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Hotel Facility Management


Maybe you do not always know what is happening in your hotel but with a modern facility management system you are always up-to-date as far as buildings, rooms, objects and persons involved are concerned.

Professional address and contact management

External contractors such as suppliers, craftsmen and

Data entry of the infrastructure

service providers are an essential part of hotel maintenance. A professional address and contact database is developed in order to make these data centrally

The basic requirement for Hotel Facility Management is the one-time data entry of the existing infrastructure – from buildings to rooms and individual objects – in such a detailed manner as you wish. Categorisations and adjustments are carried out at the same time. Thus you always have an overview of your assets and their condition.

available and to keep them up-to-date for permanent access. Thus you have all necessary contact data on hand when you need them – whether a water pipe has burst or a damaged piece of furniture has to be replaced.


You pull the strings for the management of your hotel – whether it is a question of budget planning, current evaluation of assets or cost control. After the implementation of a Hotel Facility Management System, there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Effective asset management

Effective maintenance management has a great part in the conservation of value because the life of your assets is prolonged.

Improved cost control „80–90 % of the active total assets have to be cultivated.“
Automated service intervals and consistent process management ensure the exact planning and controlling of your maintenance costs. The continuous documentation of working processes, e.g. the installation of a new lift in a landmarked hotel, also contributes to a better cost management.
Michel Rey, Managing Director Hotel Baur au Lac Zürich


Safety is a subjective feeling and different people experience it in a different way. Comprehensive safety functions of your facility management system aim at giving you a good feeling concerning the quality and the smooth operation of your hotel.

Smooth operation

Important and necessary service intervals are centrally recorded and can be combined with adequate reminder functions. Thus they do not only meet your demands

Quality promise

but guarantee a safe stay for your guests – from a properly maintained fire extinguisher to a working

A facility management system with continuous processes (such as quick replacement of a damaged piece of furniture) supports the high quality standards of your hotel. The guest hardly notices that something has been replaced but always finds impeccable and high-quality interior.


With little effort, legal regulations can also be integrated into the facility management system.

During the implementation you take advantage of our IT and business sector know-how. Our team always knows in which phase of the facility management project you are working:

Phase 1: Consultation and target definition
• Common definition of project target, responsibilities, time schedule and criteria for success.

Phase 2: Process analysis
• Current state analysis and concept development for more efficiency and service.

Phase 3: Implementation
• Joint implementation of the agreed project steps and integration into the existing IT environment.

Phase 4: Service
• The DynaSphere innovation guarantee includes continuous maintenance and further development of the hotel facility management system as well as competent support.

From decentral to central information processing:






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