Sign of Tolerance or Dominance?
Barry Bench


In case you have not heard. They are attempting to and in all likelihood will build a 15 story Mosque. It gets worse, they want to open it on 9-11-11 the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attack.

The people funding this Mosque are foreign sources. They claim they are trying to build bridges between Muslims and Non-Muslims. And they want to open it on the 10th anniversary. The facade is eerily similar to the World Trade Center Building


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I originally just wanted to explain the MOSQUE and their importance in a single document. My research has taken me far deeper than I had expected to go and have to break this into two documents. First to cover the Historical aspects Second to cover the spread Islam in a Political Correct environment. In the first part I hope to cover:  How can they consider this building bridges?  Have they ever done anything like this before?  What exactly do they mean by a Religion of Peace?  Is Islam just a Religion?  What are some of the fundamental things we should know about Islam and Muslims?  Historically what is meant by the Sword of Islam?  What is Sharia Law? This is an attempt to take a historical look at how Islam so rapidly spread? Is it a Religion or a Geo-Political Movement? How have Muslims treated people of different religions and why? Look at the difference between Shia and Sunni What exactly is Wahhabism? What role does the Muslim Brotherhood have today  What strategies are they currently employing?  Are the Muslim Brotherhoods strategies working? I hope to answer most if not all of these questions as we go through time and look at the history of the Islam.


Just to show in historical aspect, Israel once spread into parts of Sinai, Syria, Jordan and Iraq.


The rise of Islam was not one of Peace. It became known as the Sword of Islam. Literally taking land and converting the inhabitants or beheading them. They were able to keep a relative peace throughout their sphere of influence.  darb el Islam Literally means within Islam Sphere of influence, and a state of Peace . This is where you can apply a religion of peace.  darb el harb Literally means outside Islam Sphere of influence, and in a state of war that will fall to Islam In 622 CE Hijira - Muhammad and followers flee to Medina. Islamic calendar (AH, Anno Hegirae) begins  This known as the Hijra, it was a tactic of immigrating to a new area grow their numbers and then take over the area and then force the original inhabitants to submit to Islam and eventually convert.  The act of deception know as Taquiya. Taquiya permits Muslims to deceive and lie to Non-Muslims. They can act as if they are not plotting against the original inhabitants while raising the blade to slaughter them behind their backs.


Then Muhammad, without sufficient arms to conquer his hometown of Mecca, negotiated and promised to stop terrorizing his kin for ten years. The agreement had the Meccans allow him to visit idols known as the Ka'aba.  The merchants of Mecca honored the agreement. The Muslims did not honor the agreement.  Then after only a single year, Muhammad and his Muslim followers conquered his hometown of Mecca, imposing Islam under the shade of their swords. This is the birth of a Peaceful Religion? Muhammad was supposed to be Allah's Messenger, and thus a man of his word, Islam's lone prophet revealed the 9th Surah of the Qur'an which states that any treaty between Muslims and Infidels is not binding on the Muslims.  From the very beginning the use deception and legal lies to conceal their true aim. This is acceptable to Muslims and as we see is part of their Qur‟an How is the WEST to deal with a people who as part of their religious beliefs that any agreement between Muslims and Non-Muslim is not binding to the Muslims? Would is the limit to these acts of deceptions and outright lies.


The Qurayza Massacre  In AD 627, Muhammad committed an atrocity against the last remaining major tribe of Jews in Medina: the Qurayza. He beheaded the men and the pubescent boys and enslaved the women and children. Over 800 men and boys (and at least one woman) from the Qurayza tribe were beheaded by the prophet of Islam Muhammad.  This is the start of the religion and they claim Islam is a peaceful religion.  Also the claim that it Islam is the heir to Christianity The Battle of Khaybar was fought in the year 629 between Muhammad and his followers against the Jews living in the oasis of Khaybar, located 150 kilometers (95 miles) from Medina A classic precedent of the dhimma was an agreement between Muhammad and the Jews of Khaybar When the Jews of Khaybar surrendered to Muhammad. Muhammad allowed them to remain in Khaybar in return for handing over to the Muslims one half of their annual produce.  In essence he was permitting them to stay and were little more than his slaves or share croppers.

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Following the death of the Prophet Islam spread across the North Africa  In 633 CE Muslim conquests (Futuhat) begin.  In 633-42 CE Muslim armies take the Fertile Crescent (Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Mesopotamia), North African coast, parts of Persian and Byzantine Empires Once in the Holy City of Jerusalem  Two Structures are built in place of the Jewish Temple  Dome of the Rock  Al-Aqsa Mosque Two Definitions you must understand The Caliph and Caliphate are extremely important to people that practice the Islamic faith.  Caliphate is the governance for all of Islam;  Caliph is the spiritual Head of State for all of Islam

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The Dome of the Rock is located at the visual center of a platform known as the Temple Mount It was constructed over the site of the Second Jewish Temple which was destroyed during the Roman Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. In 637 CE Jerusalem was conquered by the Rashidun Caliphate army during the Muslim conquest of Syria 650 CE Caliph Uthman has the Qur'an written down  Jesus is not viewed as the Son of God but rather is considered a lesser prophet and is portrayed as inferior to Muhammad. The Dome of the Rock was erected between 689 and 691 CE Note again built on top of Temple Mount, is it an act of building bridges or displaying dominance?


