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Magdaup National High School

Grade 8 Science
Summative Test 2nd Quarter Module 2

I. IDENTIFICATION: Identify the meaning of the following terms.

1. PAR

II. MODIFIED TRUE OR FALSE. Indicate whether the statement is true or false. If false, change the
identified word or phrase to make the statement true.

5. The lowest air pressure is at the eye wall of a tropical cyclone.

6. At the eye of a tropical cyclone, wind speed is higher.

7. Tropical cyclones require warm ocean waters to be able to develop at least 25.6⁰C or
8. When tropical cyclones reach land, they intensify because warm ocean waters keep them
9. Tropical cyclone generally moves in a northeast direction with an average speed of 19-20
10. Weather forecasting is a prediction on the general weather conditions of the
atmosphere in the next 20 hours.

III. Multiple Choice: Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

11. You help Father check the roof of the house for possible leak, and also things that may
be blown away. Help him cut small branches of plants and trees near the house. Your
sister helps Mother store enough food to last for 3 to 4 days. Then you listen over the
radio about developments of the approaching tropical cyclone. This means that you are
preparing for a _____.
a. PSWS # 4 b. PSWS # 3 c. PSWS # 2 d. PSWS # 1

12. Which of the following should you do before a typhoon?

a. Wear additional clothing to avoid catching cold or other respiratory diseases.
b. Close windows or nail them with piece of wood.
c. Stock foods that will last for 7 days.
d. All of the above

13. do?
a. Inspect your house if necessary repair/fixing is needed.
b. Clean up drainage system.
c. Harvest crops that can be yielded.
d. You are dressed so you are warm enough in staying indoors.

14. The expected hour before a PSWS # 2 tropical cyclone hits the locality is
a. 12 hr b. 18 hr c. 24 hr d. 36 hr

15. The meteorological condition of a PSWS # 1 has a wind of _____.

a. 30-60 hr b. 60-100 kph c. 100-185 kph d >185 kph

16. What agency takes charge of giving information about the coming of typhoon?
17. What are the components needed for a typhoon to form?
a. Warm air b. moist air c. heated air d. cool air

18. What category of a typhoon wherein the rain clouds are building over a warm ocean?
a. Tropical depression b. tropical storm c. typhoon d. super typhoon

19. A global generic term for an intense circulating weather system over tropical seas
and oceans?
a. Tropical depression b. tropical cyclone c. tropical storm d. typhoon
20. What do we call the tropical cyclone if it occurs in the Northwest Pacific Ocean?
a. Hurricane b. Tropical Storm c. Typhoon d. none of the above
21. What happens when sea level rises and strong winds blow from offshore to the
coastline area?
a. Tsunami b. Thunderstorms c. Tropical Storm d. Storm Surge
22. At least how many hours do we expect a PSWS #3 tropical cyclone before it affects
the locality?
a. 36 hr b. 24 hr c. 18 hr d. 12 hr
23. When a tropical cyclone passes over a certain place, it is the _____ that has greater
wind speed?
a. Eye b. Eyewall c. Rainbands d. Direction
24. In which layer where all the weather disturbances can happen?
a. Thermosphere c. Stratosphere
b. Mesosphere d. Troposphere
25. Which of the following do you experience when there is a typhoon EXCEPT?
a. Very strong winds b. Heavy rains c. Large ocean waves d. Shaking of ground
26. When did Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines killing at least 6,155 people?
a. October 2014 b. November 2013 c. November 2014 d. November 2012


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