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2018-2019 POINTS

NAME: ____________________________________________________________

GRADE: _______ GROUP: _______ DATE: _______________________________________

A. Complete the chart according to directions. Write the definition of each verb and its past tense form.

Word / Present Tense Definition Past Tense










have / has

B. Circle the correct past tense verb to complete the sentences.

1. She ____________ lot of soda during her party. drink / drank

2. Yesterday, I ________ an old friend. see / saw

3. Andrew and Sam _____ their homework this morning. did / do

4. Yesterday, Michael _______ in a different place. sat / sit

5. This evening, I __________ a letter for a friend. write / wrote

C. Read the sentences and choose a determiner of quantity that makes most sense. Write it down.

Determiners of Quantity
a lot a lot of few some many

1. I like to play videogames _____________.

2. There are __________________ students in the school.

3. ___________________ of my friends have a rabbit as pet.

4. How _________________ books do you have?

5. Only _______________ of my friends eat pizza.

6. We like to play just dance _______________.

7. Only ______________ children like to read books.

8. How ______________ pencils do you have?

9. I have _______________ friends.

10. There are ______________ days left for the spring break.

D. Circle the right possessive adjective for each sentence and write it down.

1. These are John’s books. The books are _______________.

her their his

2. That house belongs to Sofia and Andrea. That is ____________ house.

her their his

3. Where is Persnickety’s ball of yarn? The cat loves _________ ball of yarn.

her his its

4. We drive this car. It is ______________ car.

our their us

5. This toys are mine. This is __________ teddy bear.

our my their

6. Ana lives here. This is ______________ apartment.

her his its

7. You own this dog. It is _____________ pet.

your our my

E. Complete with the right form of the verb to do.

Verb To Do
Subject Use
I, you, we, they do
he, she, it does

1. I ________ my job. 2. He ___________ his homework. 3.__________ you want soup?

4.Yes, I ____.

5. We ______ our homework. 6. __________ it taste good? 7. Yes, it ________. 8. _____

birds fly?

F. Read and underline which type of sentences they are.

1. Are you angry? Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory

2. I am happy! Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory

3. Sit down, now. Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory

4. Give it, please. Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory

5. Do you like pizza? Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory

6. Hey, surprise! Interrogative Imperative Exclamatory

G. Complete using the negative contractions of the verb to do.

Negative Contractions “Verb To Do”
Subject Use Contraction
I, you, we, they do not don’t
he, she, it does not doesn’t

1. Do you like this movie? No, I ________ like it.

2. Does your cat likes to trap mice? No, it ___________.

3. I ________ like to do my homework.

4. He ___________ like to eat pizza.

5. Do you like apples? No, I __________.

H. Read and complete with the right question word.

Questions Words
Who What Where When Why

person thing or action place time reason

1. ____________ is my book? It is in your backpack.

2. ____________ is your friend? He is Michael, I met him at the school.

3. ____________ is your name? My name is Anthony Summers.

4. ____________ is recess time? It is at 9:55 a.m.

5. ____________ are you crying? Because I’m upset.

6. ____________ do you live? I live in Boston.

7. ____________ we can take the bus? At 7:00 a.m. in the morning?

8. _____________ are you happy? Because, I win the lottery.

9. _____________ is your favorite color? My favorite color is red.

10. ___________ is your new teacher? My new teacher is Ms. Johannes.

I. Change the sentences to present progressive.

1. I run in the park. 5. I watch TV.

_____________________________________________ ___________________________________

2. She practices yoga. 6. He plays baseball.

_____________________________________________ ___________________________________

3. I do my homework. 7. It runs fast.

_____________________________________________ __________________________________

4. They play soccer. 8. We watch a movie.

____________________________________________ ___________________________________
J. Underline the questions that use the present progressive tense.

1. Do you like pizza? Are you eating pizza?

2. Does she like to watch movies? Is it looking good?

3. Am I writing correctly? Does she write correctly?

K. Turn the sentences into questions.

She is running in the park. __________________________________________________

They are playing soccer. __________________________________________________

He is cooking dinner. __________________________________________________

L. Use a word from the box to make a compound word.

M. Write a compound word for each pair of pictures.

N. Complete the sentences with the right conjunction.

and or but

1. There are boys _______ girls in the team. 2. Do you need a pencil ______ a marker?

3. I like pizza, _____ I prefer sandwiches. 4. I want to play, _______ I’m tired.

5. Do you want a sandwich ______ a salad? 6. I love cats ________ dogs.

O. Complete with right form of the modal verb can.

I ______ jump high. _______ I jump high? Yes, you ____ jump high.