The al-Aqsa Mosque was originally a small prayer house built by the Rashidun caliph Umar, on top of the remains of Jewish Temple  After a couple Earthquakes and rebuilding another earthquake destroyed most of al-Aqsa in 1033 CE, but two years later the Fatimid caliph Ali az-Zahir built another mosque which has stood to the present-day  When the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099 CE, they used the mosque as a palace and church, but its function as a mosque was restored after its recapture by Saladin.  Today, the Old City of Jerusalem is under Israeli control, but the mosque remains under the administration of the Palestinian-led Islamic waqf.  Once a land falls under darv el Islam, the land is then ordained as Islamic Land for all time. If the land should fall out of the Sphere of Islam, all Muslims were and are required to take it back.

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darb el Salah This is a land of the people of the Book, Jews and Christians. . ahl al Kitab The people of the book, Jews and Christians

While they were tolerated, they were submissive and needed to progress to Islam.

Covenant of Omar was paying tribute in a humiliating manner of the back of their hands

The ahl al kitab were to always hold a position inferior to the Muslims The ahl al kitab Jews were required to wear distinctive yellow clothes, Christians wore blue clothes The ahl al kitab had to pay special additional taxes (jiziya poll tax and haradj produce tax), The ahl al kitab were prohibited to ride horses or wearing swords.

The caliphs and jurists also prohibited rituals and activities that drew too much public attention to Christianity,

such as bell ringing or excessively loud chanting in church

Restrictions on processions and funerals were common for the same reasons.

While Non-Muslims Christians and Jew were permitted they were beneath Muslims in stature in Muslim Society This is still true today

Restrictions were placed on building of new or the repairing of existing Churches and Synagogues. Thus their houses of worship would simply collapse over time.


The spread of Islam was done by conquest
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661 CE Ali is murdered; Mu'awiya becomes caliph. Beginning of Umayyad Caliphate (661-750). 680 CE Death of Husayn marks beginning of the Shi'at Ali ("party of Ali") or Shi'a sect. 685-705 Reign of Abd al-Malik Centralization of administration - Arabic becomes official written language Arab coinage is established As Islam spread they force people to submit and some into slavery. In East Africa is was Zanj (Mogadishu) They stole wealth from the conquered land.

3 days of Pillage was the custom for the victors in this era.

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710 CE Arab armies enter Spain from North Africa Great Mosque of Córdoba  The building was begun in approximately 600 CE as the Christian Visigothic church of St. Vincent  Hijra immigration of Spain by Muslims.  They moved in in such numbers and the Muslims did not assimilate but grew their own numbers and start converting the locals.  This is common practice today, when the Muslim community have enough in numbers  Make Demands of acceptance  As their rank grow they increase demands to build Mosque and tend to not assimilate but rather keep to themselves to increase their numbers and political influence  Convert the local from other religion to Islam  Then set area off limits to outsiders.


Great Mosque of Córdoba  To truly understand the ramifications of the Córdoba Mosque one must look no further than the definition of darv el Islam  Once a land falls under darv el Islam, the land is then ordained as Islamic Land for all time. If the land should fall out of the Sphere of Islam, all Muslims were and are required to take it back

This is true for all of Israel and this may shock you Spain and half of France.

In the 8th Century Islam had captured all of the Iberian Peninsula that include modern day Portugal and Spain. What most people do not remember they had captured land into France before they would be stopped. The Muslim forces went all the way into France to the town of Tours. Tours is about 120 miles south west of present day Paris. At the time Muslim forces were driving further north into Europe. Muslims were capturing more territory spreading eastward into Persia towards India


The Battle of Tours  During Islam initial spread via conquest it grew unimpeded for 120 years  The Battle of Tours was the first organize army they met  It pitted the European forces with an estimated 15,000 against a much larger force of 80,000 Muslims  It was a battle against an army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by „Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi.

Charles Martel is leader of Christian forces at the Battle of Tours, his forces stopped the Umayyad invasions of Europe. This painting is showing Martel on the left and Ghafiqi on the right

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Ghafiqi was killed in the battle and the Sword of Islam was stopped in the west Though defeated in the Battle Tours, they still controlled Spain Abbasids defeated Umayyads in 750 CE In its short existence to this date Islam is spread by conquest


First understand that Islam is more than just a religion that relies on the Qur‟an. It was initially spread by conquest  The Hadith is Islam's books of Jurisprudence. Hadith are narrations originating from the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Angels; the belief of Angels or Messengers of God and are critical to the Islamic Faith. The Qur'an and Sunnah also contain laws of inheritance, marriage, and restitution for injuries and murder, prohibits insurance viewed as gambling..

