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MUNICIPAL COURT CITY OF MADISON CERTIFICATE OF INITIAL APPEARANCE ‘THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI } caseno@/ 2 0S 0357 (Felony) vas granted a ntl appearance before e on te | $3 The Reh es ey eee To: A Yous) + defendant: 1, CHARGE AND PENALTY. Youhas charged with the following felony crime(s) and if you are ultimately convicied you may ‘be sentenced tothe penalty shown after erime(). Sob Os 424134 $50,000. 0s ie Cuvee So Conner Qn - 1-1 $5000 Ondle 5 ¢ Ds A-24- \2,_ F250,000 andlor 29: a By Conmek _ A7-1- ¥_ 5.000 Si “A copy of compinicragunst you i tached vo is cerifcae MC AA8) 1