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Involving Parents and community in the guidance

Guidance is the process of giving positive direction to student. These services provide
comprehensive information about opportunities, personality development, effective studying
and learning.

Purpose of Guidance
The basic Purpose of guidance to help students recognize, accept and develop their
potential, adjust to the school, and develop the skills needed to cope with the problems
they meet and also help young people come to know and accept themselves, their
aptitudes and interests.

Why School involve parent and community in guidance program

Learning doesn’t end in the classroom, yet most parents are at a loss when it comes to
supporting their children’s intellectual development. Many try to do too well and hover
around them when they do homework, which can stifle creativity and self-development.
Others let them roam free and hardly monitor their progress. children are more successful at
school when parents are involved. Better yet, teachers, too, are positively affected when
parents take interest.

That’s because involved parents promote positive classroom behavior, make sure children do
their homework, help them be more organized, enforce disciplinary measures, and validate
their effort.

For teachers, involving parents boosts positive self-perception and job satisfaction.

The challenge is to help them understand how they can help their child succeed.

How School involve parent and community in guidance program

There are different strategies to involving parent in guidance program.

Providing student information

Teacher observe the students and note the student activities and provide them positive
guidance regarding their need and interest.
Teacher provide relative information of the student in their parent how to deal student in
home task and what is the interest of student.
Keep a notebook of classroom facts, the curriculum, study resources, contact information, key
terminology, and tips detailing how parents can support their child’s progress. Establish a
homework hotline where families can call to retrieve forgotten or missed assignments.

Encourage reading at home by creating a custom reading list based on the child’s personality,
interests, and level.

Set up clear homework policies

To give detail how parents should be involved and revise them on a case-by-case basis
depending on the student’s progress.
Ask parents to stick to a study routine and set up a homework-friendly area where distractions
are kept to a minimum.
That means enforcing a no-TV, computer, or phone environment.

Suggest enrichment activities

This will help parents build constructive relationships with their child as well. Some good ideas
include fun family trips to the library, age-appropriate museum exhibitions, and plays.

Early & Frequent Communication

As teachers, we’re often wrongly seen as the nameless beings that unfairly grade children’s
papers. Yet, above all, we’re parents’ partners in education. It’s critical to build a bridge and
maintain an open door policy so parents can understand what you’re trying to achieve. Only
then will they be able to complement your efforts outside the classroom.

A good way to do this is to communicate about school programs and child's progress on an
ongoing basis.

Talk with parents, not at them

Establish a rapport of equality and create a comfortable atmosphere. Place the student at the
center of all communications, making sure that parents understand they are the priority.
Don’t come with fixed answers. Rather, ask parents for their input and suggestions

Include them in decision-making.

Empower parents by creating a parent-teacher group. This will promote open communication
and understanding between parents and school staff. Ask the group for their feedback about
classroom activities, school programs, field trips, and events.
Parents meting

This can be a fantastic tool to share classroom updates and involve parents you throughout
the year. Public or private, your blog can become the place where you discuss study activities,
your personal philosophy on teaching, field trips, and more.

Parents Day

School celebrate parent day which purpose is to promote student learning and inform the
parent about their child progress. Parent day is the very important event for involving parent
in guidance program.

School and parent workshop.

Organize parents-teacher workshops where you can discuss homework, tests, and study skills.
Make these events fun and unique: turn “Mother’s days” and “Father’s day” into an
opportunity to celebrate matriarchs and patriarchs and how they can respectively make a
difference in their child’s progress.

Co-Curriculum Activity

Co-curriculum activity is promoting student learning. This is the informal learning which
student learn out of the class like in Playground, functions, competition, Quid-e-Azam Day,
Iqbal Day, Mother Day, labor day, independence day and some other activity. School involved
parents in co-curriculum activity which will provides help in parent guidance program.

Price distribution Ceremony

School involved parent in price distribution ceremony . This one is promote the guidance
program and as well as parent involve in guidance.

Annual Function

This is important event to involving parent in guidance program. This event school provide the
all over year report to parent of his children. Parent evaluate their child progress all over the
year. Parent set their goal for coming year how and where needed guidance and counseling
their child.

How school involves community in guidance

Parent is the sub part of community if school parent involve in guidance then community is
indirectly involve in the guidance. School involved community directly in guidance program.
The purpose of school to produce active citizen for their community so definitely community
must be involve in guidance program.

Organize seminar
School organize seminar for social purpose in which participate the community members.
The community members tell about to student about their social issue and also guide and
motivate to get education for the purpose of solving their community problem and as well as
Community member also guide the students to about their core value and their society

Celebrate culture Event Together

School and community plan to celebrate different cultural event. In this activity community
involve in guidance.

Organize local Trip

School visited the in different local monument places and community member tell the student
about their history.
School visited mosque, police station etc.

Effective Learning is not complete with the participation of parent and community . School is
the part of community. Student is the member of their home, School and community.
Student is passing their life in this three dimension Home, School, Community.
The effective learning of student must be required of the involving of parent and community.
School involved parent in different way meetings, functions, and workshop which provide
guidance to student. Student is also member of community so that why community guidance
is also important of learning and for that purpose community guide the student in different
way visiting, seminar etc.