The belief that God has predetermined everything but man has a free will to chose right or wrong. The Five Pillars  Faith · Prayer - Charity · Fasting · Pilgrimage Religion and State  With Sharia Law comes a governance. Whether it is a Theocratic rule like in present day Iran or the Secular leadership in Saudi Arabia. They are both eliminate personal Liberties and removes personal freedoms. Sharia or Islamic law covers all aspects of life, from matters of state, like governance and foreign relations, to issues of daily living. Islam Dietary Restrictions  Prohibited foods include pork products, blood, carrion, and alcohol. Food permissible for Muslims is halal food.


Jihad, what does it mean? First understand it in the context of these two definitions  darb el Islam Literally means within Islam Sphere of influence, and a state of Peace . This is where you can apply a religion of peace.  darb el harb Literally means outside Islam Sphere of influence, and in a state of war that will fall to Islam

Once land is darb el Islam, If the land should fall out of the Sphere of Islam, it is the duty of all Muslims to take it back.

Next thing you must understand there are different types of Jihad.
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An internal struggle to maintain faith The struggle to improve the Muslim society The struggle in a holy war

Next not only does Islam aggressively try to dominate those outside the darv el Islam  Different sect seek to dominate each other. There are several sects within Islam, two of which are predominate, like Catholic and Protestant split.  Sunni are the largest of all sects. It makes up about 8085% of Islam  Shia are second largest of all sects. It makes up about 15% of Islam

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Where did the split occur? After Muhammad‟s death in 632 One side believed that direct descendants of the prophet should take up the mantle of the caliph, this was similar to Royal descendents. Known as Imam

They were known as the ShiatAli, or "partisans of Ali," after the prophet's cousin and son-in-law Ali, whom they favored to become caliph. They would become know as Shiites Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf, Iraq, where Ali is buried

The other side thought that any worthy man could lead the faithful, regardless of lineage

They favored Abu Bakr, an early convert to Islam who had married into Muhammad's family. "Sunni" is derived from the Arab word for "followers" and is shorthand for "followers of the prophet.“ They were known as Caliphs and ruled as the Caliphate. Abu Bakr became the first Caliph of Islam. Abu Bakr ordered the teachings of Muhammad to be placed in writing and it would become the Holy Quran.


The next chapter in Islam's History is Hadith were written. The Hadith is the sayings of the Prophet. Bagdad became the center point for political power within the Ummah, (Muslim Community). The Koran is translate from Greek to Arabic. The Zanj Slaves Rebellion 869-883 CE  In the city of Basra led by Ali Razi

Al-Muwaffaq with the aid of Egyptian forces defeated Ali Razi returning the city and Ali Razi head to Bagdad. 908 First Fatimid caliph in Tunisia. 928 Umayyad Abd ar-Rahman III declares himself caliph in Cordoba. 940 Muhammad al-Mahdi, the twelfth imam, disappears. Twelvers still await the future return of the "Hidden Imam." 945 The Buyids (Persian) invade Baghdad and take power from caliph. 969 Fatimids gain power in Egypt and attack Palestine, Syria, and Arabia. Cairo (Al-Qahira, "the victorious city") is founded.

Islam starts to fight among themselves.
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West Africa begins to convert to Islam Spread thin and strife within Islam looses its grip on the Iberian Peninsula. Umayyad caliphate in Cordoba defeated by the Christian Reconquista and all Jews and Muslims are forced out of Spain. Sicily falls to the Normans, Crusader kingdoms are briefly established in Palestine and Syria.  1099 CE Christian Crusaders take Jerusalem. Understand that when Muslims took the holy land they permitted pilgrimages to go to the old city. When they were stop is when the Crusades started. 1171 CE Fatimid power ends in Egypt with the conquests of Saladin
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Saladin recaptures the Old City of Jerusalem. Saladin used the tactic of surrounding the city and starving them out. This is known as a Siege Baghdad Abbasid caliphate was preparing for an all out assault on Europe when out of the east came Ghengis Kkan Khan enter Persia and takes Punjab to the south.


In the mid 1300 Uthman starts the Ottoman Empire. They capture Bursa in what is now Northwest Turkey. They make it their capital. They move the capital to Adrianople and capture Balkans In 1453 Mehmet conquers the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. They took over the Hagia Sophia, Mehmet, the sultan, immediately went the pulpit of Santa Sophia and proclaimed- that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet. Clearly an act of dominance Overtime the 4 Minarets were added


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In another act of dominance over all other religions. Constantinople, which was named after Constantine who move the capital of the Roman Empire out of Rome and built the Byzantine Empire of Christians roots in its place. Constantinople after its fall to Mehmet forces and rename it to Istanbul. The Sultans that followed expanded the Empire starting with Albania, Crimea, Persia, Syria and Egypt, then Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Unifying them all under a single Caliph and amassing a larger and larger army. Algeria and Tunisia, Libya. This expansion also included Southern Europe venturing into Prussia and Russia. They capture Belgrade. 1529 CE The Ottomans expansion continue until the Siege of Vienna. They were forced to retreat form Vienna. Then Hungary falls to the Ottomans. Iraq is annexed. For 700 years now Islam has sought to take over all lands and force the submission of Judaic – Christians and does not tolerate the existence of another religion. The Ottoman united the majority of Muslim land under one Caliphate and a central government.


