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City of Miami ‘THE CITY OF MIAMI, FLORIDA October 26, 2018 ‘CODE ENFORCEMENT BOARD CR: CE2016019385 ve Case No: CE2016019385 ALEJANDRO DIAZ DE LA PORTILLA Address: 1819 SWF 19 ST &W CLAUDIA DAVANT Folio: 0141 | 19040380 1519 SW 19ST Logal: 11 54 41 AMD PL ADELE HEIGHTS PB 13-54 MIAMI, FL. 331452825, LOT 22 BLK 2 LOT SIZE 50.000 X 135 OR 19912- 2006 08 2001 1 COC 23.885-4621 04 2005 4 Tenant: Hearing Date: October 24, 2618 FINAL ADMINISTRATIVE ENFORCEMENT NOTICE ‘The Code Enforcement Board has found you guilty of violating the following laws, including Zoning Ordinance of the City of Miami, Florida (Ordinance 11000, as amended}: -2104 WORK PERFORMED WITHOUT A FINALIZED PERMIT City Code SEC 10-3 (FBC 104, 105}20N ORD SEC 2102 Youre hereby ordered te correct said violation by January 22, 2019. If you fail to comply by said date, you will ‘thereafter be fined the sum of $150 per day. It is your responsibility to advise the Inspector immediately after the ‘Violation has been corrected to obtzin an Affidavit of Compliance. Failure to obtain an Affidavit of Compliance will result in the continuing acerual of the daily fine, “A certified copy af this Order may be recorded in the Public Records of Datle County and thereafter shall ‘constitute alien against the above referenced property and any ther real or personal property that you own. LIENS THAT REMAIN UNPAID FOR THREE (3) MONTHS MAY BE FORECLOSED IN COURT. In addition, the Certificate of Use and Occupational License of any business accupying this property may be ‘suspended or withheld. Operating a business without all required licenses is illegal under state and city law, and is ‘punishable by criminal arrest andor closing the business. Should you have any questions regarding this Enforcement Order, or if'you wish to advise ths Code Enforcement Board that the violation has bee éorrested, please call Suzan Nicholson at (30S) 329-8820, City of Miami Code Enforeement Board Officially fled and rendered on Cetober 26, 201% in the records of the City of Miami, Hearing Boards. Prepared by: Olga Zamora Deputy Clerk of Hearing Boards