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Rody wants truly

independent PhI
By EDITH REGALADO dependent Philippines -
whose people live freely
DAVAO CITY- Pres- in a secure, stable and
ident Duterte yester- prosperous society - will
day called on Filipinos be achieved in our life-
to work for the attain- time" the President said
ment of the dreams of in his Independence THE PHILIPPINE STAR i
their forefathers for a
truly independent Phil-
Day message.
Duterte commemo- n|B$ts i rxunsonv I JUNE 13, 2019

rpprnes. rated the 121st anniver-

"Let us commit our- sary with the soldiers,
selves to ensure that policemen and govem-
their sacrifices hive not ment officials ai the 6th
been in vain and that Infantry Battalion in
their dreams of a truly in- Turn to Page 7

Former president and now SPeaker aqairst colonizers, which paved the way
Rody FromPasel Gloria Macipasal-Arrovo vesterday led fo1 the liberties the nation currently enjoys
the celebration"at Barasoain Churlh in Sen. Cynthia Villar led the weath-laying
Malabane, Lanao del Sur. Maiolos City, Bulacan. ." at the tomb of Ceneral Emilio
"The fieedom that n'e achieved back Arrovo bointed out that FiliPinos Aguinalio in Kawit, Cavite. Joining the
then was not without cost. The tree of lib- have a iuqi to protect Philippine inde- senator were Cavite Gov
Jesus Crispin
erly blossomed on these lands because it oendence, ' "Wu uo resoonsible for dre continued Remulla, Kawit Mayor Angelo Aguinaldo
wis nourished by the sweat and blood of and Naw RearAdmiral Giovanni Bacordo
our patriots, her,oes and marryrs," he said. development of tle country. We also con- As this developed, Sen. Leila de Lima
D'uterte noted that the proclamation of tinue to fight poverty," she said in Filipino. urged Filipinos to voice out their disgust
independence was the most significant
eveni in the countrv's historv
Meisatle to FiliPinos asainst threats to the country's freedom,
In a statement in commemoration of sich as the influx of illegals and extrajudi-
"Not onlv did #e put an end to more Independence Day, Interior Secretary
than three ienturies 6f subservience but Eduirdo Afio said ihe youth, indigenous ciai and summary killings in the cguntry
we also resolved to determine the course people, members of urban poor commu- Meanwhile, leftist groups and lawmakers
of our own destiny as a natioru" he added. irities and other pereJoving Filipinos urged Duterte to Pursue a truly indepen-
lnclusive and ftee should reiect the'ideology of the Com- dent foreign policy.
munist Partv of the Philiicpines They maintained that the administra-
lVith this year's theme TaPang nB Defense Secretarv Delfin Lorenzana, in tion is sinking the couhtry deeper into
Bayan, Malasakit sa Mamamayar, Vice celebration of Indebendence Dav called the debt trap by obtaining onerous loans.
President Leni Robredo renewed her call
on all I-ilipinos yesti:rday to helpihe go-v- from China.
for ilclusivity and freedom of expressron ernment in its effort to put dn end to the '
in the countrv. The lawmakers added that the govern-
countrv's insurgencv problem. ment should instill pahiotism in the youth
"As we mirk our independence todaY,
f he'Armed Forc6s'of the thi)ippines bv develooine Filipinots the national
I hope we can go back to how we as a race
has increased its ef{orts to put an end
choie to follow our own path, build our to the New People's Army, which the I#guage and ihe pioper teaching of his-
own sovernment and establish our own governrnent now refers to as communist torv to studenLs, pushing for this interest, we took terrorists. 1 with chri"titta Mendez, Helen
resoonsibilitv f6r creatins a socieW that Combinins militarv operations with Flores, Marc Jayson CayabYab, Em- ,
is fiee, iust aird humane.I society where peace-buildi"ng activitie;, the military manuel Tupas, Ramon Efren Lazaro,
everv Filioino has the oDDortunitv to live ilaims that hindreds of rebel groui: Cecille Suerte Felipe, Paolo Rornero. |ess
in piospdrity and peairlfully," (obredo members and supporters have voluntarily Diaz, Delon Porcalla, Elizabeth Marcelo,
said in a statement in Filipino. surrendered since the Duterte administra- Michael Punongbayan
As in the past two veari, the Vice Presi tion boosted its rebel returnee program.
led the lirdepend6nce Day rites at Rizal Philiooine National Police chief CenJ
Osiai hiUavatae ursed the public to
"' .For his part, Chief lustice Lucas Bcrsa- honor mod6rn hero6s of the couritry,
\ T€rrJr 'PAQ-€I/
vesterdav dared the public
min yesterday relv on among them soldiers, teachers, firefighters
oublic to rely,
theniselves aird not on foreigners and to and farmers.
unite instead of squabbling over politics. Senate President Vicente Sotto III in his
In his speech during IndePendence lndepcndence Day statement said Filipi-
Day al the Bonifacio Monument in nos must free the nationand families from
v rites ai
Caioocan City, Bersamin called on Filipi- the bondage of illegal drugs.
noc tn
nos to learn
leatn to he indenendent instead of
be independent
powers. Outgoing Sen. Loren Legarda urged
relying on foreign
'Heilso urged Filipinos to emulate the Ffioino-s to rinite to help the countv adrieve
"inilusive, resilimt andiustairuble foowth so
nation's heroFs, whoie sacrifices gave the
that every citizen will be fiee fiom poverty."
country peace and independence.
Bersarnin also called on Filipinos to set Sen. Jbel \dlanueva urged Filipinos to
aside their political differences lor the sake remember the sacrifices and heroism of
of unity. their forefathers who fought tooth and nail