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Smart EDGE ECE Review Specialist


INSTRUCTION: Do not write anything on this questionnaire. Select the correct answer for each of the following
questions. Mark only one answer for each item by shading the box corresponding to the letter of your choice
on the answer sheet provided.
1. Unit of energy
a. Joule c. Coulomb
b. Watts d. Newton

2. If three amplifiers with a gain of 8 each are in cascade, how much is the overall gain?
a. 24 c. 512
b. 512 dB d. 51.2

Gtotal = G1 x G2 x G3 =8 x 8 x 8 =512

3. A non-inverting amplifier has a 150 Ω RF and a 15 Ω Ri. How much is its closed-loop
voltage gain?
a.1.1 c. 11.1
b.11 d. 0.11
A = 1+
A = 1+ = 11
4. How many carbon zinc cell in series if the output voltage of your battery is 36 V?
a. 16 c. 6
b. 5 d. 24
for series - connected cells :
VT =nVeach
VT 36
n= = =24cells
Vcarbon zinc 1.5
Edison cell=1.2V
Lead- acid=2.1V
5. The Q-point for a ________ amplifier is below cut-off.
A. class A C. class B
B. class AB D. class C
Class Q - point
A Active region
AB A little above cut - off
B Cut - off region
C Below cut - off
6. Calculate the cutoff frequency (fC) of an op-amp having a unity-gain bandwidth product
B1=5 MHz and the open-loop voltage gain AOL=1,000,000.
a. 0.5 Hz c. 5 Hz
b. 5 x 1012 Hz d. 5 MHz
B1 = A OL x fc
fc = = 5Hz
f cut - off
BW = ??
5 x106 Hz
BW = =5
1, 000, 000

7. In application where an almost constant speed is required, a _____ motor is a good choice
A. differentially compounded C. dc shunt
B. cumulatively compounded D. dc series

8. A filament lamp which at higher voltages draws proportionally less current describes
A. negative resistance C. linear resistance
B. non-linear resistance D. variable resistance
9. A device formed by sandwiching a dielectric material by two conducting plates
A. transmission line C. photophone
B. condenser D. inductor

10. An advantage of ac over dc in utility applications is:

A. ac is easier to transform from one voltage to another
B. ac is transmitted with lower loss in wires
C. ac can be easily gotten from dc generators
D. ac can be generated with less dangerous by-products

11. _________ is term used to express the ratio of the change in the dc collector current to
a change in emitter current in a bipolar transistor.
a. Gamma c. Alpha
b. Beta d. Delta

12. To measure power-supply voltage being used by a circuit, a voltmeter

A. is placed between the positive pole of the supply and the circuit working from the supply
B. is placed in series with the circuit that works from the supply
C. is placed in parallel with the circuit that works from the supply
D. is placed between the negative pole of the supply and the circuit working from the supply

13. Which does not affect resistance?

a. resistivity c. mass
b. length of wire d. diameter

14. A trivalent impurity has _________.

A. 3 valence electrons C. 6 valence electrons
B. 5 valence electrons D. 4 valence electrons

15. PN junction acts as a one way valve for electrons because ___________.
A. the circuit in which the diode is used, only attempts to pump electrons in one diode.
B. electrons tend to follow the direction of the diode
C. there is a little mechanical switch inside a diode
D. when electrons are pump from P to N, free electrons and holes are forced apart leaving no
way for electrons to cross the junction

16. If a certain Zener diode has a Zener voltage of 3.6 V, it operates in

A. regulated breakdown C. forward conduction
B. Zener breakdown D. avalanche breakdown

17. Which bridge circuit determines the unknown inductance in terms of resistance and
A. Anderson bridge C. Hay bridge
B. Maxwell-Wein bridge D. Owen bridge

