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Universidad Abierta Para Adultos


NAME: Lissette ozoria

SUBJECT: English 4


Exercises for Task 5

Unit 7 Exercise E Complete the sentences with the correct from of work. Page 87.
1. Ramiro is a doctor. He doesn’t work in a supermarket.
2. The brothers are car mechanics. They are don’t car mechanics.
3. We are homemakers. We don’t at Centennial Adult School.
4. You are a babysitter. You don’t with children.
5. Ly sleeps from 6:00 AM-12PA. She doesn’t sleeps in the morning.

Unit 7 Exercise F and G Page 87.

Read the information.
Name Store Factory Office Outside Car Home
Chen, Alan, X
and Oscar
Benjamin X
Tien X
Peter and Sally X
Tino, Maria, X
and Gaspar
Ron X

Write sentences about where the people in Exercises F work.

1. Chen, Alan, and Oscar work in a factory.
2. Benjamin woks in the store.
3. Tien works in an office.
4. Peter and Sally work in the outside.
5. Tino, Maria and Gaspar work in the car.
6. Ron works at home.

Unit 7 Exercise D Each sentence contains a mistake. Rewrite the sentences

correctly with can. Page 89.
1. He can drive a truck. He can drive a truck.
2. My sister can to calculate numbers quickly. My sister can calculate numbers
3. She cans type very well. She can type very well.
4. She can in a factory work. She can work in a factory.
5. They no can talk on the phone. They can’t talk on the phone.
6. Miyuki no work outside. Miyuki can’t work outside.

Unit 7 Exercise E and F Page 89

Write sentences about what Felipe and Gabriela can and can’t do.
1. Felipe can type letters. (+)
2. Felipe can’t write English. (-)
3. Gabriela can manage an office. (+)
4. Gabriela can’t write English. (-)
5. Felipe and Gabriela can speak English. (+)
6. Felipe and Gabriela can read English. (+)
Unit 7 Exercise D Complete the sentences with the correct simple past tense from
of verbs. Page 91.
1. I was a mechanic. I repaired (repair) cars.
2. She was an assembly worker. She assembled furniture. (assemble) furniture.
3. We was mail carries. We delivered mail (deliver) mail.
4. You was a secretary. You typed (type) letters.
5. They was servers at a restaurant. They talked to customers (talk) to customers.
6. Juana and I was managers. We supervised workers (supervise) workers.
7. Sherrie was a cook. She served food for la Roma (serve) food for La Roma.
8. You was a cashier. You counted money for the store (count) money for the store.

Unit 7 Exercise D Make questions with the words and can. Page 93
1. type / you / letters Can you type letters?
2. speak / they / English can they speak English ?
3. I / work / every week can I work every week ?
4. we / talk / to the supervisor can we to the supervisor talk ?
5. clean / bathrooms / you can you clean bathrooms ?
6. repair / she / my car can she repair my car ?