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Get Up Annie and Abby

Get up, Don. Annie and Abby are twins.

Get up, Ton. They bought a big apple for their
Get ready now. younger sister, Amy. They left
It is six o’clock. the big apple on the table and
Wash your face. looked for Amy. When they came
Eat your meal. back, they saw some big ants
Drink your milk. eating the apple. Amy cried.
Brush your teeth. “Stop crying Amy. We will buy
Dress up, Don. you another big apple,” said
Dress up, Ton. Annie. “Come, Amy. We will tell
Prepare your bags. you stories while waiting for
And go to school early. mother,” said Abby.
The Two Friends A Birthday Invitation

Emma and Ella were There was a Hindu woman

friends. They used the from India who had an infant
escalator to go down the son. She received an invitation
supermarket to buy some from her friend who lived in
eggs, eggplants, and Manila. It’s her friend’s
envelopes. As soon as they
“I will buy her a pen and a
arrived home, Ella cooked
bottle of ink as my gift. She is
their food, while Emma wrote fond of writing letters. She will
a letter to her mother. They like them,” she said to herself.
enjoyed dinner together.
Good Food The Umpire

One day, Onie and Lory were Peter is a baseball umpire.

talking about the food they would He takes the underpass when
like to eat. he drives to the baseball park.
Onie said, “I want oranges, He wears his uniform as an
okra, and onions. Fruits and
umpire when he goes to the
vegetables are good for the body.”
Lory said, “I want candies, soft
game. He likes to stay under
drinks, and cheese curls.” the tree on a hot day. He does
Onie answered, “But they are not use an umbrella like
not good for the body. They will women do on very hot days
make you sick.”
Bob Cathy’s Cat
One day Bob was very tired.
He went to his room to rest. He Cathy has a pet cat that
saw his ball, bat, bag, and a toy sleeps on a couch. She
bear on his bed. His piggy bank feeds it with corn soup in
where he saves his coins was on
the floor.
a cup. She covers its back
“Oh what a mess!” sighed with a coat when it is cold.
Bob. “I need to put my toys in She brings her pet with
the box so I can fix my bed.” her when she rides in her
Bob did his best to make his car.
room clean. Bob is a good boy.
Cathy loves her pet cat
Dan’s Dad Girlie

Dan’s dad started digging near Girlie is a talented girl. She

the door of their house to plant plays the guitar well. She
some seeds. His pets were attends her guitar lessons
awakened. The ducks started to
regularly. After every lesson,
quack, the dogs barked loudly,
she practices what she has
and the cats meowed with fear.
The loud sounds of the animals
learned. Her guitar teacher
annoyed Dan’s dad so he enjoys teaching Girlie.
stopped digging. He prepared “You are very good, Girlie!”
some food for his pets so they her teacher tells her. “I’m
would not make noise anymore giving you a gift that you will
when he would dig again. like.”
A Hungry Hag The “J” Family