Ottoman Empire had taken control of Muslims land and instituted a central government. But they fail to advance with the Western Societies in the Industrial age. Instead they relied on the passion of faith and the fear their dominance to spread. While they had manpower. They had reached their capacity to venture far from cities for supplies.

The Ottoman Empire was at its Zenith entering 1683.  The west was terrified of the spread of the Ottoman Influence

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September 11th This date is extremely significant to Muslims through out the world. This was a date of shame for the Muslim World. The Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman forces were led by the Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa. On July 14, the Turks reached Vienna. They laid siege to the city. Largely to inferior artillery they could not breach its walls. Mustafa was on verge of starving them out when Europeans allies arrived to end the siege. The Gates of Vienna September 11th 1683 Christian armies led by Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland, arrived at the Gates of Vienna. This was an epic battle that saw a coalition of European forces of 80,000 vs. the Ottomans estimated 150,000 300,000 troops. The Ottomans were decimated and lost all of its artillery pieces. From this date on Islam would lose more and more land.  Reminder again once land is ordained as Islamic land it is Religiously ordained for all time, they will continue to try and reclaim territory that they have lost


Quick review of the Spread of Islam
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Done via Conquest Convert or Die mentality

Spread unabated for 1,000 years via wars and ethnic and religious cleansing. From the Qurayza Massacre in 627 where Muhammad with his own hands beheaded 800 Jewish Men and Boys. Through September 10th 1683 the spread of Islam in reality was known as the Sword of Islam. After September 11th 1683 it was the decline of the Ottoman Empire beginning with the Treaty of Karlowitz. The Great Turkish wars were concluded with the Ottomans surrendering.


Prior to the founding of our country, Pirates used to capture and pillage vessels in the open sea. They were drunken barbarians except for the Barbary Coast Pirates. The Barbary Coast Pirates were Slave traders that would capture merchant ships and ransom their crew. It was a lucrative trade for these state sponsored terrorist. The West pretty much went along with it England and France ruled the seas but paid these ransoms to prevent interference. Thomas Jefferson feared that there would be no stopping them. He to noted that these were not just Pirates but rather state sponsored and had to be dealt with. Then the first Islamic attack occurred on the US. 11 American Flag Merchant ships were seized by the Barbary coast Pirates. Capturing and enslaving 100 men. By the time America paid the ransom, 15 had died in captivity. This is why Thomas Jefferson decided to read the Koran. Upon completing it he understood the only way to deal with these Pirates was by force. England, France and America went to war and France took over Tripoli. And ended the reign of the Barbary Coast Pirates


From then on Ottomans continue to decline and then even lost control of Egypt in 1805 to an independence movement away from the Ottomans but still under Islamic rule. Islam losing its submissive grip within the Ottoman Empire when 1850 Non-Muslims are granted equality with Muslims. Abd al-Hamid II tries to return the autocratic and religious rule from 1876-1908. Islam is again demanding submission. Then came WWI and the Ottomans alliance with Germany.

 

 

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WWI marked the end of the Ottoman Empire. League of Nations grants  Britain mandatory status over Palestine and Iraq  France over Lebanon and Syria. Young Turks fought for an Independent Turkey and Remove the Caliph. 1923 is the Republic of Turkey is established and the Ottomans 600 year reign ends and Europe no longer lives in fear of its neighbor to the south. The Genocide they do not teach in History class During this time a Genocide of Historic proportion occurred. It happened to the Christian Armenians. It was carried out against three separate Ethnic/Religious groups.  The Christians were tolerated but were submissive to the Ottomans rulers. They were second class citizens.  The first started on April 24th 1915. 300 Intellectuals were rounded up and killed. 5,000 Armenians were slaughter in the streets of Constantinople. It occurred in three phases.

The Armenian Genocide was directed by a Special Organization set up by the Committee, which created special "BUTCHER BATTALIONS," made up of violent criminals released from prison.


The Second Phase involved moving the remaining Armenians to slave labor encampments.  This is where the Young Turk/Ottomans/Muslims disarmed the Armenians. Then they were marched into prison camps.  Armenians were taken from all parts of Turkey and not just the war zones. They denied them water or food.  Many were loaded onto barges and sent out to the Black Sea and then the Barges were sunk.