18. Logic 1 = +5V, logic 0 = +10V, what polarity is being used?

A. Negative C. 1
B. positive D. 5

19. Which of the following bridges measure self inductances?

A. Maxwell bridge C. Hay bridge
B. Maxwell-Wein bridge D. Owen bridge

20. The most popular op-amp packages are the metal can, 8-pin DIP, and the SMT. which of
these corresponds to TO-99?
A. metal can C. SMT
B. 8-pin DIP D. all of the choices

21. What is the value of a carbon composition resistor with the following color code:
yellow, violet, orange, no color?
A. 47 Ω ± 10% C. 4.7 kΩ ± 2%
B. 47 kΩ ± 20% D. 0.47 ± 20%

22. Portion on the welding process interval during which the welding current is flowing is
called _______.
A. released interval C. squeeze interval
B. heat sub-interval D. cool sun-interval

23. A linear network which contains two or more independent sources can be analyzed to
obtain the various voltages and branch currents by allowing the sources to act one at a
time, then combining the results. This is:
A. Superposition Theorem C. Millman’s Theorem
B. Norton’s Law D. Kirchoff’s Theorem

24. Medical equipment used to measure the brain electrical activity using magnetic detectors
A. EEG (Electroencephalogaphy ) C. ENG (Electronystagmography)
B. ECG (Electrocardiograph) D. MEG (Magnetoencephalography)

25. Logic table that depicts a circuit’s output response to the various combinations of the
logic levels at its inputs.
A. K-map B. Data map
C. Truth table D. Boolean table

26. A bipolar junction transistor has:

A. Three PN junctions C. Two N type layers around a P type layer
B. Three semiconductor layers D. A low avalanche voltage

27. The control of an output signal by an input signals so that the output has some or all
the characteristics of the input signal. The output signal is generally larger than input
signal in terms of voltage, current and/or power.
A. amplification C. signal control
B. output control D. input control

28. An A.C. bridge circuit that is used to determine the unknown capacitance and their
A. Schering bridge C. De Sauty’s bridge
B. Wein bridge D. Owen bridge

29. An AC bridge that measures capacitance and dissipation factor.

A. Owen’s bridge C. Schering bridge
B. Murray loop D. Kelvin bridge

30. What symbolizes arrow in MOSFET?

A. drain C. gate
B. source D. emitter

31. Class of mass memory devices that use a laser beam to write and read onto a specified
coated disk.
A. Mass storage C. Optical disk memory
B. RAM D. Non-volatile memory

32. What is an electronic instrument capable of showing on screen and maybe on print,
relative spacing of transmitter carriers, their sidebands and harmonics?
A. counter C. multimeter
B. triggered oscilloscope D. spectrum analyzer

33. What is the name given to a synchro system that transmits data at two different speeds?
A. Bi-speed synchro system C. Double-speed synchro system
B. Dual or double speed synchro system D. Two speed synchro system

34. How many Maxwells is 3,000 lines of magnetic force?

A. 3000 C. 1000
B. 4000 D. 2000

35. What is the capacitance of a capacitor that can hold 250 volts and 5 x 10-4 coulombs?
A. 2 µF C. 2 µF
B. 20 µF D. 0.2 µF
5x10-4 C
250V =
C =2x10-6 =2uF
36. A basic requirement of a closed-loop system (not present in open-loops) that enables
present load position to be sensed.
A. Input C. Error signal
B. Overload D. Feedback

37. Calculate the power dissipation of a circuit that is composed of a 150 Ω resistor, 39 µF
capacitor and 0.5 H inductor if it is connected to a 120 V, 60 Hz line.
a. 24.46 W c. 79.63 W
b. 37.22 W d. 58.35 W
1 1
XC = =
2p fC 2p ( 60 ) ( 39 x10 -6 )
X C = 68.01 W
X L = 2p fL = 2p ( 60 ) ( 0.5 )
X L = 188.5 W

Z = R2 + ( X L - X C )

Z = 1502 + ( 188.5 - 68.01)


