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College battles (Christian perspective)

God, guide me in this new journey as a college student. I know this will be a long and hard
moment but please don't let me lose my faith and obedience in thee.

This is what I was praying for in my freshman year in college. I knew things would be different.
My brothers and sisters in faith went to other colleges, other courses and there was me alone in a
new college with new colleagues. As time was flying, I was losing my faith and was letting
corruption of my worldly colleagues dominate me. At the same time the pressure of college, the
necessity of proving myself to my teachers, the struggle to be the A-student, as i used to be in
high school turned me into a cold Christian!

At some point i didn't know who i was anymore, i was so conscious about everything and felt
like there was no hope for me, and I'm now wondering what God has planned for me this year as
a Sophomore student. But I learned some things that made me see things in a whole new

Sometimes you need to be alone

When I was in high school, I met good Christian friends, and we became a group that were used
by God to bless people in school. In the moment I went to college, the reality was different and
God put me alone so I could see Him more clearly and to realize that I only depend on Him.
Family cannot save you, nor your local church, nor your most godly friends. Only God can.
Fellowship is important in our walk with Christ but only God is our Saviour and our dependence
should be in Him.

Do not neglect (1 Corinthians 15:33) !

Do not be misled: “Bad Company corrupts good character.”

The struggle to keep yourself in Christ while surrounded by non-Christians is huge. It is hard!
Sometimes you may think that you're strong enough to not fall but the influence of bad
companies, the necessity of feeling approved by your colleagues, and the fight to not be the
weird uncool girl in the class is crazy. Prayer is important to keep you focused and try to be the
good influence, showing a godly behaviour rather than being the influenced one make everything
way better. God's always in charge and in control of everything!

Don't be too hard on yourself

Yes, you may want to be a great college student, and yes, it's important to study and be a good
student. You glorify God by doing that, but don't let that desire be the reason you breath. Don't
let that become your god, don't forget the Lord. You will feel frustrated and unhappy. Study for
God's glory, and do it with love instead of only worrying about surpassing the other good
students. Trust in God, pray about your academic life and study with a calm and humble heart
trusting that the Owner of all knowledge will help you overcome all battles!

Planning is a life saviour

For sure I still struggle with that and I am working on it, but I just realized that scheduling your
activities makes life way better and with planning you end up saving time, especially when you
are a college student. Planning is necessary and scheduling our tasks allow us to have a special
time for ourselves and more important, to serve the Lord.

College life may be hard but Greater is the God that sustain us. Great are His
mercies and wisdom. Do not fall in frustration but trust that through Him you
can do all things!

I want to hear from you

 How do you manage you Christian life as a college student?

 What are your main struggles as college student and how you deal with them?