The Third Phase During WWI they massed to move them across the mountains to the south into Syria. They slaughtered 1.5 million of the 2 million Armenians that lived under Ottoman rule

 

The Second of the Genocides carried out by the Turks was against the Greeks. Seeking to Ethnically cleanse the Muslim lands of outside religious and ethnic groups One of the acts of cleansing was to remove the Ethnics Greeks It led to the Greco-Turkish War. 1919-1923 and the massacre of Ethnic Greeks in Turkey. It is estimated that between 700,000 and 800,000 Greeks civilians were slaughtered The Sea Port City of Smyrna was deliberately burned to the ground to drive them out


The Assyrian Christians numbered about 1 million before the start of WWI, largely in Turkey, Iraq and Iran all of which were under the Ottoman Empires control The Assyrians were persecuted prior to the war and were summarily massacred like what happened in Hamidian 1895-96 This included one of the worse atrocity in history. In the city of Urfa were 3,000 Armenians seeking shelter inside a Cathedral. The Turkish army set it on fire and shot anybody trying to escape. The Armenians sided with the British and would pay dearly for that alliance It led directly to reprisals from the Turkish forces during the war and continued after the war


 

Now that the Ottomans had consolidate their holdings and cleansed the lands. The Young Turks forced out the Muslim Monarch and the Republic of Turkey was formed and Islam was its prominent religion The Caliph no longer existing ruling over all of Islam. The Last Caliph was Abdülmecid II and was expelled from Turkey in 1924. Post WWI the Map and territorial holdings changed instead of the Ottomans control most of the Mid-East the British and French now controlled it. The Muslim would look at them as occupiers and infidels. Turkey would also force out the Kurds in Eastern Turkey. The Kurds are of Iranian or Persian Descent and Primarily Sunni Muslim. Note the map shows British Mandate of Palestine and includes what is Israel and Jordan

 


Just to show in historical aspect, Israel once spread into parts of Sinai, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. In historical aspect there were no Ethnic Palestinian people There was no Palestine state until the ROMANS conquered the Jewish state of Judea and named it Palestine The map shows the Philistia this is were the biblical Philistines were. The Philistine were actually Greek and not of Arab Descent. Palestine was no longer on the map once the Ottoman Empire took control Palestine resurfaced once the British Mandate after WWI The British Mandate planned the return of the Jewish State


Perhaps the most significant thing that happened between the World Wars was created at a result of the Caliph being removed from Turkey. There was no Caliph in to rule over Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1928. Founded by Hasan al-Banna. The Brotherhood seeks to spread Wahhabism and provides Jihadia training. The Brotherhood was founded in accordance with al-Banna‟s proclamation that Islam be “given hegemony over all matters of life.” Accordingly, the Brotherhood seeks to establish an Islamic Caliphate spanning the entire Muslim world. They have grown to be among the most influential Sunni Muslim organizations in the world. The Brotherhood wants to impose Sharia Law through out the world.. During the 1930‟s it was largely an underground organization in Egypt. It grew in response to the unpopularity of the installed Monarch. During the 1940‟s grew and challenged the Egyptian government and including the killing Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmoud Fahmi Nuqrashi. al-Banna was killed by Cairo Police forces and the Egyptian Government clamped down on the Brotherhood. They failed to end the Brotherhood and it would come back to haunt them at a later time.


 

With the borders being redrawn by the West and then ruled by the west. The inevitable revolts came. Again darb el Islam requires Muslims to recapture this a land. The map shows the Liberation date for each of the mid east nations. 1922-24 Sunni and Shia Muslims revolt in Iraq. 1932 Iraq is granted its freedom and King Feisal Iranian Leader Reza Shah Pahlavi became an admirer of Adolf Hitler.

 

1935 Persia is renamed to Iran. Which in translations means “Land of the Aryans”. Iran permitted the Gestapo to set up camp to agitate the British in Bagdad. Reza Shah Pahlavi bought a Steel Mill from Germany. Reza Shah Pahlavi was forced off his throne by the British in 1941 and replaced by his son.

Perhaps no Border settled in the League of Nations has had the lasting impact that the borders of TransJordan and the British Mandate to create a Jewish homeland.


Another thing forgotten with history is the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseini. Shows Arab hatred of Jews before Israel existed. Mufti was also involved in the
Armenian genocide.  Some would argue he is the reason there will never be a Mid-East Peace. Before WWII there were active Arab factions supporting cooperative development of Palestine involving Arabs and Jews. Amin al-Husseini had previously caused 1920 attack on Jews in Jerusalem, would not let that happen.

In 1929 he caused the Arab riots and he put out the call to “Slaughter the Jews.” Between 1936-39 he received funding from Nazi Germany to start the Palestinian revolt. He became friends with Adolf Eichmann. Once the war started he sided with Nazi Germany with the common goal of exterminating the Jews. He argued against allowing Hungarian Jews to "escape". Instead they should be sent "to other countries where they would find themselves under active control, for example, in Poland.“


In 1940, al-Husseini requested the Axis powers to acknowledge the Arab right:... to settle the question of Jewish
elements in Palestine and other Arab countries in accordance with the national and racial interests of the Arabs and along the lines similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in Germany and Italy.

November 28, 1941 in Berlin. The Islamic leader asked the Nazi dictator for a public declaration that "would support the elimination of a national Jewish homeland.".