He ______ swim. _______ he swim fast? No, he ______ swim fast.

I ______ play soccer. _______ I play with you? Yes, you _____ play with me.

A. Listen to the words in the following dictation using the audios from your book. You can
choose any lesson, be sure to use your best writing.

1. 6. 11.

2. 7. 12.

3. 8. 13.

4. 9. 14.

5. 10. 15.

B. Spell the following words.

yellow mirror mail toad year cherry arrow snail chain

yarn parrot river train robe soap goat cow

seal out sound mother think month thank weather

C. Complete the chart.

Spelled Correctly Spelled Incorrect Spelled Correctly Spelled Incorrectly


First Airplane Trip

Jake is going on a trip. He and Mom take a taxi to the airport. “It’s my first plane trip,” he

tells the taxi driver. “That’s great!” the taxi driver says. Jake rolls his suitcase onto the plane.

“It’s my first plane trip,” he tells the pilot. “Welcome aboard,” the pilot says. Jake finds his

seat and buckles his seatbelt. The plane’s engines rumble and roar. Jake opens his

backpack and pulls out Panda. “It’s my first plane trip,” he whispers. He holds Panda’s paw.

The plane moves faster and faster. Then—Whoosh! On the ground, cars and houses look

like toys. Jake smiles. “Guess what, Panda?” he says. “Flying is fun!”

1. How do Jake and his mom travel to the airport?

a. in a plane b. in their car c. in a taxi d. in a bus

2. What does a pilot do?


3. What does the pilot say to Jake?


4. Who is Panda?

a. Jake's brother b. a large animal c. Jake's pet d. a stuffed animal

5. What does Jake whisper to Panda?


Superhero Joey

Joey put on his mask. He flapped his cape in front of the mirror. This is the best costume,

he thought. I’m sure to win the contest. Joey skipped downstairs. “Here I come to rescue

you!” Joey shouted. “Nice costume,” said Joey’s dad. “I’m a superhero,” said Joey. “Joey,”
said Mom, “I need you to watch Mindy at the party.” Joey looked at his little sister. “But

Mom, superheroes don’t have kid sisters.” “Well this superhero has a sister,” said Mom.

“What will Mindy’s costume be?” asked Dad. “I’m not sure,” said Mom. Joey got an idea. “I

know!” Joey took Mindy upstairs to his room. He dug through his closets. Joey found his

baby blanket. He put it around Mindy’s shoulders. At the party, Superhero Joey and his

sidekick Supergirl Mindy won first prize!

1. Why was Joey dressed like a superhero?


2. What was Joey supposed to do at the party?

a. fly in the air b. help make the food c. watch his little sister d. clean up

3. Name all four characters in this story.

_____________________________ _____________________________

_____________________________ _____________________________

4. When does this story take place?

a. at the party b. before the party c. after the party d. at Joey's house

5. What did Joey put on Mindy when he dressed her up as Supergirl?

Tyrannosaurus Rex

One of the most dangerous dinosaurs was the Tyrannosaurus rex. It looked like a huge

lizard with sharp teeth. It lived over 60 million years ago. From nose to tail, T-rex was as

long as a school bus. It was taller than a house. It weighed more than an airplane. T-rex’s

head was as long as a kitchen table. T-rex was one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs. It

could eat hundreds of pounds of meat in one bite. Animals that eat meat have sharp teeth.

T-rex had 60 of them! Some of the teeth were as big as bananas. When T-rex lost a tooth, it

grew a new one. T-rex stood on two powerful legs. It also had two small arms. Its strong tail
helped keep it from falling over. It might be fun to see a live Tyrannosaurus rex, but I

wouldn’t want to meet one. Would you?

