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ww w, fr{'t & 11 i F a t i pn e s- n *t THURSDAY June 13,2019

Seek freedom from poverty,

Robredo, GMA urge PinoYs
of our heroes who Paved the country from Poverq'.
AS the country celebrated the sacrifices
way for the fteedom that we enioY "lQya kung ang henerasYon ng
121st anniversary of the declaration
today),' she said. ating mga ninuno aY iPinaglaban
of lndependence DaY on Wednes rl Robredo enjoined FiliPinos to ang kalayaan, ang ating henera-
day, Vice President Maria L€onor
Cloria look back at how the country's ftee- syon ay ipagPatuloY na ngiPagla-
"leni" Robredo and SPeaker
dom was used to establish irs own ban ang kalaYaan sa kahiraPan ng
Macapagal ArroYo urged FiliPinos
govemment, to Prcmote the nation's ating bansa (lf the generation of
to continue the battle for fteedom
ovrn interess and to ensue flat each our iorefathers fought for fieedom,
ftom poverty.
message, Robredo person feels safe and secure. our generation should continue
In a video
Robredo, an advocate for the this fight to free the country from
lauded those who sacrificed and
laylayan or fringes of the societY, poveny)," ArroYo said.
fought to achieve the PeoPle's
reiteraed how this freedom gives Wirh the povertY rate reduced ftom
dream of a ftee countrY where ev-
all Filipinos the responsibility to 39 p€r(ent in 2001 to 26 Percent in
eryone's rights are adoowledged.
ensure that everyone had access to 2010 under her presidency' she said,
'Kinikilala natin an7 lahat ng
their rights and needs. the administration of President Ro-
nagsumikaP at lumaban Para ma,fit-
"Hanggang sa araw na ito, na' drigo Duterte would bring it lirther
pad ang pangataP ng isanS malay-
kanPatan kaatang ang responsibilidad na ito down to 14 Percent when his term
ang Pilipinas, at Para sa
sa bawat isa sa atin. Ito ang Pina- ends in 2022.
ng bawat Pilipinong Panghawakan
glaban ng mga nauna sa atin, at ' Arroyo noted the initiative of
ang sarili niyang kinabukasan.
ito na in ang tungkuling iniiwan her tate fathel President Diosdado
Kinikilala natin ngaYon ang mga
atin upan7 SamPanan: Ang ma- Macapagal, who had moved the
sakripisyong ginawa ng magigit' sa
sigurong nabubuhaY taYo sa isang celebration of IndePendence DaY
ing na balani ng ating kasaYsaYan'
Pilipinas Lang saan umaangat ang from july 4 to June 12, in order
na nagbigay-daan Pa{a sa mga
bawat isang mamaataYm -Bilang for Filipinos to truly apPreciate the
kalayaang tinatamasa at iniingatan
mga lingkod baYan, nasa ating freedom that they fought for
natin ngayon (We acknowledge
pananagutan ang PaagaraP na ito Macapagal PreviouslY issued
those who persevered and fought
para sa bawat PiliPino: Na Lahat Executive Order 1962, making Iune
to achieve the ultimate dream
ay kabahagi at walang maiiwan; 12;1 89 B the country's tndePendence
of an independent PhinPPines,
na lahat ay may PantaY-PantaY na Day instead of lulY 4,1946, and
where every FiliPino has the right
oponunidad sa Pag-ur1ad (UP to on the basis of the declaration of
fu to conhol what his funrre maY
independence frorn SPain bY Cen.
this day, that responsibility lies in
ffi t'ota.w.
each one ofus. This is what our de- Emilio Aguinaldo.
scendants fought for, and this is the Meanwhile, |apanese Ambassador
PAga *A<-a responsibility that we should fuIfillr Koji Haneda congatulated the Philip-
pines on I ndependence DaY
to ensure dnt we live in a countrY
where weryone is achiwing a sense 'on behalfofihe Covemment and
of progress. As public servants, we the people of laPan, I would like to
hold that responsibility and dream entmd ri.ry heartfelt congratulations to
of wery FiliPino: That everyone is the people of the Philippines in cel-
included and no one will be left ebrating the 121st anniversary
behind; each one is given equal independence on |une 12,2019," he
opportunity to succeed)," she said. said in a siatem€nt.

Robredo led the IndePendehce "lapan and the PhiliPPines have

Day dtes on WednesdaY moming built a strong bond over the Past
through a flag-raising and wreath- decade and we are now enioYing the

lafng ceremonY in Rizal Park [Lu- 'Golden Age of Strategic Parmenhipl

neta) with outSoing Manila Mayor This pannership is frrther embold-
Ios€Ph Estnda
ened by the recent visit of President
Meanwhile, AnoYo led a seParate Duterte to JaPan," he added.
lndepmdence DaY commemontion The envoy exPressed hoPe that
at the historic Barasoain Churdl in the "warm relations" between JaPan
Malolos City, Bulacan. and the Pbilippines "will be further
ln her speech, she said the genera- enhanced in the vean ahead "
tion s cunmt challenge is how to lift

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