Z = 192.4 W
V 120
I= = = 0.624 A
Z 192.4
P = I 2R
P = ( 0.624 ) ( 150 ) = 58.35 W

38. What is the phase relationship between current and voltage in an inductor?
A. current lags voltage by 90 C. voltage lags current by 90
B. current lags voltage by 180 D. in phase

39. In electronic circuit, the current that flows over a capacitor __________.
A. leads the voltage by 180 degrees C. lags the voltage by 90 degrees
B. leads the voltage by 90 degrees D. in phase with the voltage

40. You have an unlimited supply of 1 W, 1000 W resistors, and you need to get a 3000 W, 5
W resistance. The best way is to:
A. Make a 2x2 series-parallel matrix
B. Connect three of the resistors in parallel
C. Make a 3x3 series-parallel matrix
D. Do something other than any of the above

41. A disadvantage of a MOS component is that:

A. It is easily damaged by static electricity
B. It needs a high input voltage
C. It draws a large amount of current
D. It produces a great deal of electrical noise

42. One coulomb of charge has how many electrons?

A. 0.625 x 1018 C. 6.25 x 1018
B. 0.0625 x 1019 D. 6.25 x 1019

43. Is a process by which atoms are changed into ions.

A. oxidation C. metallization
B. passivation D. ionization

44. What solid has no defined crystal structure except perhaps in the arrangement of the
nearest neighboring atoms or ions?
A. Crystalline C. Polycrystalline
B. Amorphous D. Poly-amorphous

45. These are devices that are used to change the format of a signal without changing the
energy form
A. sensors C. actuators
B. transducers D. converters

46. In MOSFET, it is the foundation upon which the device will be constructed and is formed
from a silicon base
A. substrate C. slab
B. source D. base

47. The conducting material that is mostly used to interconnect components on chips during
metallization process
A. copper C. gold
B. aluminum D. silver

48. The arrangement of connecting wires in a circuit to prevent undesirable coupling and
A. dress C. lacing
B. network D. feedback factor

49. __________ are electrons at the outer shell.

a. inside shell electrons c. outside shell electrons
b. conductor electrons d. valence electrons
50. The running speed of a dc series motor is greatly affected by what factor?
A. field excitation C. armature resistance
B. load D. supply voltage

51. A push-pull amplifier that uses either npn or pnp as its final stage. The circuit
configuration looks like the complementary-symmetry.
A. transformer-coupled push-pull amplifier
B. complementary-symmetry amplifier
C. quasi-complementary push-pull amplifier
D. transformer-coupled class A amplifier

52. What do you call an amplifier that is biased to class C but modulates over the same
portion of the curve as if it were biased to class B?
A. class S C. class AB
B. class D D. class BC

53. The impurity level in a semi-conductor is about _________ of pure semi-conductor.

A. 10 atoms for 108 atoms C. 1 atom for 104 atoms
B. 1 atom for 10 atoms D. 1 atom for 100 atoms

54. How many free electrons does a p-type semiconductor contain?

A. many C. only those produced by thermal energy
B. none D. same number as holes

55. Heavy feedback in an LC oscillator ________.

a. causes cutoff c. causes saturation
b. causes saturation and cutoff d. causes distortion

56. A small quiescent current is necessary with a class B push-pull amplifier to avoid
a. amplitude distortion c. crossover distortion
b. harmonic distortion d. frequency response distortion

57. If the unity-gain frequency is 5 MHz and the midband open-loop voltage gain is 200,000,
the cutoff frequency is
a. 25 Hz c. 25 kHz
b. 25 Mhz d. 250 Hz

58. A law which states that when a constant electromotive force is applied to a circuit
consisting of a resistor and capacitor connected in series, the time taken for the potential
on the plates of the capacitor to rise to any given fraction of its final value depends only
on the product of capacitance and resistance.
a. Ampere’s Law c. KCL Law
b. KVL law d. CR law

