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Importance of Music and Art in Schools

Music and art is such an important part of everyday life and has been apart of
our lives for centuries. Music and art has evolved for many years changing creating
different genres and enjoyment for people all around the world. A lot of people say
that music and art has been used to express their feelings and relieve stress. People
have always said this, but it is especially prevalent with the younger generation.
Music and art is an outlet for many kids and a lot of them let their feelings out
through the music and art programs. Although this is a great outlet for kids, schools
are usually cutting programs to save money and the music and art programs are
most of the time first to go. Many schools cut these programs first because they
think that they are unnecessary and won’t help the kids in their academics. Will
cutting the art and music programs in schools allow students to focus on their core
studies and create better grades for themselves, ultimately making a kid happier?
I believe that music and arts program is very important in a child and young
adult’s life in schools. I think this because it helps the kid learn more and act as an
outlet for their feelings. Tests have been run to show that sometimes these art
programs that schools have are actually more beneficial than regular academic
classes. There has actually been a study by the National Endowment which proved
that low income students without music or arts programs were 5 times more likely
to not even graduate high school than low income students with these programs in
their life. Not only this, these programs have proved that they have been an
inspiration for at risk students and have created a better outlook that the kids have
on education. It is also proven from test scores of the non-profit association College
Board, that students that have taken four years of music or arts program received an
average score of 91 points more on the SAT than the kids that did not take an art or
music program. Many college students have shown us that the arts and music
programs made their life something that they never thought could have occurred
without it. The best example is shown by Joe Williams majoring in psychology. Joe
said in an interview, “In elementary school, music sparked my interest and led me to
playing the trumpet. It gave me the opportunity to travel to places I otherwise
would not have gone, and most importantly, helped me become more culturally
accepting by broadening my musical horizons. Without music, I would not be as
open as I am to learning about new people.”
There many other examples what how these disappearances of the music
and arts programs have caused these students to feel. One great example is of a fifth
grade student named Ravi Giberson who attends Cook-Eissahickon Elementary
School. At this school Ravi was very passionate about playing that saxophone and
this is where he learned to play everyday during the school week. This place of
learning was a place that Ravi expressed himself. Ravi said, “Music is really a way
for me to express myself. Missing my music classes would be really bad for me
because it gives me extra time to practice. My practice time is already so limited. It's
difficult to imagine going back to school next year with no music." Ravi’s mom goes
on to say, "The outlet for a child whom wants to learn an instrument of their choice
is disappearing and it’s just not right," Trinette said. "My son is one of those kids
who, without these programs, he would just be lost, and that's no way for an 11-
year-old with so much musical passion to be." There has also been a psychologist
consulted about the school dismissing the music program. The psychologist
mentioned that the removing of these programs will cause problems for students
could cause, an affect both in their academic development and self-esteem. The
psychologist goes on to mention, “Research indicates that music and art programs
assist students in other types of learning. Cutting these programs gives them fewer
opportunities to be able to develop healthy senses of themselves and further limits
their opportunities to show confidence in areas other than academics.”
As you can see that these cut backs in schools of music and arts programs has
been proven by facts that it is not good for kids and their academics. I believe that
things need to change and these cancellations of arts and music programs need to be
put to a stop. Without these programs, studies show that children are having worse
academic scores and that these programs are actually helping these kids. I believe
that with the help of these programs, schools should not dismiss these programs
because they are actually improving their schools and the children inside of it.
Music has always been important in the world and we have actual proof to fight for
these programs to stay in schools. I think that these programs need to work with
the students and ways to keep these programs. By finding ways to keep these
programs the schools increase the intelligence of their schools and the success rate
at which their students graduate and go on to live successful lives.
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