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Sweet confectionery







1. Mixing and Cooking

Cooking vats are used for candy mixing and cooking. They are sophisticated
pieces of equipment and can be integrated with mixers and cookers. These types
of machines are often used in hard candy and chocolate candy manufacturing.
They have variable speed agitators, hydraulic lifts, digital temperature
controllers with alarms, sophisticated atmospheric gas burners as well as tilting
functions. The vats are often insulated and designed of foam fitted aluminium
without rivet joints. They are one of the first pieces of equipment used in many
candy manufacturing processes.
2. Candy Aerating
Marshmallows, snowballs and aerated chocolate are examples where aeration
technology would be used. Each application can use a specifically designed
mixing head. These devices also facilitate perfect temperature control during the
aeration process.

3. Moulding

Three popular moulding techniques include polycarbonate injection moulds,

thermo formed spinning moulds and silicone rubber moulds. These types of
moulds are often used in the manufacture of chocolate candy.

4. Stamping

Stamping is done with dies that cut the candy to shape from a slab. An example
is in the manufacture of chocolate or taffy.

5. Drawing

The drawing of candy is similar to the drawing of metal or plastic. A candy

bullion is pulled through a series of dies reducing it in size or forming its
perimeter to a shape. The dies can be temperature controlled to help in the

6. Cooling

Cold water is often used to cool the equipment that actually is in contact with
the candy. Through, this the candy is kept cool as it is manufactured. An
example is in the cooling of forming and drawing dies. Other solutions include
the use of a refrigerant.

7. Automatic Decorators
These machines as the name indicates are used in decorating candies and cakes.
The decorators apply icing or chocolate designs on cookies, cakes, other baked
items and chocolates. Designs range from thick to thin, zig zags to curves,
straight lines to single and double loops, cross-hatching and random designs.
Designs can often be changed rapidly to afford a variety of decorated product.

8. Candy Wrapping and Packaging

Wrapping machines are another category of candy manufacturing equipment.
Some wrapping machine manufactures also offer art work consulting as a
service. This allows the customer to custom design a wrapping for their candy
as well as wraps it.



1. Parle Brand
2. Diversified Product Range
3. Low and Mid Price Range
4. Better Understand Of Consumer Psyche
5. 74% Market share in Glucose Biscuit

1. Many Competitors in this Segment
2. Nothing Unique in Product Now
3. Low Market Share in Premium Segment


1. High Demand of Sugar Free Biscuit

2. Changing Consumer Preferences
3. Tie-up With School as a Part of Meals

1. Hike in Raw Material Prices (wheat, sugar, oil etc.)

2. Limited Resources
3. Entry Of Various Entrants(competitors)
4. Counterfeit Products in Rural Areas.