madam Luvelia Sta. Teresa Bernardo,
my former Principals in Ayala NHS, Dr. Maria Pilar N. Gregorio and Dr.
Socorro P. Canaya, the outgoing School Principal of Recodo NHS, Dr.
Allan T. Garcia, elementary and secondary school principals of Labuan
and Ayala District, Recodo NHS teachers and students, Limpapa NHS
teachers, stakeholders, barangay officials, PTA Officers, friends, ladies
and gentlemen.
With sincerity and humility, I have accepted this post to be the
school head of Recodo NHS due to the promotion of Dr. Allan T. Garcia
to Education Program Specialist in FIlipino.
First and foremost, I give glory and honor to our Lord and Saviour
for this wonderful blessing. Everything came from Him and for His
everlasting love and guidance.
I would also like to thank Sir Felix Romy Triambulo, our Schools
Division Superintendent for the trust and confidence given to me to
head Recodo NHS. Likewise, to Dr. Julieto H. Fernandez, I am also very
much grateful for everything.
My great appreciation also to my new Ayala District family, most
especially to Dr. Ma. Laarni Torres Villanueva, Maám Lai thank you for
giving the recommendation to head Recodo NHS. Also, to Madam
Luvelia Sta. Teresa Bernardo, Maám Baby thank you for the motherly
care and love when I was with Labuan District.
I am also indebted to some incredible and amazing people who
became part of my journey in DepEd when I was still a teacher until the
time when I became a head of school. My vow and respect to my
mentor, Dr. Socorro P. Canaya, Maam Bing who not only believed in me
but inspired and encouraged me to soar high. I will forever be grateful
for everything that you’ve done for me. Same also with Dr. Maria Pilar
Gregorio, my mentor. Thank you maám Lar for giving me the chance to
attend trainings and seminars together with the administrators when I
was still a teacher.
To the ever supportive friend and still very active, retired School
Principal of ZCHS Main and now the School Administrator of STI College
SHS Dept., Dr. Feliza Munar, muchas gracias Maám. Your presence
means a lot to me.
I am also very much grateful to my former and first school as a
school head, Limpapa NHS most especially to the teachers with the
Faculty Club President, Sir Polly B. Apalad. And I am glad that my best
friend in college is now their School Principal, Dr. Christine Ycaza
Guinacaran. Thank you for being here and for showing your support.
Allow me also to thank Ayala NHS principal, Madam Anna Bella O.
Espinosa who is in Laguna right now attending a Seminar in Special
Education and all my former co-teachers who are also here with us and
the OIC, Ms. Emma Marba.
To Ma’am Gloria Carpio, muchas gracias. We’ve been together in
a lot of trainings and seminars….through ups and downs she’s always
there for me.
Thank you also to the secondary school heads of Labuan District,
Sir Ricardo Ramiro, my friend Christine Guinacaran, & Sir Joel Garcia.
Likewise to the elementary and secondary school heads of Ayala
District. Thank you for the warm welcome.
Please allow me to share my long journey in the Department of
Education. I have been in this Department, Zamboanga City division for
29 years. 24 years as a classroom teacher, 3 years as a Department
Head and 2 years as a school head. For five years, I was with Labuan
NHS now Ramon Enriquez HS, then transferred to Talisayan NHS and
taught there for 8years. Then I transferred to Ayala NHS and stayed
there for 14 long years. In 2013, I became the Head of the English
Department. Until I was promoted to School Principal in August 2016
and I was with Limpapa NHS, my first school for almost 2years.
To our barangay officials and stakeholders who are here with us,
hopefully we can work as one as you have accorded your support and
assistance to Dr. Allan Garcia and the former principals of this school.
To the teachers and students of Recodo NHS, I would like to say, I
come to serve and not to be served. If we work together as one, we will
succeed in all our undertakings. As long as all our activities are
anchored on the vision and mission of the Department of Education, we
will always be on the right track.
I won’t promise anything but I can only say that I will serve this
school to the best that I can do. However, I cannot do this alone,
without your help and cooperation.
And lastly, I place everything in God’s hands knowing that He will
take me through to whatever lies ahead.
Thank you very much for the warm welcome and God bless
everyone. May we all have a meaningful day ahead of us!