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Hamood Ranjha Nusrat Islam Ghouri

September 24 · 13 mutual friends

CSS result is always a very surprising, terrifying and a unique episode in the Add Friend Remove
life of every aspirant. Each candidate remains on tenterhooks from the
beginning to the end. English essay and English composition always hang
like sword of Damocles while optionals like town planning (2016) and US English (US) · ‫ · اردو‬िह ी · ‫اﻟﻌرﺑﯾﺔ · ﭘ ﺗو‬
history (2018) have become a nightmare for most candidates who could not
qualify. There is no blinking the fact that English essay, composition and
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Islamic studies are the constant thorns on the side of a candidate but this Cookies · More
irrational, surprising and unjust result of some optional subjects is a new Facebook © 2018
phenomenon and an epitome of unpredictable and uncertain nature of this
It has not only shattered the dreams of thousands of those candidates who
got failed this year but also created a confusion, fear and chaos in the minds
of those who will appear next year.
Since I have remained in this rigmarole for 8 years, I have a few suggestions
based on my understanding of FPSC, CSS aspirants, subjects and current
dynamics. I believe that ambition is the last refuge of the failure, so we will
have to learn some lessons from this failure.
1. FPSC has become more unpredictable and ruthless in terms of targeting
a subject. Targeting English was understandable but a general slaughter in
optionals is beyond understanding and without any rhyme and reason. I
know some of my extraordinary students got failed in US HISTORY and
some with a below average preparation passed it. This is extremely irrational
(like many other things in Pakistan)
2. Transparency has nothing to do with working of FPSC. You can never
know the causes of your failure. Failure in Islamic studies and history due to
one mark becomes a constant thorn for the rest of life as you can never
exactly determine what went wrong and this is the reason of general chaos,
confusion and fear in the minds of those who appear for the next attempt.
Transparency has remained an elusive dream and it will remain so.
3. FPSC will be doing same things next year. Subjects might be different, but
mechanism will remain same.
1. A typical CSS candidate has many issues and problems from
psychological to practical and general.
2. He always thinks about failure and this fear of failure becomes worse than
failure itself.
3. He or she constantly lives in a negative environment leading to erosion of
confidence and resilience.
4. Blaming FPSC for Everything has become a fashion. Since you can't
change the system, so you must put your own house in order. You must
identify your own problems and reduce risks associated with that exam. Suggested Groups See All
5. Most of the candidates don't treat English Essay, Composition, and
Islamic studies as a subject. They always do them at the end. They will
happily waste time on optionals and their coaching but not on these
compulsory subjects central to success and failure in CSS.
6. They will always make notes of other subjects but will never attempt 20
essays on most important topics and 50 precise from different sources and
then they complain about FPSC.
7. Among 12000 candidates who appear, more than 8000 are non-serious
candidates who appear in the exam just for the sake of experience (a great INSPECTOR-BPS 16 Join
folly indeed) and then after failure they complain about FPSC. They must 6,258 members
understand that “as you sow, so shall you reap".
8. CSS is no less than a battle. A great candidate must be equipped with all
kinds of weapons and blessed with highest level of confidence and faith in
his own abilities.
9. Remember your material is your weapon in this battle and your nerves will
determine how effectively will you be able to utilize the weapon.
10. Most of the candidates (I have reasons to believe) rely on material
available in the market and this ultimately deprives them from distinction
which is the Hallmark of this exam. Remember that you must distinguish CSS world times
yourself with each word that you write on your paper. It is a competitive 1,689
exam in which each paper may be better than the other. You must compel
the examiner to give you more marks come what may.
11. Most of the candidates love to appear in multiple mock exams not for
better results and effectiveness but for the sake of experience. A mock test People You May Know See All
that is without individual feedback, identification of problems and their proper Nusrat Islam Ghouri
solution is the most futile and unproductive exercise. It is wastage of money 13 mutual friends
as well as time.
12. Those who don't appear in productive, focused and effective mock tests
not only face serious problems during exams but also get low scores due to
lack of practice and effective time management.
English (US) · ‫ · اردو‬िह ी · ‫اﻟﻌرﺑﯾﺔ · ﭘ ﺗو‬
13. Each hour, day, week and month of a serious candidate must be properly
planned and organized for the achievement of main objectives, small goals
and targets. Revision on daily, weekly and monthly basis is indispensable for Privacy · Terms · Advertising · Ad Choices ·
productive result in the end. Unfortunately, it is not done in true letter and Cookies · More
spirit. Most of the candidates remain inconsistent, irregular, demotivated and Facebook © 2018
misdirected and this is the reason that despite doing everything they feel
themselves standing nowhere or moving in circles.
1. Please start thinking big about yourself, develop first class environment
around yourself and don't cultivate fear of failure, for it is worse than failure
2. Do not blame others or system. Try to find faults within yourself. You can't
rectify others, you must rectify yourself.
3. Come out of all kinds of excuses and bounce back with all energies
because now it is really matter of self-respect and defeat can never be an
4. Do not change your major subjects if you have prepared them well. In
case of US HISTORY, no need to change the subject, rather change your
method and material. You can't guarantee that a new subject will not be
targeted, and you will be getting good marks in it. Select the most important
topics of a subject and then spend a day in a library to collect 3 best
available sources.
5. Do not opt subjects on the recommendation of any academy, for they
have their own business interests. Always select yourself based on five
a. Score
b. Predictability
c. Stability
d. Time
e. Aptitude
I would have selected these subjects for myself
a. Political science
b. British history
c. Gender studies
d. Criminology
e. Punjabi
6. Do not plan for a month. Always plan for a day and a week. Select a
subject, its most important topics and the best available material, prepare a
topic and make a detailed outline daily. Revise everything on 8th day and do
give tests. Suggested Groups See All
7. join only those mock exams where your problems are properly identified,
and you are given a proper feedback along with suggestions to improve
marks and information about the best available sources on the topic.
CSS can be defined in three words,
Remember you must produce an effective answer based on good quality
and quantity in 40 minutes and that can't be done without an effective and
rigorous test session. However never ever go for test without preparation. PPSC EXCISE & TAXATION
8. English essay, composition, Islamic studies and Pak affairs will be very INSPECTOR-BPS 16 Join
crucial for next year (not optionals), so don't compromise on them. English 6,258 members
essay and composition will be challenging so they must be the part of your
plan till end.

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