A boy saw a hag. The hag Jim has a pet jaguar. He

wears a hat and she has a big feeds it with jam. His brother
handkerchief on her hip. From Jack loves to eat a bun with
her hand hangs a handbag. She jelly. They have a sister name
looks very hungry. “I am Jill. Both Jill and Jack love to jog
hungry,” she pleaded to Harry. around the oval.
Harry asked the hag, “Would Jim’s father, Joe, has a job as
you like a hamburger or a ham a jockey in a racetrack. Jim’s
sandwich?” mother is a juggler at a circus.
The hag answered, “Thank All she does is to juggle the balls
you little boy. I prefer ham.” around to make children happy.
A Kindergarten School children learn to cook.
The children learn to
Teacher Kiko has a heat water in kettles.
kindergarten school. Everyone loves the
The kindergarten school. Kids can kiss
school has a their teacher before
playground where the say “goodbye.”
kids learn to kick. It Would you like to visit
has a kitchen where the school someday?
Lovely Liza To Lovely Liza, L was
the best sound there
Lovely Liza has a was, but later she
long list of L words found out something
like lakes, lobsters, else was much better.
and leopards. You will That’s the sound of
also find lollipops, Liza’s lovely voice.
lambs, leaves, and
Magi Mari ran to may and
Magi, a male kissed her. Magi drank
monkey climbed a the milk and then
mango tree. He saw a climbed the mango
mouse eating a big tree again. He was
mango fruit. looking for the mouse
“Magi, where are but it was not there
you? Here’s your milk anymore.
now,” said May.
Nene’s Nose doctor, The nurse gave
Nene an ice pack.
One day, Nene got “What time is the
hurt. Her nose was hit doctor coming?” asked
by a big falling net. Nanay.
Nanay brought her to “He is coming at nine
the hospital. Nurse in the morning. Please
Nena attended to her. wait for a while,” the
While waiting the nurse answered.
An Old Man with a Pipe in the pigpen. After
There was an old watching his pigs drink
man who lived in a water, he would get a
farm. Every morning he pan to cook his
would put a pipe in his breakfast. After
mouth and start to breakfast, he would get
read the papers at his a pillow and sit on his
table. After a while, he rocking chair while
would get a pail of reading the papers.
water to bathe the pigs
Queen Quail “We want to play,
Mom,” said the quails. The
A long time ago, there queen did not want them
lived a queen. She was to play in bed. “No, Its time
Queen Quail, the mother to sleep,” said the queen.
of two quails. She took While the quails were
care of her baby quails. The asleep, the queen sat on
baby quails would play the table and held her
with her every day. One quill. She wrote a letter to
day, they sat on the bed the king who was far away.
covered by a quilted sheet.
The Rotting Rat chair. He opens the
It is raining. Ross is “Oh! It’s a rotting
in the den holding a rat, Ryan. Ryan, pick
rabbit. He sits on the up the rat and throw
chair and looks at the it away or bury it. It
red rose on the table. smells bad!” Ryan
“What a bad smell!” took it away. “Thank
He looks under the you, Ryan.”
San and Sam Their socks got wet.
They took them off.
San and Sam played After they washed
under the sun. They their hands with soap
enjoyed playing on and water. They
the see-saw and the prepared their snacks
swing. It started to for the afternoon.
rain, so they ran
forward the house.
Letter “T” the buttons and listen
to the tone. Take me,
Tell me, tell me, take me, take me to
how our tongue helps the pond. To see a
us. A tongue helps us turtle swim in the
talk. A tongue helps us pond. To see a turtle
taste. Teach me, teach climb on the rocks.
me, how to use a
telephone. Just touch
Valentine’s Day violin with him. Vicky
wore a silk dress. They
It was a Valentine’s took a van to the
Day party! party.
Victor and Vicky Even visitors was
attended the party. looking at Victor and
Victor wore a pair of Vicky when they
black pants and a arrived at the party.
velvet vest. He had a
Winky “Yes, Ma’am
Wanda,” said the maid.
“Winky, can you get “I am going out to
water from the well? buy wig. Please close
We need to wash our the doors and windows
dishes. Take off your before you go to the
watch so it won’t get well.”
wet,” said Ma’am “Yes, Ma’am
Wanda. Wanda.”
Max Max helped his
Father fix the fence.
“Max, Max,” In the house Xena,
called Father. “Help the sister of Max,
me here.” mixed the eggs with
“Yes, Father,” the flour to cook hot
answered Max. cakes for them.
Yani and Yumi yard-stick I needed for
school. She bought a
One morning Yani yoyo instead,” said Yani.
yelled at the maid who “I’m sorry, I forgot,”
was sweeping the floor. answered the maid.
Her mother heard it. Mother said, “Okay,
“Yani, why are you go back to the store and
yelling?” buy them. Buy her also
“Yumi, our maid, did a picture of a yak and a
not buy yarn and the yacht.
The Zoo will go to the zoo,”
answered Dad. “I will
“Dad, Dad, let us go also repair the zipper of
to the zoo. I want to your pocket in your
see a zebra eating some new shirt where you
zinnia,” said Zeno. can put the coins I will
“Okay, be good, give you!”
Zeno. If you don’t get a “Thank you, Dad! I
zero in your test, we love you!”
They all went to Tagaytay
The Family to spend the weekend
together. They went to see
One Saturday morning, the big animals in the zoo.
Father, Mother, and Ton They also watched the thick
woke up early. Father check fog as they took picture of
on the car. Mother prepared the Taal Volcano.
the food. Ton help Mother “Oh! What a happy
prepared thing for trip. weekend!’ said Ton to
“Let’s go. We have to be
in Tagaytay at eight in the
morning,” Father said.
My Dad and Mom The Pals

