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** PUBLIC DISCLOSURE COPY ** 990 Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax Form under section 60%(c), 627, oF 4047(a\3) of the Internal Revenue Code (except private foundations) Daseine othe Teomry D> Donot enter social security numbers on this form asitmay be made pubic. Svoronis ‘irate Sve D> Go to wwirs.cow ormQ00 for inatructions and the latest information inspection {A For the 2017 calendar year, or fax year beginning ‘and ending B ope [CNameofciganztion Employer identification number ite" | American Legislative Exchange Council (i885. [boing business as 52-0140979 Jets [Number and street (or P.O. boxif mail isnot delivered to street address) [Roomvsuite |E Telephone number ty |_2900 Crystal Drive, 6th Floor 103-373-0933 ez” | city or town, state or provinos, country, and ZIP or foreign postal code G Grows recopte$ 10,352,239. (os|_arlington, VA 22202 Hla) sthis a group return (Figg |Fname and addrass of principal oficorMirs. Lisa B. Nelson for subordinates? Ives CE]No ms | game as C above HID) sat ancrcnesnausecrl_—l¥es [INO 1 Taxexompt status: [X) 501403) C1] s0t¢@ yd Gnsarina.) LT ase7(ay jor —T527] 1 °No,”" attach at. (a00 instructions) ‘J Website: www Hie} Group exemption number Be Form of rganization: (XJ Corporation [—]Trust_[ Association [other D> Ti Year of formation: 1.9°7 SLM State of lgal domicie TL Part i] Summary | * Bilt describe me opaizaton’s mason or most sgntcantesivies: ABSist State Legislators 2) congress & the public by sharing research and educational info. £ | 2 Check his box De [lithe orgaization ciscontinued its operations or deposed of more than 25% of Ks net asses | 8. wenberotvetng members of ne goveing Boy Pan Vf a) 3 23 8 | 4 number of ndapencent voting mamlors ofthe governing body (Par Vr ino tb) 4 23 3 | & Tota numberof inavtals employed in calendar year 2017 Par V, ne 28) 5 58 | 6 Tota numberof vlunteors (estimate l necessary) 6 Not unrated businoss taxable income rom Form 8607, ine 34 cu le Prior Year | ® Contributions and grants Part Vl tne 1h) 8,873,957. 06 Z| © Program service revenue (Part Vl ine 29) 990,608.| 1,104,038. 8 | 10. investment income (Par Vil, column (A, ines 3, 4, and 7) 3,897. 6,463. 144. Other revenue (Part Vil, column (A, lines 5, 6d, 86, 9, 10c, and 116) 476,717 476,674. 12 Tota revenue ad nas 8 trough 1 (ust equal Pant Vl column (Al ine 12 10,345,179.| 10,352,239. 18. Grants and similar amounts paid Part IX column (A, in 13) 18,500. 15,00 14 Benefits pad to or for members (Part 1X, column (A) ine 4) 0. on 4. | 18. Sams, tar compensator aployeo banat Par, colin os 510 3,774, 601.| 4,221,861. 8 | 16a Professional tundraising fos Part 1X, column (A) line 116) 41,000. 46,450. 8) Tota tundrasing exponces (Part x, column (0). no25) 570,263. ©) 47 omer expenses (Par, column (A), nas t1a-t1d, 111240) 5 5,953,884. 18 Total expenses, Add ines 13-17 (must equal Pati, column ine 25) 3 10,237,195. 10 npenses. Subiract ne 16 from ine 12 1 115,044. Begining of Curent ear | End of Veor 20. Total assets PartX line 16) 6,875 ,636.| 6,438,760. 24 Total ables (Pat X ine 26) 2,719,637.) 22 ets or fund balances. Subtract ne 21 fom line 20, 4,155,999.) 4,271,043 tl | Signature Block Uneerpenais of perry, | declrehat have amined his elm, ndudng accompanying schedules and statements, and tothe best of my knowledge and bl, Ris ‘tue, correct, and complete ef ovratsinges iy te fe based on al information of which preparer has any knowiedge. Hae > [UAE Sign ‘Spe oT otier Tae Here Mrs. Lisa B. Nelson, CEO ‘yon o pinta a0 ie Pro prepares ame Paid fThomas J. Raffa Preparer {Firms name _p Raffa, B.C. Use Only |Fimmsadéressy 1899 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036 {ay the IRS ciscuss tis retum wth the preparer shown above? (sas instructions) razor nab? LHA For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the separate instructions Ti eee OO] Pr afea {utenti [P00916458 511275 202-822-5000 py ves_[_JNo. Form 980 (2017) Form 990 017 American Legislative Exchange Council 52-0140979 Pago? Part Ill Statement of Program Service Accomplishments. ‘Check f Schedule O contains a response or note to any tng in this Pat I = & “1 Bioy describe the organization's mission The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a think-tank for state-based public policy issues and potential solutions. ALEC's mission is to assist State Legislators, Members of Congress, and the general and business public by sharing research and educational info. 2 Oi te organaation undertake any sgnicat program serces during the year which were not sted on the prior Form 980 or 990-627 ves Gx] No Its" deseribe these new services on Schedule O. 3 Did the organization cease conducting, or make significant changes in how it conducts, any program services? (ves Gil No If"Yes, desenbe these changes on Schedule O. 44 Descibe the organization's program service accomplishments for each ois treo largest program services, as measured by expenses. Section 5012) anc 501(4) organizations are require to report the amount of grants and allocations to others, the otal expenses, ard revenue, f any, foreach program service reported, 48 (con Viewmeess 4,223,099. naninagewers 5,000.) trwns 107,870.) ask Forces - ALEC's Task Forces provide a forum for legislators and the private sector to discuss issues and develop and draft model policies which serve as a public policy resource. The Task Forces include the following: American City Council Exchange; Civil Justice; Commerce, Tasurance and Economic Development; Communications and Technology; Criminal Justice Reform; Education and Workforce Development; Energy, Environment and Agriculture; Health and Human ervices; Federalism and International Relations; and Tax and Fiscal Policy. 43 (Cae Viewer 1,610,675. weuargemiea's ) Gewws 1,376,472.) Conferences - ALEC holds national conferences, providing workshops on current issues with leading experts, public figures and elected officials. The three national conferences held during 2017 were the Spring Task Force Summit, Annual Meeting and States and National Policy Summit Meeting. al (cose Vewenest 1,252,663. mewcraomionts ) Public Affairs - ALEC conducts an on-going communications program that. promotes policies based on free-market, limited government and federalism among elected officials and the private sector members and educates the general public on ALEC's institutional goals and objectives. “4d_ Other program services (Describe in Schedule O) (opm 1,512,473» isssonooteo's 10,000.) (rears 96,370.) “2e_Total program service expenses P 8,598,910. raew0e 1129-97 eC pyr 7) & O | Form 990 (2017) American Legislative Exchange Council 52-0140979 Page S Bart IV | Gheckst of Required Schedules provide advice on the distribution or investment of amounts in such funds or accounts? if "Yes," camplete Schedule D, Part! | 6 x COPY od iG I