1. How many teeth did a Tyrannosaurus rex have?

a. thirty b. sixteen c. sixty d. seventy

2. How long ago did Tyrannosaurus rex live?


3. What did Tyrannosaurus rex eat?

a. leaves from tall trees b. other dinosaurs c. small insects d. people

4. A T-rex was as long as a ______________________________________.

5. A T-rex weighed as much as an _______________________________.

6. Which dinosaurs had sharp teeth?

a. all dinosaurs b. dinosaurs that had tails c. dinosaurs that were big d. dinosaurs that ate meat


A. Follow directions.

1. A boy is very sleepy. Circle one effect of beings sleepy.

a) eat food b) go to bed c) take a shower

2. Circle which one is a problem from the past.

a) addiction to technology b) there were no electricity c) overpopulation

3. Underline the correct answer. The police officer wears…

a) cause b) uniform c) future

4. Circle and write the right answer. A firefighter keeps people _____________ from the fire.

a) uniform b) worker c) safe

5 Underline the right answer. It is a place where you can live and play.

a) the park b) community c) car

B. Complete the chart.

Word Definition Drawing




Word Definition Drawing




C. Draw three volunteers. Remember that volunteers are people that help others for free.

D. Draw one problem in your community and one solution.

E. Write TRUE or FALSE.

1. Workers help people meet their needs and wants ____________________.

2. Volunteers work to get money _______________________.

3. A solution to homeless people could be that people volunteer to build houses _____________.

4. People work together to solve problems ________________________.

5. Volunteers do not help people to get food after a storm _______________________.

F. Draw a picture of your community.

G. Draw a picture showing how do you help in your community.


A. Circle the right answer.

1. What do plants use to make sugar?

a) dirt and soil b) water and sunlight c) leaves and trees

2. Pollinators help us grow…

a) rocks b) plants and food c) stars

3. These animals are pollinators…

a) fish and sharks b) dogs and cats c) bees and birds

4. It is the part of the plant that absorbs sunlight.

a) root b) water c) leaves

5. It is the part of the plant that absorbs water.

a) water b) root c) leaves

B. Complete the chart.

Habitat Animals and Plants Drawing






C. Answer accordingly.

1. What is a habitat?

2. What can change a habitat?

3. Which animals migrate to find water?

D. Look up for information about one habitat in which you are interested and complete the following

1. What animals live in that habitat?

2. What kind of weather does it have?

3. Which plants you can fin in that habitat?

4. Where is that habitat located?

5. Make a drawing of the habitat you investigated about.

E. Write TRUE or FALSE.

1. Deserts are very dry habitats. ____________________________.

2. Ocean are also dry habitats. _____________________.

3. Canopy blocks the sunlight _______________________.

A. Solve the problems. Circle the correct answer. Remember to write the operations on a separate
sheet of paper.

1. John goes to the fair. He buys tickets for three rides they cost them $20, he buys cotton candy for
$5, and a soda for $3. How much does he spend?

a) $30 b) $28 c) $23.

2. Gwen goes to the story. She buys a bag of chips for $5, bubblegum for $3 and some lollypops for
$10. How much does she spend?

a) $15 b) $20 c) $18

3. Bradly is saving for a new videogame. Each week he saves $5. How much money would he save
in 10 weeks?

a) $10 b) $30 c)$50

4. Matt wants to buy a toy robot. It cost 100. If he saves 10$ each week. How many weeks it will
takes him to get enough money to buy it?

a) 5 weeks b) 10 weeks c) 20 weeks

5. Ryan saves $100 in his bank account. He left it for a whole year. When he comes back, the
cashier tells him that now he has $110. How much did his money grow in a year?

a) $ 0 b) $ 3 c) $10

6. Lucy went to the grocery store. She bought 12 packs of cookies and 16 packs of noodles. How
many packs of groceries did she buy in all?

a) 12 packs b) 28 packs c) 30 packs

7. Roden went to a pet shop. He bought 15 gold fish, 7 blue fish and 3 packages of fish food. How
many fish did he buy?

a) 15 fish b) 7 fish c) 25 fish d) 22 fish

8. Cade had 87 marbles. He gave 18 to Dylan and 6 to Sam. How many does he have left?

a) 111 marbles b) 63 marbles c) 81 marbles

9. Daniel had some noodles. He gave 12 noodles to William. Now Daniel only has 54 noodles. How
many noodles did Daniel have to begin with?

a) 66 b) 54 c) 12

10. The class is doing a math activity. There are 10 groups of 2 students. How many students are
there in the class?
a) 12 students b) 20 students c) 8 students
B. Write and draw.

Where kids can save money?

Where adults can save money? Draw


1. A bank helps you grow your money _______________________________.

2. Saving is when you keep some money that you get ___________________.

3. Banks keep your money at risk ______________________.

4.Banks often lose the money of the people __________________.

5. Banks helps you to spend your money _______________________.

D. Make a saving plan. What would you like to buy with your saved money? __________________.

Time Saved

Week 1 $ ______

Week 2 $ ______

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5 $ _______

TOTAL $ ________