My dad is Dino. Jem and Jenny are pals.

Jem has a toy jet.
He has a car.
Jenny has a pet.
At the back of his car,
They play on the bed.
Are a map and a jar.
Ben comes with his red
Dina is my mom. net.
She is very sad. In the net are three pens.
She broke the jar. “Come, Jem and Jenny, Let
At the back of the car. us draw a set of hens.”
The Kid The Nun and Her Pup

The kid with a bib hid. The nun is in the hut.

The kid hid in the crib. She has a jug and a mug.
The kid got the kit and She has a bun for her pup.
opened it. That runs around the hut.
The kid got the big wig.
The nun runs under the sun.
The kid now has a big wig. She runs under the sun with a
The kid with the wig jigs. bun.
The kid jigs and jigs. The pup runs with the nun.
Until his lips hit the crib. It is fun to run and run.
Let Us Play Little children, let us hurry
Bike and kite you have to
Rain, rain, go away. carry
Little children want to play Together we’ll go and be
In the park they want to merry.
Climb and slide, Mary
Fly a kite on a windy day, Run and hide, Cory
Ride a bike on a sunny day, Playing will make us strong
These make the children and healthy.
happy and gay.
Jay and Jake “Who will bake a
cake?” asks Jay.
Jay wants to play a ball “Dad and I will bake a
game. cake. Come and see us
“Jake, Jake, get a ball. Let bake a cake,” answers
us race with the ball up to Jake.
that gate. Come hurry!” “Okay, I’ll watch you.
“No, Jay. I can’t. Dad Be sure to give me a slice
and I will bake a cake. of your cake. Then we will
Let’s play later,” says Jake. have our ball game later,”
says Jay.
Be Happy Come, taste our bean and
We are happy together As we talk about our
Brother, Sister, Father, dream.
and Mother,
Come and join the fun We are happy together
Feel the heat of the sun. We watch the bees and
the trees
We are happy together Come, come and be merry
We eat and eat all day Come, come and be happy
The Kite The kite’s string broke. It
didn’t fly higher. It flew
Lito had a white paper lower and slipped to one
kite tied to a string. It flew side. Soon. It was gliding into
high in the sky. “It can fly the river.
very high,” Lito said. “If it “You are right, Nino,” said
breaks its string, it will fly Lito. “The kite can’t fly
even higher.” “No,” said without the string.” “And the
Nino. “It will fall when it kite can’t fly without people
breaks it string.” “Okay, I’ll who hold the string,” said
break its string. Let’s see if Nino.
the kite will still fly.”
The Goat “Mom, please call Mr.
Paul. That’s his goat. He
Mom has a rose should catch his goat.”
garden. She has a “Mr. Paul, your goat
garden full of rose is in my yard. Come and
plants. catch your goat.”
“Tom, Tom, get a Mr. Paul caught his
rope. A goat is in the goat. He tied a rope
yard,” Mom said. around its neck and
brought it to the barn.
The Cute Baby The doctor said, “Okay,
okay, don’t worry. I’ll be
Mother is worried. Her there to see your baby.”
cute baby is sick. The baby The doctor treated the
needs to be brought to the cute baby. Mother was very
hospital for a cure. happy. The cute baby is now
Mother called up a smiling and she can now eat
doctor. “Doctor, Doctor, my her food.
cute baby is sick. Please Mother sings a merry tune
come!” to thank God and the good
doctor for healing her sick
Sharing the Road Now I see the ice cream man!
(by Betsy Franco) There’s a mail truck and a
sports car
From the window of our And a white delivery van.
school bus
We can see the busy road There are cars and trucks and
There’s a dump truck and a bicycles,
tow truck A giant city bus
And a pick-up with a load. We can see them out of the
There’s a fire truck! Police As they share the road with
car! us.
Special Friends in The dentist, the baker,
Town the computer parts
Ding-dong, Ding-dong The teacher, the
Special friends in town nurse, and me.
And who do you think
they are? Ding-dong, Ding-dong
Special friends in town
Now let me tell you So how many do you
who they are- see?
The policeman’s here, Librarians, bus drivers,
The fire-fighters there, doctors, and grocers.
The mailman’s next to We’re all a
you. community.

