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The candidate is given a booklet in which he has to write his answers. He may use a pencil to make
IELTS Writing notes but he may not use a dictionary. The candidate’s answers must be written in full sentences.

(60 MINUTES) The IELTS Writing test is designed to assess a wide range of writing skills, including how well the
 writes a response appropriately
 organizes ideas

 uses a range of vocabulary and grammar accurately

TASKS Task 1 Task 2
(20 minutes) (40 minutes)
Types of Test Academic General Training Academic General Training
Number of 150 words 250 words
The candidate will be The candidate will be The candidate will be The candidate will be
presented with a graph, presented with a asked to write an essay asked to write an essay
table, chart or diagram. situation and asked in response to a point of in response to a point
He will be asked to to write a letter view, argument or of view, argument or
describe, summarize or requesting problem. You should problem. You can use a
explain the information information or find the issues fairly personal style.
in his own words. This explaining the interesting and easy to
might involve describing situation. He can understand.
and explaining data, write the letter in a
describing the stages of personal, semi-
a process, how formal or formal
something works and style.
describing an object or

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