59. a type of resistance welding that blends dissimilar metals together, creates a high
temperature arc that is formed from a short quick electrical discharge and uses
discharge of capacitor
a. oxy-fuel welding c. electron beam welding
b. arc welding d. Percussion welding

60. Which of the following methods can be used for measuring power without using wattmeter?
i. One voltmeter, one ammeter
ii. Two voltmeters, two ammeters
iii. Three voltmeters
iv. Three ammeters
a. i and iii only c. ii only
b. i and ii only d. ii and iii only

61. X-rays are produced by

1. Bombarding metallic targets with high speed electrons
2. Decelerating fast moving electrons
3. Accelerating electrons to high speeds
4. Heating a filament to high temperature
a. 1 and 2 only c. 3 and 4 only
b. 1 and 3 only d.1, 2, and 4 only

62. If the transient during switching of a power supply are to be studied, which
oscilloscope will be preferred?
a. Storage oscilloscope c. sampling oscilloscope
b. dual-beam oscilloscope1 d. phosphor oscilloscope

63. 1. Nyquist criterion is in frequency domain.

2. Bode Plot is on frequency domain.
3. Root locus plot is in time domain.
4. Routh Hermitz’s criterion is in time domain.
a. 1 and 2 are correct c. 1, 2, and 4 are correct
b. 3 and 4 are correct d. all four are correct

64. Heaviside-Campbell Equal ratio bridge is used for measuring

a. rapid measurements of low resistances
b. self-inductance in terms of mutual inductance
c. resistance precisely
d. inductance of high-Q inductors

65. The approximation with a maximally-flat passband is ___________.

a. Inverse Chebyshev c. Bessel filter
b. Elliptic (Cauer) filter d. Gaussian filter
66. The effect that describes the ability of a mechanically stressed ferromagnetic wire to
recognize rapid switching of magnetization when subjected to a DC magnetic field.
a. piezzo electric effect c. wiegand effect
b. skin effect d. hall effect

67. The temperature-resistance coefficient of pure gold is __________.

a. 0.00034 c. 0.034
b. 0.0034 d. 0.34

68. To turn on a current booster, we can drive its base-emitter terminals with the voltage
a. voltage-sensing resistor c. a current-sensing resistor
b. limiting resistor d. the capacitor

69. If the load is shorted, the pass transistor has the least power dissipation when the
regulator has
a. low gain c. limiting resistor
b. low power rating d. foldback limiting

70. The graphic measurement of the electrical activity of the muscle under isotonic and
isometric conditions and also detects the amount of muscle force is called.
a. electromyograph c. electrograph
b. mammograph d. electromammograph

71. Solder used in electronics is an alloy composed of which of the following metals?
a. tin and copper c.tin and lead
b. brass and lead d. tin and aluminum

72. The phosphor bronze ribbon in the galvanometer serves the same purpose as what
component in the D’Arsonval meter?
a. pointer c. metal spring
b. deflector d. hairspring

73. A short circuit having minimum resistance.

a. dead point c. dead spot
b. dead short d. dead zero

74. Hipernik is an alloy containing _____ iron and ___ nickel.

a. 60%; 40% c. 40%; 60%
b. 50%; 50% d. 30%; 70%

75. What capacitance exists not through design but simply because two conducting surfaces
are relatively close to each other?
a. Stray c. low pass
b. bypass d. high pass

76. This is a method of using a Wheatstone bridge to determine the distance from the test
point to a fault in a telephone or telegraph line or cable.
a. current loop c. signal loop
b. varley loop d. Anderson loop

77. A primary cell with carbon and zinc as its positive and negative electrodes
respectively, and an electrolyte of either a paste or a gel. This is commonly known as
dry cell.
a. lithium cell c. electrolyte
b. leclanche cell d. mercury cell

78. Capek, a Czech novelist, playwright, and theatrical producer, born in Male Svatonovice
is best known for his plays, the most famous of which is the, and is the source of the
English word robot.
a. RRU c. RUR
b. ROR d. Racearound

