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Naar) Education New Zealand Briefing ae ‘Student Visa Processing Times - Impact on International Title: Education Date: 28 March 2019 Priority: Medium Security level: In Confidence ENZIDno: 1819-166 Action sought Addresse Action sought: oe Note the New Zealand international educati sector's concerns that ongoing visa processing delays are impacting neg: ‘on New Zealand's attractiveness ani competitiveness as an intematio tion market. Note the New Zealand i nal education sector's concerns aboutbe Mrfancial impact on their or ion business of ~~ lew Zealand (INZ) has nightly visa processing {aining statistics on processing approval rates, to the New Zealand il education sector. be that other requirements, for example the irement of translations for documents ‘accompanying visa applications, are adding to concerns within the international education sector that immigration settings are creating impediments to international student recruitment. Note that ENZ will continue to work with INZ, inoluding the formation of a joint taskforce, to: ‘a, ensure that international education stakeholders are informed about visa processing, b. ensure that INZ is aware of market reaction to visa processing, RECEIVED c. enable closer collaboration to inform ENZ marketing efforts 2.8 MAR 2019 and d. explore greater sharing of data to streamline processing of quality students. cd NEW ZEALAND Agree to refer this briefing to the Minister of Immigration for his information. If you agree to refer this briefing to the Minister of Immigration, also agree to discuss with him that INZ could allay many current concerns if it acknowledged current visa processing delays and communicated to the sector about a programme of work to address the current delays and handle future applications in a more timely way, and note that ENZ is keen to assist with such communications using its channels, o ‘Agree that the proactive release of t briefing is deferred until solutions, ‘current visa processing delay oped. Contact for telephone discussion (if require Name: Position: Telepiton 1* contact Grant McPherson Chief Executive General ee, iheld under s9(2)(a) of the Official Information Act John Goulter Sere FT ay v The following departme Icies have seen this report Olero used Qe MFat BQMoE—-«EJMoH = CJ MSD Cnzaa Q~ otec Otek Otreeuy neh complete D)Approved® [Declined Noted TNeeds change Oseen Seren Fi [See Minister's notes] Withdrawn NEW ZEALAND Education New Zealand Briefing ‘Student Visa Processing Times ~ Impact on International Education 28 March 2019 Priority: Medium Security level: In Confidence ENZIDno: 1819-166 Executive Summary You have asked for information from Education New Zealand (ENZ) and Imi In New Zealand (INZ) updating you and the Minister of Immigration on student vi sing times. and on the impact of this on international education, particularly on the 8 of technology and polytechnics (ITPs). Since the last paper updating you on student visa processing, El been monitoring ‘market reaction from the international education sector in.Ne id, and through its offshore network. INZ has provided fortnightly visa proces tes to the sector, containing statistics on processing times and approval is data shows a significant but particularly ITPs, private training estab! (PTEs) and English Language schools. Universities and the schools sector have jencad visa processing delays and are also concerned by the overall slowdown. cular have advised that the potential loss of revenus is NZ$33.36 milion du processing delays, slowdown in processing times. ‘Serious concems about visa processing times at S&S the sub-sectors in New Zealand — : : After analysing market reaction sssesses the ongoing visa processing delays as impacting negatively on the ind’s overall attractiveness as an education destination for overseas students, es Mpetitiveness internationally. ENZ is concerned thg cessing delays, and other immigration-related issues, may hinder New. we ‘to meet the goals of the New Zealand Intemational Education sgoltertig Strategy (Ni the target value of $6 billion by 2025. Recommendtgions: Education New Zealand recommends that you: b. note the international education sector in New Zealand is concemed that the ongoing visa processing delays are impacting negatively on New Zealand's attractiveness and ‘competitiveness as an international education market Noted . note the New Zealand international education sector's concems about the financial impact on their international education business of visa processing delays Noted