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meV CCE lg Cree ee eo Gees) Name No. Class Date Mark Teacher © Circle the correct form of the verb to bein the Past Simple, 1. Last Sunday we was / were at my favourite restaurant. 2. My cousin was / were playing with me this morning. 3. My parents was / were working last night. 4. Last night | was / were at home. 5. It was / were my birthday yesterday. © Use the negative form of the verb to be in the Past Simple. 1. They home last night because they were at a party. 2. Margaret my best friend when we were at school. 3. The food very good but the chocolate cake was delicious. 4. We here last summer because we were in New Zealand. 5.1 born in 2010, so I’m older than you © Put the words in the correct order to write questions. 1. Jim / was / home / night / last / at /? 2. were / they / you / with /? 3. was / school / at / Mandy /? 4. David / was / museum / the / at /? 5. was / born / brother / your / 1996 / in /? the blanks with the correct form of the verb to bein the Past Simple. 1 Roberto born in Spain? No, he He born in Italy. 2 you at Susan’s birthday party? Yes, | 3. Where you last night? | at a concert. 4. Who your best friend when you younger? 5. We at home because we at the theatre. Editable and photocopiable © Testo | What'sUp& st me ewe lg Grammar - There to be (Past Simple) Name No. Class Date Mark Teacher © complete the sentences with there was or there were. 1 zebras and giraffes at the zoo. : Remember this! 2. Last weekend a parade in the street. . There was + singular 3. lots of balloons at the party. There were + plural 4. Last week an extra dance class. 5. At the circus owns and a magician © Circle the correct option. Remember this! 1. At the restaurant there wasn’t / there weren’t any children. ‘There wasn’t + singular There weren't + plural 2. There wasn’t / There weren’t any animals at the circus. 3. There were musicians at the party but there wasn’t / there weren’t a singer. 4, There wasn’t / There weren’t many students in the canteen. 5. At breakfast there wasn’t / there weren’t any cake. © complete the questions and the answers. Follow the example. 1. chocolate cake / at the party 3. clowns / at the circus Was th Yes, there was. Yes, re any chocolate ca 2 any clowns at the circus? 2. pets / at the restaurant 4. ice cream truck / at the park any pets at the restaurant? an ice-cream van at the park? No, No, 54 Editable and photocopiable © Testo | What'sUp& ilar. Oh ava Coleg Cr eee eee mer Cue er inet) Siblinha os verbos no Past Smple. 1. This morning Kally visited her grandparents. 2. Mrs Park arrived at 9 o'clock. 3. Yesterday | walked to school. 4, Last night we watched an episode of Granger Things. 5. Last summer holidays, Jack travelled to Brazil. 6. Mark lived in Italy for seven years. gue o exemplo. © Arde the verbsin the Past Smple. Rodela os verbosino Past Smple. 1. Susan packed / packing her clothes without any help. 2. Blot finish / finished reading the new Harry Potter book. 3. She looked / looking at James and smiled / smiling. 4. We enjoyed / enjoy the party very much. 5. | studied / studyed the whole weekend. 6. wilie cried / cryed because she was sad. © choose the best ending for each sentence. Follow the example. Esoolhe a melhor continuagao para cada frase. Soque o exemple .bson didn't watch thefilm [EJ] ~----- [EJ) because he was already asleep. Amy didn't want to dance (FJ) - + (EB) because I wasn't home all day. Ididn’t clean my room {EY - + [IB because she wasttred. © Art the verbs in bracketsin the negative. Follow the example. Pée os: na negativa. entre paré 4, The bus__cidn't stop _ (stop) at the bus stop. 2. We (play) the flute in the music lesson. 3.1 (visit) the Natural History Museum. er 4, Richard (ride) his bike to school didn't + verb in the infinitive because he was tired. 5, My family (travel) by plane because I'm afraid of flying. 6. May (lke) the film. 56 Eitable and photocopable® Texto] What's Ups