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5 A good story!

Target Vocabulary and Grammar

Practise your vocabulary

Book and film genres Relative clauses

1 Unscramble the letters to find six book and 4 Join these sentences using the relative
film genres. pronoun in brackets.
1 oimrtanc _______________ 1 The main character is a woman. Her husband
has died. (whose)
2 rrohro _______________
3 etivetcde _______________ 2 Hamlet was written by Shakespeare. He also
4 stenrwe _______________ wrote Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet. (who)
5 cicesne cintfio _______________ ________________________________________
3 London is the city. Dickens lived there.
6 nsftaya _______________
Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing ________________________________________
4 Bram Stoker was a nineteenth-century author.
2 Complete the sentences with the adjectives in His most famous book is Dracula. (whose)
the box. ________________________________________
5 The actor had two brothers. His brothers
bored confusing exciting were born in Ireland. (who)
relaxing terrified tired ________________________________________
1 The book was very scary. I was __________! 6 Daniel Radcliffe acted in the first Harry Potter
2 I wasn’t interested in the film at all. I was film in 2000. At this time he was just ten years
__________ by it. old. (when)
3 The explanation was __________, and the ________________________________________
students didn’t understand it.
4 The novel had an __________ ending. The
main character was almost killed!
5 They had a __________ day on the beach,
lying in the sun and swimming in the sea.
6 Henry was __________ after a long day’s work.

Practise your grammar

3 Correct the sentences by changing the
adjective in bold into the comparative or
superlative form.
1 Norway has the beautiful scenery I’ve ever
seen. ____________
2 This is the good book I’ve ever read.
3 Saturn is far away from Earth than Venus.
4 The water in the Mediterranean Sea is
warm than the water in the Atlantic Ocean.
5 What is the bad film you have ever seen?
6 The Sears Tower is tall than the Empire State
Building. ____________

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