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Strategic HRM at BIG Bazaar

By- Ajatshatru
Anita Sharma
 Big Bazaar is a chain of department stores in India
currently with 100 outlets.

 It is owned by Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, Future Group. It

works on the same economy model as Wal-Mart and has
been successful in many Indian cities and small towns.

 Currently Big Bazaar stores are located only in India. It is

the fastest growing chain of department stores and aims at
having 350 stores by 2010.

 Big Bazaar is the destination where you get products

available at prices lower than the MRP, setting a new level
of standard in price, convenience and quality.
Human Resource Management in
Big Bazaar
• The HR department of Big Bazaar is very dynamic.

• Employees are the biggest strength and asset of any

organization and the HR dept realizes this very well.

• This is very evident from the way the HR department

handles all its employees.

• They take utmost care to select, train, motivate and retain

all the employees.
• They have continuous developmental Programs for all the
• There are two shifts for the employees. The first shift
employees arrive at 10AM in the morning and leave at 7.30
in the evening, while the second shift employees report at
12.30 in the afternoon and leave at the time of Store
closing (10pm).
HRM in Retail
“In today’s Era it is difficult to gain an edge through
unique product offerings, since today’s customers
has easy access to a wide selection of goods.”

Retailers are striving to create a superior store

experience for consumers – To increase sales &
Customer Loyalty

Two Major Retail Variable Assets are:

 Inventory
 Labour
• Retailer’s single largest controllable expense

• Through Employees Brand’s Deliver:

• Customer Service & Experience
• Revenue
• Brand Differentiation
Organization Structures
• Defines the Hierarchy Levels, the reporting
relationships and the decision makers
• Is the starting point for managing a business
• Helps understanding various task to be performed
and helps in understanding the roles to be played
by people within the organization.
The Process of Organizing a Retail Firm
Functions of management in the Big


Store Buying & Finance & Legal &

HRM Marketing etc
Operations Merchandising Accounts Administration
Planning and Assessing an
Organization: Factors to Consider

• Target market needs

• Management needs
• Employees needs
Organization structure of Big Bazar

• Owner/Manager

• Responsibilities
• Buying, Promotion, Sales, HR,
• Control & General Management

External Advisors
Sales Staff
Lawyers, CA, Back Office Staff Responsibilities
Responsibilities Customer Service, Selling,
Bankers, etc
Accounting & Record keeping, Stock Control, Display &
Data Entry, Inventory Control, Housekeeping
Purchase Orders, Time Keeping
& Payroll, Facilities Management
HRM In Retail
• According to HR manger of Big Baazar, Gwalior,
“Hiring persons with Right Attitude is important in all
The HR Function in Retail Involves:
1. Identifying Various roles in organizations
2. Recruiting people with the right attitude to fit the jobs.
3. Training
4. Motivating Employees
5. Evaluating employee performance
Big Bazaar People Management
• Culture Building

• Performance Management through Balanced

Score Card

• People Processes

• Management Processes

• Leadership Excellence
Areas covered under this
assignment are…..
• Recruitment & Selection process
• Induction
• Training
• Compensation and rewards
• Performance appraisal
Recruitment & Selection in Big

• Consultancy Services
• Walk-ins
• Employee Referrals
• Campus Recruitment
Selection process
• Interview
• Psychometric Tests
• Group Discussion
Induction training programme
• New employees selected are given a 13 day
induction and training program.

• They are given information about the company’s

business, different departments etc.

• They are informed of their roles, duties and


• They are informed about the HR policies and rules of

the company.

• Need of Training arises at following Times:
– Induction
– Sales Staff in direct contact with customers
– Communication Knowledge
– Product Knowledge
– Company Policies on Return
– Knowledge of the workplace
– Market Awareness
– Personal Grooming
– Skill enhancements
Compensation and rewards
• The employees are rewarded suitably with attractive
pay packages. The salary of an employee includes
basic pay. HRA, special allowance, Mediclaim etc.
Annual bonus will be given at the time of Diwali.
• The employees and their dependents are also
entitled for medical treatment in recognized hospitals
with cashless hospitalization with whom the company
has tie-ups. If a hospital is not recognised, the
amount spent by the employee will be reimbursed.
• Along with these all the employees are given a card
known as ‘Employee Discount card’ (EDC) through
which they can buy any product at Big Bazaar at a
special discount of 20-30 %.
Performance Appraisal
• The HR department conducts performance appraisal
of all the employees annually in the month of April.

• Based on their performance increments are given in

their pay.

• In addition to this if an employee achieves or

exceeds the target given to along with their team
members will be provided with attractive cash and
other incentives.