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Marah $2002 ae shaes ats We ae datighted to cone ow ofl af employment to you with he Hat Reglonal Municipality (HRI) efectos March 28,2042. The tems and ‘onions of your employment areset out nthe folowing paragraph Please read this eter earful then og and retuio the dope c0p) v0 ter than March 28,201 2) Subject tothe objectives and plies set by Hallas Regional Coun the chlefAdmaistratve OF cer (CAO) wil be cesponsible for proving leadership and crecon nal aspects o delivering sea implementing Counc Dots. The CAD agrees to higenty peel ala his respansbolties orormiy with legal requirements. nchuding but not ited othe aoe Regional Mun cpa Chater, The Municipal Gaveroment Ac and to sligemty promote the ineret ote Haas Repnal Municpaly, 2) You commence employment 9 Chil Adminitrative Offeeron ‘March 28,2031, 5 nated shove at an annual salary of $285,000.00 (use Salary). You wil report to Halls Regional Counc though the Mayor andthe Administrative Standing Commitee 4) __ Aur the frst yea‘ ef employment and every year thereafter hase on 2 veal saetatory performance renew conducted by the Mayo sa A ee lee ey a aor ESS Dard he CA's goals fr the upcoming year and assess the CAO’ performance ‘ver the pst year Page lof ate your employment for rou Page Zaf4 Pres 11) Youve be ehpberojin she HRW Porto Plan ana transfer your pension from OMERS Pension Pan throug cu’ exsimg.ecrocs agreement 2 13) You ao acknow/eige tt 38 Crei Aémastratve Oticer.youwl acquire certain nvormaton about cetain mats ane sues that ae ‘onfidennl therefore you agree not to dear to any unauthorised person ‘or otharwst reveal any confident. informater or dacuments wich relate 12 the business of HRI or any matters eating HRN ar a aiates except 33 maybe required yaw and as suchvou ae tign 2 confentaey 16) You achnowlege tha: you have red an understand ou offer of temaloyment and acknowledge that you have had the apportunityto bia independent age ance wih exp22 aA Please coir your acepranca of ou offer of employment by aging this leer and returning it to my attention by Rtavch LE 201? (On behalf nattexReporat Couse! sar vary leased that you willbe roring us and we lok forward to 3 mutby sueestl ang rewarding, Page 3 cf