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Liesl Freedman From: Hunt, Robert (NFL Security Rep) Sent: Monday, May 20, 2019 5:35 PM. To: Lies! Freedman Subject: FOIA Request Attachments: FOIPA - Elliott. pdf Follow Up Flag: Follow up Flag Statu: Flagged Lies, [hope this finds you well. Please see attached FOIA request for information relating to Ezekiel Elliotts interaction with the LVMPD on or about 05/18/2019. itis my understanding an event number was never generated. A hard copy has been sent via U. S. Mail as well. Regards, Bob Hunt NFL Consultant Associate Security Representative T: 702.499-3861 NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE May 20, 2019 Office of the General Counsel Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Attn: FOIPA Request 400 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 Dear General Counsel Lies! Freedman, This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act pursuant to Nevada Open Records Act Section 239 et seq. It is requested that Robert E. Hunt, NFL Consultant - Associate Security Representative, be afforded the opportunity to obtain copies of any and all of the following related to an incident involving Ezekiel Elliott at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada on or about May 18, 2019: All police reports (incident, arrest, follow-up, and any other titled P.D. report) relevant to this case; All witness statements, whether contained in witness interview reports or recordings of such interviews, and any transcripts that the Department has made of such recordings; All related 911 calls and related dispatch records, and any transcripts that the Department has made of such calls and transmissions; All “body” and “dash cam” footage related to this case; All surveillance video footage obtained from businesses and anywhere else relevant footage was obtained; Any and all business records obtained from any businesses such as hotels (incident reports, lock interrogation records for rooms, sign-in and billing records and other related records); Photographs and video recordings depicting either the alleged victim's or the alleged perpetrator’s physical condition; Any medical records (ambulance, hospital, private doctor) obtained by the Department in connection with this alleged incident; ‘Any relevant communications (text, IM, social media-based, email, voicemail, recorded phone calls or recorded live conversations, etc.) obtained by the Department in connection with this alleged incident; Any other material in the Police Department's possession relevant to this case. In addition to the above documents and evidence contained in the PD. file on this case, the League is also seeking interviews with any and all PD. personnel who were involved in handling this matter If there are any fees for searching or copying related to this request, please inform me of the cost. A waiver of fees is requested in that the Security Department of the National Football League is seeking this information for internal use only and the information is not being sought for commercial purposes. If this request is denied, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law. Thank you for your consideration, Robert E. Hunt NFL Consultant - Associate Security Representative robert, - 702.499-3861