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In the day of Moses and Aron and Joshua, see they were not afraid to
take on the giants. These young people in Jefferson, they are not afraid
of no tanks. Ferguson, yeah. What did I say? I guess that’s that’s where
the governor is sending them tanks from, he’s in Jefferson City isn’t he,
the capitol city yes yes those young people that are out there marching
you never seen nothing like that we get angry and in one week its over
but for over hundred men women children marching. But here’s what
got the whole country upset. See young people social media is a great
thing. But the enemy got you with the social media. I’m on Facebook
and I have 500 followers. I’m I’m imitating you. And what are you
saying on Facebook? Well I’m telling you if it me you understand in fact
if they come down with the wrong decision here is what I am going to
do and you and your five hundred friends the National Security Agency
of the United States Government got you but the talk about what is
about to go down is all over the country and that is why the President
had to speak out because they expect an explosion. Now these young
people they have been made for the Messiah. They are not made for no
apologist leaders. Mr. Crump, the lawyer, Attorney Crump, he is a good
brother and in the name of the mom and the dad he is telling the youth
peaceful protests regardless of what they say we are going to be
peaceful and white folks gather preachers and politicians and educators
for god sake tell the students that whatever comes down we’ll accept it
we will protest, we will protest but we must be peaceful. But the young
they are God’s children and they are not going down being peaceful.
Listen. Listen. Watch. Watch now. Because once it starts it’s on. You
may not wanna fight but you better get ready. Teach your baby how to
throw the bottle if they can’t bite. We gonna die anyway; let’s die for
something. Elijah Muhammad said forty years ago, maybe near 50
years ago there were 20 million of us then he said if 10 million lost our
lives 10 million would be left to go free. Now wait, wait wait. Just think
about that. My Muslim family here Imams and my Christian family. In
this book there is a law for retaliation. Like for like the Bible says an eye
a tooth a life. See now as long as they kill us and go to Wendy’s and
have a burger and and go to sleep they gonna keep killing us but when
we die and they die then soon we are going to sit at a table and talk
about retire (?)we want some of this earth or will tear this goddamn
country up.


The highest law enforcement official in America, USAG Holder, is

associating with Sharpton who is associating with Farrakhan who is
telling his audience to go out and kill police and I assume FBI agents fall
under that category.