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or fi DO CC Mkopowenye | Marejesho ya hadi | Tumia hela ya pango TBilioni Moja| Bima | Miaka 20 | kumiliki kwako fore) Ul add LLY £] nm] y | © ohare tere OO OO dream house. Get jijenge loan from TZS 20 Million- 1 Billion at affordable interest of 17% and repayment period of up to 20 years. Repayment of the loan can be done through monthly instalments or balloon payment - single instalment after receipt of pre-determined lump sum e.g. terminal benefits. Wee you want to construct, purchase or renovate your house, Jijenge Loan is the way to own your Why choose Jijenge? # Opportunity to own your dream house within a shortest period © Get up to 90% of the property value © Affordable interest rates « Give you peace of mind- since it is easy to pay litle by litle for up to 20 years ‘ Ability to revise monthly repayments enables you to clear the loan faster e.g. when your income changes. Loan insured with Mortgage Protection Cover (in case of death or disability) « Allows transfer of mortgage loans from other banks Documents Required 1. General documents required; Documents required from all customers are; ‘ Copy of approved ID or a valid Tanzanian Passport. ‘¢ Two passport size photos. ji, Specific documents required; For the Employed Specific documents for the Employed customers; ‘ Letter of introduction from employer Certified pay -slips for the last 6 months ‘ Bank statement where salary is paid for the last 6 months For the Self-Employed Specific documents for Self- Employed customers; ‘* Business history, profile and background ‘» nAudited books of accounts for last 3 years « Projected cash flows, balance sheet/ profit and loss account for the next 3 years # Bank statement (any bank) for the last 12 months + Full details of all borrowings and facilities advanced from other institutions. For Tanzanite Customers Specific documents for Tanzanite customers are; © Copy of residence/ work permit ‘* Employment contract or letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for Foreign Affairs employees) How to apply for Jijenge To apply for Jijenge is very simple; Visit any CRDB Bank branch country wide and enquire about jijenge. ‘* Download Jijenge application form here, print, fill the form and return to any CRDB Bank's branch. ‘The bank that listens