Ding-dong, Ding-dong
Special friends in town
The Farmer in the Dell
The vendor in store (2x)
The farmer in the dell (2x) Hi ho the dairy ho!
Hi ho the dairy ho! The vendor sells a lot.
The farmer plants the
seeds. The baker in the shop (2x)
Hi ho the dairy ho!
The firemen on the trucks The baker bakes the
(2x) bread.
Hi ho the dairy ho!
The firemen put out fires.
Who Am I? To help keep them
(by Stephanie white.
Calmenson) Who am I?

I looked at your teeth Is your hair getting

To see if they are all shaggy
right Come in take a seat
Then gave you a I’ll cut it and comb it
toothbrush To make it look neat
Who am I?
You’ll find me in your
Climb aboard my yellow classroom
bus When the school bell
We’ll ride to school and rings
then I’m always there to help
When your school day’s you
over So you can learn new
I’ll drive you home again. things.
Who am I? Who am I?
The Fox and the Crow he said. “And when
she laughs, she’ll drop
A crow sat in a tall her cheese,” But the
tree holding a piece of crow didn’t even
cheese in her mouth. smile.
Along come a Along came a
hungry pig. “The crow hungry little elephant.
will laugh when she “Drop the cheese to
sees my funny face,” me, Crow,” said the
elephant, “or I shall “Drop the cheese to
give you a shower me and you may have
bath.” But the crow this pot of honey,”
didn’t drop the called a big brown
cheese. “Whoosh!” bear. He lifted a pot of
The elephant’s trunk honey for the crow to
gave the crow a good see. But the crow
bath. didn’t drop the
cheese. She was about
to eat the cheese when Now the crow had
a wise little fox come never been told that
along. her voice was pretty.
“Oh, beautiful crow,” But she thought it was.
he called. “You are so She opened her beak
lovely. A bird with such and sang an ugly
charming feathers must “Croooow!”
sing a pretty tune. Down came the
Please sing for me.” cheese into the fox’s
mouth. Poor crow!
Ton and Ray Ray shouted, “Shoo!
Stay away! Shoo!” But
One day, Ton and it was too late. The cat
Ray went to play with had eaten the cake.
clay. They sat on the Nothing was left for
bench under the shade Ton and Ray. They
of a big tree. They had went home very
cake and milk. Ray saw hungry and angry.
a big cat.
The Girls and jokes to one
Ethel stayed at home After lunch, Ethel got
with Marie and Ana. mad with Marie for
They had macaroni for pushing Ethel’s tray.
lunch. They baked a Marie said, “I’m sorry.”
cake for dessert. They Ethel shook hands with
ate in the living room her. They became
and happily told stories friends again.
The Picnic playing, they prepared to
eat their food.
Nit and Fe went to a Nit ate a lot. But Fe
farm. They had a picnic. could not eat. Nit asked Fe
They took with them a why. Fe said she did not
basket, a blanket, and a tell her mother about the
ball. The basket had buns, picnic. So they went home
ham, and milk in it. They fast to tell Fe’s mother
set the basket on the about the picnic in the
blanket. Then they played farm.
with the ball. After
Father and Ben there myself. Please come
with me.” Father said to
It was nine o’clock. It is Ben, “No, you can’t watch
time to go to bed. Ben was the fire.” Then Ben asked
already in bed when many his father, “Can I get a
people started to make ride?” Father said he
noise outside their house. couldn’t because it was
There was a fire! late and he might get hurt.
Ben got up and said to Ben didn’t try to go out of
his father, “I want to watch the house. He obeyed his
the fire, Father. I can’t go father and went to sleep.
A Bad Dream He lay on his bed. He
Dan had a bad
Last night the stars
dream. In his dream,
were shining bright.
he saw a big monster.
Dan got up and saw
He heard its deep,
many bright stars. He
loud sigh. He covered
turned off the light
himself with his
before going to bed.
blanket. He woke up.
