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aa st WARE mento ORIGINAL OBTS Number: 293 /2g673 Psency ORI: FL0420000 Court Case Number: CR2019001522001__ [Arrest Code: [Agency Case Number: 19014208 Name (LFIM): DIEGEL MELISSA SUZANNE. pos: anaes | Fes_be Reo pw Wailing Address: [Scars Marks Tattoos: 15106 NE 85TH PLACE, SILVER SPRINGS, FL 34488 ‘Street Address: [POB: DENVER,CO 16169 NE 65TH PLACE, SILVER SPRINGS, FL34488 POE: POE Phone: a scupation: UNKNOWN jeh Towed By: [ven Hela: Di Number 0240557749500 [DL St: FL Veh Hold Agency: ‘rest Sufix 1 Prost Date: osairoTe ‘Arrest Location: 15165 NE O5TH PLACE CHARGES Description [SOG WAR DOM [Counts factviy] Type ond Amount [Bond P| a OUTOFSTATEFUG- in| ARIZONA GOVERNORS WARRANT OF RENDITION, Indication of: Alcohol: N_ Drug: N__ Weapons Seized: N__ Weapon: NONE Juvenile Disposition: Jail Log: (To be completed by booking officer) Jail Inmate # Dato Booked: 2] 1 [Time Booked: 733] Booking Oficer (gah Fingermrnted By; Photographed by 245 Bin Numbo [Rdvised of Rights BY: (6905, Tyucic Trcic focal Holds: Gives PSNo Agency of Hold: Religion: [Marital Status: CS CIMLID Lisep Telephone call ogged! Time DU SeAAM Next ofKin oe View Ce yinldd Relation: Crowne « [Relation Phones p72 - 135-U0eS, Relation Address: Bond Date: JReturnable Court Date: [Returnable Court Ti [Release Date: Release Time: lReteasing Office [Bond, Charge A: [charge B: Charge C: [Charge b: [Charge JBond Type: [ROR CJSurety Ccash Name Address of Bondsman: iBait Bond Cicert_Clother revorgctensimare SD, fovlls YD JMS-228 v1.16 Page: 1 of 3 Printed: 6/21/2019 22:38 Ariest Code: [court case Number: CR2019001522001 Defendant Name: DEGEL MELISSA SUZANNE PROBABLE CAUSE AFFIDAVIT: (Specify probable cause for each charge) Before Me, the undersigned authority personally appeared —\ Mi Bo ker ho belng duly sworn, alleges, on information and belie, that on the J\_ day os Woy Alt in Marion County, Florida the defendant dia: BECAME ARRESTED ON MARICOPA COUNTY ARIZONA WARRANT CR2019001522001 GOVERNORS WARRANT OF RENDITION FOR THE RETURN OF THE DEFENDANT TO THE STATE OF ARIZONA SIGNED BY JUDGE MYERS. CHARGES ARE 6 COUNTS OF CLASS 2 CHILD ABUSE AND 2 COUNTS OF CLASS 4 CHILD ABUSE, FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE. NO BOND AMOUNT. ere en Werttt Le wn! this AN day of oy Aol AFFIANT 7 ZG on MARION COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE Se leone te acer ~ | © (eircle one) ea ALGO7 BBVO Ss 202-05 Fe BEI 20267 @2 05/21/2019 @48aS FLOAZe000 Ext AZeeTa@ee 06/21/19 EXTRADITION REQUEST ~ HCSO AGENCY NAHE: MARTON CO SO ATTN: QATLER/ FUGITIVE RE: DIEGEL, MELISSA SUZANNE oon: 121219 RAC? Wo SEX: F SSN: BGT: 506 WOT: 180 HAIR: BRO EYE: BLU WAR NO: CRZOLYOV1SZZ081 DATE: Q4Q4Z018 MARICOPA CO. COURT: SUPERIOR JUDGE: CRIN COURT BOND: 100000 CHGS: 6 COUNTS CHILD ABUSE CZF // 2 COUNTS CHILD ABUSE Car WE HOLD THE ABOVE FELONY WARRANT. IF SUBJECT WILL NOT WAIVE, WE WELL EXTRADITE. CERTIFIED COPIES OF THE WARRANT AND COMPLAINT ENROUTE. PLEA FURNISH NAWE AND NUWGER OF YOUR CONTACT PERSGN. WE HOLD PRESTONED WAIVERS ON PROBATION VIOLATION WARRANTS. THIS IS NOT A FORMAL DETAZNER REQUEST. A FORWAL DETAINER LETTER WITH CERTIFIED COPTES OF THE WARRANT AND CHARGING DOCUMENT WILL BE FORWARDED AS SOON AS POSSIRLE COUNTY AGENCIES PLEASE CONTACT EXTRADITIONS AT (6@2) 876-1634. STATE OR FEDERAL FACILITIES CONTACT EXTRADITIONS AT (602) 876-1874. PAUL PENZONE, SHERIF MARICOPA COUNTY SHERIFF'S —END: =-END-~ ~ JMS-226 v1.16 IME EWP | ERPLOVEE NAHE OFFICE 20879000 1856 HST BATZ9 MORGESON, LAUREN Printed: 6/21/2019 22:38, 05/21/2019 _22:00911 communications (Fagg 438 565 P.0011001 es/21/2819 18:57 4eaa135e19 Pace el/a1 SUPERIOR COURT {MARICOPA COUNTY, ARZZONA , STATEGF ARTZONA Pia "ARREST WARRANT : GRAN MEUSSA SUZANNE BIEGE Defendant (Fest, My Last) cASENO, crz018.0015z2-002 8.61368 ‘TO: ANY AUTHORIZED LAU ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, ‘YOU ARE COMMANDED to errest ad bring the delendent before tia cout. ths court is unavallbl or the ares it made in another county, You shal take the defendane before the naarastor mostaccasble Magistrate ‘The defendant is accused of an offenes or volatlon based on the flowing: Indictment “The offenses} orvolttons) are riefly described as fetows: TINT 3 (4 5-BE23A2) CHILD ABUSE, A CLASS 2 FELONY DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE was commited On Ap 0, 2083, [Rouwr 2 (s-96284) CHILD ABU, A CLASS 2 PRONE DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE rs commited on Api 2013 INT 8: (13-3S23A1) CHILD ABUSE, A CLASS 2 FELONY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DANGEROUS CHIME AGAINST CHILOREN was commited en Juy 3, 13, HUNT 6 (13-3522A2) CHILD ABUSE, ACLASS 2 FELONY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, DANGEROUS CRIME AGAINST CHILDREN was eammittd on ber 3, 2013. UNT 7: (1-862384} CHILD ABUSE, A CLASS 4 PELONY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE was commit on Jenuaty2, 2081 to august 20,2044, UNT Bs (33.362881} CLD ABUSE, CLASS 4 FELONY DOMESTIC VIOLENCS was commit an Sonuaty 2081 to August 20,2074. The defendant may ba released Ifa $300,000.00) One hundred shourend dollar bonds posted by or on behalf ofthe accused, OR ‘D The defendants not eligible for release on bond. Bes No Chuninovin The ofersels ors mately relate t,a Vicimy Rights appeabe offense. mee ~————— udge UA 04 29 LATA Court Ordered Date Deputy Came SCF Face poe: Iaraaiore Fens0e Were Ra DRESS (L/K};_ SLT Southeast 2oth Street Apt B, Ocala, FL34E80 Farin sare aOR eae eT fae aaa aie ea pt ——_— BE RE__08201400557567- Phoenis Poles DapaMent CERTIICATE OF BRECUTION ‘arty thatthe defendant was arested at, nd prasantad dafondent before Judge ate