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SmartControl 7 (SSC-0007) Quick Reference Guide 009-0333-00

The Savant SmartControl 7 (SSC-0007) Quick Reference Guide provides the steps necessary RS-232 Wiring
to get the SSC-0007, a solution for small installations or system expansion to control IR and Controller RJ-45 (RS-232) Plug Pinouts
Serial based devices, up and running.

1 (Not Used for RS-232) 5 RXD (RS-232)

2 (Not Used for RS-232) 6 TXD (RS-232)
3 (Not Used for RS-232) 7 CTS (RS-232)
4 GND (RS-232) 8 RTS (RS-232)

If you are using RJ-45 to DB-9 adapters not supplied by Savant be sure to terminate any wires
required for communication/control within the adapter. Cut all unused wires to prevent the
wires from shorting against each other. Ensure that all wires required for
communication/control are not terminated in the connecter. Also, ensure that these unused
wires are not shorting to each other, as they are still terminated in the RJ-45 connector on the
controller side.

RS-232 Cat5 Savant Controller to DB9 Connections (Straight)

Temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Maximum BTUs 41 BTUs per hour
Cooling 2 cubic feet per minute (CFM) recommended
* Use only if Flow Control is required
Height 1.6 in/4.0cm
Width 4.3 in/11.0cm
RS-232 Cat5 Savant Controller to DB9 Connections (Null Modem)
Depth 6.5 in/16.5cm
Weight 1.2 lbs/0.55kg
Input Power 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz to 12 VDC (embedded processor)
Nominal Power 4 Watts
Maximum Power 12 Watts
Safety and Emissions CSA NRTL/C and FCC Part 15 Class B
RoHS Compliant

1 IR Reader port • Wireless IR reader port, reserved for future use.
2 Status • Green indicates the Host has established communications with
Bi-color LED the embedded system.
• Green flashing indicates the embedded system is ready
(running with DHCP IP address), but the Host has not * Use only if Flow Control is required
established communications with the embedded system.
• Off indicates the embedded processor is resetting or is not IR Port Layout and Pinouts (Two 6-pin 3.81mm screw down
powered up; or is booting the embedded firmware.
• Red indicates the Host has determined the firmware needs to
be updated, but a problem occurred during the process that will
initiate a reset.
• Red flashing indicates the embedded firmware is running, but
has not received a DHCP IP Address.
• Amber indicates the Host is currently updating the embedded
• Amber flashing indicates the embedded system has a valid
link-local IP Address and is waiting to connect to the Host.

Rear Interconnect the Network

The System Controller requires business class/commercial grade network equipment in order
1 Reset button Resets the factory default DHCP mode. to handle the IP traffic between Savant Network Equipment. When configuring the network
Press and hold the Reset button for 5+ ensure that all of the connected Savant units are on the same local area network (subnet or
seconds. LAN). Being on the same subnet allows the Savant units to locate each other using the
2 Ethernet port 10/100 Base-T, auto-negotiating port Bonjour network protocol.
3 RS-232 serial port (RS-232 is only RJ-45 port used to transmit and receive
supported by this unit) serial binary data transmission
Network Changes Require Rebooting the Savant Controller
4 IR output ports Infrared serial transmitter output ports (Two
The embedded processor used in the Savant Controller, needs to be rebooted after switching
6-pin 3.81mm screw down connectors)
to a new network with a new IP address range. If you do not reboot, the System Controller will
5 12 VDC power Connects 12 VDC input power to SSC- not sense the network and IP address changes. The Status LED on the front panel of the
0007. System Controller will start to flash and log reports in System Monitor.
6 Ethernet Speed LED • Green indicates an Ethernet speed of
100 Mb
• Off indicates an Ethernet speed of 10
Additional Documentation
Mb Additional documentation for the SSC-0007 is available at: >Dealer
7 Link/Activity LED • Amber indicates an Ethernet link has Login > Knowledge Base > Products > System Controllers.
been established. • Refer to the System Controller (SSC-0007) Installation Guide for additional installation
• Amber flashing indicates Ethernet and configuration information.
activity. • Refer to the RacePoint Blueprint Programming Guide on how to configure the SSC-
• Off indicates an Ethernet link has not
0007 into a Savant System.
been established.

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