Mufti did radio broadcast from Berlin advocating the extermination of the Jews in the Mid East. He also was used it as a recruiting tool for a new Muslim 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) The Mufti was directly responsible for 1 of 15 Jews killed during the Holocaust. As well as Serbs and Gypsies.


After the war they held War Crime trials in Nuremberg for the Nazis. There was testimony against the Mufti al-Husseini about his involvement. In the testimony in trial it was stated

“The Mufti was one of the initiators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan. ... He was one of Eichmann's best friends and had constantly incited him to accelerate the extermination measures. I heard him say, accompanied by Eichmann, he had visited incognito the gas chamber of Auschwitz. “ The Mufti al-Husseini escaped to Egypt after the war and what can only be described as the first act of appeasement to Arabs, he was not charged ad the criminal that he was. In fear of outraging the Arab world. He was the chief sponsor of the 1948 war against the new state of Israel. Then in 1951 because Jordanian King Abdullah gave the title of Mufti of Jerusalem to someone else, al-Husseini had the King assassinated. He would never return to Jerusalem. Over time he was replaced as the head Palestinian Arabs was taken by his nephew Yasser Arafat.

The Muslims began to migrate to the west. Using the Hijra method of moving in and not assimilating into the host countries. They can be seen using taquiya or deception in their actions and concealing their true intent. This is a tactic promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood starting after the war throughout the WEST.


The United Nations Partition Plan of Palestine was rejected. It called for the side by side creation of and Arab and Jewish state.  The partitioning proposed would have been a nightmare to secure. This map shows the partitioning plan as it was originally laid out.  Splitting the land with the Palestinian and not letting them settle through out Jordan  Almost immediately both saw acts of violence break out.  It was then that the Arab Muslim forces reject the two state solution. Then stated they would create a United State of Palestine. In 1948 Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria attacked Israel.


Two cease fire and one armistice later the world fails to understand why the Muslim world wants to wipe Israel off the map.  darv el Islam, the land is then ordained as Islamic Land for all time. If the land should fall out of the Sphere of Islam, all Muslims were and are required to take it back This map shows what the Arabs lost in comparison had they settled for the 2 state solution. A mass exodus of Palestinians from Israel. Arab League had told the Muslims living in what had become the state of Israel, to leave the land so that Islamic Arab armies could sweep in and slaughter Jews more efficiently and effectively. In the end they left on their own and now demand the right of return



Following WWII and the Founding of Israel. In the aftermath of the Muslim Arab refusal to accept the two state solution. Muslims have one common enemy and enemies among themselves. The Muslim world is angry at the West for the creation of Israel. darv-el Islam requires that all Muslims take Israel back from what they perceive as invaders never mind that it was the Jews land long before Muhammad and his religion was even a thought.  There will never be peace so long as Israel exist. It is not the west fault or the Israelis doing. It is part of the geopolitical force of Islam that prevent there from ever being peace until everyone every where submits. The Truman Doctrine was to aid Turkey and Greece from being dominated by the Soviet Union.  President Truman and Dean Acheson formulated the Truman doctrine.  It would shape the Mid East policies of the US for the next 50 years.

The Ba‟ath Party is formed in 1940 in Syria and is a Arab Nationalist movement. It is a Sunni National Socialist movement. That would eventually rule Syria and Iraq and had a strong following in Egypt. .


1947 Pakistan and India have a Civil War that ends with the formation of the state of Pakistan. 1949 The Muslim Brotherhood attempts to assassinated Egyptian President Nasser. The Brotherhood felt that Egyptian government was not doing enough to fight the Zionist.  The Brotherhood assassinates the Prime Minister of Egypt for disbanding the Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood founder al-Banna released a statement condemning the assassination. He is promptly assassinated by another member of the Muslim Brotherhood. 1951 Libya receives its independence from Britain and turn Marxist Muslim government. 1952 King Faruq was force from the Egyptian throne. 1953 Iranian Coup organized by General Zahedi and the American CIA and British M16. They brought the Shah back to control of Iran.  The Shah was not a puppet but he was Tyrant and the West put him in power counter the Russian involvement in Iraq. 1956 Morocco and Tunisia become Islamic States .

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Following the War of 1948 and Israel defending itself against Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and Armistice was brokered at the UN. 1949 the Arabs wants Israel to be forced back into the partition resolution that they previously denounced. Egypt refuse to permit Israeli ships from using the Suez Canal. Then in 1951 the U.N. Security Council ordered Egypt to open up the canal. Egypt refused to comply.. The Egyptian Prime Minister stated in 1954  “The Arab people will not be embarrassed to declare: We shall not be satisfied except by the final obliteration of Israel from the map of the Middle East.” 1955 Egyptian President Nasser announced a new tactic to prosecute Egypt's war with Israel on August 31st of 1955.  "Egypt has decided to dispatch her heroes, the disciples of Pharaoh and the sons of Islam and they will cleanse the land of Palestine....There will be no peace on Israel's border because we demand vengeance, and vengeance is Israel's death" Nasser did not stop there, on October 25th of that same year he signed an agreement with Syria and Jordan that place all three armies under his direct control.


