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The awakening

by: ethan. r. ferney.

Righters note: this is my first story so please keep that in mind as you read, thank you

as I awoke this morning it felt like something was off I opened my eyes and saw a creamy green ceiling
witch is wired because my ceiling is white I look to my left and see a forest green pillow and to my
right the same not to mention the strange furniture 'where am I' I think to myself,
"huh" someone says "whos there" that same voice says
"it's just me," another unfamiliar voice says "oh, sorry jakie" the one who can hear my thoughts says, "I
think I'm hearing things" the mind reader mumbles "WHAT DID YOU SAY!!" jakie calls over,
"um--I SAID!---MY EARS ARE-- RINGING" this strange voice says 'IM NOT GOING TO TELL
HER THAT IM HEARING VOICES' I hear in my head in someone else's voice
'why not' i find my self-thinking,
"hey Sarah wheres the ketchup?" jakie asks leaning into the room
"um bottom shelf in the fridge" Sarah says 'ok now I know I'm not just hearing things' I hear in Sarah's
voice in my head,
'did I say that out loud' I say or try to at least 'why can't I talk' i ask myself slightly panicked, 'what the
heck, why can't I talk' I think? that's what I'm calling it at least,
"ok. thanks bye," jakie says as she leaves the room
"hello? person in my head?" Sarah whispers.