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Study Guide 1°

2nd Trimester
2018-2019 Points

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________

GRADE: _______ GROUP: _______ DATE: _______________________________________


A. Color the adjectives.

house beautiful dog delicious

cat ugly long black

book pencil smart new

B. Complete the sentences with the correct adverbs ( here / there ):

You can put your things over __________________.

We will wait for you _________________________.

I want to play _____________________________.

Please, sit _______________________________.

I will meet you _____________________________.

You can put your book _______________________.

C. Choose the correct demonstrative adjective.

1. Please take ___________ toys to your room ( these / that ).

2. ___________ cake is delicious ( those / this ).
3. My mom lives in ______________ apartment ( that / these ).
4. Give me ________________ scissors, please (this / those ).
D. Identify the body parts.

E. Add the expression Let’s to complete the sentences.

1. ________ play outside

2. ________ jump in the playground.

3. ________ run fast.

4. ________ go to the movies.

5. ________ go to play tag.

F. Circle the words that must start with capital letters.

tree christmas sunday book boy teacher house

february december paris new york mouse legs

G. Circle the proper nouns in each sentence.

1. I like to visit my grandma Caroline in Hawaii.

2. I would like to visit France in May.

3. My bunny Fluffy, has been lost since Monday.

4. My dog Sparky loves Tuesdays.

5. The capital of California is Sacramento.

H. Underline all the nouns in the following sentences.

1. I like to play with the ball.

2. I need a flashlight, a tent and backpack to go camping.

3. He is playing with the robot.

4. She is playing with the doll.

5. My mother bought me a book to read.

I. Write the correct possessive adjective in each line.

her my their his

1. I am a boy. This is _________ backpack.

2. Sam and Kevin play soccer. This is __________ ball.

3. Susan lives here. This is _________ house.

4. Mark plays a game. This is ________ videogame.

J. Write the following verbs in past tense adding - ed or -d.

Example: play played bounce bounced

1. walk __________________________

2. like __________________________

3. ask __________________________

4. show __________________________

5. bake __________________________
6. paint __________________________

7. want __________________________

8. close __________________________

9. climb __________________________

10. love __________________________

K. Complete the sentences using adverbs of degree.

Adverbs of Degree
very really too

1. He is _____________________ tall. 5. This is _________ small.

2. My friend ________________ cool. 6. I didn’t _________ like the food.

3. She is _______ big to play with us. 7. The cat _______fat to carry him.

4. She is ___________ beautiful. 8. I ________ love my school.

L. Answer the questions using modal verbs in affirmative and negative form.

Modal Verb Affirmative Negative

Yes, I can. No, I can’t.

Can Yes, he can. No, he can’t.

Yes, she can. No, she can’t.

Yes, it can. No, it can’t.

Yes, they can. No, they can’t.

Yes, we can. No, we can’t.

1. Can he play videogames? _______________________________.

2. Can we play outside? __________________________________.

3. Can I speak in English? ________________________________.

4. Can it swim fast? _____________________________________.

5. Can she jump high? ___________________________________.

6. Can they eat pizza with us? _____________________________.

M. Listen to TRACK 1 and write the words in the correct order.

1.________________________ 5._______________________ 9._______________________

2.________________________ 6._______________________

3.________________________ 7.______________________ 10.______________________

4.________________________ 8._____________________


A-Carefully read the story and answer the questions. Circle the correct answers.


John plays soccer. He loves soccer.

John can run fast and score a goal.

He will ask Sam to play with him.

1. What does John play? a) hockey b) soccer c) baseball
2. What can John do? a) jump high b) run fast c) throw far
3. What will he do? a) wear a hat b) swim c) ask Sam to play

I have a brother. His name is John.
We like to read books.
We read books in the library.
1. I have a brother and his name is? a) Bill b) John c) Stuart
2. We like to? a) take a nap b) swim c) read books
3. We read books in? a) in the house b) in the class c) in the library
Fluffy the cat
Fluffy is a cat. She likes to play.
She likes to sleep. She likes to eat fish.
Fluffy can jump very high.
1. What can of animal is Fluffy? a) a cat b) a bunny c) a dog
2. What does she like to do? a) swim b) sleep c) walk
3. What can Fluffy do? a) run fast b) jump very high c) swim

Our New Friend

1 We are very excited. We have

a new friend. His name is
Junior. He is still a baby. He
has blue eyes and only two

His hands and fingers are very

2 small. He is learning to walk. When
he falls, I always help him stand

I like to take care of him and

play peek-a-boo. I can’t wait for
Junior to grow up. We will play
soccer and ride our bikes
A. Read the story again and circle the correct sentences.