He remembered he Ton said, “Look at
forgot to pray before the sky! It looks like it
he slept. He knelt will rain. I want to go
down and prayed. out in the rain. Will
After praying he was you go out with me?”
able to sleep again. “I will go out with
Out in the Rain you,” said Ray. “I will
go out in the rain, too.
I will get my raining. The wind is
umbrella.” blowing.”
“I will get my “The wind is
umbrella, too,” said blowing hard, Ray.
Ton. Ray said, “I will Look, the wind is
put up my umbrella. blowing my hat away.
Ton, put up your Hold on to me. Hold
umbrella, too. It is on to your hat.”
“The wind is Ray said, “You can’t
blowing my hat away, fix your umbrella. I
too. Look, the wind is can’t fix my umbrella
blowing my umbrella either. Let me ask
down,” said Ray. “Let Father and Mother to
us go back home.” Ton fix them.”
said, “Look at my “What happened to
umbrella. I want to fix you? What happened
it. Can I fix it?” to your umbrella,
Ton? What happened Ray said, “Let us ask
to your umbrella, Father to fix the
Ray?” asked Mother. umbrellas.”
Ton said, “The wind “Father, can you fix
blew them up and the umbrellas?” asked
down. We went out in Ray.
the rain. We’re sorry.” Father said, “I will
see what can I do with
Ton and Ray said the wind is blowing
together, “Thank you, hard.”
Father. Thank you, Mother said,
Mother.” “Children, stay home
Ton said, “I will not when it rains. Stay
go out in the rain home when the wind
anymore.” is blowing hard.”
Ray said, “I will not
go out anymore when
Time To Eat Father said, “Is the
fish cooked?”
“It is time to eat! Is it ready, Ray?
Ton! Ton!” called We have fruits and
Moter vegetables.
“Have you set the Are they ready, too?
table? Can we eat now?
Is it ready now?’
“Yes, Mother,” said “Let us eat now. The
Ton. fish looks good.
“The table is ready. The fruits and
The fruits and vegetables look fresh.
vegetables are ready. Come, Ton. Come,
We can eat now.” Ray. Come, Ana.
The table is ready.
“Good, good,” said Let us eat now.”
“Wash your hands, Ton and Ray said, “Let
Ton,” said Mother. us all go to the table!
“Wash your hands, Let us all eat now.
Ray and Ana. Come, Mother. Come,
Wash then clean. Father.”
Let us get ready. “Let us pray,” said
Let us get ready to Father.
eat.” “Let us pray to our
Father in heaven.
Let us thank Him. “Thank You for
Thank You, God, for everything,” said Ray.
our food.”
Father, Mother, Ton,
“Thank You for all of Ray, and Ana ate with
these,” said Mother. a smile.
“Thank You for our They all ate happily.
family,” said Ton.
Daniel and the Lions him to be one of his
There was once a The king had many
good and kind man assistants but Daniel
named Daniel. Daniel was the first and
was not only good but highest assistants
he is also very wise. because he was the
That’s why Darius, the best. Because of this,
King of Babylon, chose the other assistants
were jealous of Daniel was a Jew
Daniel. They wanted and he believed in
to get rid of him and God. King Darius and
get his position, but his assistants were not
they couldn’t find Jews. They did not
anything wrong with believed in the God of
Daniel because he was Daniel. So, the
really good and loyal assistants tricked King
to the king. Darius into making an
order that would not The assistants came
be good for Daniel. to Daniel’s house and
The order was that no caught him praying.
one should adore They had him arrested
anyone except the and brought to King
king. Daniel found this Darius. They asked the
out but he did no stop king to throw Daniel
praising and adoring into a cave full of lions
God. as punishment. King
Darius was sad. He Daniel was not
didn’t want to have afraid. He knew in his
Daniel killed but that heart that God would
was the law. help him. Daniel was
King Darius said to thrown into the den