79. Type of robot used for machining.

a. Cincinnati 73 c. SCARA Robot
b. kismet d. HUBO

80. Robotics was first mentioned in a story.

a. Work and run c. racearound
b. Playaround d. Runaround

81. A robot that decides proper emotional response to stimuli and exhibits corresponding
facial expression, body posture, and vocal quality.
a. Cincinnati 73 c. Kismet
b. SCARA Robot d. HUBO

82. An often detrimental act of the transfer of static electricity from one surface to
another. The impulse of current can destroy electronic devices.
a. SED c. EED
b. ESD d. EKG

83. Defined as the ratio of the volume occupied by the atoms or ions in unit cell divided by
the volume of the unit cell and is used to measure the compactness of the crystal.
a. Atomic packing factor c. unit-volume factor
b. Volume packing factor d. ionic packing factor

84. The typical dimension of a MOSFET in a single IC chip is ________.

a. 1.5 mils by 3 mils c. 1.3 mils by 5 mils
b. 1.5 mils by 5 mils d. 5.1 mils by 3 mils

85. An advantage of shunt regulation is ___________.

a. low power dissipation c. load capability
b. built-in short-circuit protection d. less complex circuit connection

86. Hot bearings of a dc motor may be caused by _______.

a. poor ventilation c. hot shafts
b. rubbed bearings d. highly frictioned gears

87. In resistance measurements, you compensate for the resistance of the test leads of a
meter by
a. using another meter
b. adjusting the pointer or deflector
c. zeroing the meter with the test leads shorted
d. adjusting the meter pointer to zero

88. What are the four basic sections to a power supply?

A. Transformer
B. Rectifier
C. Filter
D. Regulator
E. Load
a. a, b, and c only c. a, b, and d only
b. a, b, c, and d only d. all of the choices

89. A continuation of current flow within an electrical cell when there is no external load.
a. electron flow c. electron control
b. discharging d. local action

90. What tool is used to set contact clearances on a relay?

a. point bender c. heat sink
b. spacer d. insulator

91. Is used to maintain strength of magnetic field.

a. source voltage c. keeper
b. magnet d. electric flux

92. The minimum input current that can turn on a thyristor is called the
a. source current c. dark current
b. trigger current d. electric current

93. What is the package suffix code for a plastic dual in-line for surface mounting on a PC
a. F c. X
b. D d. J

94. What is the principal method used in fabrication of semiconductor devices for hybrid and
monolithic ICs?
a. planar technology c. cheese technology
b. nano technology d. wafer technology

95. Which of the following effect(s) can be used in ammeters?

A. magnetic effect
B. thermal effect
C. Electrostatic effect
D. Electro-magnetic induction effect
A. A , B, & D only C. A, B, C, & D
B. A & B only D. A, B, & C only

96. The waveform under investigation are displayed on the screen which is protected with a
calibrated flat piece of hard plastic called
A. pels C. pixels
B. graticule D. steps

97. The measurement accuracy of the time base becomes _______ when the time base magnifier
is set to its maximum position
A. +/- 7% C. +/- 8%
B. +/- 5% D. +/- 6%

98. What is the measuring instrument that uses the force of repulsion between fixed and
movable magnetized iron vanes, or the force between a coil and a pivoted vane-shaped piece
of soft iron to move the indicating pointer?
A. electrostatic instrument
B. pyrometer
C. moving-magnet instrument
D. vane-type instrument

99. RF field strength meter expresses the field strength as power density from?
A. 0.001 to 200 microwatts / sq. cm.
B. 0.001 to 2 microwatts / sq. cm.
C. 0.001 to 2000 microwatts / sq. cm.
D. 0.001 to 20 microwatts / sq. cm.

100. The thickness of the trace is approximately

A. 4% of one vertical division
B. 2% of one vertical division
C. 5% of one vertical division
D. 3% of one vertical division

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