With the attacks of the ARAB terrorist into the State of Israel and Egypt's refusal to open the Suez Canal the Israeli were being pinned into a corner. On October 14, Nasser made his intent: clear  I am not solely fighting against Israel itself. My task is to deliver the Arab world from destruction through Israel's intrigue, which has its roots abroad. Our hatred is very strong. There is no sense in talking about peace with Israel. There is not even the smallest place for negotiations This map show how and where the ARAB sponsored terrorist attacked civilians in Israel.  Large Scale operation from Lebanon  Operations from Jordan Egypt, the West Bank and Gaza Strip Along with the Terrorism the Suez Canal was essentially closed to the Israelis. Look at the map and you see that Israel is being attacked from all sides and Egypt is determined to wipe it off the map.


With the attacks of the ARAB terrorist into the State of Israel and Egypt's refusal to open the Suez Canal the Israeli launch an attack on October 29th 1956 Israel launched an attack on Egypt. A reminder that Egypt had recently publically called for Israel destruction. Israeli Ambassador to the UN proclaimed.

"During the six years during which this belligerency has operated in violation of the Armistice Agreement there have occurred 1,843 cases of armed robbery and theft, 1,339 cases of armed clashes with Egyptian armed forces, 435 cases of incursion from Egyptian controlled territory, 172 cases of sabotage perpetrated by Egyptian military units and fedayeen in Israel. As a result of these actions of Egyptian hostility within Israel, 364 Israelis were wounded and 101 killed. In 1956 alone, as a result of this aspect of Egyptian aggression, 28 Israelis were killed and 127 wounded."

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Britain and France supported Israel's actions. Contrary to the Myth, President Eisenhower was not happy with the Israeli action and British and French support of that action. The Americans joined the Soviet Union in demanding the Israelis immediate withdrawal.

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For the second time in 8 years the MUSLIM world is humiliated by the much smaller Israel. Israel withdraws its forces and are replaced by UN troops. With the MUSLIM military defeated once again they continue there acts of Terrorism.  This promote the acts of Taquiya (deception) while they arm for future engagements.  The ARAB affix blame on the West support of Israel. In the hearts and minds of the Muslim world, the war is just paused for the moment. They believe it is still the same war as it was since the declaration of Israel and the Jewish state from the map. The Muslim Brotherhood continues to promote and sponsor Muslim migration to the west without assimilating to the host countries. Joseph Stalin inspired the Ba‟ath party and help it take root Iraq and Syria. Nikita Khrushchev and the Soviet Union meddles more in the Mid-East. Supporting Egypt, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Supply arms and technical assistance. Uses the Mid-East to further advance is sphere of influence.


The year 1960 is when everything changed. This is when the Oil Producers of the world realized they could manipulate the west.
Country Iran Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia Venezuela Qatar Libya United Arab Emirates Algeria Nigeria Region Middle East Middle East Middle East Middle East South America Middle East Africa Middle East Africa Africa Year 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1961 1962 1967 1969 1971

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Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia all Muslim countries were now in the driver seat when it came to manipulating the price of OIL. Oil is after all the lifeblood of the Western Economies. The Saudi began to fund a fundamentalist movement of Wahhabism and open Madrassas through out the region Wahhabi is a sect that follows the teachings of Abd-AlWahab and consider themselves to follow early Islam Wahhabism denounces the practice of blind adherence to the interpretations of scholars, and of practices passed on within the family or tribe, instead one should follow the divine teachings within the Qur‟an


Since the Palestinians were the predominate people in TransJordan before Israel was created. There was tension between Palestinians and Jordan King Hussein  Somehow the fact that they made up so much of Jordan and basically live as refugees in Jordan, where they were born is not an issue but the State of Israel is. 1960 Hazza' al-Majali the Prime Minister of Jordan is assassinated. He was a fierce anti-communist leader that was viewed as a threat to the Palestinians and it is believed he was killed by United Arab Republic (Ba‟athist) who fled to Syria. 1963 Amid widespread protests in Iran against the Shah, Ayatollah Khomeini is arrested, then exiled to Najaf in Iraq 1964 The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) is formed and in its charter called for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, calling it "illegal." Their means would be the constant application of terror. It was conceived at a Cairo Summit by the Arab League at the behest of Egyptian President Nasser The First Chairman was Ahmad Shukeiri who was a Wahhabi fundamentalist. Palestinians living under Israeli control prospered since they were in a free society. It would not last however as a result of the PLO and its policy of destroying Israel.