1. Junior is our new neighbor.

Junior is our new friend.

2. Junior has big hands and fingers.

Junior has small hands and fingers.

3. I have blue eyes.

The baby has blue eyes.

4. The baby runs and falls.

The baby is learning to walk.

5. We play peek-a-boo.

We ride our bikes.

B. Make a drawing related to the story.

C. Draw or paste a picture related to each word.






E. Use the words from above and complete the sentences.

1. Today it is very ___________ the trees move. 4. I am tired I need a ____________.

2. I went to a ___________ we ate marshmallows 5. Cats have __________.
3. I am ___________ today. 6. We need a ________ for our camping day.


A. Circle the correct answers.

1. Who could tell a family story?

a) a cat b) grandma c) a stranger

2. What is an artifact?
a) an object from the past b) a new object c) a toy

3. What happens to families?

a) stay the same b) changes c) play games

4. Which one is not a job?

a) swim b) teacher c) doctor
5. A family is in the supermarket, what they need to buy first?
a) toys b) food c) candies

6. What is more expensive?

a) a car b) a bicycle c) an apple
7. What helps a family saves and plan?
a) a piggybank b) budget c) spend
8. Families around the world make money…
a) in the same way b) in different ways c) jobs
9. Families should spend money on what they…
a) want b) need c) travel
10. Most families choose to save their money in…
a) in their socks b) under the pillow c) in a bank

B. Match with the right picture.




C. Make drawings according to directions.

Draw a job Draw how you spend money

Draw a supermarket Draw something you want

Draw something you need Draw where you can save your

A. Match with the right answer.

1. It is an object that creates light ( ) a) glass

2. It is a transparent material. ( ) b) door

3. It is an opaque material. ( ) c) sun

4. It can reflect light. ( ) d) flashlight

5. It is a natural light. ( ) e) mirror

B. Complete the spaces with the following parts: beak, eye, wing, tail, feet, feathers.
Color it when you finish.
C. Match the animal names to their offspring names.

cat cub

tiger calf

elephant kitty

duck puppy

dog duckling

D. Write TRUE or FALSE.

1. Humans copy ideas from animals _________________.

2. Wings help birds to get food ______________________.

3. Beaks help birds to fly ________________________.

4. Offspring try to learn new things _____________________.

5. Parents feed their offspring ___________________.

E. Make drawings of animals and their offspring.

Parent Offspring

Parent Offspring

D. Draw how a puppy might communicate with its parents.


A. Write an X on the things we need to survive.

B. Write N if it is a need and W if it is a want.

1.Videogames ________ 2. Candy ________ 3. Cinema _________ 4. Water _________

5. Food _________ 6. Shelter _________ 7. Travel _________ 8. Toys ___________

C. Complete the definitions with the right words and make drawings to represent the words.
Word Definition Drawing
A safe place to save __________
bank (food / money)

To keep something and use it

save ___________ ( before /
after ).
To get ____________ ( money /
earn stones ).

Something that is
emergency _____________
(not expected / expected).

D. Circle the best answer for each question.

1. John has 10 pieces of chocolate. He doesn’t want to eat them, he wants to eat them
later. What is John doing with his chocolates.

a) spending b) saving c) shopping.

2. Andrea has saved $25. Her aunt gives her $5 for helping to babysit her cousin. How
much money does Andrea have now?

a) $20 b) $30 c) $5
3. John saves $10. His dad gives him $5 for washing the family’s car. How much money
does John have now?

a) $10 b) $20 c) $15

4. Liam saves 1$ every week. How much money would he have in 10 weeks?

a) $1 b) $2 c) $10

5. Stacy saves every week. She saves $10, $3 and $2. How much money has she save
in total?

a) $20 b) $15 c) $30

E. Circle the best answer.

1. Which pictures represent an emergency?

2. What does cost a lot of money?

car bottle of water hamburger

3. Which of the following is an emergency?

earthquake holidays playing inside

4. Which one is NOT an emergency?

fire playing outside earthquake

5. Draw three emergencies.