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GRADES 1 TO 12 School TARLAC PROVINCE Grade Level 11


Teacher Area
Teaching Dates and Quarter FIRST

I. OBJECTIVES At the end of the lesson students will be able to:
Describe Financial Statement
Discuss the basic guidelines in the preparation of financial statements; and
Prepare financial statements.
A. Content Standards The learners demonstrate an understanding of the process of preparing financial statements as well as the methods or tools of analysis of financial statements, including
horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and financial ratios to test the level of liquidity, solvency, profitability, and stability of the business.
B. Performance
Standards The learners will be able to solve exercises and problems that require financial statement preparation, analysis, and interpretation using horizontal and vertical analyses, and
various financial ratios.
C. Learning Prepare financial statements (ABM_BF-IIIb-6)
Write the LC code for
II. CONTENT Content is what the lesson is all about. It pertains to the subject matter that the teacher aims to teach in the CG, the content can be tackled in a week or two.
For this day lesson the learners will review of financial Statement.
III. LEARNING List the materials to be used in different days. Varied sources of materials sustain children’s interest in the lesson and in learning. Ensure that there is a mix of concrete and manipulative materials as well as paper-based materials. Hands-
RESOURCES on learning promotes concept development.
A. References

1. Teacher’s Guide pages Senior High School Curriculum Guide Page 2

2. Learner’s Material None
3. Textbook pages Business Finance in the Philippines setting page 46-51
4. Additional Materials
from Learning
Resource (LR) portal
B. Other Learning Smarter Investing. | Investopedia. (2016). Investopedia. Retrieved 8 May 2016, from
IV. PROCEDURES These steps should be done across the week. Spread out the activities appropriately so that students will learn well. Always be guided by demonstration of learning by the students which you can infer from formative assessment activities.
Sustain learning systematically by providing students with multiple ways to learn new things, practice their learning, question their learning processes, and draw conclusions about what they learned in relation to their life experiences and
previous knowledge. Indicate the time allotment for each step.
A. Reviewing previous Give the factors we need to consider and explain how flow of funds occurs within a business?
lesson or presenting
the new lesson
B. Establishing a purpose Communicate Learning Objectives: introduce the following learning objectives using suggested protocols: - I will be able to identify and explain the basic steps in the
for the lesson accounting process (accounting cycle). (10 MINS)
C. Presenting MOTIVATION (20 MINS)
examples/instances for
the new lesson
Using a Online Puzzle Maker find the following words with the definition that corresponds to the following terms:

(Modified from Basic Accounting, Valencia & Roxas)

1.Accounting System

2. Debit

3. Credit

4. Transactions

5. Double-Entry Accounting

6. Journal Entry

7. Journals

8. Accounting

Process (or cycle)

9. Special Journals

10. General Journal

11. Account

12. Ledger

13. Posting

14. General Ledger

15. Subsidiary Ledgers
D. Discussing new Discuss the following:
concepts and practicing
new skills #1
Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business.

The Accounting Equation, T-Account Analysis , Nominal Accounts, The Accounting Cycle, Basic Financial Statements.

E. Discussing new The term financial statement is a report that covers a period of time and summarizes all the revenues (money taken in) and subtracts the expenses (money
concepts and practicing used) to come up with a difference which is Net Income, Profit or Earnings.
new skills #2
F. Developing mastery How the Accounting Cycle does occur?
G. Finding practical Explain the importance of the financial statement for the students?
applications of concepts
and skills in daily living
H. Making What is the main reason of each business why business needs to check in detail their financial reports?
generalizations and
abstractions about the
I. Evaluating learning Quiz: Indicate whether the following items would appear on the income statement (IS), or balance sheet (BS)
A. ________ Office Supplies

B. ________ Accounts Payable

C. ________ Computer Equipment

D. ________ Commission Fees Earned

E. ________ Salaries Expense

F. ________ B. So, Capital

G. ________ Accounts Receivable

J. Additional activities Write reflection about the topic.
for application for
A. No. of learners who
earned 80% in the _____% No. of learners who earned 80% in the evaluation.

B. No. of learners who ___% No. of learners who require additional activities for remediation who scored below 80%.
require additional
activities for remediation
who scored below 80%.

C. Did the remedial lessons YES, ___% No. of learners who have caught up with the lesson.
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the

D. No. of learners who ___ No. of learners who continue to require remediation
continue to require

VI.REFLECTION Reflect on your teaching and assess yourself as a teacher. Think about your students’ progress this week. What works? What else needs to be done to help the students learn? Identify what help your instructional supervisors can provide for
you so when you meet them, you can ask them relevant questions.
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other