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The Arab world is still threatening Israel's very existence. 1964 Water Dispute, Israel began taking water form the Jordan River. The Arabs responded by constructing the Headwater Diversion dam to cut Israel off. This would have cut off 11% of Israel fresh water. Border tension between Jordan and Israel increased. President Nassar stated in November of 1965  “Our aim is the full restoration of the rights of the Palestinian
people. In other words, we aim at the destruction of the State of Israel. The immediate aim: perfection of Arab military might. The national aim: the eradication of Israel”

The Terrorist group Fatah supported by Syria began attacking from Jordan January 1965. Jordan King Hussein was secretly trying to keep the operations under wrap. He could not control Fatah and Fatah set off a land mine killing soldiers inside Israel. The Israeli response to a border indecent launched 3,000 troops tanks and planes. This ended any chance of peace between Jordan and Israel. Syrian backed Fatah begins launching artillery from the Golan Heights


The Arab world hatred was not just directed at the Israeli‟s but on Cairo Radio the following went out over the Airways on May 25, 1967.

"Millions of Arabs are ... preparing to blow up all of America's interests, all of America's installations, and your entire existence, America."


Pan-Arab nationalism swept through the region. King Hussein wanted to avoid a war, but concern about his own large Palestinian Population he agreed on May 30 signed a mutual defense treaty with Egypt and Jordanian forces were place under the command of Egypt's Nasser. Egypt amassed 100,000 troops in the Sinai. Israel came into possession of Jordanian documents showing that they were about to be attacked. Israel had a choice to make. Attack or be attacked. On the morning of June 5th Israeli air force set out to destroy Egypt's air force. Flying in under the radar they destroyed 300 out 400 aircraft on the ground and destroyed its air strips. Israel was now in control of the skies, and controlled the battlefield from then on. Israeli Air Force then turned it sights on Iraqi, Jordanian and Syrian aircraft and made quick work of them. Then ground assault began in earnest and the Egyptian Armor was destroyed in the Sinai. The Egyptian Field Marshall Amer ordered a retreat thus ensuring the Egyptian defeat. Israeli destroyed the combined forces and in 7 days left the burning shells of their abandoned tanks through out the desert.

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King Hussein admitted before the United Nations General Assembly shortly after the war,  "Today’s war is not a new war but part of the old war," which he said would continue until Arab demands were met The entire Muslim world was shocked. This ended Pan-Arab conquest to destroy Israel and the birth of the Extremist threats in the west. This was not the end of the war but merely a time out for the Muslim world. The Muslim world will not stop as a result of darv el Islam, once land is ordained as Islamic Land for all time. If the land should fall out of the Sphere of Islam, all Muslims were and are required to take it back
Israel Border before the War Israel Border After the War


After the War and another humiliating defeat the PLO was weakened and one of its founding member Yassar Arafat the lead of the al-Fatah became chairman of the PLO.  Arafat was a shrewd politician and was able to bring a multitude of terrorist organization into the PLO. They included also absorbed the
      

    

Palestine Liberation Front Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine Palestinian Democratic Union Palestinian People's Party Hawari Group Abu Abbas Faction Arab Liberation Front Palestinian Popular Struggle Front Palestinian Arab Front Force 17 Black September Palestinian Authority

Arafat would remain in control of the PLO for the next four decades.


I only bring this into this document because people have made the assertion that Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian Muslim. While he may have wanted to have a Palestinian state but for the record he is and should be considered a Jordanian and a Christian. He is just an assassin He was associated with Arafats Fatah party The so called Palestinian People are Jordanians that have taken on the Roman Empires name of a country and taken it as their own. The ROMAN EMPIRE conquered Judea and renamed it Palestine


The PLO and Yasser Arafat executed a terrorist strike on March 18th 1968. The used a bomb to destroy a bus killing two Israeli adults and twenty eight children. Arafat called it a success. IN July of 1968, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Hi-Jacked El Al flight then the Algerian government took over the hostages. Marking State Sponsored terrorism to a new level. Yasser Arafat PLO enjoying more and more notoriety in the Muslim world grew more bold in his attacks. 1969 saw an explosion PLO activity and PLO sympathizers. The PLO was learning how to exploit the media to his advantage. The Islamic terrorist attacks were not just at Israel but at the WEST. Bombings targeted at British, German, Spanish and American interest around the world. The use of Hi-Jacking tactic exploded in 1969 forcing the world to adopt new travel restrictions. The PLO growing stronger in Jordan began to challenge the Jordanian government. Since the so called Palestinians were actually Jordanians, the Jordanian monarch had a lot to fear and lose to the PLO and Arafat Arafat a Muslim saw King Hussein as an infidel and he would not have to honor any agreement with him as it is stated in the Qur‟an Muslim do not have to honor agreement between Muslims and Non-Muslims


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This is where Part 1 concludes because this is where the West started to fall for the propaganda little by little with the rise of Yasser Arafat and the PLO. What conclusions can we draw? What does the Ground Zero Mosque really stand for? I hope you now realize Islam is not just a Religion  It has Fascist tendencies that there are superior to all others.  It is Geo-Political Force  It is in of itself its own LAW  It is Banking System  It is a Intolerant Society  It is a closed Society that outsiders are not welcome  In its Mosque they are taught to think of NonMuslims as KAFUR or Sub-Human With Groups like the Muslim Brotherhood they seek to convert the world to one Islamic state Any freedom loving country should keep a watchful eye on the leadership in these communities. We must stop the political correctness

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