Daniel, “I hope that full of lions.
your God will protect The next morning,
you.” King Darius hurried to
the lion’s den to find
out if Daniel was still the mouths of the lions
alive. But there was so that I would not be
Daniel – unhurt. harmed.”
“Daniel,” the king King Darius was very
said, “Your God really happy and because of
protected you.” this, he started to
“Yes, my king.” Said believe in God and
Daniel. “Last night, He asked his people to do
sent His angels to shut the same.
David and Goliath and prayed to Him
A long time ago, At that time,
there was a young David’s country was at
shepherd named war. Their enemies
David. He was a good were people from a
and obedient son. He nearby country. One
loved God very much of the enemy soldiers
was a giant named
Goliath. Goliath was David decided to
tall and strong and fight Goliath even if
was a good fighter. He he was not a soldier.
never lost a fight. All He prayed that night
the soldiers of David’s for God’s help. David
country were afraid of believed that God
Goliath. He bragged would help him defeat
that nobody could Goliath.
fight him.
The next morning, had was a sling and a
David and Goliath met stone.
for the fight. When “I’ll kill you easily,
Goliath saw David, he little boy,” laughed
laughed because Goliath as he ran
David was so small towards David with
and he didn’t even his big sword.
have a sword. All he David said a prayer
and used his sling. He
fired a stone at David and his
Goliath. The stone hit people thanked God
the giant on the for His help. They won
forehead and he fell the war and David
to the ground. When became a great hero
the enemies saw in his country.
David defeat Goliath,
they were scared and
ran away.
The Story of Miriam were so many that the
king of Egypt was
A long time ago in afraid that if the
Egypt, there lived a Hebrews become too
group of people called many, They might
Hebrews. Although fight the Egyptians
Egypt was not their and become leaders of
real country, many of Egypt. So the king
them lived there. They gave an order that all
baby boys who were So, it happened that
born of Hebrew a Hebrew couple had
mothers would be a baby boy. With the
killed. The Hebrews help of their daughter
were so scared. Miriam, they hid the
Everyone would be baby boy for three
put to death if they months. Finally, they
did not obey. could no longer hide
the boy.
The mother put the Miriam was scared.
baby boy in the basket She was afraid that if
and hid him behind the Egyptian soldiers
the tall grasses along would come, they
the river. She then would kill her and the
called Miriam and told baby. But she had to
her to look after her be brave to protect
brother. her baby brother. So
she hid behind the tall
grasses near the river to take a bath in the
while looking after the river. Miriam
baby. recognized her and
After sometime, a pushed the basket
group of women came towards the princess.
to the river. Among When the princess
them was the saw the basket in the
princess, the daughter river, she asked her
of the king. She came maids to fetch it.
When she opened it Hearing this, Miriam
and saw the baby, she came forward,
knew that was a “Princess, would you
Hebrew. She took pity like me to find a
on him and said, woman who can take
“What a beautiful care of him?”
baby he is! I wonder “Yes, go and find
who can help me take one,” the princess
care of him?” answered.
Miriam got her When he grew up, the
mother and the princess princess named the baby
gave the baby boy to her Moses.
to take care of him until And so because
he grew up. And so Miriam was brave and
because Miriam was wise, she was able to let
brave and wise, she was her Moses grow up in
able to let her baby the care of their real
brother grow up in the mother where he was
care of their real mother. much loved.