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Wildland Fire Risk Mitigation

May 22, 2019

Dave Winnacker
Fire Chief
External Fuels Mitigation Projects
Large scale projects on public lands
Fire History
-Within 2 miles of the
Caldecott Tunnel, 15 major
fires have burned since Hwy 24
-Eleven of these fires
destroyed 3,542 homes,
took 26 lives, and caused
over $2 billion in losses
Internal Risk Reduction Strategies
Preparing the community
Neighborhoods- What Can You Do?
1. Pursue FireWise Community Designation
2. Adopt Best Practice Home Ignition Zone Practices
• MOFD provides free assessments and recommendations. Scheduling is via Complaints of non-compliant parcels should also be
reported to
3. Evacuation Planning
Reducing the Risk
• Fuels Mitigation Work on all parcels
• Grass cut to less than 3”
• Brush thinned or removed
• Trees trimmed and limbed 6-8’
• Roadside clearance 3’ horizontal 15’ vertical
• Defensible space around your home
• Organize your neighbors to participate in the MOFD community
chipping program:
free-hazardous-fuels-chipping-to-district-residents or
• Sign Up for Community Warning System Notifications:
• Sign Up for City of Orinda Nixle Alerts:
• Develop a Neighborhood Notification Plan
• Phone
• Email
• Every Neighbor Knock on (2) Doors Before Leaving
• Identify Neighbors Who Need Assistance
• Weather Alert Radio
• Un-interrupted Power Supply (UPS) for Modem and Cordless Phone
Early Detection and Notification
Automating the integration and processing of data in near-real time
System Overview RAWS

Sensor Sensor
#4 #5

Sensor Sensor Sensor CF> 75% Full Alarm

#1 #2 #3 CF< 75% Still Response
Evacuation Plan
• Evacuation is a law enforcement
function conducted in coordination with
fire department
• Evacuation is time phased and
prioritized to reduce congestion,
evacuate those in the greatest danger,
and maintain access for responders
• Rapid evacuation orders are supported
by the predevelopment of neighborhood
polygons to create a common operating
Backing Fire
Backing Fire meeting Head Fire

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Diablo Wind Event

1 2 3 4
Evacuation Decision Support Tool